The Real Anthony Fauci

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Dear friend,I wrote “The Real Anthony Fauci” so that Americans — both Democrat and Republican — can understand Dr. Fauci’s pernicious role in allowing pharmaceutical companies to dictate a COVID-19 response that trampled public health, the global economy, our constitutional rights and all the traditional values of liberalism.Despite the suppression of media coverage, the book became a bestseller.Selling over 1,000,000 copies since the release in November 2021.Spending 17 weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list.Soaring to #1 on Amazon, over three months.Appearing on Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists.Instead of fostering transparency and respectful debate, and implementing the traditional, well-established public health strategies for countering pandemics, Dr. Fauci promoted a militarized and monetized response including draconian lockdowns, business closures, coercive vaccination with experimental jabs, and a litany of totalitarian controls that transformed our country into a surveillance state and racked up the world’s highest COVID-19 body count.He then worked with Big Pharma, media and social media titans, and Pentagon and intelligence agencies to vilify and marginalize dissent, punish every attempt at questioning, and to gaslight skeptics. Government worked with media and social media titans to ban books, silence physicians and scientists, and condemn artists, writers, poets, and intellectuals who questioned the unscientific orthodoxies of the medical and biosecurity cartels.CHD has partnered with our friends at Revealed Films to transform my book into a compelling documentary that exposes the corrupt reign of the “nation’s most trusted doctor,” Dr. Fauci and his accomplices in a coup d’etat that almost developed.The documentary will stream for FREE on October 18, 2022.We need your support to be able to conquer the censorship and ensure that millions of people are able to view the film. Together we can get the truth to the masses and reveal the story of “The Real Anthony Fauci.”
Donate today to expose
The Real Anthony Fauci
In truth,
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

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Canada to End Vaccine Mandates

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Sep 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Canada is finally ending the absurd COVID vaccine mandates. No, Trudeau did not come to his senses. The truth of the matter is that the majority of people dying from COVID are the triple and quadruple vaccinated. In fact, they account for 90% of COVID-related deaths in the past three months.

There is true mass psychosis surrounding the vaccination. It does not prevent transmission or infection. Despite that being a known fact, politicians are eager to promote the vaccine, along with the media that continues to push boosters on every platform available. People are bringing their babies and elderly loved ones to get the latest vaccine with lines out the door. What happens now when the mask falls and people realize the truth? There are people crying online that it is “too soon” to remove the vaccine requirement. It is cognitive dissonance. They cannot allow their brains to process that they were lied to for years. The vaccine only weakened people’s immune systems and made them more susceptible to COVID.


I congratulate the Canadian Truck Convoy and all others who risked their liberty and lives to protest this false narrative. The silent majority has won, but at what cost? Countless lives were destroyed over this mandate. People lost their livelihoods and homes. Some who I personally know were forced to flee Canada as they were not willing to risk their health. Businesses were ruined. Families were separated as the demonized unvaccinated could not even enter Canada. Lives were completely uprooted due to this vaccine mandate imposed by the Trudeau Administration.

And now they want to pretend everything is ok and sweep it all under the rug. No. We should remember what Trudeau and the globalists did to the people. The unvaccinated were gas lighted and banished from society for years. The people were threatened in every way possible until they agreed to submit to the government’s order. We now see how much control the government has over the people. Public confidence will never be the same.

Omicron Boosters Untested On Humans: Can Doctors Be Punished For Questioning Safety? – Ask Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew 
Published originally on Rumble on September 6, 2022 10,681 Views

Dr. Drew answers your calls LIVE on AB 2098 (California’s “medical misinformation” bill), new Omicron boosters that weren’t tested on humans, Dr. Fauci’s recent statements on annual COVID-19 shots, and more from your questions!

Millions of Chinese on Lockdown

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted Sep 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

At least 65 people are dead after a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the province of Sichuan. This comes as 21 million people in Chengdu are confined to their homes as China has placed yet another city on a strict lockdown to adhere to its zero COVID policy. In fact, 65 million people in 33 cities are on some level of lockdown in China.

The government places more concern on COVID than an actual natural disaster. Lockdowns create a domino effect. People began panic buying supplies after seeing the starvation and extreme rationing that occurred during the last lockdown when the government was unable to adequately provide supplies to those they confined. Businesses will suffer immensely. Children in at least 10 provinces will be unable to attend school until everyone tests negative for the virus.

Drones are flying around Chengdu, reminding the people to stay inside and obey. This is an example of what could happen when government has complete power over the people. It can also affect the global economy, as we saw when Shenzhen entered a lockdown, closed the ports, and prolonged the supply chain crisis. Government’s abuse of power is yet another reason why it is hard for the central banks to forecast economic recovery. According to our computers, the recovery will be a slow

One Day After Proclaiming He Beat Big Pharma, Joe Biden Introduces a New Annual COVID Vaccine from Big Pharma

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance

Less than 24 hours after making a weird proclamation that he “defeated Big Pharma,” Joe Biden introduces a new annual vaccine:

[White House] – This week, we begin a new phase in our COVID-19 response. We are launching a new vaccine – our first in almost two years – with a new approach. For most Americans, that means one COVID-19 shot, once a year, each fall.
Starting this week, at tens of thousands of convenient pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and community health centers, and other places, Americans age 12 and older can go get this new fall COVID-19 vaccine. The new vaccines provide the strongest protection from the new Omicron strain of the COVID virus, which did not exist when the original vaccine was developed. As the virus continues to change, we will now be able to update our vaccines annually to target the dominant variant.

Just like your annual flu shot, you should get it sometime between Labor Day and Halloween. It’s safe, it’s easy to get, and it’s free. Go to to find a location near your home or work.

It’s simple, and it’s easy to understand:  If you are vaccinated and 12 and older, get the new COVID-19 shot this fall. This once-a-year shot can reduce your risk of getting COVID-19, reduce your chance of spreading it to others, and dramatically reduce your risk of severe COVID-19. 
Winter is not that far away.  The past two years, we have seen COVID-19 cases and deaths soar. It does not have to be that way this year. If you are 12 and older, go get your new COVID-19 shot this fall. (LINK)

Study, No Quantifiable Benefits from COVID Treatment Drug Paxlovid for People Aged 40 to 65

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 25, 2022 | Sundance 

In April 2022, the Biden administration ordered 20 million doses of Pfizer’s antiviral Covid-19 treatment called Paxlovid.

Now a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows the medication shows “no measurable benefit” for the treatment of COVID-19 in patients 40 to 65-years of age.

WASHINGTON — Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill appears to provide little or no benefit for younger adults, while still reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for high-risk seniors, according to a large study published Wednesday.

The results from a 109,000-patient Israeli study are likely to renew questions about the U.S. government’s use of Paxlovid, which has become the go-to treatment for COVID-19 due to its at-home convenience. The Biden administration has spent more than $10 billion purchasing the drug and making it available at thousands of pharmacies through its test-and-treat initiative.

The researchers found that Paxlovid reduced hospitalizations among people 65 and older by roughly 75% when given shortly after infection. That’s consistent with earlier results used to authorize the drug in the U.S. and other nations.

But people between the ages of 40 and 65 saw no measurable benefit, according to the analysis of medical records. (read more)

“Huh, imagine that”…

The Country with the Highest Mortality Rate in Europe

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Aug 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The average death rate in June across the European Union was 6.2%. Portugal experienced a 23.9% uptick in deaths this June compared to the same period throughout 2016 and 2019. Between 2016 and 2019, Portugal was averaging 276 deaths per day. By June of last year, this figure spiked to 341 people per day with 10,217 perishing in that four-week period.

Portugal is the second most vaccinated country in Europe, behind Malta. The aging population over 85 has the highest rate of mortality, naturally, but there have been fewer deaths among people aged 65 to 84. There have been 5,781 COVID-related deaths in the nation this year, but excluding COVID deaths, total mortality still rose by 5%. Infant deaths have sadly increased over the past year as well from 107 to 142.

The Ministry of Health is conducting a study to determine the cause. The agency said they were paying special attention to deaths “that coincide with the greatest intensity of COVID-19 and heat.” Yet, the mortality rate was on the rise between February and April before the heatwaves swept across Europe. Additionally, deaths not attributed directly to COVID are on the rise, so neither heat nor COVID could explain the uptick. Could the high vaccination rate be to blame? The government will likely never reveal the truth, but one variable that certainly has changed is the high vaccination rate.

Bye, Bye Fauci… Trish Regan Show S3/E147

The Trish Regan Show Published originally on Rumble on August 22, 2022 

#TrishRegan #Fauci #Fed
Markets are waiting on Jerome Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole this Friday…and any way you slice it, it won’t be good for the economy or for Wall Street. Powell messed up bigtime and the American economy is stuck paying the price. On the bright side, Anthony Fauci is (finally) retiring! Join me for a look at today’s headlines.