Trump Lawyer: We’ve Learned Today that Trump’s Files Were Taken By the FBI

Sean Hannity Published originally on Rumble on August 30, 2022 

Trump Lawyer: We’ve Learned Today that Trump’s Files Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege Were Taken By the FBI

Kamala Harris Fails to Explain Who Will Pay Off Student Debt

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Aug 31, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I reported that the taxpayers would be footing the bill for student loan cancellation. A study by Penn Wharton School estimated that taxpayers would each need to pay $2,000 for Biden’s pre-election bribe. The White House has not been able to articulate who will pay for the latest handout, but they want you to think that the borrowed money will simply vanish from thin air. Vice President Kamala Harris is also, per usual, clueless about the situation.

“Well, let’s start with this. First of all, a lot of the same people who are criticizing what we rightly did in following through on a commitment that we made to forgive student loan debt, are the same people who voted for a tax cut for the richest Americans,” Harris said when questioned by Fox reporters as if the “richest Americans” would be footing the bill.

Government must forgive the debt, which means that it will come down to the taxpayers. Harris attempted to clarify her answer but only made the situation more uncertain. “So when we look at who is benefiting from this, 90% of the people who are going to benefit from student loan forgiveness make under $75,000 a year. And that debt has been the reason that they’re unable to start a family, buy a home and pursue their piece of the American dream.”

Clearly, the American dream died for other reasons. Kamala Harris and the Biden Administration are completely out of touch with reality. The youth are unable to start a family or buy a home due to record inflation and a failing system. The government has over $31 trillion in debt but continues to spend recklessly on policies that do not benefit the majority. This plan to forgive student debt is intended as a bribe for votes before the mid-term elections. This will only increase inflation and cause the American dream to be further out of reach to the masses.

US Marines Safe from Religious Prosecutions – Coast Guard Under Attack

Armstrong Economics Blog/USA Current Events Re-Posted Aug 31, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The US Marines were finally awarded protection against COVID-19 vaccination mandates. “Oorah!” A federal judge agreed to the class action lawsuit against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. All Marines who were denied religious exemptions are finally receiving justice. Out of the 3,733 Marines who applied for exemptions, only 11 were granted an exemption. “Is it more likely than not — in nearly all 3,733 cases —that no reasonable accommodation was available?” the court asked.

Judge Merryday of Florida declared that the following members are safe from religious prosecutions:

“All persons on active duty or in the ready reserve (1) who serve under the command of the Marine Corps, (2) who were affirmed by a chaplain as harboring a sincere religious objection, (3) who timely submitted an initial request for a religious accommodation, (4) who were denied the initial request, (5) who timely appealed the denial of the initial request, and (6) who were denied or will be denied after appeal.”

The judge went on to explain the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) and how it applies to all Americans from the president to military recruits. “[E]ven if they don’t agree with it. The Free Exercise Clause and RFRA are the law of the land,” the judge declared.

Unfortunately, not all of our servicemembers are safe. The Coast Guard Academy ordered all unvaccinated cadets to evacuate the campus within 24 hours. This includes those who applied for religious exemptions, as fetal tissue is used to create the useless vaccine. So at a time when military recruitment is at an all-time low, the government is disenrolling candidates for no valid reason. The Coast Guard expects the candidates placed on leave to enroll in online military training! It is disgusting to see our service members disrespected by the government they have put their life on the line to protect. I expect more lawsuits to follow.

Taiwan to Destroy Chinese Drones

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Aug 31, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The video above has gone viral, depicting Taiwanese soldiers throwing rocks at drones believed to be sent by China. Reports are circulating that Taiwan also allowed store-bought civilian drones to enter its airspace, which leaves many to wonder how they can compete against China’s military surveillance. Backed by the US, Taiwan is beginning to push back against China and its One China policy. The Ministry of National Defense (MND) has reported that they will begin to shoot down Chinese drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The MND said that it plans to invest in anti-drone defense systems over the next four years to the tune of $141 million. There have been 23 drone spottings in Taiwan since Pelosi’s reckless visit. It should be worth noting that Taiwan donated 800 carpet bomber drones and 860 combat drones to Ukraine to combat Russia. China is taking notes from Russia, while Taiwan is taking notes from Ukraine. Why would Taiwan offer a vast quantity of drones to Ukraine if they are in need of their own protection?

The simple answer is that support from the US has emboldened Taiwan. They do not fear an escalation of tensions when US warships are passing through its waters. Time will tell how China responds as the One China policy is under fire.

DOJ Files Response to Trump Motion for Special Master Review, Supported by Lawfare Crew Filing Amicus Brief to Bolster DOJ Position

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 31, 2022 | Sundance

The DOJ has filed a response to the motion by President Trump for the court to appoint a special master to review the seized material from the DOJ/FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. [Court pdf Here] Additionally, the outside government Lawfare group has filed an amicus brief supporting the DOJ-NSD position [Amici court pdf Here]

Essentially the position of the DOJ boils down to… They have already reviewed the material. Yes, there was attorney-client privilege material seized; but they swear the internal team segregated the legally confidential material and the DOJ investigators & prosecutors didn’t see it – double pinkie swear, yer honor.

Additionally, in a nice lawfare maneuver, the DOJ claims President Trump never formally evoked ‘executive privilege‘ on any material at Mar-a-Lago; therefore, despite his position as a former President, he was/is legally considered an ordinary citizen for the purpose of raiding his home to seize material the government considers vital to national security.

To compliment the created DOJ narrative for media consumption; and to assist the media effort for direct distribution of the DOJ position; Main Justice released a picture as an example of the documents seized.  The DOJ literally staged and created this photo for media to use, then released it in the court filing. Slick lawfare:

The cover sheets are essentially non sequitur as they do not necessarily describe or affirm the nature of the documented material underneath. “HCS-P/SI/TK” looks all officially looming; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean any of the information is classified as HCS (HUMINT Control System, or human intelligence), SI (special intelligence), or TK (talent keyhole), or SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information), aka the silos.

One word or paragraph could be considered ‘special intelligence’. Example “FISA” or “FISC”. You might remember our prior discussions that every document that contains the designation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, FISA or FISC, literally those words or abbreviations, is considered classified special intelligence.

Example (as above): Someone might write “the Carter Page FISA application” on a government document. That document is now considered ‘special intelligence‘. That’s how each silo inside the agencies of government keep a cloud over information.

It was not that long ago when the classification rules stated you could not ever publicly use the words “FISA Court,” without running afoul of the rules governing classified special intelligence.  Yes, that’s correct, until about three years ago it was a violation of law to even discuss what took place in the FISA court process.

As a result, take the cover letter designations with a grain of salt.  The covers are essentially useless for the purpose of understanding what material might be underneath. However, for the purpose of creating an optic, which helps drive a narrative, the oh-so super special cover values are priceless.

Moving beyond the filings, the DOJ narrative engineering is particularly noteworthy. By framing the material seized in such a manner as most people will never understand what the designations mean, Main Justice lays the foundation for the media to obfuscate, portray and define the potential of the evidence.

This is lawfare narrative engineering at its best. It is also very easy to see what comes next because this is a rodeo very familiar to those who watched the media push the DOJ and FBI manufactured stories around the Trump-Russia and Trump/Russia-obstruction cases before.

Just like the examples from 2016 (FBI leaks), 2017 (FBI/DOJ leaks), 2018 (Weissmann/Mueller leaks) and throughout the impeachment constructs (Nadler/Schiff committee leaks), this coordinated Main Justice effort is all done via public consumption of misleading articles produced by allied media working to promote the political interests of the DOJ.

As a result, screaming headlines of “Trump Held National Security Documents“,… and “Intelligence Community now Conducting Risk Assessments“…. and “ODNI Now Launching an Investigation of Classified Documents Found in Mar-a-Lago“…. etc are sure to follow.

Today the focus of media will be pushing the “Top Secret Classified Documents Detailed in DOJ Filing” aspect, hence the photograph becomes a key part of the narrative engineering value. However, within a few media cycles, the narrative will switch to The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Avril Haines, briefing congress on the documents.

DNI Avril Haines will be the next phase, triggered to assist the emphasis of Main Justice and Lawfare.  All of this is coordinated and planned in advance. None of the timing or sequencing is accidental. The best reference was the prior deployment of the same process throughout 2018 (DOJ Weissmann/Mueller) leading up to the midterm election.

Last point. As to the actual nature of the material in the photograph staged by the DOJ for media use, many of the documents you see in the picture are transcripts from the 2018 House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) investigation and witness testimony. Again, the cover sheets are a moot point. You might remember Representative Doug Collins releasing the witness transcripts (Bruce Ohr, etc) to the public.

Even though those House Intel and House Judiciary transcripts were released to the public, the cover sheets designate how the agencies view the testimony therein. Something can be a public record and still labeled “special intelligence,” that’s just the nature of this ridiculous classification system – or what I call the silo value.

It is likely that Mary McCord is working closely with Norm Eisen (red tie), and perhaps even Barry Berk (blue tie) on these collective efforts.  It’s just how they roll.

Suspicious Timing, AG Merrick Garland Sends Memo to DOJ and FBI Employees Reminding Them Not to Talk to Congress

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 31, 2022 | Sundance

Absent of anything else going on, this memo would seem innocuous.  However, when you consider that at least 20 FBI whistleblowers from the FBI have approached both the house and senate in the past several weeks, this memo takes on a new meaning.

According to the memo sent internally by AG Merrick Garland, he is reminding everyone in the DOJ/FBI about the restrictions against talking to congress. [SOURCE]

The internal citations take you to Justice Manual, Section 1, Title 800: “Congressional and White House Relations” [LINK]

1-8.200 “Except as provided in this chapter, no Department employee may communicate with Senators, Representatives, congressional committees, or congressional staff without advance coordination, consultation, and approval by the Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA).  All congressional inquiries and correspondence from Members, committees, and staff should be immediately directed to OLA upon receipt.” [LINK]

Make of the timing what you will; however, if you have followed the political corruption within Main Justice and the FBI, the intent of the memo seems pretty clear.  A warning to those who might consider trying to escape the clutches of a comprehensively corrupt institution.  Or as Senator Chuck Grassley recently stated:

“If these allegations are true and accurate, the Justice Department and FBI are – and have been – institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the United States Congress and the American people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law. Attorney General Garland and Director Wray, simply put, based on the allegations that I’ve received from numerous whistleblowers, you have systemic and existential problems within your agencies.” (LINK)

Angry Joe Biden Pledges to Ban Assault Weapons During Midterm Election Speech in Pennsylvania

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 30, 2022 | Sundance 

Delivering remarks today in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, at a political midterm rally oddly missing the Democrat candidate for the Pennsylvania senate seat, Joe Biden proclaimed his intention to ban “assault weapons.” {Direct Rumble Link}

“I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country,” the angry and unstable installed occupant in the White House decried. WATCH:


Mikhail Gorbachev Dies, Aged 91

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 30, 2022 | Sundance 

Mikhael Gorbachev was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1985 until its collapse in December 1991. As general secretary and president of the USSR/Russia, he helped forge historic weapons reduction deals with former U.S. Presidents Reagan and Bush and eventually removed the “Iron Curtain.”

According to Russian media, he died earlier today at the age of 91.

The Energy Economy

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 30, 2022 | Sundance

Let’s say you are an average household with an income around $100,000/yr who has an increase in electricity rates from $300 to $500 due to Joe Biden’s new national energy policy known as the Green New Deal.  That’s $200 more per month for this initial economic/energy “transition” moment.

That extra $200/month equates to $2,400 per year.

That $2,400 per year is static economic activity.  Meaning nothing additional was created, and nothing additional was generated.  The captured $2,400 is simply an increase in the price of a preexisting expense.

Take that expense and expand it to your community of 100 friends and family households.  The $2,400 now becomes $240,000 in cost that doesn’t generate anything.  $240,000 is removed from the community economy.  $240,000 is no longer available for purchasing other goods or services within this community of 100 households.

The economic purchasing power of the 100-household community is reduced by $240,000 per year.

Take that expense and expand it to your county of 10,000 households.  Now you are reducing the county economic activity by $24 million.  In this county of 10,000 households, $24 million in economic transactions have been wiped out.  Meals at restaurants, purchases of goods and services, or any other spending of the $24 million within the county of 10,000 households (approximately 25,000 residents) has been lost.

Now expand that expense to a larger county, quantified as a mid-size county, of 50,000 households.  The mid-sized county has lost $120 million in household economic activity, simply to sustain the status quo on electricity rates.  Nothing extra has been generated. $120 million is lost.  The activity within the county of 50,000 households shrinks by $120 million.

Expand that expense to a large county of 100,000 households, and the lost economic activity is $240 million.

Expand that expense to a small state of 1 million households (2.5 million residents), and the lost economic activity is $2.4 billion.

Expand that expense to a state with 5 million households (approximately 12 million residents) and the economic cost is $12 billion in lost economic activity unrelated to the expense of maintaining the status-quo on electricity use.   This state loses $12 billion in purchases of goods and services, just to retain current energy use.

These examples only touch on household expenses.  The community, county and state business expenses for offices, supermarkets, stores, etc. are in addition to the households quoted.

Meanwhile the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the community, county and state, remains static because the GDP is calculated on the total value of goods and services generated in dollar terms.  The appearance of a static GDP is artificial.  In real Main Street terms, $12 billion in economic activity is lost, but the price or increased value of electricity hides the drop created by the absence of goods and services purchased.

Fewer goods and services are purchased and consumed.  However, statistically the inflated price of electricity gives the illusion of a status quo economy.

Now expand that perspective to a national level and you can see our current economic condition.

Kash Patel Confirms Seized Documents from Mar-a-Lago Raid Were Evidence Showing DOJ and FBI Corruption in Trump-Russia Probe

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 30, 2022 | Sundance 

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s television show, former house intel staff and Trump aide Kash Patel confirms the documents targeted by the DOJ/FBI raid on Trump’s home were documents of evidence showing DOJ/FBI political corruption in the Trump-Russia probe.

President Trump declassified documents that show how the institutions within the U.S. government targeted him.  However, the institutions that illegally targeted President Trump are now the same institutions seeking control of the specific evidence of their unlawful targeting.  WATCH:

An FBI raid cannot be predicated on a document conflict between the National Archives and a former president.

The DOJ-NSD warrant, and the subsequent raid on Mar-a-Lago could only be predicated and justified on records the U.S. government deems “classified” and material vital to national security interests.  That’s the Main Justice cover story to retrieve the evidence of their own wrongdoing. Hence, DOJ National Security Division involvement.

To understand the nature of the documents, we first review the declassification memo provided by President Trump to the DOJ upon his departure from office.

In broad terms there are two sets of documents that intermingle and are directly related. First, documents that highlight the activity of Hillary Clinton’s team in creating the false Trump-Russia conspiracy theory (2015/2016).  Second, documents that highlight the activity of government officials targeting Donald Trump within the same timeframe (Crossfire Hurricane), that continued into 2017, 2018 and 2019 (Robert Mueller).

Think of the two sets of documents as evidence against two teams working in synergy.  Team one (Clinton) was outside government. Team two (DOJ/FBI) was inside government.  The documents pertain to both groups but are also divided.  That helps to explain the wording of the memo above.

The documentary evidence against the outside group (Clinton et al) would also involve government documented evidence as the DOJ/FBI inside group interacted with them.  Notes from interviews, materials provided, FBI 302 summaries of interviews, etc.

We can extract a lot of information on the first sets of evidence from the lawsuit filed by President Trump in March of this year, mostly against the outside actors. [LINK HERE]

The lawsuit was filed against specific persons and most of those persons were interviewed by the FBI as part of the originating investigation.  Within the subjects of the lawsuit we find names and groups including:

Hillary Clinton, Hillary for America Campaign Committee, DNC, DNC Services Corp, Perkins Coie, Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Charles Dolan, Jake Sullivan, John Podesta, Robby Mook, Phillipe Reines as well as Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Orbis Business Intelligence, Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, Neustar Inc., Rodney Joffe, James Comey Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith and Andrew McCabe.

In addition to being named in the lawsuit, many of those names were interviewed by the FBI as part of the origination of the Trump-Russia investigation, and/or part of the ongoing investigation of the Trump-Russia fabrication. Each of those interviews would carry an FD-302 report summarizing the content of the interview, the questions and answers given.

The totality of those 302 documents is a lot of evidence likely consisting of hundreds of pages.

For the government officials on the inside, in addition to 302’s (ex Bruce Ohr) there would be documents of communication between them.

Think about the full unredacted text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok as an example.  The DOJ publicly released over 600 pages of those text messages, and that wasn’t all of them.  The text messages were also redacted, under claims of privacy and national security.  We can assume any version of these text messages declassified by President Trump would not be redacted.  Hence, you go back to the January 20th memo and see the notes about “privacy.”

We also know there are many pages of communication between DOJ lawyer Lisa Page and her boss in the FBI Andrew McCabe.  Almost none of them were ever made public; but they exist.  This internal communication is likely the type of material contained in both the “binder,” left for the DOJ to release, and the boxes at Mar-a-Lago to be used as evidence against the named defendants in the lawsuit.

Bruce Ohr has 302’s and emails relating to his involvement as a conduit between Fusion GPS and the FBI.  Some of those were released in redacted form, and some of them were never released.  Additionally, Nellie Ohr, Bruce’s wife, who worked at Fusion GPS invoked spousal privilege when called to testify before the House committee investigating the issues.  However, it is almost certain the FBI interviewed her so there are likely 302’s on Nellie Ohr.

Chris Steele, Igor Danchenko and Rodney Joffe were also interviewed by the FBI.  Those 302’s were never released.  Presumably John Durham has stakeholder equity in that part of the Trump-Russia hoax, but the documentary evidence prior to January 20, 2021, that exists outside the special counsel could also be records at Mar-a-Lago.

Then we get to the big stuff…. The records and evidence in unredacted and declassified state, that would drive the DOJ-NSD to claim vital national security interests.

The NSA compliance officer notified NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers of unauthorized use of the NSA database by FBI contractors searching U.S. citizens during the 2015/2016 presidential primary.  That 2016 notification is a classified record.

The response from Mike Rogers, and the subsequent documentary evidence of what names were being searched is again a classified record.  The audit logs showing who was doing the searches (which contractors, which agencies and from what offices), as noted by Director Rogers, was preserved.  That is another big-time classified record.

In addition, we would have Admiral Rogers writing a mandatory oversight notification to the FISA court detailing what happened.  That’s a big and comprehensive classified record, likely contained in the documents in Mar-a-Lago… and then the goldmine, the fully unredacted 99-page FISA court opinion detailing the substance of the NSA compromise by FBI officials and contractors, including the names, frequency and dates of the illegal surveillance.  That is a major classified document the Deepest Deep State would want to keep hidden.

These are the types of documents within what former ODNI John Ratcliffe called “thousands of pages that were declassified by President Trump,” and given to both John Durham and Main Justice with an expectation of public release when the Durham special counsel probe concluded.

In short, President Trump declassified documents that show how the institutions within the U.S. government targeted him.  However, the institutions that illegally targeted President Trump are the same institutions who control the specific evidence of their unlawful targeting.

These examples of evidence held by President Donald Trump reveals the background of how the DC surveillance state exists.  THAT was/is the national security threat behind the DOJ-NSD search warrant and affidavit.

The risk to the fabric of the U.S. government is why we see lawyers and pundits so confused as they try to figure out the disproportionate response from the DOJ and FBI, toward “simple records”, held by President Trump in Mar-a-Lago.   Very few people can comprehend what has been done since January 2009, and the current state of corruption as it now exists amid all of the agencies and institutions of government.

Barack Obama spent 8 years building out and refining the political surveillance state.  The operators of the institutions have spent the last six years hiding the construct.

President Donald Trump declassified the material then took evidence to Mar-a-Lago.  The people currently in charge of managing the corrupt system, like Merrick Garland, Lisa Monaco, Chris Wray and the Senate allies, are going bananas.  From their DC perspective, Donald Trump is an existential threat.

Given the nature of their opposition, and the underlying motives for their conduct, there is almost nothing they will not do to protect themselves.  However, if you peel away all the layers of lies, manipulations and corruption, what you find at the heart of their conduct is fear.

What do they fear most?…


People forget, and that’s ok, but prior to the 2015 MAGA movement driven by President Donald J Trump, political rallies filled with tens-of-thousands of people were extremely rare; almost nonexistent.  However, in the era of Donald J Trump the scale of the people paying attention has grown exponentially.  Every speech, every event, every rally is now filled with thousands and thousands of people.

The frequency of it has made us numb to realizing just how extraordinary this is.  But the people in Washington DC are well aware, and that makes President Trump even more dangerous.  Combine that level of support with what they attempted in order to destroy him, and, well, now you start to put context on their effort.

The existence of Trump is a threat, but the existence of a Trump that could expose their corruption…. well, that makes him a level of threat that leads to a raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago.

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