On Destroying America (Brecksville)

Petsche and his cohorts are progressives which mean they want to follow President Obama and fundamentally change America (Brecksville) into something other than what it is. There is something fundamentally wrong with this thinking. For example why is just about everybody in the world trying to get in our country if it is the hell hole that the progressive claim it is? And closer to home in Brecksville the survey that was done a few years ago in Brecksville indicated the citizens of Brecksville were overwhelmingly satisfied with the way the city was being run. So why is a major and fundamental change needed in the country and the city of Brecksville?

The answer appears to be personal gain as shown by the corruption in the progressive movement in general and what appears to be a looming corruption in Petsche and by extension his followers and their connections to USA Roofing, inc. and Greenfield Solar Corp.  These two connection are only the ones we know about, how many other do we not know about?

From the Canada Free Press we have On Destroying America

By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 9, 2019

To survive what may be coming, you have to be strong, well anchored, and assured in the midst of craziness and deception everywhere. We are lied to, deceived, and manipulated constantly to believe what isn’t so. Any weakness will declare itself quickly.

Our country is being dismantled, systematically, methodically. It has been going on for a long time, with patience and stealth, since at least the sixties and it is happening from within. Almost everything the Left needs to finish is now in place.

A recent Washington Times op-ed listed a set of conditions that are needed to destroy a nation. Anyone who reads the conditions and compares them with what is now happening and yet disagrees is either not looking or doesn’t want to see. I have added some that I felt were omitted or needed to be included. Some will overlap.

The first condition is to destroy the religion that holds the country together...Christianity. Churches have been decimated by liberal theology…ministers, priests and lay persons preaching their own gospel, counting money instead of souls saved.

The destruction of the nuclear family that produces stable children, wholesale abortion…avowed Communist presidential candidates insisting on exporting abortion around the world, demeaning life, redefining marriage…welfare to a point where the father is no longer needed with whole generations of broken families dependent on the government.

Selling maleness as toxic. They are actively feminizing the male population, making us less able to defend ourselves. They turned the finest military in the world into what was labeled a ‘social experiment’. But, in reality it was not an experiment at all. It was their way to knowingly destroy it.

Our education system has been decimated. Marxist teachers and professors are everywhere. Young people are being bombarded constantly with secular socialist propaganda, teaching the young to be non-judgmental. Accept every form of degeneracy. Children come home from school questioning their grandparent’s values because many of their parents are already on board. They are no longer taught Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, Judeo-Christian values. Instead they are taught Malcolm X, Lenin, Mao and the transsexual that reads to them at the local library. Government schools have virtually eliminated parental authority.

Tribalism…divide and conquer

Tribalism…divide and conquer. When Obama became president he set out to divide the races, and so he did. He convinced many minorities that they were being oppressed and the police are their enemy. And it continues.

Immigrate as many people of other cultures as possible, legal or illegal. Dilute the American culture. Make it less acceptable or even a minority.

Make government bigger. Take over health care. Make individual health care dependent on adhering to government policies. Make the hard sell on global warming, or should I now say climate change. Blame every natural catastrophe on it. Give the government what they want…more power. Their science is as bankrupt as their morals.

Disrespect the nation’s symbols. Express contempt for the Constitution. Show disrespect for our national anthem. Burn our flags or raise flags of other nations.

Fill the government with traitors, ruin the great reputations of great institutions such as the FBI, and the CIA, and treat these people as rock stars. And use the media as the cheerleader.

Make everything political…speech, football, food, where you live, what you drive…shame conservatives at every turn

Make everything political...speech, football, food, where you live, what you drive…shame conservatives at every turn. The Bolsheviks were very successful at this game.

Take over high tech, the internet, the news media, entertainment. Control all opposition opinion.

Take control over a major political party. And so they have. Would anyone have thought every Democrat presidential candidate would adhere to or be sympathetic toward socialism? Years ago it was called liberalism to make it more palatable, but now we have ‘graduated’ to full on calling it socialism or democratic socialism. They’re getting more candid. The final step will be the real intention all along…Communism.

Create a new social order and standard of behavior.
 This new standard includes largely the elimination of the freedom of speech. Watch what you say and report those who don’t conform. I can remember several generations back when common sense was common. No longer. Criminals are treated as victims. White people are labeled as oppressors and must apologize for it. Deranged people who need help are ignored, treated as normal, or just doing their thing. And they are everywhere, creating chaos, as designed and expected.

Take away guns, the ability to defend yourself and your family, the most basic of rights. I put this last to point out the three powers that stand in the way of those who would take our country and our freedoms from us…patriots and people of faith, the 2nd Amendment, President Trump.

Again, be strong in your beliefs. There are forces out to destroy this nation, our culture and society. It is like a cancer that is metastasizing. They will succeed, if we let them. They have accomplished much because too many of us have fallen asleep. Liberals taught us to question authority. It is now time to question theirs.

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Ray DiLorenzo — Bio and Archives

Ray DiLorenzo is a career pilot having retired after 22 years as a contract fire pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire).  He is presently affiliated with Stand Up America founded by Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Ret).

The Jack Petsche Brecksville cabal

The Jack Petsche cabal works under the, a Better Brecksville moniker and that includes Jack Petsche for Mayor, Gretchen Corp Jones, Mike Schumaker, Chis Hannigan and Ann Koepke all for council.   From what I know from reading what is on their websites and what they say when they talk I would say they are very dangerous people. Below are those that want to rule you, don’t be fooled by their smiles!

I have talked about why I say this before but I’ll say it once more. When I went in the army in 1965 after college I was given two branch options for getting my commission when I graduated from Officers Candidate School, OCS. Basically they were the NSA or Special Forces.  Since I like physical challenges as well as mental challenges I became an officer in the Green Berets. So the question is what the hell does that have to do with a better Brecksville in 2019?

Well it’s actually very simple, back then we were in a cold war with the U.S.S.R. and a hot war in Vietnam as the communists were trying to take Vietnam. The Green Berets were the first to go into Vietnam and always had the most dangerous assignments we were the tip of the spear as they say. So what did we study to get prepared beyond the arts of war and it was communism. Now I had an advantage since I had an undergrad in economics and communism is the political means to create a Marxist economics  Utopia. We studied the history of Vietnam learned some of the language and read books like Street without Joy by Bernard Hall published in 1961 and The Centurions by Jean Larteguy and published in 1962  lastly we had the US government Area Handbook for North Vietnam DA Pam No 550-57 published in June 1967. So we were the most prepared to understand what was happening in Vietnam.

Skip forward to the 1990’s when I first saw troubling social changes happening so I read a lot more on Vietnam and politics and updated my economics and wrote a book on what I was seeing called Power Economics for the Next generation in 1994; the subject of which was the country was starting to move in a bad direction — toward socialism, but there was no reason to do so. Seven years later we had 9/11 and I started my research again this time a lot more seriously. This time I read Rules for Radical’s written by Saul Alinsky in 1971 and Prairie Fire written by the Weather Underground in 1974. Read both as they describe exactly what is happening today and if it doesn’t scare the C**** out of you then you must be one of them. And then I wrote another book this time it was more comprehensive and I called it An Essay on Moral Philosophy in Western Civilization written in 2017/2018 and released in January 2019.

This latest book of mine was about the communist takeover of the Democrat party and their goal to turn us into a socialist Utopia. This battle to change the country started when the U.S.S.R. collapsed and the Marxists in our country (progressives) panicked and started their takeover in earnest after the initial start in 1913. In my semi-expert opinion I believe that Jack Petsche, Gretchen Corp Jones, Mike Schumaker, Chis Hannigan and Ann Koepke, albeit at a low level as I do not believe any of them have the mental ability to operate at a high level, are part of the program to change us from a Republic to a single party soviet style country. Of course they must first get rid of the US Constitution. To do that they must destroy history and replace it with distorted stories called propaganda from back in the day or Newspeak from Orwell’s 1984.

From George Orwell …

“Who controls the past controls the future.

Who controls the present controls the past.”

However the a Better Brecksville cabal seem to be operating at the thug level not the sophisticated level that is really required to be successful. By that I mean as an SF officer would have to be capable of as was shown in the book Horse Soldiers and the move 12 Strong of the SF teams that went into Afghanistan and beat the Taliban into submission within a few months. See my review of the move in My Book and Movie reviews. That is what real strategic plan and solid tactical implementation gives you. That operation level is not what these, a Better Brecksville armatures have. However they are well funded (Soros) and the is only a part of a national movement to take over the country in 2020.

From Dave Pristash …

“Who (Universities) controls the past controls the future.

Who (Google, Facebook & Twitter) controls the present controls the past.

Who (Progressives/Marxists) controls the means of communication (Smart Phones) has the means to achieve all their desires.”


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