Pfizer Vaccine Linked to First Death & Birth Defects

Armstrong Economics Blog/Vaccine Re-Posted Aug 31, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The British report on side effects has confirmed well over 100,000 people have been impacted by the vaccines and confirmed that they might cause birth defects as well as blindness. Many young women have serious trouble with menstrual disorders. Indeed, locally, I am aware of one such case in a girl of just 25-years-old.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, doctors have confirmed the first death due to the Pfizer vaccine. A woman died following complications with myocarditis that experts believe was prompted by Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

I am not anti-vax. But this one seriously bothers me because Gates has rigged the game, and he controls the complete narrative. Because the government is involved, there is no protection or independent studies. Politicians will NEVER back off, and even if 25% of the population died, they would probably blame Trump.

The joke on the Hill is the failure in Afghanistan has kept Pelosi up at night, trying to figure a way she can retroactively impeach Trump. This is our REAL problem with these vaccines. They skipped the animal trials and moved directly to testing the public. That means there is NO WAY these politicians will ever admit a mistake. Just not going to happen! Granted, considering all the people who have been vaccinated, the death rate is low. But that does not excuse the fact that testing should have been carried out, and under no circumstances should a vaccine of this nature ever be MANDATORY. This is not smallpox confined to only humans.

Australia & Argentina

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Aug 31, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT #1: Hi Martin

Keep up your great work and please share the light at the end of the tunnel. I am in Sydney, Australia in lockdown and your article of today sums up our plight.

Please take care.

COMMENT #2: I thought the insanity as you call it was confined to Victoria. They have turned Sydney into a prison. We met briefly when you spoke here in Sydney for Bain & Co. after the 1987 Crash. You were impressive back then. What you wrote today was the best description of our politicians I have read to date.


COMMENT #3: Dear Martin Armstrong.
you were right. COVID was the final blow for socialism in Argentina
A first & true libertarian movement is here in Buenos Aires. LIbertarian party ( Partido Libertario)
went from 0 to 10% in 2 years. the big bang + covid completely destroyed socialism
Youth people are going libertarian above +50% or more  here in Buenos Aires
And now they are a powerful third force.
The leader’s name is Javier Milei and these coming elections next month may confirm that the Partido Libertario is established as a third force-multiplying by 5 the expected vote from old leftist parties.


REPLY: There is a light at the end of the tunnel. They know they are starting to lose, so they are stepping up the tyranny because whoever is pulling the string seems to have been following our timing model. This implies that they know their window in time closes by 2022. As a result, they are stepping up the pressure to change the world, and as such, people are starting to take notice. It is so critical that the people do not remain silent, for their silence and willful surrender in their obedience to authority will terminate our freedom post-2022.

Shana Chappell, Grieving Mother of Marine Kareem Nikoui Killed in Kabul, Has Facebook and Instagram Accounts Suspended For Speaking Against Joe Biden

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This example of Big Tech censorship shows just how weak and pathetic the Biden administration and their Big Tech sycophants really are.  As the mother of fallen marine hero Kareem Kikoui, killed in the terrorist attack at Kabul airport, shares her opinion of Joe Biden and the administration, the social media platforms suspend her accounts.

Mrs. Shana Chappell is furious at the Biden administration, and now that we know the military was aware of the pending attack before it took place – the horrific event is even worse.  Mrs. Chappell’s voice cries out in anger and grief.   The incompetence and failed leadership in the Afghan withdrawal led to the death of her son, Kareem Nikoui.  Her Facebook and Instagram accounts have now been suspended.  Screengrab Below:

Based on what we know about the objectives and intents of those who are attempting to control opposition (DOJ, FBI and Big Tech), it looks like the next segment is what they fear… and the reason her voice was silenced.  The White House fears Shana Chappell will start a grassroots movement and spotlight the illegitimacy of the Biden regime.

The DC operatives have been working on every angle possible to paint their political opposition as terrorists.  They cannot allow Mrs. Chappell to organize massive numbers of people heading to Washington DC.   She must be shut down… so they did.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Deliver Statement – 6:30pm Livestream Links

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As the chaotic operation to rescue Americans and allies from Afghanistan ends, the Biden administration pushes Secretary of State Anthony Blinken toward the microphones to make a statement.   The anticipated statement is scheduled to begin between 6:30pm and 7:00pm ET.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken remarks on the situation in Afghanistan from the Department of State’s Treaty Room. U.S. forces have completed their evacuation from Afghanistan, ending America’s longest war.  Update: Video Added

State Dept Livestream Link
 – Alternate Livestream Link – Global News Livestream Link

Tucker Carlson Outlines the Americans Left Behind in Afghanistan, and the Lack of Accountability For All That Was Wrong

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson opened his show tonight asking some very serious questions about Afghanistan while contrast against a very incurious U.S. media.   The entire opening segment is well worth watching.

Last U.S. Flight Out of Kabul Has Departed

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Centcom Commander Kenneth McKenzie: “I’m here to announce the completion of our withdrawal in Afghanistan and the end of the military mission to evacuate American citizens, third country nationals and vulnerable Afghans.”

The last military plane out of Afghanistan departed at 3:29 p.m. on the East Coast — that’s 11:59 p.m. in Kabul. We are officially out of Afghanistan.  According to General McKenzie, “The vast majority of U.S. citizens who wanted to leave, were evacuated.”  However, he later continued, “There’s a lot of heartbreak. We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out.”

Joe Biden Introduces America to Woke FEMA and His “Boy” in Charge of Hurricane Ida Recovery Efforts

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Attempting to reassure the nation of the federal government’s competence in the aftermath of a devastating Hurricane Ida, Joe Biden introduces the woke FEMA officials who will be coordinating the recovery effort.   The outcome was, unfortunately, exactly what you would expect.

Within the confidence building effort, Biden introduces “his boy” Senior Advisor and Director of Public Engagement, Cedric Richmond.  Things go downhill from there:

Full Video Below:

Pentagon Hit by Intel Leak Showing U.S. Knew in Advance Specifics of Kabul Airport Attack That Killed 13 U.S. Military Members

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Team one (DoS/CIA) are really putting Team two (WH/DoD) on the defensive with this leak.  [Pentagon video at bottom]

According to a Politico report, using leaked classified intelligence from the U.S. intel community, the Pentagon knew well in advance that a suicide bomber was coming to the Abbey Gate long before the explosion.  According to the leak, the military knew where and when the attack was coming; and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned allies to avoid the area.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chief’s Chariman Mark Milley, and CentCom Commander General Kenneth McKenzie all knew in advance the Abbey Gate was going to be bombed on Thursday, yet they kept the gate open.

(Politico) – Just 24 hours before a suicide bomber detonated an explosive outside Hamid Karzai International Airport, senior military leaders gathered for the Pentagon’s daily morning update on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

Speaking from a secure video conference room on the third floor of the Pentagon at 8 a.m. Wednesday — or 4:30 p.m. in Kabul — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin instructed more than a dozen of the department’s top leaders around the world to make preparations for an imminent “mass casualty event,” according to classified detailed notes of the gathering shared with POLITICO.

During the meeting, Gen. Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned of “significant” intelligence indicating that the Islamic State’s Afghanistan affiliate, ISIS-K, was planning a “complex attack,” the notes quoted him as saying.  Commanders calling in from Kabul relayed that the Abbey Gate, where American citizens had been told to gather in order to gain entrance to the airport, was “highest risk,” and detailed their plans to protect the airport.

“I don’t believe people get the incredible amount of risk on the ground,” Austin said, according to the classified notes.

On a separate call at 4 that afternoon, or 12:30 a.m. on Thursday in Kabul, the commanders detailed a plan to close Abbey Gate by Thursday afternoon Kabul time. But the Americans decided to keep the gate open longer than they wanted in order to allow their British allies, who had accelerated their withdrawal timeline, to continue evacuating their personnel, based at the nearby Baron Hotel.

American troops were still processing entrants to the airport at Abbey Gate at roughly 6 p.m. in Kabul on Thursday when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest there, killing nearly 200 people, including 13 U.S. service members. (read more)

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby was furious about the intelligence leak when questioned earlier today.  WATCH:

The U.S. State Department and Intelligence Community (Team 1) are really targeting the White House and Pentagon (Team 2) with this leak.

The deepest part of the Deep State is attempting to protect itself

WaPo Reporting About The Fall of Kabul Puts the Decision to Hold Airport Only on the Shoulders of CentCom Commander General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr.

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A very interesting internal dynamic amid U.S. institutions and their media PR networks solidifies around a lengthy Washington Post report about the day Kabul fell to the Taliban.   It’s not the story per se’ that provides the clarity, although the details are interesting; but rather the intent of the narrative around the story putting accountability for the lack of Kabul security upon the Pentagon.

Remember, Team #1 (State Dept./CIA) use CNN and the Washington Post; while Team #2 (White House, Pentagon, NSC)  do not.

The internal battle amid U.S. government institutions, two teams, in the Afghanistan-crisis blame game, are reflected by this organizational relationship between two U.S. Govt. factions and their media allies.  The overarching problem in this part of the blame game is the security situation in Kabul, specifically the lack of security which led to a terrorist attack that killed 13 American service members at the Kabul airport and wounded hundreds more.

According to the Washington Post outline, the Taliban offered to stay out of the capital city until the U.S. military had departed; however, during an in-person meeting between the head of the Taliban, Abdul Ghani Baradar, and U.S. Central Command Commander, Kenneth F McKenzie, the U.S. general told the Taliban to take the city but leave them the airport.

(WaPo) – […] In a hastily arranged in-person meeting, senior U.S. military leaders in Doha — including McKenzie, the commander of U.S. Central Command — spoke with Abdul Ghani Baradar. “We have a problem,” Baradar said, according to the U.S. official. “We have two options to deal with it: You [the United States military] take responsibility for securing Kabul or you have to allow us to do it.”

Throughout the day, Biden had remained resolute in his decision to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan. The collapse of the Afghan government hadn’t changed his mind. McKenzie, aware of those orders, told Baradar that the U.S. mission was only to evacuate American citizens, Afghan allies and others at risk. The United States, he told Baradar, needed the airport to do that.

On the spot, an understanding was reached, according to two other U.S. officials: The United States could have the airport until Aug. 31. But the Taliban would control the city. (read more)

To be fair to General McKenzie, at the time of the conversation the Afghanistan government had collapsed.

Absent the Afghan army in place, if McKenzie decided to take responsibility to secure the entire city of Kabul, he would have needed to ask the White House for a lot more U.S. troops; or attempt to personally take charge of the sketchy Afghan army.  A very tall, perhaps impossible, order.   McKenzie decided to let the Taliban take the city.

Ken McKenzie ain’t no Doug MacArthur.

I’m sure this inflection point, and this specific moment of extreme consequence, will loom over the head of General McKenzie for the rest of his life.

However, putting aside the very interesting details of those hours for a moment, what we can see through the prism of the narrative -as engineered by the Washington Post on behalf of their supportive institution (U.S. intel)- is the deflection of blame onto the White House via the Pentagon, specifically CentCom commander Ken McKenzie.

The internal dynamic of the two competing teams inside our dysfunctional government is really quite remarkable to watch play out.  ♦Team One consists of the U.S. State Dept (DoS) and the CIA (U.S. Intel). ♦Team Two consists of the White House, Pentagon and National Security Council.   Team One uses CNN, CNNi and The Washington Post.  Team Two use the traditional alphabets (ABC, CBS, NBC) and NYT/Politico.

Both teams created the mess in Afghanistan on behalf of their constituencies ($).  Both teams are looking to avoid scrutiny and place responsibility at the feet of the other team.

In this Washington Post example, the CIA/DoS are blaming Ken McKenzie (the Pentagon), and by extension blaming the White House.

Additionally interesting is the seemingly sympathetic narrative from CNN and WaPo toward the position of the Taliban. Narrated as if they are a misunderstood band of tribal troublemakers who now have this large responsibility to run an entire nation.  When you recognize how the State Dept and Intel community operate, you can see exactly where this type of narrative is heading….

It’s like we said earlier, Team One is in alignment with the United Nations objective and now conveying emotional sympathies.  Yup, the Taliban are headed toward full legitimate recognition by the U.N. with the ‘we are the world‘ State Department crew leading the way.

Biden’s Got Your Back Taiwan

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With “friends” like these…

If Sleepy Joe Biden is cognitively challenged, has dementia, or is otherwise too old for the job, he needs to be removed. If Joe is making the major gaffes intentionally, then he’s a traitor and needs to be removed.

I think it’s a combination of both—Biden is both demented and a traitor.

Traitor Joe seems to be doing the bidding of China. Joe opened our borders to whomever wants to wander in—and who knows how many gang members and terrorists are already in America just waiting to wreak havoc. Joe has weakened our military with the destructive ‘wokeism’ as well as insisting that all troops receive unsafe and ineffective injections for the virus.

Joe turned over billions of military equipment to the Taliban and even groveled to them. Joe has backstabbed Afghans who have helped us as well as the rest of our allies. Joe is intentionally destroying America’s reputation. Such weakness benefits China. Biden is encouraging more attacks against us.

The Chinese communists must see this as an opportune time to attack Taiwan, and backstabber Joe might even help, rather than hinder such an invasion.

— Ben Garrison