GMO Mosquito Trial Approved in the Florida Keys

Well we know something will go wrong when the government is involved.

World Health Correlations


COMMENT: Hello Martin, love your work, have learned so much, as an engineer and innovator, your work and perspectives have given me amazing sight and perspective to which I am very grateful.

I diagnosed my son with a condition called MELAS, awful, and heart breaking, all the experts were wrong as usual and it was a fight to be heard and understood, only when sadly proven right at each stage did they start to listen and understand. But it was too late and he passed in my arms as we slept 25 months 16 days ago, aged 10.

He taught me a lot and made me push my brain and mind to try and figure out a way to save him. It brought me into so much new knowledge.
3 days ago another friend, 40, got cancer diagnosed. During discussion I realized something very significant. I am half Iranian half English, with a huge family in Tehran and friends.. my observation was that in the last 30 years, out of all of them, only 2 had cancer, both lived to 90 and both heavy smokers.
Then I dug and amazingly the cancer rate in U.K. Was nearly 4 times higher in the Iran., based on number of new incidents/1000/yr.

Then I looked at the cancer incidence map worldwide and what I found was shocking. Complete opposite to expectations. Then I compared death rates map world wide on same incidence I.e. Deaths (all deaths all causes) incidents/1000/year, that blew my mind,then finally world wide map of number of billionaires in each country… then put all 3 maps together. This high level comparison sent shivers down my spine. Last time I had a moment like that was when I overlayed over 60 new product launches I was involved in or knew detail about onto your ecm, the ones that failed were all in line with your downturns and the ones that all succeeded were in the up cycle, even though some of the best products were the ones that failed.

Hence I would like to share the info graphic I have pulled together and for you to determine if it is value to comment from your analytical perspective.

REPLY: I am sorry to hear about your loss. It is not an easy thing. I lost my first son. It changes you, without a question. If someone in the medical field would care to assemble the symptoms and markers for each disease, I would be glad to program it using AI to help people reach the correct conclusion before it is too late.

The correlations that emerge are probably genetic. When you go to a doctor, they ask you about your family history. Most diseases are genetic. They can learn a lot from a genetic profile. That is not being shared with the patients in most cases.

Polio-Like AFM Disease Infecting Children


new disease is starting to appear that is polio-like in nature and can paralyze children. This appears to be AFM, or acute flaccid myelitis, which is normally rare. The number of cases has doubled in the past year. In Seattle, Washington, eight children have been admitted with what appears to be AFM.

Acute flaccid myelitis is a rare illness that affects a person’s nervous system, specifically the spinal cord. Anyone can contract AFM from a variety of causes including viral infections. Polio was eliminated from the United States back in 1979. According to the CDC, this polio-like disease has been confirmed in 50 cases in 24 states from January 1­–August 31, 2016.

Medical Conspiracy – Government Altering Death Certificate to Hide Superbugs


Reuters has conducted a most interesting investigation. There is a major conspiracy going on that the government and hospitals are trying to cover up. The abuse of antibiotics has come back to haunt us. One bug in particular has been running around hospitals and the government is doctoring death certificates to prevent hospitals from being sued. It is known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or commonly known as MRSA. This superbug is typically contracted in hospitals. Death certificates are being altered to protect hospitals and that means government is conspiring against its own people.

If they are alerting death certificates, they we have no idea the extent of the crisis. But one thing is sure. There must be a crisis for they would not alter just a few death certificates if it was not a widespread crisis.

‘Mass killing’: Anti-Zika spraying accidentally slays millions of SC’s honeybees

When the government does anything there are always unintended consequences!

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Millions of South Carolina’s bees have unexpectedly fallen victim to the US fight against the Zika virus. Hives of bees dropped dead in Dorchester County, attempting to flee an insecticide attack that had primarily targeted mosquitoes.

“My bee yard looks like it’s been nuked,” local Juanita Stanley told AP, describing the devastating effect of the aerial spraying.

Stanley, for whom bees is a major income, is a co-owner of Flowertown Bee Farm and Supply in Summerville. They have lost nearly 2,5 million honeybees from 46 hives.

On Sunday morning, parts of Dorchester County were sprayed with Naled, a common insecticide that kills mosquitoes on contact. In the US, it has been used for nearly six decades, since 1959, primarily to control adult mosquito population.

Given that Dorchester County has seen an increase in insects due to rains and floods, humidity, a mild winter and an extremely hot summer, to…

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Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions

From the Edgy Truth The following open letter by a PhD Immunologist completely demolishes the current California legislative initiative to remove all vaccine exemptions. That such a draconian and c…

Source: Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions

FDA extends Zika testing to all blood donations in US

All well and good but where do all these new diseases come from!

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All blood donations in the US and its territories must be tested for the Zika virus, the US Food and Drug Administration has announced.

The directive is a revision of a February guidance, which called for Zika testing of Whole Blood and blood components donated in areas shown to have active Zika transmission. The new guidance demands that all individual units of Whole Blood and blood components donated across the United States and its territories be screened using FDA-approved methods. Additionally, an FDA-sanctioned pathogen-reduction device can be used for plasma and some platelet donation.

“As new scientific and epidemiological information regarding Zika virus has become available, it’s clear that additional precautionary measures are necessary,” Luciana Borio, the FDA’s acting chief scientist, said in a statement.


Blood testing will not expand all at once, as the FDA has advised that donation organizations in 11…

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Stunning CDC Statistic: “25% of Puerto Ricans Infected With Zika Virus”….

Could this be the start of the globalists population control?

China’s Reserves & the Flight of Money

China Foreign Reserves

All we have been hearing are claims that if China sends the dollar flooding back to America, the dollar will become worthless and hundreds of businesses will go broke overnight. The gold promoters put out such wild claims and have no idea what they are saying or the type of world that would unfold. It is not in China’s self-interest to dare to do such a thing for their own economy would collapse. Jobs would be lost and unemployment would soar, leading to another revolution.

These people yell the same thing all the time. They want to see America destroyed so they alone can become wealthy and look down upon the rest of society while kicking them in the gut and rejoicing in their pain. I really do not understand such hatred. Of course, they do not want to talk about how U.S. corporations have $2 trillion+ in cash offshore and only about 10% resides in U.S. government debt.

These scenarios are absurd. When China’s reserves decline, it will be because capital had fled China. This is precisely the opposite of what these people are saying. China has sold U.S. Treasury bonds and U.S. equities to raise cash to support the yuan to boost confidence. It has nothing to do with being bearish on the United States. China has no such interest in destroying the U.S. economy or that of Europe. To do so would destroy their own economy and that would only lead to revolution.

These scenarios are just pathetic. China has been suffering from a lack of confidence and capital has been pouring out of the country. The Chinese are the big-ticket buyers of real estate in the United States. China’s reserves have been collapsing as capital has fled. In fact, March was the first time in five months that China’s foreign reserves rose to $3.213 trillion, which was up by $10.26 billion from the end of February, according to data from the People’s Bank of China. The numbers from April showed a second consecutive monthly increase of $7.09 billion to $3.220 trillion.

As far as China’s gold reserves, they have 1797.46 tonnes (57.7 million ounces) or about $75.1 billion at $1300, which amounts to only about 2% of their reserves.

The problem with all of this nonsense is that they are desperate to create a reason to sell gold. You can fool people sometimes, but not all the time. When they listen to these wild scenarios and they do not pan out, they will lose confidence and stay away. So they could care less about the veracity of their claims. All they care about is selling gold for a profit.

Gold will breakout, but not for such absurd reasons.