John Solomon Discusses Latest Spygate Developments With Sean Hannity…

John Solomon appears on Fox News Tick-Tock to discuss the latest breaking tick-tock developments deep inside the spygate story.   The bombshell discovery lies within a chain of emails, prior to the FISA application against Carter Page, that includes DOJ and FBI officials discussing the lack of substantiation for the warrant request. [Story Here]

Additionally, Solomon outlines his sources telling him the reasons for President Trump to delay any involvement within the declassification process.  Meaning the sources for Solomon are the same voices advising the President. [Key pointWatch:


Wait.. A.. Minute.. James Comey is scheduled to appear on Friday right?  Now ask yourself: why would the people feeding information to Solomon want him to push this story into the media bloodstream ahead of that testimony?  Wouldn’t earnest investigators prefer to question Comey about these emails without him having time to prepare?….

Think about it.

Perhaps HERE’S The Reason

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