Texas End Mask Requirements & Opens Up Restaurants

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There is just no evidence whatsoever that masks do anything. When I went to the doctors last year they asked about COVID, I told them I did not know anyone with COVID. They said I could still catch it by pumping gas in my car. And when I bought a box of masks, they expressly stated that they will not prevent any disease.

Initially, Fauci spoke the truth that masks were useless. All the studies from the 1918 Spanish Flu confirmed that masks never worked and the Washington Post said they were “useless”. Everyone knows that the Post is so left they could never walk a straight line.

Fauci is just an outright liar. He has come out recently saying he can at last hug his daughter after a year because he got the vaccine last December. But that was more than two months ago. Why did he wait so long to hug his daughter? Nothing this guy says is ever trustworthy yet he knows the mainstream media will NEVER challenge him on anything. He has admitted lying to the New York Times because he kept raising the herd immunity level finally reaching 85%. They reported: “In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts.”

Now Biden has come out and said governors who relax restrictions are Neanderthals. This is not science. This is all political opinion and politicians now do not know how to get out of this trap they created to overthrow Trump and usher in the Great Reset with Biden promoting Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum’s “Build Back Better” Agenda 2030.

The Eye of Sauron (Google) Notes a Disturbance in The Strength of The Rebel Alliance

Re-Posted from the conservative tree house March 3, 2021 | Sundance

An interesting albeit manipulative proclamation from the control agents atop the Eye of Sauron, Google.  The leading manipulative entity behind the global invasion of privacy is now saying they consider “privacy” a priority. As a result they are moving to stop tracking individual users as part of their business model…

(Via WSJ) […] “If digital advertising doesn’t evolve to address the growing concerns people have about their privacy and how their personal identity is being used, we risk the future of the free and open web,” David Temkin, the Google product manager leading the change, said in a blog post Wednesday.

Let us first be clear… CTH is not suddenly naive enough to believe that Google is now positioning out of some great sense of altruism, magnanimity or business stewardship. That thought is laughable in the extreme.  No, what is really going on here is that the Eye of Sauron has noticed how the Rebel Alliance, within which CTH is a leading insurgency voice, has found ways to tunnel under the technology landscape.

Additionally, both domestic and international patriots are putting laws, rules and regulations into place that are directly adverse to the current business model that Google has been dependent upon for their Ad Revenue services.  There are people working in the background to create regulations on top of the tech industry that are founded on privacy concerns.

In the U.S. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature are one group who are heeding the assistance from tech insiders, members of the insurgency, well versed in the roadmap of Google.  There are plans in the works that will cut the tentacles of the Tech overlords.  Google is now being manipulatively proactive in their self-defense.

Outside the U.S. the advancements of privacy regulations are being spear-headed by Australia, Poland, Hungary and subsidiary Rebel Alliance members who are also benefiting from the insider information provided.  The alliance membership grows daily.

Cont… […] Google plans to stop selling ads based on individuals’ browsing across multiple websites, a change that could hasten upheaval in the digital advertising industry.

The Alphabet Inc. GOOG -2.57% company said Wednesday that it plans next year to stop using or investing in tracking technologies that uniquely identify web users as they move from site to site across the internet.

The decision, coming from the world’s biggest digital-advertising company, could help push the industry away from the use of such individualized tracking, which has come under increasing criticism from privacy advocates and faces scrutiny from regulators.

How do we know the Rebel Alliance is making a difference?  Specifically, how do we know efforts of CTH are bearing fruit in our tech push-back…. Because “sandboxing” was a CTH developmental tool, being field tested with tech partners since 2017.

[…] Google says its ad-buying tools will use new technologies it has been developing with others in what it calls a “privacy sandbox” to target ads without collecting information about individuals from multiple websites. One such technology analyzes users’ browsing habits on their own devices, and allows advertisers to target aggregated groups of users with similar interests, or “cohorts,” rather than individual users. Google said in January that it plans to begin open testing of buying using that technology in the second quarter. (read more)

Ironically, and not coincidentally, it appears Google now wants to own the tunneling technology that was created specifically to work around the influence of Google.

Go figure.

It will be interesting to see if the creators of the “privacy sandbox” will stand up to the pressure of Google and avoid the lure of cashing in and selling-out.

‘Sandboxing’ was essentially created as a way to permit alliances of interests to: make privacy a priority, and monetize their on-line content without worrying about the intrusions of Google, and/or the demonetization fear that comes with dependency.

On the positive side of this shift, Google is now recognizing they can only push the limits of their oligarchy and ideology so far….. Eventually there is a secondary system created that works around their control.  So the efforts of the rebel alliance are now inside the boardroom of Google.  There is a disturbance in the force and the emperor is scared.

This public statement by Google, and the subsequent shift in position, is an admission of vulnerability; and remember, once a giant publicly admits their vulnerability people will move-in to exploit it.  We can expect to see more funding into the systems being created by rebel alliance members who need the support to destroy the Eye of Sauron.

Mike Pence Discovers the Need for Election Integrity, Jumps into MAGA Ship Before it leaves DeceptiCon Dock

Re-Posted from the conservative tree house March 3, 2021 | Sundance |

In an article written by Mike Pence and published today, the former Vice-President has suddenly found a need to focus on election integrity.  After the timeframe has passed for his actions to bear any significant sunlight upon the 2020 election, Pence now expresses some concerns.

Writing with the Daily Signal the executive earworm now says he doesn’t like the idea that Nancy Pelosi and the Fascist party are attempting to make election manipulation a permanent feature of the U.S. voting system.

Mike Pence – After an election marked by significant voting irregularities and numerous instances of officials setting aside state election law, I share the concerns of millions of Americans about the integrity of the 2020 election.

That’s why when I was serving as presiding officer at the joint session of Congress certifying the Electoral College results, I pledged to ensure that all objections properly raised under the Electoral Count Act would be given a full hearing before Congress and the American people.

The tragic events of Jan. 6—the most significant being the loss of life and violence at our nation’s Capitol—also deprived the American people of a substantive discussion in Congress about election integrity in America.  (read more)

It would appear Nikki Haley has informed Pence if he doesn’t quickly jump into the MAGA ship, he will likely be left on the island of DeceptiCons starving for political relevance.

…”Thanks, I guess”.

Report: 108 Illegal Alien Border Crossers Recently Released in Texas Tested Positive for COVID

Re-Posted from the conservative tree house March 3, 2021 | Sundance 

Considering the scale of the JoeBama administration pushing panic amid their useful exploit of the rona, their releasing of illegal aliens with COVID is a bit rich.

TEXAS – More than 100 illegal immigrants who tested positive for the coronavirus — after their arrival in Texas ​​since late January — have been released by the Border Patrol into the Lone Star State ​and are free to travel to other parts of the US, according to reports.

Felipe Romero, a spokesman for the border city of Brownsville, told Fox News that they are telling the migrants who tested positive to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to quarantine and maintain social distance, but that Brownsville doesn’t have the authority to stop them from traveling to the rest of the country.

He said the 108 positives account for 6.3 percent of the total migrants who received rapid tests at the city’s main bus terminal, a program that began on Jan. 25. (read more)

After President Trump Said to Primary Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell Says “We Support Lisa Murkowski”

Re-posted from the conservative tree house on March 3, 2021

During his CPAC speech President Trump identified some of the republican politicians by name in both the House and Senate who need to get primaried: …”The Democrats don’t have grand-standers like Mitt Romney, little Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey; and in the House, Tom Rice, South Carolina, Adam Kinzinger, Dan Newhouse, Anthony Gonzalez. That’s another beauty. Fred Upton, Jamie Herrera Butler, Peter Meyer, John Katko, David Valadeo. And of course the warmonger, a person that loves seeing our troops fighting, Liz Cheney. How about that? The good news is in her state, she’s been censured. And in her state, her poll numbers have dropped faster than any human being I’ve ever seen. So hopefully, they’ll get rid of her with the next election. Get rid of them all.”

Showcasing the ideological disconnect between MAGA and The DecptiCons, Mitch McConnell says today: “We support Senator Murkowski. We support all of our Republican incumbents. She’s in very strong shape and her home state of Alaska, there’s nobody going to come close to beating Lisa Murkowski“… 

DeceptiCon Dealing, DOJ Declined to Take Up Chao Ethics Probe After Meetings With McConnell, Which Led to Chao Departing To Assist Insurgency Narrative

Originally posted on March 3, 2021 on the conservative tree house author Sundance 

I’m not saying Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigned after the January 6 Capitol Hill riot just because she owed the DC team a favor following the post-election meeting between her husband, Mitch McConnell, and Attorney General Bill Barr; who just happened to *not* take up the ethics probe of Chao following the same meeting (noted below left), but….. It sure does look sketchy.

Let me explain… HatTip Ziiggii and Ben.

Today The Hill is reporting on an internal DC investigation into Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao for ethics issues while she was in office. [READ HERE]

The Department of Justice declined to take up an ethics probe into former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, according to watchdog report released Wednesday by House committee leaders. (read more)

At first blush this rather obtuse article seems like no big deal.  However, when you overlay the post election meetings between AG Bill Barr and then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, one has to wonder if the dropping of this investigation was not part of the meeting that also never had a purposeful explanation.

In hindsight the appearance of some sketchy quid-pro-quo then takes on another level of sketch when we remind ourselves what Elaine Chao did to support the Deep State “insurrection” narrative after January 6, 2021.

January 7, 2021 –  Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is resigning effective Monday, becoming the highest ranking member of President Donald Trump’s administration to resign in protest after the pro-Trump insurrection at Capitol.

In a statement Thursday, Chao, who is married to Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell, said the violent attack on the Capitol “has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside.” (link)

Did Elaine Chao return a favor to the deep state following the DOJ’s generous lack of investigation?

You decide.

The Supreme Court Proves It is just as corrupt as the FBI and Congress

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All of our institutions are rotten to the core with corruption and cowardice. It’s time to face that fact.

Sidney knows…

On Monday the US Supreme Court rejected without comment or explanation, the 2020 election challenges by Attorney Sidney Powell in Arizona and Wisconsin.

Sidney Powell issued a statement:

My comment for the press on SCOTUS rulings today: “The Supreme Court’s failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption.

It is an absolute tragedy for the Rule of Law, the future of what was a Republic, and all freedom-loving people around the world.”

What does the cabal have on the Chief Justice? Why can’t the court just hear the evidence? What are they afraid of? More riots by BLM? Now that everyone has had a free trial of the rolling disaster of the Biden administration, more people would welcome the election being overturned.

Get ready for the next step folks…


CNN’s & the Cuomos’ Conflicts of Interest

Armstrong Economics Blog/Press Re-Posted Mar 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

CNN allowed Chris Cuomo to interview his brother all the time before the scandal showed he was breaking the well-established conflict of interest rule in journalism. Now that his brother is in the midst of a criminal investigation because of the deaths in nursing homes he directed, and all the sex scandals emerging with now three women coming forward, suddenly CNN says that Chris can no longer cover his brother. Very interesting how CNN suddenly discovered the conflict of interest. Now the Governor is being stripped of his emergency COVID powers.

Whistleblower Points Out National Guard Troops Intentionally Targeted Via Undercooked Food and Metal Shavings

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 2, 2021 by Sundance

The DC leftists have installed national guard troops throughout Washington DC to accompany the fencing and barbed-wire that now blocks access to Capitol Hill.  The intent of the effort has been to create and promote a political narrative that “extremists” are targeting the Biden administration.  However, the claims bear no factual evidence.

The justification for the continued deployment of the troops surround the originating fraudulent presentation of the “storming of the Capitol” that took place January 6th.  However, as almost everyone understands the far-left do not support the U.S. military; and as a result the stationed troops now appear to be targeted by twisted people contracted by DC politicians to feed our troops.  WATCH:

[…] Over the weekend, service members reported finding metal shavings in their food, and at least 74 meals were tossed out and later replaced by MREs, according to the office of Rep. Brenda Lawrence, D-Southfield.  (read more)

Mississippi and Texas Governors Finally End Mask Mandates and Open Businesses

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 2, 2021 by Sundance

..”If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them.”..  ~Sam Adams

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for red state nonsense as Governor Greg Abbott (Texas) and Governor Tate Reeves (Mississippi) finally take heed to what Florida and South Dakota have proven throughout the manipulative COVID panic.  Both Texas and Mississippi governors announce today they will drop the ridiculous mask mandates and open all businesses within their respective states.

♦ TEXAS – […]  Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday it’s time to “open Texas 100%” and end the statewide mask order, citing declining hospitalizations across the state as more people are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Abbott issued a new executive order, which will take effect March 10 and rescind most of his earlier orders, including restrictions on business occupancy and the July 2 statewide mask order.  (read more)

The power of government comes from the people; or as we say in the U.S. “from the consent of the governed.” When people lead, the politicians are forced to follow. Without implied consent the municipal or state government has no power. None.

The power of the local, regional or state authority comes from the expressed consent of the people. As soon as the majority of people deny that consent, those officials and state authoritarians lose all of their power. Yes, it really is that simple.

♦ MISSISSIPPI –  JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Tuesday, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed Executive Order 1549. The order will go into effect at 5:00 p.m. on March 3, 2021, and stay in effect until March 31.

“Today, I signed what I expect will be one of my last executive orders regarding COVID-19. Our hospitalizations have plummeted, and our case numbers have fallen dramatically as well. In fact, our case numbers have fallen to the point where no county meets the original criteria for a mask mandate,” said Reeves.

“I am replacing our current orders with recommendations. Everyone should continue to listen to Dr. Dobbs and other health advisors for the best possible wisdom regarding how you can personally stem any risk of catching COVID. Their insight is valuable. The only rules that will remain in this order are a capacity limit of 50% on indoor arenas, and those that govern K-12 schools.” (READ MORE)

The overwhelming majority of dictates around COVID-19 mitigation are not laws. There was no debate; no input from representative government; and no option for the public to weigh-in on the decisions.

All unilateral rules are arbitrary, and despite many proclamations to the contrary, they rely upon voluntary compliance. As soon as citizens no longer voluntarily comply, the term of the rules has expired.

Liberty is inherent.

The removal of liberty requires consent.