Beltway Speculation Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi May Step Down

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 18, 2021 | Sundance | 277 Comments

Yesterday Maria Bartiromo opened her Sunday talk show with a note that beltway speculation is stirring about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell possibly stepping down.  WATCH:

While there’s nothing specifically cited to support Ms. Bartiromo’s statement as a DC insider and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, there has long been evidence that both Pelosi and McConnell will exit.  Here’s why it makes commonsense:

♦ For Nancy Pelosi – Joe Biden is an appointed figurehead for a background agenda driven by Obama’s Chicago Marxists.  The Biden far-left policy agenda is strategically a massive throw everything at the legislative process in an effort to create major change in a short period of time.   Biden is the disposable front man for this operation, and Pelosi is the facilitating legislative cohort.

Massive inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, collapsed supply chains, empty shelves, increased crime, devalued dollar, diminished international influence, horrible polling, predictable political consequences, none of this matters because Biden is disposable to the agenda.  There are no limits to the obvious lies they will tell, because no one cares about any public impact.  This effort is to drive the agenda regardless of political damage that can only catch them in the 2022 mid-terms.

The Marxist strategy included the likelihood the Democrats will lose the House in 2022 the same way they lost the House in 2010 during Obama’s first mid-term.  The objective is to push their current program regardless of consequences.

Everything you would normally consider to be a concern that would limit the extremes of any legislative effort has been removed.  They plan to lose next year, so they have nothing to lose right now.

Pelosi will not go back to being the Minority Leader if/when the Democrats lose the House.  That’s a given reality.  So yeah, she will step down once she has delivered on the objective.  This is why there is such intensity and urgency behind everything House Democrats are doing.   Rule changes, manipulative parliamentary tricks, the ridiculous and distracting J6 committee, all of it.  All of it is based on this two year far-left plan that doesn’t have any consideration for impact.  It’s a one way mission.

♦ For Mitch McConnell – Mitch knows he has lost any/all connection to the standards of the Republican base. Mitch knows he is a dead man walking and has taken all appropriate steps to exit his position, because he knows if the Republicans take the Senate back in 2022 he too will be removed.   The MAGA base, including President Donald Trump, can’t stand the guy.

Mitch has been grooming Senator John Thune to replace him for years.  If the voters deliver the Senate back into Republican control, Mitch McConnell will happily step aside from leadership and John Thune will step in.  Thune is a younger version of McConnell, and he has learned the DeceptiCon ways at the knee of his master.

What the selection of Paul Ryan was to the position of House Speaker in 2014, so too is the selection of John Thune to the position of Senate Majority Leader in January of 2023.  These DC groups game this stuff out and plan for these contingencies to retain the beltway system.

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