Mass Psychosis and Totalitarianism

This is a very good summary of where we are today and a MUST WATCH from Academy of Ideas

“Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot—it confuses those who think straight. The Big Lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal in a cold war than logic and reason. While the enemy is still searching for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault him with another.”

Germany Caught in a Power Vacuum

Armstrong Economics Blog/Germany Re-Posted Nov 30, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

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Since the new government will not be officially sworn in until next week, Germany currently has no political leadership capable of taking action. Angela Merkel has already left the Bundestag but will remain in office as Chancellor until her successor, Olaf Scholz, is sworn in next week. This state of power vacuum further destabilizes the country’s political security. For several weeks, unvaccinated people have not been allowed to enter restaurants, museums, movie theaters, or retail stores, even if they present an actual negative covid test. Only grocery stores and pharmacies allow access to unvaccinated people. This has divided Germany’s society.On November 30, the Federal Constitutional Court will publish its first landmark decisions on constitutional complaints to the federal government’s emergency break earlier this year. The government had imposed drastic restrictions and completely put Germany in lockdown for almost six months. This is another reason why the new government is hesitant and must wait for the decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court to take further actions to reduce current COVID infections. The number of covid infections is increasing faster than last year, even though more than 70% of Germans are now fully vaccinated.

Was 2021 the Peak for Davos?

Armstrong Economics Blog/WEF Re-Posted Nov 30, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Reliable sources have confirmed that Klaus Schwab and even attendees have been getting such threats of violence and death that he has postponed Davos in January for the first time, claiming it is due to the pandemic, which is not true. Schwab is, at last, starting to realize that there is a price to his academic theories. There has been an avalanche in Switzerland but it is death threats rather than snow. This sweeping wave of anger is erupting worldwide, and there is no way that security measures can be enacted to protect world leaders. Even the Swiss news outlet Südostschweiz has also reported about the violent threats. Both employees, as well as attendees, have also been targeted personally.

Schwab is going to discover that there is a huge price to pay for his bizarre ideas that you can destroy the world economy in 2 to 3 years and build it all back better, GREEN, in the blink of an eye. Just looking at the USA, there are approximately 350 million people in the USA, and interestingly, according to the 2016 census, there are 3.14 (pi!) persons per family, on average. Consequently, that implies that the number of homes in the United States at most would be 100 million (give or take). According to the 2010 census, we find about 80% of the population lives in cities rather than the suburbs. We are probably looking at about 50% of that 80% living in apartments/condominiums, which would suggest that up to 40% of Americans live in multi-family type housing. If we then take the remainder of 60%, that would seem to be about the round maximum living in single-family structures. If we take the pi number for a family, that implies that there are about 70 million single-family homes. If we look at Statista, then record the number of owner-occupied housing units in the United States by the 2nd quarter 2021 has reached 82.51 million.

Ironically, the very states that voted Democrat will be the ones that are hit the most. The Northeast consumes 86% of all the heating oil market. California has banned all new buildings that use natural gas, forcing them to power by electricity when the grid will not support it. It is absolutely impossible to convert 82 million single-family homes to electricity. This is where their academic theories fall apart.

The rise in the price of not just gasoline, but heating oil will impact the Democratic states more than the Republican South. They were never informed that a vote for Biden would reduce their standard of living. Then about 83% of households with propane heating are located in rural areas are typically beyond the reach of the natural gas distribution infrastructure and electricity, which is not reliable. However, almost 85% of households in the United States heat with natural gas or electricity in some cities, but more than 10% rely on heating oil, and that is concentrated in the Northeast.

I seriously question a career at the World Economic Forum as being viable in the years ahead. Employees will have to live in a bunker underground and never leave. Working for Schwab may be a highly dangerous career post-2021. World leaders who will be a great risk even attending these events, and Schwab just may see that 2021 was 34 years since his first real Davos event. This may have been the peak in Davos as of 2021.

Travel Bans are Racist if Implemented by the Right

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Nov 30, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

In 2020, when the pandemic began, Joe Biden accused then President Trump of being a racist xenophobe for implementing a travel ban on Africa. The mainstream media ran with the story, as it pushed the narrative that the right was inherently racist. Now, Joe Biden has implemented an “African ban,” against South Africa and several other African nations. Nearly all stories reported by the media begin by stating “South Africa,” not because the omicron variant was detected there, but because the public associates South Africa with having a large “white” population. The omicron variant has been detected in non-African nations, but the White House did not issue an immediate travel ban on those countries.

Biden accused Trump of xenophobic fear-mongering for implementing a travel ban on China. The term “China virus” was twisted by clever journalists to make it seem as if it were a racist term rather than simply the country where COVID originated. Once the “UK variant” came out, the media outlets had no qualms reporting on it using that terminology. They only transitioned the name to “delta” once they were called out for hypocrisy. Politics aims to divide the people. The narrative that one political party is inherently racist is a low tactic that supports biased voting efforts on the pretense of ethics. Take note of how the media and politicians are aiming to deceive you using rhetoric.

Lara Logan Swings the Atomic Sledgehammer into the Omicron Motives

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Lara Logan hit Dr. Anthony Fauci and the cabal of science manipulators with the atomic sledgehammer during her remarks today about the latest COVID variant omicron and the political crew who manipulate the public through fear.  {Direct Rumble Link}

In this segment, Ms. Logan is subtle as a brick through a window as she compares Dr. Fauci and his beagle killing narcissism to the ideological efforts of Dr. Josef Mengele.  She’s not the first person to make that comparison.  WATCH:

Joe Biden Declares Everything is Okay After Meeting With Retail Executives

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Earlier today, Joe Biden met with a roundtable group of retail executives and CEO’s.  The topics of the discussion were supply chain issues and current impacts to businesses that are causing rapid inflation.

At the conclusion of the meeting there was supposed to be a press conference where Biden was going to outline what his administration is doing to combat the ever-increasing problem of inflation.   However, moments before the public remarks were scheduled to begin, the White House cancelled them.  Instead, the people managing Joe Biden sent out the following tweet:

According to the White House messaging, everything is wonderful – there is no cause for concern, the supply chain crisis has been handled, shortages are no longer present, shelves are full, the clouds have parted and Santa is enjoying his time preparing for Christmas by watching unicorns play with the reindeer.  Baghdad Bob would be proud.

If the narrative is true, if there is so much good news to share, then why cancel the remarks and press conference about inflation?

One likely scenario is the retail CEO’s told the White House about: (1) upcoming additional price increases due to energy policy; and (2) the latest news from China where the shipment of goods is going to go from bad (slow) to much worse (a virtual halt):

(CNBC) – […] Helen Zhu, managing director at Hong Kong-based investment firm Nan Fung Trinity echoed similar sentiments about China’s response.

“If omicron turns out to be a major threat, I think China will certainly continue to lengthen the period of staying isolated,” she said on CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Monday. […]  China’s ultra-strict zero-Covid strategy involves mass lockdowns — even if just one or a handful of cases are detected. It also includes extensive testing, heavily controlled or closed borders, as well as robust contact tracing systems and quarantine mandates.

The Asian giant has also implemented strict checks at its ports, including monitoring ships and cargo, to prevent cases from slipping into the country. (read more)

Beijing is cunning.  They know Biden is weak politically and personally.  Everything they can do to increase the impact of inflation weakens the U.S. economy, and China can do an awful lot on the supply side to create even more U.S. inflation.

Biden’s globalist policies in general make the U.S. Main Street economy very vulnerable; however, Biden’s energy policies specifically make that vulnerability exponentially worse.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Says Lockdowns are Not an Option Regardless of What Variant They Come Up With

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded to the remarks from Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday and from Joe Biden earlier today about the new Omicron variant of COVID and the possibility of lockdowns.

The Governor was very specific and clear about no lockdowns when he spoke today at an event to celebrate increased salaries and bonuses for law enforcement officers in the state.  Florida will continue to emphasize prevention, optional vaccinations, therapeutics and quick responsive treatment – with accessible monoclonal antibody treatments – as the state COVID mitigation protocol.  WATCH:

So far, the approach by Florida Governor DeSantis has been effective as the state now holds one of the lowest COVID infection rates in the nation, yet the state is wide open and free from any mandates or restrictions.  If people want to live in fear, they can go live somewhere else.

The full press conference is below:

Inspired by TJ Maxx, Jill Biden Decorates The White House For Christmas

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Federal Judge Blocks Biden Healthcare Worker Vaccine Mandate

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A federal judge in the Eastern District of Missouri has blocked the federal vaccine mandate contained in the medicare and medicaid rules for healthcare workers.  [pdf ruling available here] Previously the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMMS) issued a regulation requiring healthcare workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid to get vaccinated. This ruling is even more influential, as the workers protected in the ten states are specifically inside the healthcare industry.

(Business Insider) […] Judge Matthew Schelp of the Eastern District of Missouri issued the preliminary injunction for workers at Medicare- and Medicaid-certified medical facilities in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota, court documents said.

The 10 states had sued the Biden administration, saying the vaccine mandate was unconstitutional.

Schelp — whom President Donald Trump nominated to the bench in 2019 — said the public would benefit from the ruling “because it would ensure that federal agencies do not extend their power beyond the express delegation from Congress.”  […] The Medicare and Medicaid regulation is what Monday’s ruling was about. The agency has said that rule affects 17 million workers at 76,000 healthcare facilities nationwide. (read more)

Hopefully the judicial commonsense becomes, well, more common.

JoeBamaNomics, Oil and Energy Analysts Indicate $100 Barrel Crude Costs By End of This Year, The Biden Team Really Need Omicron

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JP Morgan is emphasizing that U.S. energy policy is likely to end up with $150-$200 per barrel oil costs in next year ($10/gal gasoline).  [LINK] Whether that dire prediction comes true is anyone’s guess.  However, consensus review makes nearing $100/barrel costs by the end of this year just as unnerving. ($6/gal gasoline).  That outcome is the centerpiece for why Biden needs the Omicron variant to impact the demand side urgently.

New York – […] “We believe the evolution of coal prices might reflect supply, demand, cost of capital and energy transitioning issues for all fossil fuels, and it would certainly be possible that oil prices will follow the same pattern (inflation adjusted for oil, that would be in a $150-200/bbl range),” wrote a team of JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategists led by Marko Kolanovic. (read more)

This analysis essentially aligns with CTH outlooks and complements what Allianz Group chief economic advisor, Mohamed El-Erian, was saying yesterday [LINK]  The Biden energy policy is specifically to blame for the current price increases across the entire energy sector.

All of Biden energy policy, and all of Biden spending around the Build Back Better agenda, is designed to take us from where we are now into some distant place where fossil fuels are not the energy mechanism; that’s the Green New Deal component of this.  However, there is no policy for their transition – they stopped all current energy policy around oil and coal.

Biden halted pipelines, cancelled oil and gas leases, blocked expanded refinery capacity and regulated the entire U.S. oil industry into a place of diminished capacity.  That is why energy prices have, as Obama promised,  “necessarily skyrocketed.”  And, we ain’t seen nothing yet.  Depending on how cold it is this winter, you can expect natural gas and home heating oil to double in the next few months.

The near horizon looks pretty clear.  Gasoline will keep rising fast and will cost $6 to $7/gal before next spring.   There is no way under current Joe Biden policy to avoid this, unless he was to completely abandon his energy policy; that’s not likely.  The climate change ideologues, academics and far-left communists behind the Biden policy are not likely to see the catastrophic economic damage as a bad thing, instead they will likely say it’s the new normal.

With that level of supply side economic chaos seemingly unavoidable, the only way for Biden to try and mitigate political damage is an attempt to halt the demand side.  That’s why the administration needs Omicron.

It is more important for our government to use Omicron than all other governments because we are the spending and ideological center. That is why we are seeing a much bigger emphasis upon the fear of Omicron by our government; and that is why the descending levels of variant emphasis/fear fall in line depending on how closely other nations are aligned as allies.

Meanwhile… China, Iran and Russia (adversaries on an ideological level) know what is happening, and to the extent they can drive U.S. inflation even higher, they will.  Our adversaries know how to use Biden’s policy to make massive inflation hurt the U.S. disproportionately. This is why OPEC is giving Biden the middle finger on his ‘request’ to increase oil production, and this is why China is now triggering shipping quarantines. (more)

Again, as repeated previously, our window to prepare for a massive jump in inflation is slowly closing.  We are down to around 60 days, and then things will get really ugly.  The people behind Joe Biden know this.  Omicron is a tool they are attempting to use to moderate the speed of impact within the inflation window.

WASHINGTON – […] The main driver behind oil prices is supply and demand. And while the Omicron COVID-19 variant put a dent into oil prices on Friday, with investors fearing that potential country lockdowns would reduce travel and therefore lower demand for oil, JPMorgan viewed that price move as an overreaction.

“We believe the market may overestimate the impacts of the recent emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 on oil prices during the US holiday period,” JPMorgan said in a Monday note, inferring that there will be little to no slowdown in holiday travels even as the Omicron variant spreads.

[…] With demand for oil likely to remain steady, supply will remain the key driver behind oil prices for years to come. And with OPEC+ “being firmly in the driver’s seat for oil prices,” JPMorgan thinks Brent will hit $120/bl in 2022, and could even overshoot to $150/bl in 2023, representing potential upside of as much as 100% from current levels. (read more)