President Trump and South Korea President Moon Jae-In Conduct Press Availability….

An important meeting today in the Oval Office between U.S. President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.   Obviously the primary discussion was over the issues of North Korea nuclear program, and the possible denuclearization summit between President Trump and North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Due to the importance of the topics discussed the traditional Oval Office greeting was extended, and both President Trump and President Moon Jae-in used the opportunity for an impromptu press conference.


After a second meeting with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping, the voices behind Chairman Kim Jong-un changed their tone in media presentations and and became more hostile toward the goal of a denuclearization summit.  This example showcase Beijing exerting control over the DPRK to gain strategic trade and economic benefits.

Recap video:

Senator Ron Johnson Questions: “Sensitive Matters Team” – New Emails Show FBI and DOJ Discussing Dossier Briefing For CNN Release…

The footnotes in a letter from Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (full pdf below) outline a series of previously unknown emails between top FBI and DOJ officials as they discuss the Steele Dossier and prepare for a release by CNN.

The emails show that hours before FBI Director James Comey briefed President-Elect Trump on the dossier, Comey’s chief-of-staff James Rybicki e-mailed staff that Director Comey “is coming into HQ briefly now for an update from the sensitive matter team.”

On January 8th, 2017, two days after the Comey briefing, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe wrote an e-mail to top FBI officials (James Comey, James Rybicki, David Bowdich and Michael Kortan), with the subject: “Flood is coming.”

47 minutes later Andrew McCabe then emails across the street to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates and her deputy assistant Matthew Axelrod.  Andrew McCabe uses the subject line “News” in his e-mail to alert the Main Justice officials.

The letter from Senator Johnson then goes on to outline how CNN reported breaking news of the dossier on January 10th, using the ‘hook’ created by a leak of the briefing Comey gave to president-elect Trump.  CNN headlined their report: “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.”  A few hours later, BuzzFeed News published the contents of the “Steele dossier.”

Within the letter Senator Johnson asks Director Chris Wray to provide a list of all members of the “sensitive matters team” referenced by James Rybicki.  Additionally, Johnson requests Wray to provide all details about how FBI officials “first learned that media outlets, including CNN, may have possessed the Steele dossier.”

From the footnotes we can see the emails were first obtained by the Justice Department Office of Inspector General (Michael Horowitz) and turned over to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

What makes this interesting is the emails are: all post-election; all seemingly unrelated to any of the three known primary IG investigative inquiries; and all provided by the OIG to congress, without prior request (that we know of).  Much like the Page/Strzok text message release, this email release seems specifically intended to spur further congressional inquiry, and broaden the general public awareness.

Why would IG Horowitz send these to congress?  Well, there’s not much he can do with them.  All of the outlined participants/recipients are no longer within the DOJ or FBI except David Bowditch (now Asst. Director under Wray); however, they do provide an expanded awareness and understanding of the post-election ‘small group‘ activity.

Here’s the full letter:



Whoa! Michael Caputo Drops Second Trump Campaign ‘Agent Provocateur’ Bombshell During Interview…

At the end of an interview segment on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News broadcast, former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo drops a bombshell.  Caputo says there was more than one FBI/CIA/Intelligence agent/informant attempting to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

How does he know this?  Caputo claims he was a target of the agent, and he is attempting to get approval from his lawyer to reveal the events that took place.

Watch.  The Caputo bombshell comes around 09:18 of the interview (prompted):

10:29 …“Let me tell you something that I know for a fact. This informant, this person [who] they tried to plant into the campaign … he’s not the only person who came at the campaign. And the FBI is not the only Obama agency who came at the campaign.”

“I know because they came at me. And I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning.”… And I’ll tell ya’, when we finally find out the truth about this Director Clapper and the rest of them are going to be wearing some orange suits”…


Why Do Presidents Need Memorial Libraries to Celebrate Accomplishing Nothing?

A lawsuit has been filed to stop Chicago from taking a park to build the Obama Center as if every president warrant such a thing when all he did is miss 65% of his security briefing to play golf. It is such a joke that every president get to build a huge center to celebrate their accomplishments even when they accomplished nothing. Why would you need a huge library when most of the documents are classified anyway. It just becomes another propaganda center to rewrite history.

If these people need such things, then there should be one building in Washington where all presidents get to put on their show. Like Disney’s Hall of Presidents, they can even have a robot deliver their speech every day in their voice to visitors if anyone shows up.

I use to stop by Ben Franklin’s tomb in Philadelphia when I was in town and had the time. There was no huge building for a personal library and he was a man who really contributed to everything that put reality in the word “freedom” as well as “liberty for all”. He requested no fancy grave. He was a humble man in the end.

Then there is the tomb of Thomas Jefferson, which too wrote. Note that he did not even mention being President of the United States.  To him, being the author of the Declaration of Independence was the most important accomplishment of his life. He too did not need a huge library to celebrate that accomplishment.

I just do not see why Obama needs to take away a park in a crowded city for his personal legacy that really accomplished nothing in the end but hardship.

Tucker Carlson, Byron York and Jonathan Turley Discuss Big Ugly “Insurance Policy” Details…

Tonight on Tucker Carlson, Byron York and Jonathan Turley discuss the latest revelations amid the ongoing 2016 election spying and surveillance scandal.

In 2013 DNI James Clapper was forced to apologize for lying to congress about spying and surveillance on the American people.  In 2014 CIA Director John Brennan was forced to apologize for spying on the Senate and conducting surveillance of congress.  Suffice to say the Obama administration intelligence apparatus has no credibility today when they claim not to have conducted political surveillance on Donald Trump.


The Russia investigation continues to expose deep and terrifying corruption in Washington, and not in the ways the people who launched it expected. The New York Times and Washington Post reported that the Obama administration employed a spy who posed as an adviser to the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, a longtime CIA asset who fed information back to federal intel agencies. The Obama people lied about this.

Ohr What? Senator Chuck Grassley Requests Documents on Mysteriously Invisible DOJ Deputy…

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley wants to know about the documents he footnoted back on March 15th, 2018, pertaining to DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr.  A letter today to DAG Rod Rosenstein outlines the request:

(Grassley Pdf Links)

On the DOJ National Security Division side of Main Justice, attorney Bruce Ohr remains employed, but invisible; likely under tight investigative controls.  Much like FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Mr. Ohr possesses key knowledge related to the National Security Division of the DOJ. In addition, Mr. Ohr had interactions with Christopher Steele and more importantly Fusion-GPS and founder Glenn Simpson.

It is not coincidental that Ohr was demoted twice, yet his overall employment never terminated.

Mr. Bruce Ohr possesses key knowledge related to the National Security Division of the DOJ. In addition Mr. Ohr had interactions with Christopher Steele and more importantly Fusion-GPS and founder Glenn Simpson.  Again, it is ABSOLUTELY not coincidental that Ohr was demoted twice, yet his overall employment never terminated.

As noted in (page 5, footnote 5) Brue Ohr, and possibly his wife, Nellie Ohr, have been questioned by FBI internal investigators at least twelve times:

Ohr FD-302 12/19/16 (interview date 11/22/16);
Ohr FD-302 12/19/16 (interview date 12/05/16);
Ohr FD-302 12/19/16 (interview date 12/12/16);
Ohr FD-302 12/27/16 (interview date 12/20/16);
Ohr FD-302 01/27/17 (interview date 01/27/17);
Ohr FD-302 01/31/17 (interview date 01/23/17);
Ohr FD-302 01/27/17 (interview date 01/25/17);
Ohr FD-302 02/08/17 (interview date 02/06/17);
Ohr FD-302 02/15/17 (interview date 02/14/17);
Ohr FD-302 05/10/17 (interview date 05/08/17);
Ohr FD-302 05/12/17 (interview date 05/12/17);
Ohr FD-302 05/16/17 (interview date 05/15/17).

Notice: Ohr was interviewed after the election four times [November 22nd, December: 5th, 12th, 20th, 2016] by the Obama FBI.

During those four 2016 interviews: President Obama, James Comey (FBI), Andrew McCabe (FBI), Loretta Lynch (DOJ), Sally Yates (DOJ), James Baker (FBI), Peter Strzok (FBI), Lisa Page (FBI), Jim Rybicki (FBI), Mary McCord (DOJ), Mike Kortan (FBI), Bill Priestap (FBI) and David Laufman (DOJ) were all still in place. The Inspector General investigation had not yet begun.

The timing of the first Ohr interview, November 22, 2016, is four days after NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers secretly went to see president-elect Trump in Trump Tower.

SIDEBAR – Question(s): Why was the FBI interviewing Bruce Ohr in 2016? Who, specifically, was interviewing Bruce Ohr in 2016 and for what purpose? [The IG investigation did not begin until mid January 2017]

Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr connect the activity from the DOJ (national security division) and FBI (counterintelligence division) together with Fusion GPS (Nellie’s 2016 employer, Glenn Simpson) and Christopher Steele (the recipient of the unwashed intelligence product).

Bruce Ohr is still employed by the DOJ.  Bruce Ohr can identify the motives of John P Carlin (former DOJ-NSD head), along with Mary McCord (she replaced Carlin October 2016), Sally Yates (ran the big overall picture of the DOJ-NSD and protected the NSD from inspector general oversight); as well as Loretta Lynch.

During the 2015 and 2016 activities of the DOJ-NSD Bruce Ohr was the #4 person in the Main Justice hierarchy [1. Lynch, 2. Yates, 3.Carlin/McCord, then 4. Ohr].

Perfect Timing – Intelligence Community Gets New Inspector General…

Perfect timing today as Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats celebrates last Thursday’s swearing in ceremony of Michael Atkinson as Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.

Coincidentally, or not, last Thursday was the release of the IG Draft Report on the DOJ-NSD and FBI activity in the Clinton investigation; and coincidentally, or not, today DNI Dan Coats participated in planning a new investigative approach to review the Obama Intelligence Community’s engagements in political surveillance:

Via DNI – “Last Thursday, I had the honor of swearing in Michael K. Atkinson as Inspector General of the Intelligence Community after the Senate confirmed his nomination last Monday. Michael is the second official to hold this position since its creation in 2010.

Michael moved from private law practice to public service following the September 11 attacks, and he brings professional shrewdness and dedication to an oversight mission that must operate with integrity, accountability, and objectivity.

Michael joins the IC from the Department of Justice’s leadership corps, where he served as an Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division. Ten years earlier, he served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, including as Deputy Chief of the Fraud and Public Corruption Section until 2015 and then the Section’s Acting Chief from 2015 until 2016.

Before joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Michael was a trial attorney in the Fraud Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice from 2002 to 2006.

I look forward to working with Michael in his new role and trust he will execute the statutory authorities of his position to the fullest to ensure there is not waste, fraud, or abuse in the IC—and to maintain the strength and integrity of our whistleblower program.”

Daniel R. Coats,
Director of National Intelligence

Oren Amitay: Transgender People from a Psychologist´s Perspective

Published on Nov 28, 2017

Dr. Oren Amitay is a registered Psychologist; University Lecturer; Media Consultant; Executive Producer at Straight Kill Films. He is currently teaching at Ryerson University and became recently widely known for defending freedom of speech in cooperation with Jordan Peterson. In this part he talks about transgender people from a psychologist´s perspective. Full clip quoted under fair use:… Dr Amitay´s official YouTube:

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Cultural critic and film professor Laura Kipnis joins The Agenda to discuss her controversial ideas about American campus culture, the topic of her book of essays, “Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus.”


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