John Spiropoulos Reports on “The Poison in Our Schools”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 11, 2021 | Sundance | 70 Comments

Friend of the Treehouse, John Spiropoulos, is focusing additional effort on providing video resources for parents that are engaging in the fight against the indoctrination within our public school systems.   As John shares: “My objective is not to just raise awareness through typical Internet channels but to distribute all the materials free of charge to parent groups who want to use it to recruit and educate parents in their communities and to lobby school boards.”

As Mr. Spiropoulos attempts to help parents and concerned citizens with information about the current education dangers he explained, “while much of the discussion of Critical Race Theory is at the 30,000 foot level, my goal is to bring it down to the classroom level. CRT-influenced curriculum is in the face of students in any number of
classes and in numerous ways. Many a parent I’ve talked to seem to think it as an abstract concept. It’s not. It’s divisive and toxic.”

“At Tuesday’s hearing in Loudon County [Virginia] a former teacher described CRT as “nothing short of child abuse.””

Parents across the country are opposing the use of use of Critical Race Theory to design the curriculum for students in elementary and high school. This series of reports (24 are planned) which needs your financial support, will show parents how CRT influences what their children are taught.” ~ John SpiropoulosSupport for John:GoFundMe Link: Link:

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