Where is the Real Journalism!

“We cannot have a self-governing society as was intended for our Republic if the government, with the complicity of the mainstream media, decides that there are things we are not allowed to know about it. President Trump should end the US government’s war on Assange…and on all whistleblowers and their publishers.” —Ron Paul

Dr. Paul, as usual, is right. Western corporate journalism has become so hopelessly politicized that it no longer reports the truth. They have become propaganda arms that aid and abet war and government corruption. They help cover up or obfuscate corruption rather than expose it. Julian Assange is a true journalist who is currently facing barbaric injustice for doing his job. Corporate media has for the most part has shamefully ignored the story.

Julian Assange reported the truth and as a consequence he has been put through Hell—legal and otherwise—as punishment. The Deep State wants him imprisoned for life in America—even though he’s not an American citizen.

Assange needs to be pardoned (even though he has done nothing wrong) and released. President Trump needs to stop listening to Pompeo on this matter and instead listen to American patriots who know the importance of real journalism and its value to our Republic.

Free Assange!

—Ben Garrison

Presidents Trump and Xi Deliver Dueling UN Speeches by Video

Finally, the United States has a president courageous enough to see through the empty rhetoric of such phony multilateralism and tell China and the rest of the world the truths they do not want to hear

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The United Nations’ annual General Assembly high level debate week is usually a very big deal on the diplomatic calendar. World leaders assemble in New York with their entourages, deliver their perspectives on the state of the world in long-winded speeches, and conduct numerous conferences and bilateral side meetings on a variety of global issues. Of course, the world leaders are also busy attending a multitude of fancy receptions. This year, however, is very different due to the coronavirus pandemic. The UN headquarters building is eerily quiet. There are no foreign dignitaries to be seen. Speeches by heads of state and heads of government are being delivered via prerecorded videos. Although President Trump could have delivered his speech in person, he opted not to make the trip to New York and speak in front of a few UN ambassadors in a virtually empty General Assembly chamber. But President Trump nevertheless delivered via video his usual tour de force.

President Trump wasted no time holding China responsible for the global spread of the coronavirus

President Trump wasted no time holding China responsible for the global spread of the coronavirus. “We have waged a fierce battle against the invisible enemy — the China virus — which has claimed countless lives in 188 countries,” President Trump said. The United Nations “must hold China accountable.” He noted how China had criticized his restrictions on travel from China even though China had “locked down travel domestically while allowing flights to leave China and infect the world.” The president then recounted his administration’s unprecedented mobilization of resources to defeat the virus, including the progress being made to develop potential vaccines. “We will distribute a vaccine, we will defeat the virus, we will end the pandemic, and we will enter a new era of unprecedented prosperity, cooperation and peace,” he declared.

President Trump also took China to task for its record on the environment and its hypocrisy regarding its participation in the “one-sided” Paris Agreement on climate change from which the United States has withdrawn. China, he said, has dumped millions and millions of tons of plastic and trash into the ocean. It “emits more toxic mercury into the atmosphere than any country anywhere in the world.” President Trump added that “China’s carbon emissions are nearly twice what the U.S. has, and it’s rising fast.”

The U.S. president challenged the UN to remain relevant in dealing with the many problems besetting the world today. “If the United Nations is to be an effective organization, it must focus on the real problems of the world,” he said. “This includes terrorism, the oppression of women, forced labor, drug trafficking, human and sex trafficking, religious persecution, and the ethnic cleansing of religious minorities.”

President Trump extolled America’s economic and international security leadership in pursuing peace with strength. He also pointed to the historic agreements his administration brokered between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and between Israel and Bahrain, as well as one between Kosovo and Serbia. Inexplicably, the UN’s Secretary General Antonio Guterres made no mention of these agreements in the remarks he delivered in person before President Trump’s speech.

China’s press statement is an exercise in blame-shifting, deception, and fictional narratives.

“By taking a different approach, we have achieved different outcomes — far superior outcomes,” President Trump said. He predicted “more peace agreements shortly.”

As President Trump has done in the past, he explained that putting one’s own country first is not incompatible with multilateral cooperation. In fact, they reinforce each other. He said that “only when you take care of your own citizens will you find a true basis for cooperation.” He concluded his speech asking for God’s blessing for America and the United Nations.

China did not take long to release a rebuttal press statement accusing the United States of “spreading political virus.” China’s press statement is an exercise in blame-shifting, deception, and fictional narratives.

The press statement charged that the United States was “abusing the platform of the United Nations to provoke confrontation and create division,” adding that “the United States is weakening the UN, the WHO and other UN bodies, and undermining the authority and effectiveness of the UN.” The press release then defended China’s indefensible record on dealing with the coronavirus. It made the false claim that “China, with an open, transparent, and responsible attitude, has been giving updates and sharing experience with the WHO and other countries from the very beginning and providing active assistance to many countries, including the United States.” What a bunch of hogwash!

China’s President H.E. Xi Jinping’s speech, which followed shortly after President Trump’s remarks, was also prerecorded. While President Xi did not himself have the opportunity to reply in real time to President Trump’s extensive criticisms of China’s behavior, he obviously anticipated what President Trump would have to say about the coronavirus. Taking a not too subtle dig at President Trump’s frequent labeling of the coronavirus as the “China virus” and the U.S. withdrawal from the World Health Organization, President Xi declared: “We should follow the guidance of science, give full play to the leading role of the World Health Organization, and launch a joint international response to beat this pandemic. Any attempt of politicizing the issue or stigmatization must be rejected.”

President Xi urged the world to “uphold the multilateral trading regime with the World Trade Organization as the cornerstone

President Xi tried to portray China as the leader of multilateralism in dealing with the virus, ignoring the indisputable evidence of the Chinese regime’s refusal to make full disclosure of what it knew early on about the highly contagious nature of the virus’s human-to-human transmission. “China is actively involved in the international fight against COVID-19, contributing its share to upholding global public health security,” President Xi said with a straight face.

“COVID-19 reminds us that we are living in an interconnected global village with a common stake,” President Xi added. “No country can gain from others’ difficulties or maintain stability by taking advantage of others’ troubles.”

Is that why the Communist China regime hid the truth about the coronavirus from the world when the virus could have been contained, hoarded medical supplies such as face masks and surgical gowns and gloves imported from countries abroad to meet its own immediate needs, and then sold the supplies back to those countries at inflated prices after they became Covid-19 infected?  President Xi’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

President Xi urged the world to “uphold the multilateral trading regime with the World Trade Organization as the cornerstone.” Only so long as his regime can continue bilking the world on its way to prosperity by manipulating the global trading system and stealing intellectual property, will President Xi, in his words, “stay true to multilateralism and safeguard the international system with the UN at its core.”

Finally, the United States has a president courageous enough to see through the empty rhetoric of such phony multilateralism and tell China and the rest of the world the truths they do not want to hear.

Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Doesn’t Lie, Only He Does

His ‘Big Screen TV’, omnipresent Teleprompter proves it

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Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Doesn’t Lie, Only He Does

Joe Biden’s Teleprompter doesn’t lie, only he does.

Biden, who the Democrats chose to run as president in order to appoint his vice president Kamala Harris to replace him as president after election, constantly tries to walk back what he’s saying out on the campaign trail—sometimes not remembering what it was he said or even what day it is.

But if you look at the picture above,  this is what Biden said about his intention to “crack down on employers who are trying to block or break down unions”.

The words, writ large on his Teleprompter on Saturday in his Hermantown, Minnesota Speech Transcript (rev.com)

Joe Biden: (35:08) “We should be spending the money to improve those schools and the safety of our children and our teachers. As I said, retrofitting four million buildings and weatherizing two million homes. And the way we do that is with the tax credits that we’re giving them again. All done by certified union labor. Look, I’ll fight for workers and unions at every step requiring all federal infrastructure projects to, one, pay prevailing wage, two, prioritize project labor agreements so collective bargaining is in place before the project starts, employee workers from registered apprenticeships. I won’t water them down like Trump tried to do. Pass the PRO Act to crack down on employers who are trying to block or break unions. (Emphasis CFP’s) And I’ll do it without raising anyone’s taxes if you make less than $400,000 a year. I gave my a word as … You have nothing to worry about if you make less than 400. If you-“

Most in the masses make far less than $400,000 a year.  Most in the masses are now on pandemic lockdown and are unable to get back to jobs they need to support their families.

At his Minnesota speech, Biden also blamed Trump for all of those who died of Covid-19:

Joe Biden: (18:38) “That’s been the entire story of Donald Trump’s presidency. Now, in the midst of this unprecedented national crisis, Trump has given up on even pretending to do his job. Almost 200,000 lives lost in the last six months. And experts tell us now, the same studies the administration’s relied on to predict what’s coming next, that we’re going to lose another 215,000 lives between now and January 1st. The United States has another 36,000 new COVID cases per day. Per day. Another average thousand deaths a day.

Joe Biden: (19:51)“So many lives lost unnecessarily because the President is only worried about the stock market and his reelection. He refused to do what you’re doing right here in this program, social distance, wear a mask, sanitize. You’re protecting your apprentices. He’s not protecting America.

Joe Biden: (20:09)“It’s estimated by the scientists that if we just wore masks nationally, we’d save a hundred thousand lives between now and January 1st. Let me say that again. If we just wore a mask nationally, we’d save a hundred thousand lives between now and January, according to the same study.

Joe Biden: (20:34)“And it was estimated by a great medical school, Columbia medical school, that if the President had just started one week earlier in March than he did, we’d have 36,000 more people sitting at the dinner table tonight, or being able to put your arm around grandpa or grandma tonight.

Joe Biden: (22:06)As I said last night in my hometown, I view this campaign as between Scranton and Park Avenue. All Trump sees from Park Avenue is Wall Street. That’s why the only metric of the American prosperity for him is the value of the Dow Jones. Like a lot of you, I spent a lot of my life with guys like Donald Trump looking down on me. Looking down on the people who make a living with their hands. People who take care of our kids, clean our streets.”

Fresh off his ‘gaffe’ of COVID killing 200 million Americans, Joe Biden’s sit down interview was wholly dependent on the teleprompter. His brain isn’t working. In this clip, after he says he’ll freeze deportations once he becomes president, he tells someone off camera, “I lost that line.” (IndependentSentinel, Sept. 21, 2020)

“As usual, he’s drawing teeny little crowds as Trump draws huge crowds and his teleprompter takes the place of a brain.


Joe Biden, presented in the media as a doddering old man who is cognitive challenged, is a liar.

His ‘Big Screen TV’, omnipresent Teleprompter proves it.

Free Men Shall Stand Between their Beloved Homes and a Marxist Revolution!

Marxist-trained anarchists, the Antifa Blackshirts, and the BLM terrorists are intent on causing fear, intimidation, and panic, in the populace in order to hinder those seeking to maintain fair elections

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Free Men Shall Stand Between their Beloved Homes and a Marxist Revolution!

On the third evening of the Republican National Convention, Vice President Mike Pence gave an eloquent acceptance speech at Fort McHenry. The voices on the Left offered a lot of disdain that he gave his speech at the historic site. Protestors and supporters both showed up in Baltimore and voiced their respective opinions without violence. However, in some cases they were directly across the street from one another. Yet, the local ABC news affiliate in Baltimore concentrated most of its reporting on what appears on the surface as a Marxist front group called the “People’s Power Assembly.”

“And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand Between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation! Blest with vict’ry and peace may the heav’n “rescued land Praise the power that hath made and preserv’d us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto – “In God is our trust,” And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 

“The Defence of Fort McHenry”

Apparently, that convention night the “People’s Power Assembly” organized a car caravan to drive by Fort McHenry. Sharon Black explained that “We haven’t forgotten the racism of Trump when he said our city was rat infested and insulted Congressman Cummings.” Black is an organizer with “Peoples Power Assembly,” and clarified that “Today with Pence coming into town, we’re saying get out of town.” But, what the Left had a major problem with, consciously or unconsciously, is that Fort McHenry was the subject of a poem written by Francis Scott Key, which was titled aptly enough “The Defence of Fort McHenry.” The main problem is that the words of that poem have become the center of an incredible divisive controversy—they reference trust in God.

The words of Key’s poem were put to music not long after he wrote the poem, and it became a very popular song in the fledgling United States in the early 1800s. In fact, the song became so popular that it became America’s National Anthem. And, as the political conventions were completed, the NFL season began again. But Key’s song has become the eye of the storm in the realm of politicized sports—as if sports weren’t competitive or divisive enough already. Politics contorts competition into a whole new level. And, as the football season began this year, there was an incredible irony hovering over America.

Patriot Day had been remembered the previous week, as American citizens paid respect to true heroes on 9/11. And, less than a week later the nation celebrated Constitution Day. But, one day that may have been missed in the blur of events of the past week was the anniversary of the birth of the National Anthem. Francis Scott Key penned “The Defence of Fort McHenry” after he became genuinely moved that the U.S. flag was still flying over the fort protecting Baltimore after a 25-hour bombardment from a British fleet during the War of 1812. The bombardment began in earnest at 6:30 a.m., on September 13, 1814. It is estimated that between 1,500 and 1,800 cast-iron bomb shells were fired at the walls of Fort McHenry.

The future of our nation is on the line in this time as much, or even more than it was on the line in 1814

The bombardment was a display of sheer British naval superiority and the defiance of the motley American band in the fort was overtly obvious to any observers—even to the British. It was an unexpected outcome because the British military had basically wiped the American forces out—they burned the city of Washington, D.C., took control of the nation’s capital for nearly a month. The British attempt to take control of Baltimore did end in frustration even though they were by far the superior military force. The British bomber ships were named to strike terror as well as inflict serious damage. They had such formidable names such as HMS Devastation, or HMS Volcano or HMS Terror.

The leader defending the fort, Major George Armistead, had ordered the creation of a huge U.S. flag which he hoped could be seen clearly by any attacking forces. This huge 30’ x 42’ flag was what attorney Francis Scott Key saw that morning of September 14, 1814. It was a symbol of defiance in the face of extreme danger. Key was present to simply help free his friend, elderly Dr. William Beanes, who was being held as a prisoner by the British because he had confronted three of Her Majesty’s soldiers. One old man being defiant in the face of intimidation was why Key was even present in the moment, and then he witnessed the defiance of those patriots inside Fort McHenry.

Francis Scott Key: Fort McHenry

MSM, are essentially fanning flames of disunity and division for the sake of tearing the nation down

The U.S. almost lost the War of 1812, but the defense of Fort McHenry, even though it simply meant that there would be no American surrender, was one of the high points in the war. It represented a moment in which “no surrender” under such intense attacks was a victory in and of itself. Thus Key was so moved to write his poem. Was his intent a racist rant? It is highly doubtful, but Marxists who spew that it is, do not even believe their own words much of the time. If the mantra can confuse or shame enough people to abandon their values, then half of the battle is won.

The example of defending Fort McHenry in September of 1814, provides a lesson for patriots today. Vice President Pence chose the ground well in which he would deliver his acceptance speech for the GOP’s nomination. He knows the history, and he realizes the political battles and what is at stake in the election of 2020. The spirit of the moment was captured, and the memory of such resolve is within Vice President Pence and even more so in President Trump. The future of our nation is on the line in this time as much, or even more than it was on the line in 1814. Yet, the nation prevailed despite all odds.

Regardless of how the mainstream media are portraying reality in this election year, it must be taken with clear discernment for the propaganda being perpetuated by the MSM. The MSM is promoting football players, or those in other sports, who choose to take a knee and visibly disrespect our flag and covering those burning the flag. This institution is fomenting rebelliousness and supporting terrorism. It is incredibly wrong. From one vantage point, such efforts made by the MSM, are essentially fanning flames of disunity and division for the sake of tearing the nation down. The domestic enemy is in our midst, just as the enemy of America was in the presence of the colonists on a daily basis.

Marxist-trained anarchists, the Antifa Blackshirts, and the BLM terrorists are intent on causing fear, intimidation, and panic

One example is the attempt of progressive-revisionist historians who seek to provide their own politically-biased narrative regarding the intent of Francis Scott Key’s words, the words of the Marxist-based progressives are empty words rooted in resentment. The flag has always represented the people of America—even dissenters—the genuine symbol of the struggle of a determined people to be free. Even before the creation of the government, the design of the flag was recognized as a symbol of the unity of the people in their desperate fight for freedom. The government that would be formalized much later owed its existence to brave and brilliant people. Key’s words about the flag were a tribute to the resolve of free men to preserve their freedom.

Marxist-trained anarchists, the Antifa Blackshirts, and the BLM terrorists are intent on causing fear, intimidation, and panic, in the populace in order to hinder those seeking to maintain fair elections. The enemy will try to weaken and occupy this nation. Election 2020, in some ways, seems similar to the bombardment the patriots faced in such a desperate time. Will citizens express the kind of defiance that old Dr. William Beanes exhibited against the British soldiers? Will Americans show the same kind of resolve to  face the Marxists that Major George Armistead displayed at Fort McHenry against the British military?

Ultimate Election Malfeasance: The Manipulation of Reality 

The Fake News media also threatens reality, but the greatest threat is that the tech giants will misrepresent President Trump using deepfake technology to steal the election.

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Ultimate Election Malfeasance: The Manipulation of Reality

I am very worried about the November 2020 presidential election.

I have been writing about the unparalleled and sinister anti-American attempts to remove President Donald Trump from office for three years. In April 2020 I wrote, The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’, to raise public awareness in advance of the 2020 election. The Book describes fifty of the most sinister leftist, Islamist, globalists attacks on America.

It is now 41 days until the election. The enemies of America are desperate and are behaving like cornered animals poised for attack. Their survival is at stake because if POTUS is reelected, he will take down the Deep State and expose them all. They know it and Trump knows it.

Even more than election fraud, I believe there is going to be an assault on objective reality using artificial intelligence technology called deepfakes. Wikipedia defines deepfakes as, “synthetic media in which a person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. While the act of faking content is not new, deepfakes leverage powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to manipulate or generate visual and audio content with a high potential to deceive.”

A sane society of ordered liberty requires agreement on what is real. We believe what we see with our own eyes. I believe the desperate Internet behemoths will try to manipulate what is perceived as real using deepfakes, to win their battle to oust POTUS and control society. It is the epitome of social engineering. Let me explain.

In 1995 I wrote the manuscript for my philosophy of behavior book, Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? I was trying to help people understand why they do what they do, so that they could change their behavior. I never considered the book to be political. When I published the book in 2011, my editor remarked that the book is very political. I was stunned because I had never considered the political applications of the book. Now I do.

Dear America explains how our minds develop, and how thought precedes behavior. When we are in our most rational adult state of mind we behave like rational adults. If we are mobilized and regress back to childish thinking, we behave like children even though we are chronological adults. Of course the book is political – we vote the way we think!

Ordered liberty requires a society of rational adults

Ordered liberty requires a society of rational adults. Rational adults question information and use their critical thinking skills to formulate appropriate responses. Rational adults live in objective reality, the world of facts. They are unavoidably in conflict with chronological adults regressed back to childish thinking, who live in subjective reality, the world of feelings. Children believe what they are told unquestioningly, and behave accordingly. So do regressed adults.

A large segment of the U.S. population has been deliberately regressed back to childish thinking – they live in subjective reality where feelings matter and facts are ignored. Regressed adults are easily manipulated and have very little impulse control – they are basically emotional children disguised as adults.

Online freedom is not just a matter of censorship and freedom of speech – it is now a matter of reality! In Hoax 23: The Humanitarian Hoax of Multiple Realities, I discuss the catastrophic consequences of a society that no longer agrees on what is real. A sane society of ordered liberty requires agreement on what is real. We believe what we see with our own eyes. In my opinion, the ends-justify-the-means Internet behemoths are poised to manipulate what we see using deepfakes to win their battle to oust POTUS and control society. It is ultimate election malfeasance, and the epitome of social engineering. Manipulating reality is the nuclear weapon in the globalist war on America-first President Donald Trump.

A chilling article written by science writer, Rob Toews, appeared in Forbes May 25, 2020. “Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society: We Are Not Prepared.” Toews explains the menace of deepfake technology and the artificial intelligence involved. Under the heading, When seeing is not believing, he writes:

Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society: We Are Not Prepared

“It does not require much imagination to grasp the harm that could be done if entire populations can be shown fabricated videos that they believe are real. Imagine deepfake footage of a politician engaging in bribery or sexual assault right before an election; or of U.S. soldiers committing atrocities against civilians overseas; or of President Trump declaring the launch of nuclear weapons against North Korea. In a world where even some uncertainty exists as to whether such clips are authentic, the consequences could be catastrophic.”

Deepfakes are the latest technological assault on reality. Toews quotes U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL), “In the old days, if you wanted to threaten the United States, you needed 10 aircraft carriers, and nuclear weapons, and long-range missiles. Today….all you need is the ability to produce a very realistic fake video that could undermine our elections, that could throw our country into tremendous crisis internally and weaken us deeply.”

Toews writes that according to USC professor Hao Li, the existence of deepfakes is also being used to discredit what is real. “People are already using the fact that deepfakes exist to discredit genuine video evidence. Even though there’s footage of you doing or saying something, you can say it was a deepfake and it’s very hard to prove otherwise.”

Brad Parscale’s USA Today article, “Trump is right: More than Facebook & Twitter, Google threatens Democracy, online Freedom”, was written two years ago and we are more vulnerable to Google, Twitter, and Facebook than ever before. The globalist tech giants need Beijing Biden in the White House and America-first Trump out. They will do anything and everything to remove him. According to Parscale, “Google, YouTube, and other tech giants already filter, suppress, and even directly attack conservatives.” These sins of omission and sins of commission are designed to change people’s perception of reality.

The Fake News media also threatens reality, but the greatest threat is that the tech giants will misrepresent President Trump using deepfake technology to steal the election

The Fake News media also threatens reality, but the greatest threat is that the tech giants will misrepresent President Trump using deepfake technology to steal the election. I have written extensively about the conflict between objective reality and subjective reality. The menace of technological virtual reality is here.

Deepfakers can manipulate reality using their deepfake technology to trick you into believing their falsified Trump messaging. If the public believes that what they see is real – that will form the basis for their voting behavior and for their responses to the election outcome.  The Internet is now the public square. The Internet behemoths and technocrats who own AI technology now control the public square. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba are likely to unleash a mass of deepfake unreality bombs in their ends-justify-the-means desperation to defeat Trump in November.

The final battle for America is the battle for reality. The technocrats are trying to force us into a post-truth world where shared standards for objective reality no longer exist. They are trying to convince us that snow is black. Don’t let them.

How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success

And appointing official mouthpieces to carry lies to the public is as easy as training little Faucis to sit up and bark

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How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success

Making a vaccine look like it’s a champion isn’t difficult for public health agencies.  There are a number of strategies.

Of course, these fraudulent strategies would be serious crimes.  But when has that stopped the CDC or the World Health Organization?

In no particular order——

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed)

ONE: Rework the definition of a “COVID case.” Presently, the CDC absurdly allows doctors to diagnose a person with COVID who has a cough, or chills and fever, and lives in an area where cases are being claimed.  No test necessary.

So change this practice, once the vaccine is approved.  Demand testing for a diagnosis.  State that cough alone is not enough.  Chills and fever must also be present.  Require fever to be above 100.

These and other changes would automatically shrink the number of cases.  The drop in numbers would be attributed to the vaccine.

This “definitional shrinking” was, in fact, deployed in the 1950s, after the introduction of the polio vaccine.

TWO: Order a change in the way the PCR diagnostic test is done.  The practice of amplifying the original test sample from the patient occurs in cycles, or jumps.  The greater the number of cycles, the more likely the test will result in a COVID diagnosis.  Therefore, order a reduced number of cycles for all testing labs.

Outcome?  Fewer COVID diagnoses.  Fewer case numbers.  “The vaccine is working.”

THREE: Quietly restrict the present hospital practice of arbitrarily writing “COVID” on patient case and death files.

FOUR: Cook up and publish false studies showing more and more people are developing immunity to the virus.  Attribute this to the vaccine.

FIVE: Another type of false study—-“the transmission of the virus from person to person is slowing, thanks to the vaccine.”

SIX: Pump up the success of issuing Immunity certificates after vaccination. “People are feeling safer now.  More businesses are reopening…”

SEVEN: Using the compliant press, simply issue bald declarations that the vaccine is a success.

EIGHT: Hide the many instances of injury and death from the vaccine. When necessary, claim COVID was the cause.

NINE: Warn that the wonderful vaccine-derived immunity is not permanent, and frequent booster shots are necessary.

TEN: Rework the definition of “vaccine-acquired immunity.” Even a very weak antibody response from the shot would qualify as “protective immunity.”

ELEVEN: Huge numbers of people with ordinary flu-like illness, pneumonia, and other traditional lung infections are being called “COVID.”  Change this practice.  Go back to calling many of these people “flu,” “pneumonia,” etc.  COVID case numbers will drop.  Claim the drop is the effect of the vaccine.

TWELVE: Presently, millions of so-called COVID cases have “co-morbidities.”  These are prior serious health conditions which are, in fact, the true causes of illnesses and death.  Of course, this is denied.  But after the vaccine is introduced… scale back the practice of counting all these ill and deceased co-morbid patients as “COVID.”  Case and death numbers will drop.  Claim the vaccine is the reason.

THIRTEEN: After the vaccine is introduced, slow down testing for a brief period.  This will automatically reduce the rate of new cases.  Attribute the decline to the vaccine.

Committing these crimes are a walk in the park for public health agencies.

And appointing official mouthpieces to carry lies to the public is as easy as training little Faucis to sit up and bark.

(The link to this article posted on my blog is here.)

Climate Clock Elected in NYC To Further Propaganda

As part of this Climate Week in New York intended to influence the US elections against Trump, they have created a clock to countdown the time remaining before we all die and it is too late to reverse climate change as if there is anything we could do to actually alter cycles that have existed for thousands if not millions of years. This latest propaganda is being organized to further the surrender of the sovereignty of individual nations and hand it to the United Nations because we now need a one-world government to save the planet and prevent COVID-19 from killing everyone.

On Saturday, at 3:20 p.m., the clock suddenly said: “The Earth has a deadline” which was followed by the numbers — 7:103:15:40:07. They are trying to brainwash the weak-minded into another state of fear claiming we now have just 7 years, 103 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes, and just 7 seconds until we die.

There have been so many such predictions it is laughable. In 1932, they claimed the very same scenario that the Glaciers would melt and the water would rise to 15th floor in New York City.

Just in 2007 they were saying “ALL” Artic Ice will be gone by 2012. I think it is still there. Al Gore’s “armageddon” expired in 2016, with nothing taking place. Back in January 2006, when promoting his film “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gore declared that unless we took “drastic measures” to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, the world would reach a “point of no return” in a mere ten years. He called it a “true planetary emergency.” Well, the ten years passed in 2016, and we’re still here. The winters have been getting colder, and the climate activists have postponed the apocalypse, always extending it in a desperate attempt to cling to their failed forecasts. A whole cottage industry has developed to catalog all the failed forecasts of the global warming/climate change alarmists.  In fact, Gore’s movie was challenged in the courts in London and the Judge found that it was opinion and there were 9 major errors in the claims of the film.

Nevertheless, truth no longer matters. COVID-19 has been used to destroy the world economy to crush it into submission to end fossil fuels to creat Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset and further the Marxist agenda being put out by the World Economic Forum. These global elitists think they can redesign the world economy to fit their vision the very same as Karl Marx. Hence, this clock now claiming we have 7 years left is the same old story they keep revising the date because nothing every took place. This time, the need to defeat Trump to further their designs of elevating the United Nations to a one-world dominant government.

President Trump: SCOTUS Nominee Will Be Announced Saturday at 5:00pm…

Earlier today President Trump delivered remarks as he departed the White House for a campaign event in Pennsylvania.  During his impromptu remarks President Trump remarked the announcement of the supreme court nominee will be Saturday at 5:00pm.  [Video and Transcript Below]


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. So we’re going to Pittsburgh. We have a very big crowd, as always. We have a very, very big crowd. We are doing, actually — I think it’s a lot hotter than it was even four years ago. People like the job we’re doing, and I think we’re going to have a very successful day.

Do you have any questions, please?


Q Have you made up your mind on the Supreme Court or how close to it —

THE PRESIDENT: I’m getting very close to having a final decision made. Very close.

Q Are you going to meet with —

THE PRESIDENT: I’m going to make it, I believe, at 5 o’clock on Saturday. I’ll be having a conference.

Q How many people have you interviewed? How many interviews?

THE PRESIDENT: I’ve talked to many people — many people.

Q Why haven’t you said anything about the U.S. hitting — why haven’t you said anything about the U.S. hitting 200,000 deaths from COVID?


Q Why haven’t you said anything about the U.S. hitting 200,000 deaths from COVID?

THE PRESIDENT: Go ahead. Anybody else?

Q Mr. President, could you speak to the grim milestone today of 200,000 deaths to the virus? What do you want to say to the American people?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think it’s a shame. I think if we didn’t do it properly and do it right, you’d have two and a half million deaths. If you take a look at alternatives, you could have two and a half million deaths or something thereabouts. You could have a number that would be substantially more.

With all of that being said, we shouldn’t have had anybody. And you saw my United Nations speech. China should’ve stopped it at their border. They should’ve never let this spread all over the world, and it’s a terrible thing. But had we not closed our country down and reopened — and now we’re doing well in reopening; the stock market is up — all of those things. But I think it’s a horrible thing.

But if we had not done it right, you could have two million, two and a half million, or three million. But it’s a horrible thing. It should’ve never, ever happened. China let this happen, and just remember that.

Q Do you think that we could hit another 200,000-death milestone?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I know this: The original numbers were around 200,000, if you do it right, if you did a good job, and if the public worked along. And if you didn’t do it right, you’d be a at two million, two and a half million. Those were the numbers.

But this should’ve never happened. This should’ve never come out of China. They should’ve never let it happen. So that’s it.

Q Are you going to meet with Barbara Lagoa this week on Friday? Or when?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t want to talk about who I’m meeting with, but I’ve spoken to many, and we’re getting close to a decision. We’re going to be doing it on Saturday. We’re going to be meeting on Saturday. A lot of paperwork to do. And I think it’s going to go very quickly.

Q And then one of the things that the Democrats are saying is that, if you go ahead with this, it could tear the country apart. What’s your reaction to that?

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I don’t think so. I — we need nine justices. You need that. With the unsolicited millions of ballots that they’re sending, it’s a scam; it’s a hoax. Everybody knows that. And the Democrats know it better than anybody else.

So you’re going to need nine justices up there. I think it’s going to be very important. Because what they’re doing is a hoax, with the ballots. They’re sending out tens of millions of ballots, unsolicited — not where they’re being asked, but unsolicited. And that’s a hoax, and you’re going to need to have nine justices.

So doing it before the election would be a very good thing because you’re going to probably see it, because what they’re doing is trying to sow confusion and everything else. And, you know, when they talk about Russia, China, and all these others, they will be able to do something here because paper ballots are very simple — whether they counterfeit them, forge them, do whatever you want. It’s a very serious problem. And the Democrats know what they’re doing is wrong, and all they want to do is go forward with it. So I think you’re going to need the nine justices.

Also, I have a constitutional obligation to put in nine judges — justices. So I think you’re going to be very impressed when you see — all of them. I mean, they’re all great. These are all very talented people, and I think you’ll be very impressed by the person chosen. Okay?


President Trump Great American Comeback Rally and Peaceful Protest – Pittsburgh, PA – 7:00pm Livestream…

Tonight President Donald J. Trump holds a great American comeback campaign event and peaceful protest at Pittsburgh International Airport in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Anticipated start time 7:00pm ET.

Trump Campaign Livestream – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox Business Livestream




U.S. Marshals Rescue 35 Missing Children in Ohio – Operation Safety Net…

The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015 enhanced the U.S. Marshals’ authority to assist federal, state, and local law enforcement with the recovery of missing, endangered, trafficked or abducted children, regardless of whether a fugitive or sex offender was involved. The U.S. Marshals Service established a Missing Child Unit to oversee and manage the implementation of its enhanced authority under the act.

President Trump, former AG Jeff Sessions and current AG Bill Barr have unleashed the USMS to support their new authorities.  They have been delivering strong results.

In Atlanta last month operation “Not Forgotten” rescued 39 missing and abducted children. In northern Ohio this month operation “Safety Net” recovers another 35 missing children. Announcement:

OHIO – […] The U.S. Marshals Service has been working with its state and local partners over the past month to locate and recover missing juveniles from the Cuyahoga County area. 35 missing and endangered children, between the ages of 13 and 18, were recovered during the operation. A little more than 20% were tied to human trafficking cases and those cases were referred to the Human Trafficking Task Force in Cuyahoga County. Of the 40 missing cases referred to the Marshals Task Force only 5 cases remain open. Members of the task force and its local partners will continue to work over the next several weeks to bring these 5 remaining children and other children to safety.

Chief John Majoy of Newburg Heights stated “We are proud to assist in Operation Safety Net and I commend the United States Marshals Service for their hard work and dedication toward locating these children. Many times, they do not know they are a victim and this operation offers hope, freedom and safety they would not otherwise have. This is a fine example of local, state and federal partners all working together for a notable cause. Together we can all make a difference.”

Based on the results of this operation The United States Marshal for the Northern District of Ohio has now created a permanent Missing Child Unit throughout the 40 counites of Northern Ohio to focus on those missing, abused, neglected and trafficked juveniles. (more)

Great work by the USMS.  It is unfortunately affirming that we have at least one federal law enforcement institution effectively working on behalf of our nation.  The politically connected FBI should be ashamed of their lack of results on this issue.

Secure the border !

Save the kids !

Save our nation!