“IT’S ALL GONE!” – This corruption is worse than we thought | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted News Published originally on Rumble on November 28, 2022

The Biden administration can’t find over 20 billion dollars it sent to Ukraine. And yet Republicans are ready to send more money to Ukraine. What are they thinking? Protests erupt again in Peru. China protests rage across the country over Covid lockdown restrictions which have gotten worse.

Non-Binary Nuclear Waste Official Arrested for Stealing Womans Luggage and Clothes

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 28, 2022 | Sundance 

Hire weird and sketchy clowns and don’t be surprised when the office turns into a circus.  Dept of Energy Nuclear Waste official Sam Brinton made headlines months ago for being an odd duck hired into a senior DoE position.

His resume’ included teaching a “Kink 101” workshop at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and his qualifications included several degrees from MIT and a non-binary gender fluid identity.  However, stories are now surfacing of Mr/Ms Brinton stealing luggage containing women’s clothing from the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport.

(New York Post) – […] Brinton — who serves as the DOE’s deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition — allegedly took a Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 26 in Minnesota state court and obtained by Fox News Digital. Brinton had traveled from Washington, DC, to MSP that day.

After the suitcase’s owner alerted police, officers reviewed video surveillance of the carousel and identified Brinton taking the luggage before removing its tag identifying the owner, the court filings stated. Law enforcement observed Brinton using the luggage during at least two other trips to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 18 and Oct. 9. (read more)

A good accounting of the entire sequence of events is also AVAILABLE HERE.

Swiss Doctor Locked Away in Mental Asylum for Speaking Against COVID Laws

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Nov 22, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Dr. Thomas Binder is a Swiss cardiologist with over 34 years of experience in treating respiratory infections. He received a doctorate in immunology and virology, specializing in internal medicine and cardiology, from the University of Zurich. Binder is an intelligent man who was deemed insane by the Swiss government for speaking out against COVID regulations.

Dr. Binder has been an outspoken critic of COVID restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic. On April 9, 2020, the cardiologist criticized the government’s response to COVID and provided his own analysis of the virus. He posted his thoughts on his private website, and the post received over 20,000 views.

Three days later, a day before Easter, 60 armed police officers and 20 members of the Kantonspolizei Aargau’s anti-terrorism unit forcibly removed Dr. Binder from his home. Authorities searched through the doctor’s online activity and could not find anything to use against him. However, an emergency room doctor who was working with the authorities arrived and diagnosed Dr. Binder with “corona insanity.” He was locked away in a mental asylum for questioning the COVID narrative.

Yet, he refuses to be silenced. He is now a member of the Doctors for COVID Ethics and the German Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom, and Democracy. I applaud him for still speaking against coronavirus mandates despite the government’s pitiful attempt to silence him.

Veterans relying on food stamps to feed their families

The Tulsi Gabbard Show Published originally on Rumble on November 21, 2022

It’s time for a new Congress to finally take care of our veterans and soldiers. Many of them are relying on food stamps to feed their families, living in deplorable conditions, and not getting the care they need for service-related injuries and illnesses.

Post Midterm Election, CBS Discovers Hunter Biden Laptop is Authentic

Posted originally on the conservative house on November 21, 2022 | Sundance

Good grief, talk about being late to the story, after pretending for two years….

According to CBS, “House Republicans say one of their top investigative priorities is the Biden family businesses, and Hunter Biden’s purported laptop could be crucial to those investigations. CBS News commissioned an independent forensic review of what is believed to be Hunter Biden’s laptop data.”

And with the midterm election in the rearview mirror, the Elf on The Shelf, Catherine Herridge, reports. WATCH:



Once you see it, it cannot be unseen…

If They Say You’re Too Small to Make a Difference, Tell Them to Sleep in a Room with a Mosquito

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 20, 2022 | sundance

Wall Street -vs- Main Street

Corporate Donors -vs- MAGA


Sunday Talks, Paul Ryan Dismisses 75 million Member MAGA Movement, Claims Corporations Will Win Power Struggle Within GOP Battle

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 20, 2022 | sundance

This interview is excellent news as Paul Ryan delivers a full-throated dismissal of Donald Trump and puts himself as the arbiter of “acceptable republicans” moving forward.

This Big Club operation in public is exactly what we need to see happen in order to wage a war against uniformed enemies within the republican party.  Keep in mind, as Paul Ryan talks about winning elections he recently campaigned for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger in their failed 2020 midterm reelection campaigns.

Nothing about this interview where Paul Ryan positions himself against the blue-collar working-class MAGA movement is bad.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and for Paul Ryan to openly proclaim his anti-Donald Trump allegiances, which will soon evolve into open promotion for Ron DeSantis, will only help the awakening as we highlight the Republican Club strategy for 2024.  WATCH:

As I have said for years, there was no doubt in my mind that Paul Ryan was positioning himself to lead the “establishment” republican wing of the UniParty.  He has now openly and publicly embraced that role.  Pretenses are dropping, and that is a glorious thing. However, in reality, Paul Ryan as a candidate for Vice-President in 2012 received less votes in his own state of Wisconsin than candidate Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020.

The ‘America First’ national agenda, both economically and in larger global terms, was not represented in either wing of the UniParty system until Donald Trump came into politics.  The economics of the thing, the financial graft that oils the wheels of politics, is the source of all opposition.

On the part where Ryan outlines his view of the current financial situation, I can only laugh in his face.

This is the guy who was Speaker of the House of Representatives when he dispatched regular budgetary order in order to facilitate President Obama’s need for omnibus spending and continuing resolution bills.  Obviously, Ryan needs to pretend not to know that, and counting on, as Jonathan Gruber would say, “the stupidity of the American electorate.”

This battle into 2024 is going to be epic and fun.

Ryan named Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as his three favorites. {source} DeSantis fighting Disney was “really good for him, from a political perspective,” Ryan said.

As the House Speaker, Paul Ryan undercut President Trump at every turn in the first two years of his administration.  Ryan’s duplicity included his unwillingness to support Devin Nunes and other House chairman in their subpoena efforts against the bad actors in the intelligence community.  Paul Ryan was, in deliberate terms, knowingly and with specific intent protecting the corrupt DC interests.

Yes, it is something he would rather people not remember, but it was Speaker Paul Ryan who blocked republicans in the House from issuing subpoenas in 2017 and 2018 for the election surveillance and FBI lies against President Trump.  It is also worth remembering that Paul Ryan’s leadership PAC funded democrat Conner Lamb in the 2018 mid-term election after Ryan announced his intended departure.

Paul Ryan has always been the type of DeceptiCon who could get the CPAC audience to stand and cheer for him only minutes after passing a massive omnibus spending package to support President Obama.  Thus, the UniParty maneuvers are always present; including when Ryan said: “I am not going to defend Trump – not now, and not in the future.”

Additionally, former House Speaker Paul Ryan previously held a fundraising event for Liz Cheney (March 2021), and then Paul Ryan announced a failed attempt to fundraise for Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger.. ..

A week after saying any Democrat who made the 2020 presidential race about “Trump’s personality” will beat him, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch hired Paul Ryan to serve as a board member for the news organization.  This announcement followed on the heels of Fox News hiring the former head of the DNC, Donna “Debate-Gate” Brazile, as a contributor.  Yes, it is clear to see the direction and intent of Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch.

[…] Lachlan Murdoch, the heir apparent and eldest son, who co-chairs News Corp and runs the parent company of Fox News, has reportedly told DeSantis that the group would back him if he ran in the next election. “Lachlan has been keen on Ron for some time,” said the i’s source. “He’s viewed within the organization as a sanitized version of Donald.” (read more)

It must also be remembered that in 2013 Fox News worked behind the scenes to facilitate the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform platform.  Additionally, a year later, Murdoch himself advocated for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio as the preferred candidates in 2016, using Megyn Kelly to achieve their objective.

Yes, it is all one unfortunate, political and ideological continuum.

PRESIDENT TRUMP – “RINO Paul Ryan, who became a lame duck Speaker of the House, lost all vote-getting capability with the people he represented in Wisconsin, and was the single biggest factor, other than Romney himself, for the monumental Romney/Ryan loss in the Presidential race of 2012 (I got more votes by far, 75M, than any sitting president in history!), and he is now speaking to other Republicans telling them how to win elections. Interestingly, I was in the Great State of Wisconsin when they booed him off the podium—I literally had to come to his rescue.

Ryan should instead be telling them how to stop the cheating of elections and that we would have won if Republican leadership fought the way the Democrats did.

It was the day that Ryan went on the board of Fox (Fox will never be the same!) that Fox totally lost its way and became a much different place, with millions of its greatest supporters fleeing for good. Paul Ryan has been a curse to the Republican Party. He has no clue as to what needs to be done for our Country, was a weak and ineffective leader, and spends all of his time fighting Republicans as opposed to Democrats who are destroying our Country.

As a Republican, having Paul Ryan on your side almost guarantees a loss, for both you, the Party, and America itself!” (link)