The Rising Conflicts – New Report $75

Armstrong Economics Blog/Reports and DVDs Re-Posted Jun 17, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

This is a focus report on the three hot spots where we have the greatest conflicts – Taiwan, Crimea, and the Middle East. This report goes into great detail to explore these risks for each region as we head into these turbulent times ahead. We must respect that the Biden Administration is probably the weakest in American history because it has been a focus on climate change.

It is hard to imagine that Biden actually claimed that his military said the greatest threat is climate change. If that statement were even true, then why do we need a military if there are no longer military threats? This is not going to go down well.. Here is a report we have assembled on these hot spots that need to be considered for the all impact international capital flows and therefore the direction of the currencies and the financial markets.

This report is priced for the average reader ………….. $75.00

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