Qantas Airlines – Get the Jab or You’re Fired

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Posted Oct 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

There really is something seriously wrong with all of these companies complying with politicians who are insane or have been bribed. Sweden and Norway downgraded COVID to just the flu, as it lacks any kill ratio that has even risen above 0.5%. Even the CDC is admitting that nearly 20,000 have died from the vaccines. Firing people for not getting the vaccine is clearly political. Nurses and doctors worked with COVID patients for a year without vaccines, but now they are fired unless they get a vaccine, even if they previously had COVID and recovered. Once you get the measles, you do not get it twice.

If abortion is a right because of body privacy, how can there be no right to body privacy with these vaccines? This is a coronavirus that co-exists in animals, so there is no possible way to eliminate COVID. That was the propaganda that Bill Gates put out there, and he just so happens to make money from every jab.

Then Gates did not want to give the formula to other countries so he demanded that the US and Europe pay his full price and give the vaccines to the poor countries. That is NOT a philanthropist — it’s a greedy inside trader. I suppose in today’s WOKE since you can be male but identify as female, Gates can be a greedy robber baron but identify as a philanthropist.

There should be a class-action lawsuit against the vaccine companies, Gates, and the World Economic Forum for loss of jobs, alleged lobbying, and political donations to sell this agenda. You can’t sue them for even death from their vaccines, but you can sue them for fraud and bribing politicians.

If this were at least at the Spanish flu level with a 3% death rate or higher, then perhaps this would be more valid. But to permanently fire people for refusing to take the Gates vaccine makes no sense when he changes his sales pitch as often as Fauci.

This is not smallpox that can be eradicated because it only infects humans. We cannot cure the common cold, and we cannot create a vaccine to prevent it. Likewise, even being vaccinated neither prevents infection nor prevents spreading the infection to others. All the refusing to be vaccinated would do is subject that individual to their alleged greater risk, but it would not prevent spreading the disease. So there is no point in firings. Vaccinated people can still spread COVID. This is one giant fraud. Qantas should be sued to explain even why a vaccine would change the risk for anyone.

Doctor Performs Blood and Immune System Test Before and After COVID Vaccination, The Alarming Results Motivate Him to Share This Video

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Dr. Nathan Thompson was approached by a long-term patient, we will call him Mr. Smith, who was being forced by his employer to get the COVID-19 vaccine.   Mr. Smith and Dr. Thompson have a long history together, as the doctor helped his patient change his lifestyle and eliminate Mr Smith’s type-2 diabetes.

Because Mr. Smith has a long history of blood tests to form the baseline for his healthy immune system; and because the patient was being forced to take the COVID-19 vaccination; Dr. Thompson and Mr. Smith decided to take comparison blood tests after the first shot and after the second shot to see if/ how the patient’s blood-work was impacted by the vaccine.  The doctor states his, “Jaw dropped after seeing the blood test results following the second shot.”

The results alarmed Doctor Thompson so much, with the patient’s permission, Thompson felt compelled to record this video and share the results.  Overall, the blood-work showed a massive negative impact to the natural immune system of the patient.   Because his patient is now more at risk after the vaccination, Dr. Thompson is left with multiple questions; including how long will this vaccine-induced autoimmune compromise last in his patient?   WATCH:

This video is not expected to last long.  Watch while you can.

This one will not be taken down

Perhaps the most alarming aspect is the specifics of the weakened immune system making the patient more vulnerable to ordinary cancers.

General Mark Milley’s Sketchy October 2020 Intelligence on China Fears Likely Came From Twitter and New York Times, Congressman Mike Turner Will Confirm

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CTH has discovered what we believe will turn out to be the currently classified “intelligence product” that Joint Chief’s Chairman Mark Milley has been claiming as justification for his unilateral phone call with the Chinese military to discuss their concerns.  {Background One -and- Background Two}   I am 80% certain we have located that intelligence product, and you ain’t gonna believe where it was from.

Yesterday, congressman Mike Turner of Ohio noted that no one in the entire system of intelligence and oversight had any idea what intelligence product Mark Milley was describing in his two days of testimony.  Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said Wednesday, in response to the claims of Milley, that no such intelligence product ever existed.   Congressman Turner, who sits on the House Intel Committee (HPSCI) and the House Armed Services Committee, confirmed the same.

Congressman Turner has demanded that General Milley turn over this mysterious, secret, oddly untraceable intelligence product that Milley alone has seen.  WATCH:

Mike Turner (video 02:30): “Now, you claim that you had information, and it’s all over that China was worried about an imminent attack. You did not tell the president, the vice president, the White House chief of staff, the national security adviser, the secretary of defense, the secretary of state, the director of national intelligence, either of the relevant committees in the House, including the big eight, which you know include Intel.

You didn’t tell the Intelligence Committee. You didn’t tell the Armed Services Committee. You report that after you took it upon yourself to have this phone conversation, that you told them of the conversation heard not that China believed that we were going to imminently attack them, which by the way, has never been true in my lifetime.”

“But you chose instead to handle it yourself with a phone call. So, General Milley, you offered all of the concerning intelligence, and I’m going to request that you provide it to us. I would like you to provide us the relevant intelligence information that you based your belief that China was going to — the belief that there was an imminent attack.

I also want your request for declassification of the approval that you release that information that China believed so, including your request for declassification of your conversation that you had with General Li and any approvals. I want a transcript of your call with General Li, and I also want any readouts, memorandums, notice of calls, or outcomes.”

Congressman Turner wants to see the magic intelligence that no one else has seen except General Milley.

Keep in mind, Milley has described this “intelligence product” as originating in September and October of 2020.  As Milley said in both days of his testimony: “Concerning intelligence, which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the United States.”  Milley then organized a call to the Chinese on October 30, 2020, based on this intelligence.

The most likely source of that Milley/China intelligence is: from TWITTER and from The New York Times

(Source Link)

New York Times – […] The propaganda has accompanied a series of military drills in recent weeks, including the test-firing of ballistic missiles and the buzzing of Taiwan’s airspace. Together, they are intended to draw stark red lines for the United States, signaling that China would not shrink from a military clash.

While the prospect of war remains remote, the militaristic tone reflects the hawkishness of the country’s leader, Xi Jinping. The risk is that the propaganda could translate into more provocative actions, at a time when the relationship with the United States has sharply deteriorated. The recent military moves in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait raise the possibility of actual clashes, intended or not.

In Washington, President Trump’s hospitalization for treatment of Covid-19 has overshadowed everything else, creating the impression that his administration is in chaos and raising fears of a decision-making void. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cut short his trip to Asia this week, although he is expected to push for confronting China when he meets in Tokyo with his counterparts from Australia, India and Japan. (read more)

There it is folks….  In October of 2020 President Trump was battling COVID-19, and the opportunity arose with a distracted nation for the Fourth Branch of Government to insert a narrative using General Mark Milley to fulfill their intents and purposes.

I can almost guarantee to a certainty this is what Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) will discover when he forces General Milley to show him the intelligence.

Keep in mind, the circular process of intelligence officials (1) leaking to/influencing media; (2) building a narrative; and then (3) using those same media reports as evidence to support their claims, is exactly the process we have seen play out over the past five years within the Trump-Russia hoax.   The China-Fear-of-Attack hoax was simply a deployment of the same playbook.

Lastly, it is also important to keep in mind the Pentagon mistake of the Predator Drone strike against innocent civilians near the Kabul airport was also based on flawed intelligence from the same origination sources.

Again, a strong likelihood the overarching intelligence apparatus was attempting to deflect attention from their own failures in Afghanistan by putting the Pentagon in the central spotlight by manipulating an attack as a blame-casting maneuver. [Team1, State Dept/Intel Community -vs- Team2, White House/Pentagon]

The purposefully false drone hit, is bolstered by the same IC (Team1) then giving the New York Times the evidence to showcase the attack was a mistake by Team2.  The Fourth Branch of Government knows how to manipulate outcomes for their own intents and purposes. {Go Deep}

White House Announces DHS No Longer Permitting Border Patrol to Use Horses

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White House propagandist and narrative engineer Jennifer Psaki informed reporters today that border patrol officers in Del Rio, Texas, would no longer be allowed to use horses during their border security operations.

A mounted border patrol officer looks like a cowboy.  Cowboys are racist symbols of oppression and represent the principles of a sovereign America.  This optic is an unapproved worldview of the open border society ideologues currently occupying the U.S. government.   Also, most mounted border patrol officers are Latino.

Breitbart, Steve Bannon and John Fredericks Reporting on Leaked Ballot Mule Investigation

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I can confirm the basic background of these stories; however, unlike all others I will not disclose details.   You may remember my outlines about “ballot mules”, and a process of reviewing massive amounts of data {June, Go Deep}.  This is connected.  However, I strongly advise readers to review the presented information from these sources with the knowledge that their baseline is their *recent* discovery of a background investigation that has been taking place for quite a while.

First, Breitbart has a mostly correct story about some of the background [See Here] that involves Catherine Englebrecht, a genuine national hero, and her organization True The Vote (TTV).  Long-term readers of CTH will know our support for, and alignment with, Englebrecht and her group.  Breitbart’s reporting is based on information provided by a donor who is funding part of the investigative effort.  [FYI, I smell the Mercers on that leak]

Steve Bannon is reporting based on a discussion with John Fredericks {Direct Rumble Leak}.  Bannon is always sketchy when it comes to strategic planning; he talks too much.  John Fredericks motives are unclear, but it appears he is just trying to be first with the information; and I suspect he did not reach out to Englebrecht for strategic discussion on the story, or what damage it could do to the work of TTV by going very loud, too early.  WATCH:


What people call “ballot traffickers” are actually ballot “mules.”   Most of the information in the Breitbart article is accurate [SEE HERE].  I am not comfortable outlining more than CTH previously shared in June about this investigative effort [SEE HERE], because I am 100% certain the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland is waiting to target Englebrecht and True The Vote.

The network of the Lawfare crew is also on standby against this election investigation, as well as major DNC legal operative Marc Elias who recently left Perkins Coie to set up his own shop specifically to work on this issue.  Elias took 13 lawyers and ten partners to his new firm.   That puts the DOJ, Lawfare and Elias’s new team all in alignment against Englebrecht, True The Vote and the American people.  Now do you see why I would not want to compromise the integrity of the work Englebrecht has been doing?

Bannon, Fredericks and Breitbart could be putting things at risk.  I will not.  What I will do is share again what CTH previously outlined in June about this:

[CTH JUNE 2021] – The next war will not come from foreign soil, it is about to happen based on a great awakening in the heavily corrupt and manipulated voting system in the United States. The battle is about to happen right here on our soil.

BIG PICTURE – United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is pre-positioning assets from the DOJ and FBI [LINK]. Simultaneous to this, the U.S. military leadership is purging patriots and putting all service members under surveillance [LINK]. These two factual events are directly related.

In the background of these maneuvers, Big Tech and Corporate Media have been instructed to push the “domestic extremist” narrative; and any truth-tellers are considered subversive and against the interests of the U.S. government. The January 6th DC protest is being used as evidence for that narrative. Deplatforming, censorship and ultimately control of voices who would warn of the larger issues continues daily.

Let me be very clear… stop and hear the drums.  Something is about to happen.

POINT ONE – Even before the November 2020 election, there were groups of patriots who knew mail-in ballots were a tool toward an objective, the 2020 Presidential election. Anyone with a lick of common sense, and the vast majority of readers right here on this website, knew that deployment of mail-in ballots was going to be the largest unknown variable in the 2020 election. The DC-based apparatus was all-in. This was the big one.

POINT TWO – There is data, massive publicly available geolocation data, available for purchase. As you know, data is the currency of the Deep State (U.S. Intel Community); however, insofar as the intel community uses federal authority to control data (at taxpayer expense), there is also a massive amount of data in the hands of private groups and individuals that can be legally purchased.

As a consumer, you know your cell phone data is used by private industry commercially to sell you stuff and provide services. That is one type of data that is available for commercial purchase. The feds have access to that type of data at their fingertips, and indeed they use it often illegally to circumvent fourth amendment protections. But that type of data is also available for purchase; the issue is the cost. Big Data requires a lot of money to purchase, and then even more money to create the technological systems to use the data effectively.

♦ Put the two points above together, and citizen led patriot groups have purchased big data to analyze the 2020 election. These projects, and there are several, have been ongoing for quite a while. As you know from our own crowdsourcing research in the past, you can easily tear apart large stories by focusing on the granular evidence that is available in the public sphere.

The results of that crowdsourcing research is incredibly accurate, because it is not based on supposition, it is based on empirical data points. Photographs, maps, camera shots, CCTV images, spatial and time patterns, geolocation, flight patterns, airline tracking, and even star patterns at night have been used by hobbyist puzzle-solvers and citizen researchers to crowdsource information of interest. CTH has taken apart several falsely framed investigative narratives (Trayvon, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, RNC roadmap etc) with focused crowdsourcing research. Heck, even 4Chan folks were having fun finding Shia LaBeouf’s “he will not divide us’ flag despite him hiding it in the middle of no-where.

The major point is with the internet at our fingers, and enough data available for review, just about anything can be deeply researched and then subject matter experts can guide the analysis and result…with stunning accuracy.

Bear with me.  You have likely seen the same type of crowdsourcing research being taken with the 2020 election data. The same type of statistical and analytical methodology on voting patterns at a macro and micro level. Additionally, some groups, some very smart groups that have been in the business of voter integrity for a long time, have also been reviewing massive data purchased in the wake of the 2020 election.

There are seven targeted voter regions where similar ballot issues and statistical impossibilities have been identified nationwide: Fulton County, Georgia; Wayne County, Michigan; Maricopa County, Arizona; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Clark County, Nevada; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Madison, Wisconsin.

I have recently been made aware that federal law enforcement agencies have been informed about some of the results from geo-location of cell phone data surrounding “drop boxes” used to collect voter ballots. Essentially, a mapping of specific cell phones which identifies their group association and outlines their activity in multiple states. The data is the data and cannot be refuted.

Soon these types of very specific data-maps will be cross referenced in key precincts and added to any resulting audit outcomes. The cell phone travel of these organized groups creates a map of their activity. Keep in mind, many of ballot collection sites have CCTV systems; some CCTV operations were actually mandated by legislation that authorized the collection drop-off locations. It is not coincidental that public records requests for those CCTV recordings are being met with hostile denials and efforts to stall production.

CTH anticipates a massive amount of push-back from the U.S. Department of Justice based solely on the findings of cell phone data that has tracked “vote mules” via geolocation and mapping. These are ground-level activists that appear to have been part of a coordinated effort to collect ballots, walk them through a process where they were filled out in a single location, and then drop them off at collection and tabulation sites.

The bottom line is this…. AG Merrick Garland knows a powder keg is very likely to explode as soon as the majority of American people discover just how manipulated the election of 2020 was. His announcement to double the staff of the DOJ Civil Rights Division voter unit is not to protect election integrity, but rather to position his resources for a war against a looming storm of election review outcomes…. and the White House is so far exposed, they are positioning to use the military to protect their position.

The deep and irrefutable research has been taking place, mostly very quietly, in the background. I would expect the government response to this will be a combination of the DOJ/FBI “domestic extremist” narratives, combined with racism accusations and claims of election disinformation.

The Alinsky model: Isolate, Ridicule and Marginalize your political opposition, in combination with the use of arrests and threats by the justice department.  [LINK 6/14/20]


Gold Clarification

Armstrong Economics Blog/Gold Re-Posted Sep 2, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Let me explain something. What I have pointed out about gold is that it DOES NOT rally merely because of inflation or the rise in debt. It will rally when we are looking at the collapse in confidence. The central banks have no desire to raise for their own budget will blow apart. The Fed is restrained by the ECB and the rest of the central banks pleading with the Fed on their knees NOT to raise rates.

Do not get confused about comments from the central banks that they will not raise rates. CBs only can regulate the short-term. The long-term rates are set by the market. That is why they even do Quantitative Easing – they buy in the long-term debt trying to reduce those rates because they cannot control them.

Therefore, it really does not matter what they say. That is the Press spinning it because they have nothing else to say and they have always promoted propaganda with the markets relative to interest rates. They kept preaching the market would decline because the Fed was raising rates. Well, step back and close your ears to what the press says and the talking heads you hear on TV who do not know the first thing about markets. Interest rates ran up from 2016 throughout Trump’s 4 years. They only dropped like a stone due to the COVID manipulation. The market rallied with higher rates – it crashed with lower rates – OMG!

Gold will NOT rally due to debt levels, QE, or any other BS scenario. Gold rallies due to CONFIDENCE collapsing. This is what we are dealing with the failure of central banks and the collapse in Keynesian Economics. This is why they are endorsing the Great Reset because CBs cannot raise interest rates and they have destroyed the bond market in Europe while wiping out their pension funds because they also decreed these funds MUST invest in government debt. They have destroyed the economy and that is why they are using COVID as a military tactic.

Therefore, what I am saying about gold is that it rises when CONFIDENCE collapses, not the rise and fall of QE and interest rates in the normal course of business. We must look to the general public. When they wake up and realize that there is no way this COVID nonsense will ever end because they are deliberately using it to seize the economy and transform it into this Great Reset where governments will no longer borrow money – just print. They intent to default on all public debt and replace even pensions with Guaranteed Basic Income. They are moving toward these end goals step by step so the people do not realize what is taking place.

For now, there is still the short-term risk that the dollar rises because Europe has utterly been destroyed and Schwab is in full control. Every strategic person in a key position is also on his board at the WEF.

BigTech – Replacing Banks

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Aug 29, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Can you explain how using Jack Dorsey’s financial tools are another way Americans are surrendering their freedoms.
Although the transaction fees are a fraction of banks and the time duration are almost instant.
Thanks – although after years or writing into your block/contact I’ve yet to have a reply

ANSWER: Back in 2020, I had information that BigTech was lining up and was promised that they would be handed online banking if they helped to remove Trump. BigTech was promised the power to overthrow the banks. Governments were also secretly allowing BitCoin to take hold to convince people digital currencies were better than paper. The powers that be want everyone in the banking system to end once and for all paper money. They realize that the stumbling block has been that there are over 1 billion people outside the banking system (just read the IMF). This is an absolutely insane goal to have every goat herder in remote areas online. But the people who come up with these ideas are more egotistical maniacs than practical intelligent people who have ever traveled to such places.

Big Tech had a lot at stake during the 2020 election. I warned that they were censoring everything to try to push Biden into the White House so they can cash in on their chips back on October 20, 2020. The mainstream media is also on board and they even forced Glen Greenwald to resign from the news organization he founded. The media has been also taking grants from the greatest philanthropist/manipulators in history – Bill Gates. Dorsey’s new online bank under Square which I reported in March 2021 that my original sources were spot on.

To make digital currency work, the transaction MUST BE instant. You cannot go into any place and pay with a digital currency that takes hours or days to clear. In the banking system, you deposit a check and it takes often 3 days to clear. The old banking system cannot allow digital transactions that will enable the elimination of paper money.

Square first submitted its application to the FDIC to become a deposit-taking bank in September 2017. Back in 2018, Dorsey in July had dropped his plans for a banking license. He then reapplied in 2018. Previously, Jack Dorsey’s fintech partnered with Celtic Bank for banking products. Square began by underwriting and originating business loans for Square Capital’s existing lending product.

This has all been enabled to further the elimination of paper money and thereby the failing governments believe they will be able to grab whatever taxes they demand and nobody will be able to avoid taxes ever again. On top of that, they also want to eliminate international travel as much as possible to “save the planet” but also to prevent people from fleeing their jurisdiction for taxation. The end goal is a hybrid of the old Soviet Union whereby we will not be able to freely travel and ensure we will be the future economic slaves.

This is why Twitter banned Trump. Whatever excuse BigTech can use to shut down Trump and ensure Biden would win the election was all done to further this agenda where they were promised that traditional banks will become obsolete. Branches will no longer be needed. You can already deposit a check by scanning it into your phone so you need not visit a bank office. Once cash is eliminated, then all that would be left is a safe deposit box which they envision is loaded with valuables you need to pay taxes on.

When government eliminates all paper money, the next step will be to seize all pensions and that will be replaced with Guaranteed Basic Income. In that manner, they will be able to default on all government debt and the Modern Monetary Theory will become reality by restraining our liberty if not entirely eliminating it. The politicians see themselves as the aristocrats who will always be above the Great Unwashed.

This has been what I have been fighting against for these past years. I did the Solution Conference in 2015 because these were the very proposals I was arguing against behind the curtain between 2022 and 2015. The idea of allowing digital currencies surfaced during the 2007-2009 crisis. The bankers blew up the world again and the Fed had to bail out AIG. I was still in contempt when I was asked for help by the House Banking Committee and I asked you do know where I am? They said they would help but I declined. Bitcoin emerged in 2008 as a theory to circumvent the banks because they would routinely blow up the financial world and they expect to be bailed out because the government needed them to sell their debt. That is when they realized that the system had to change.

Biden Protects Murderer of Ashli Babbitt

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny Re-Posted Aug 25, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The US Capitol Police officer who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 during the Democrat’s grossly exaggerated unarmed “insurrection” was cleared Monday after an internal review concluded the action may have spared the lives of lawmakers and staffers who had barricaded themselves inside the building. That is like saying I killed this guy on my front lawn because I thought he MIGHT break into my house, despite the fact he had no weapon. However, he could have invaded my home and killed someone.

This is an international disgrace. The US has absolutely no right to criticize China or Russia for human rights violations. This should be no surprise. During the Kent State massacre, when National Guardsmen opened fire on unarmed students, they too were not prosecuted. However, at least then, Vice President Spiro Agnew called the Kent State shootings in an interview on the David Frost murder “but not first degree” since it was not premeditated. However, one part-time student, Terry Norman, was believed to be a government plant to observe student protesters. Norman was present during the May 4 protests, taking photographs to identify student leaders while carrying a sidearm and wearing a gas mask. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover denied that Norman had ever worked for the FBI when Norman had admitted that he did work for the FBI. Nothing seems to ever change.

Vaccines & the Tool of Tyranny

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Aug 5, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

According to American Frontline Doctors, 62% of those vaccinated develop blood clots, and they claim that life expectancy maybe 3 years. Moderna’s groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine was designed in just 2 days. They also acknowledge that was POSSIBLE only because they were working with Bill Gates previously.

Look, I am not a doctor. I will leave that to others. What I can see strategically is this is being politically manipulated. I have known people with COVID and could not taste. They got over it in a week. A friend was vaccinated and just came home after 2 weeks in the hospital with some strange development where first they thought it was a stroke, then a heart attack, and then kidney failure. It was like something strange infected him and it was running around his body. NOBODY could say what it was, which makes me think it was the vaccine rather than some mysterious disease never seen before that somehow he caught from a visiting alien.

There is something seriously wrong with this entire picture. Once politicians got involved and Gates was allowed to fund the CDC, FDA, and NIH. There is ABSOLUTELY no possible way of knowing the truth. We are the great unwashed and that is how those in the office view us from above. We are tolerated at best, and they are now breaking the chains that once made them responsible to the people.

I have learned over the years to look at patterns in how people behave. Bill Gates was forced out of Microsoft because, as I believe, he was deliberately creating a monopoly and sought to put the competition out of business. He is displaying the very same thing now with the healthcare industry. He controlled the programs that said 33% of the world was about to die, funded Imperial College which recommended lockdowns, and then he controls the vaccine companies while his coconspirator using his influence to control politicians with the WEF.

Gates and his father’s obsession with overpopulation demonstrate that they do not understand the cycle of nature and believe they possess the power, intelligence, and money/influence to change the world to BUILD BACK BETTER as he thinks it should be.

CDC Study, Most People Infected With COVID During Massachusetts Outbreak Were Vaccinated, 74 Percent of Outbreak Within Vaccinated Population

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 30, 2021 | Sundance | 232 Comments

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released their investigative findings of a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. [Press Release Here] According to their study, 74% of those infected during the regional outbreak were previously vaccinated.

According to the study, 469 cases were tracked from the Provincetown, MA, outbreak July 3rd through 17th.  Of the 469 COVID cases identified, the CDC is claiming 346 (74%) occurred in previously vaccinated people.  Specimens from 133 of the patients showed 90% of those cases were the “Delta variant”.

Five people were hospitalized, no-one died during the outbreak.  [Read Study Here]

(WaPo) […] the study found that vaccinated individuals carried as much virus in their noses as unvaccinated individuals, strongly suggesting that vaccinated people could spread the virus to each other. (link)