All The Wrong Moves – Western Australia Triggers Full Society Lockdown for All Unvaccinated Citizens, Harshest Measures in All of Nation

Posted originally on the conservative tree house January 13, 2022 | Sundance | 230 Comments

Comrades, the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan has announced new rules for vaccine passports in the state.  Premier McGowan says life will become “very difficult” for the state’s unvaccinated, as he unveils the toughest proof-of-vaccination rules in Australia.

Let me be very clear, these rules and regulations are going to lead to unintended consequences that government officials have never considered.  The pain this will bring upon the vaccinated, yes, the vaccinated, will be of such consequence the government will be defending itself for years from the backlash of unintended consequences that global leaders have yet to fathom.  More on that later…

In the interim, in his announcement today, McGowan announces that vaccine passports will be required to participate in any level of civil society, and the unvaccinated are going to be intentionally locked out of almost everything.  Watch Video from 01:00 to 04:00 to see the scale:

This totalitarian interventionist exercise will bring a scale of consequence that Australians have yet to realize.  Unfortunately, many state and municipal leaders in the United States are not that far behind.

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