Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says No To Vaccine Passports: “It’s Completely Unacceptable that Government or Private Industry Would Impose Vaccine Requirement Simply to Participate in Normal Society”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 29, 2021 | Sundance | 195 Comments

Once again Florida Governor Ron DeSantis outlines his specific direction with the COVID vaccine program.  As DeSantis noted in his media statements today “we want to provide it for all, but mandate it for none.”  Explaining the Florida legislative intent on further COVID laws the Florida governor went on to say the vaccine passport issue “has huge privacy implications”, and he does not support any mandated vaccine passport that would impede on the liberty and freedom of Florida residents.

Watch the video below starting at 07:45 (prompted) for a strong leadership position regarding individual self-reliance.  It is not a surprise that hundreds-of-thousands of U.S. residents are quickly flocking into the sunshine state, each month.  The influx of new residents into the state is part of the reason why unemployment in Florida is almost half the national average, and the economy is booming.   WATCH:

My strong opinion still predicts the final four 2024 GOP presidential nominees will likely be: (1) Ron DeSantis representing the MAGA base.  (2) Kristi Noem representing MAGA-lite with a twist of Koch. (3) Nikki Haley representing the traditional cocktail republican class (Bush mindset); and (4) Ted Cruz trying to split the Christian base on behalf of Haley’s GOPe scheme.

Obviously things could change; and obviously President Trump is still the frontrunner (should he choose to run again); but with proactive advice and wise counsel from Donald Trump, DeSantis would easily clear the field with a Trump endorsement.

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