Can a Single Market Change Course & Nothing Else Happens?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Understanding Cycles Re-Posted Jun 25, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: I believe as professors have taught Keynesian Economics, so too will we one day have Armstrongian Economic theory. My question to you sir is this, “Have you ever seen Socrates react to a singular event that made your computer model actually do a complete 180? Thanks for all you do! Your blog is the single most important source we have in the world today, BAR NONE!


ANSWER: No, I have never seen that. Even when you look at the famous Buffett Silver Manipulation, note how gold did not follow. That was showing the market was manipulated and it was simply being pushed to the Monthly Reversals, all for a quick buck. Everything is connected. It is impossible to have one market that moves completely opposite, changing its trend, and nothing else happens. You can push a market between the Reversals. That I have seen. But you cannot change the trend.

The dollar, stocks market, gold, real estate, and commodities are all in sync. They are playing out a dance, and you need to step back to look at the whole rather than a single market. Only then will you see the connections.

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