So, You Did Not Take the COVID-19 Shot, Why Not?

Posted originally on the CTH on January 13, 2023 | Sundance 

Reader feedback request.

I was quite shocked to review a poll I took on the Twitter last month showing that 85% of the people who follow the CTH Twitter account [TLR2] did not take the COVID-19 jab.

Without any judgement implied or inferred I am genuinely curious, why not?

With the situation clearly in hindsight, and/or given all the pressure that may have been applied to each individual situation, I am genuinely curious what was it that made you choose not to take the COVID-19 vaccination.

If you are comfortable, and please understand that no pressure is intended in any way whatsoever, could you share why you didn’t take the vaccine and how do you feel about that decision in hindsight?

If you did take the vaccination, there is also no judgement in this question.  As I said back in 2021 each individual is unique, each situation is unique, and each person has to make the best decision about what is in their individual best interests.  So please, don’t let this issue divide our conversation.

I am genuinely curious as to the reason so many people would withstand the public and perhaps peer pressure to follow the ‘vaccination’ advice.  Also, how has that decision impacted your life?  Did you lose friends and family over your personal health decision?  Did those relationships heal over time?  Or anything else you might find pertinent to the general question.

2 comments on “So, You Did Not Take the COVID-19 Shot, Why Not?

  1. Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay and commented:
    Personally, I do not care for vaccines, at all.
    Maybe I was vaccinated for Tetanus, like, in 1989.
    About ten years ago I got a flu shot, first time I can ever remember getting one, and got sick as a rabid dog with a prototype of Fauci’s CoVAIDS a day after the shot…fever of 102°F, body chills/aches/etc, sinus infection, deep dry cough that progressed into Bronchitis styled cough. I was sick for a week.
    Never again would I inject poison into me


  2. Since the beginning of COVID, as I was reading more and more to learn about it, I read so many reports from so many doctors and medical professionals from around the world telling me just how dangerous and poisonous the “vaccine” really is. You couldn’t pay me enough to inject that poison into my system. It’s not worth the risks involved. I also don’t believe all the COVID hype. I don’t think it ever was as “dangerous” as it was being reported.


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