Senator Graham Explains How Easy it Would Be for FBI and DOJ to Find Flynn Leaker….

In a May 2017 testimony to congress former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates explains the details surrounding her engagement with White House legal counsel Don McGahn.  However, for the purposes of truthful discussion, the important part of the back-and-forth between Senator Graham, Sally Yates and former DNI James Clapper is not the aspect about Flynn or McGahn.

Listen carefully to the first three minutes; specifically the part about the Flynn transcript leak to the Washington Post.  Notice Graham outlining how easy it would be for the intelligence apparatus to find out who: (A) unmasked the Flynn communication; and (B) likely then leaked the Flynn communication.  Pay close attention:

Now ask yourself…. If Graham, Yates and Clapper are correct; if there is a paper trail; if it would be essentially a simple process to discover that detail; then WHY hasn’t that been done?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and DNI Dan Coats made a big deal of stating they were committed to finding out who would leak such critical and sensitive ‘top secret’ information.  And Graham tells everyone how easy it would be to do… and Yates and Clapper agree… So, why wasn’t it done?

Want to drain the swamp?  Start there !

The uncomfortable truth is: they don’t want to find out… and they never did want to find out… so they didn’t.

Co-dependent no more.

Yet, for some apparent reason, we anticipate this same DOJ/FBI and intelligence community, who didn’t go through the simple process to discover who unmasked the Michael Flynn wire-tap, will suddenly develop some virtuous intent around Michael Horowitz, Matt Whitaker and John Huber?…

Color me skeptical.



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