My Views on COVID-19, A letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. President

When you took office In January 2017 I had hope for the future of our republic for the first time since I retired in 2006 and was able to spent more time studying the many things that just didn’t make sense to me socially, economically and politically in our country.  Without going into the details of my education which ranged from A state 1st place  award in Physics in 1958, to a Master degree from CASE leading to being inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma society and lastly to being a commissioned office in the US Special Forces in Vietnam. In addition is was entrepreneur and corporate executive and I hold eight US patents one of which led to the method used to back light most display devices  i.e. computer screens today.

So now out of the blue (China) we have a new version of the Coronavirus series called COVID-19 which initially appeared to be significantly more deadly than other virus’s. This caused world concern because China had hid the virus for at least a month before indicating the existence of it.  Without going into all the gory details suffice it to say that the political policies of China  created a massive world wide problem before anyone realized what was happening.

Europe which didn’t follow what President trump did with the quick closing of travel from the source China  quickly found themselves in deep trouble however some interesting statistics have now come to light. The death rate is .8% if the person has not had a prior [serous] illness. Assuming this is actuate and there is no reason to think it is not then shutting down the country is not what we should be doing.

Now we are 5 weeks +/- into the infection in the United States and are now under the direction of our president we are getting a handle on what is happening and the systems and procedures are now in place to get the required medial supplies and  testing out there so that we maybe able to lift some of the more harsh restrictions from the citizens. Based on the Italian data there is no justification for the lock down that we are now in.

Since we were on track to 70,000 deaths from the flue this year and US deaths from COVID-19 are now around 900 and both the flue and COVID-19 hit the same category of people it would seem to me that the current focus is misdirected. The best solution was not to shut down the country but to protect the age groups that was going to be affected e.g. over 65 with especially with serious prior serious medical complications.  also younger people serious prior serious medical complications.  And in both groups men are more likely to die than women.

This is critical for if we can’t quickly restart the economy the cascading effect of business closing down for lack of funds (no workers no sales) would drive the unemployment rate to levels never seen in this country. This could happen very quickly because the efficient supply chains that exist today do not have much slack (inventor) in them. And since this is a word wide problem everyone is basically on there own.

How could all of this happen in such a short period of time?

Since we have never done anything like this before with any other serious viruses why this time? Well I can think of a really good reason and I do realize that its speculation however as a former officer in the Green Beret’s, who were training to look at methods to cause social unrest I used that skepticism to check into why somethings were promoted and some were not. So here is my take on the current situation with COVID-19. This is strictly a personal opinion.

President Trump rightly understood that China was taking advantage of the ‘lacks’ policies in Washington DC (congress) and New Your City (Wall Street) where greedy politicians and financial groups found that they could make a lot of money by closing down US manufacturing and shipping that production to China  (mostly). When Trump was elected he immediately started to change that and a lot of powerful people were not happy with that as Trump was cutting into their personal wealth.  Opposition to Trump formed quickly  with progressive Democrat’s, the Never Trump-ers banding together with the entrenched mostly liberal DC bureaucracy (deep state) to form an alliance to remove Trump from office, which I’ll call the Never Trump Cabal (NTC).  The national media joined in and we got: That trump was in bed with Putin in Russia, Trump was involved in a Quid Pro Quo with the Ukraine, and Trump was anti free trade, a racist, xenophobia anti women, anti black, anti gay anti jew all culminating after 3 plus years with the House impeachment.  None of this worked and the Never Trump Cabal was panicked that Trump would continue to cut into the China trade imbalance and that was going to hurt them financially.

In December 2019 a new virus popped up and was hidden by China. I would guess at this point the NTC got wind of this and formed a partnership with the Communist party in China to take down Trump. I would guess that they didn’t expect Trump to act so quickly and they had hoped that China would flood the world with infected travelers and thereby spread the virus now  identified as COVID-19. Trumps quick actions saved the US from the worst of it but Europe being slow to react got the full blunt of the COVID-19 attack.

The US 15 day stay at home program to minimize exposure was advance my the US CDC and NIH personnel lead my Doctor Anthony Fauci who did not recommend to president Obama anything like this in the 2009 H1N1 epidemic which resulted in 61,000,000 cases of H1N1, 274,000 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths.  Why the difference?

My theory is that the Never Trump Cabal (NTC) wants the shut down to destroy the US middle class (Trumps base) and therefore the US economy and their hope is that will allow them to get rid of Trump by blaming all this on him.

The only way to prevent this is to Get Back To Work Now.



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