Report: Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Morsi Dies in Court…

Mohamed Morsi was Egypt’s leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and installed as Egyptian president by extremists during the Islamist Spring.  According to Reuters Morsi collapsed in court today and died:

CAIRO (Reuters) – Ousted former Egyptian Islamist president Mohamed Morsi died on Monday after he fainted in court following a hearing, state television reported.

State television said Morsi, who was 67, was in court for a hearing on charges of espionage emanating from suspected contacts with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

Mursi was serving a 20-year prison sentence for a conviction arising from the killing of protesters during demonstrations in 2012 and a life sentence for espionage in a case related to the Gulf state of Qatar. (more)

Both President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton praised Mohamed Morsi when he was ruling Egypt as the chosen representative of The Muslim Brotherhood.

After taking power Morsi immediately opened all the prisons letting the jailed Brotherhood terrorists run free. Then Morsi began jailing his political opponents; he disbanded the court system, and instituted a Sharia compliant constitution while slaughtering hundreds of Coptic Christians.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton praised Morsi – the majority of Egyptian people hated him.

Egyptian military General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was quickly recruited by the people to take over and remove Mohamed Morsi from office.  President el-Sisi stopped the chaos, removed the extremists; exiled the Brotherhood; destroyed Hamas border tunnels into Gaza; began fighting radical Islam, and provided security for all Egyptians, including the Coptic Christians.


[If you put “Morsi” in the search bar [example], you can read dozens of stories about him and the mayhem he created for the people of Egypt.  Mohamed Morsi was bad news.]

China vs the US in Trade Negotiations


Mr Armstrong

In your opinion of Trump’s trade war policy, you disagree with him because it makes China look weak. What is your solution when the real problem is China stealing intellectual property and they have been called out on it. A person or party always looks weak when they get caught doing something illegal or immoral. Is a little dose of humility and acknowledgment of the error too much to ask?


ANSWER: When dealing with nations, you really cannot humiliate the other side. The best way to deal with that is privately to make it appear there is cooperation and dignity. Both sides must save face. This is not a brawl nor is it a negotiation in a lawsuit. I believe that there is a huge cultural divide and that is a big problem. Many in the private sector in Asia do not negotiate the same way things are done in the West.

The best way is to negotiate behind the curtain and allow the victory to be shared. Head to head confrontation will never win. They cannot afford to yield. This is the same problem with Russia. How can anyone expect Putin to say, “Oh, sorry, you are right. I will yield to your sanctions!” There is less than a zero percent chance of that EVER happening and it would be political suicide for Putin to adopt such a policy in Russia.

I have been in that position of trying to negotiate between two foreign governments. It is not an easy task. One government asked me to see what I could do because I knew the leadership in the other. You must respect the dignity of each player when you are at that level of negotiation

Huawei Tech Prepares for 40 to 60 Percent Drop in International Smartphone Shipments…

Bloomberg has an interesting article citing an internal discussion within Chinese technology company Huawei as they estimate the financial impact to the U.S. blacklist position.

Do the math… Huawei estimates an international drop of between 40 million to 60 million units at an average retail cost of $500 per unit. That is a stunning financial forecast for a drop in sales.

(Via Bloomberg) Huawei Technologies Co. is preparing for a 40% to 60% drop in international smartphone shipments as the Trump administration’s blacklisting hammers one of the Chinese tech giant’s most important businesses.

China’s largest technology company is crunching internal estimates and exploring options including pulling the latest model of its marquee overseas label, the Honor 20, people familiar with the matter say.

The device begins selling in parts of Europe June 21 including France and the U.K., but executives are monitoring the launch and may cut off shipments if it sells poorly as expected, they said, asking not to be identified discussing internal matters. Already, two of France’s largest carriers aren’t bothering with the Honor at all, two people familiar with the matter said.

Huawei sales and marketing managers are internally charting a drop in volumes of anywhere between 40 million to 60 million smartphonesthis year, the people said. That’s a big chunk of an international business that in 2018 accounted for almost half of the 206 million phones it moved.

The unusually wide range underscores the uncertainty gripping Huawei, a Chinese national champion that Washington accuses of aiding Beijing in espionage — something the company has repeatedly denied.

The U.S. in May blacklisted Huawei, choking off the American components and software it needs to run its businesses. That includes updates for the Google Android system that powers all its smartphones abroad. Without that software, devices like the Honor 20 wouldn’t be able to run critical apps like Google Maps and Gmail.

[…] Priced at 399 pounds ($500), the Honor 20 runs on the most advanced Android 9 software and is the latest in a line that’s won over budget-conscious consumers, including in the U.S.

[…] Huawei aims to grab as much as half of the smartphone market in China in 2019 to offset the decline overseas, the people said, citing internal discussions about year-end goals.

While the domestic market is shrinking, Huawei hopes to boost shipments by investing in marketing and expanding distribution channels, one of the people said. (more)

$20 to $30 BILLION loss on Smartphones alone.

Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Suspends Chinese Extradition Proposal…

~ Dance With The Dragon ~

Amid the furor from hundreds-of-thousands -perhaps millions- of protestors, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announces a ‘suspension‘ of the proposed extradition law that would have permitted extradition of Hong Kong residents to Chinese law enforcement.

Lam apologized on Sunday, for the way the Hong Kong government handled the proposal but she did not fully take the controversial law off the table.  The ripple effect of the proposal itself now calls into question the autonomy of Hong Kong, and many observers foresee it is now only a matter of time before China takes a tighter grip.

Currently Hong Kong is not subject to the same economic consequences within the U.S-China confrontation.  As long as Hong Kong is considered ‘autonomous’ they remain detached from U.S. tariffs and other measures targeted to China.  However, if China breeches the increasingly unclear barriers, judicial and legal systems intended to provide that autonomy – well, then the situation could change.  Hong Kong is tenuous at best.

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam apologized to its people on Sunday as an estimated 1 million-plus black-clad protesters insisted that she resign over her handling of a bill that would allow citizens to be sent to mainland China for trial.

[…] On Sunday, she apologized for the way the government had handled the draft law, which had been scheduled for debate last Wednesday, but gave no further insight into its fate.

[…]  The protests have plunged Hong Kong into political crisis, heaping pressure on Lam’s administration and her official backers in Beijing.

Critics say the planned extradition law could threaten Hong Kong’s rule of law and its international reputation as an Asian financial hub. Some Hong Kong tycoons have already started moving personal wealth offshore.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Trump would raise the issue of Hong Kong human rights at a potential meeting with president Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Japan this month.  (read more)

This controversy couldn’t come at a worse time for Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping as many in the international community are beginning to question the scale of damage likely to increase as an outcome of the U.S. -vs- China confrontation.

President Donald Trump is applying massive economic pressure upon China in an effort to force a complete restructuring of trade terms that will have global implications.  The recent moves by Trump have significantly weakened the supply chain position of a Chinese nation that is dependent on raw materials, and the import/acquisition of technology systems.

As a consequence, on the geopolitical front – Beijing is now threatening any institution that would consider an exit from China, and simultaneously burning massive amounts of cash to subsidize their manufacturing position and offset any tariff impact.

As manufacturing investment begins to shift to South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines and alternate ASEAN nations, capital is starting to flow out of Hong Kong into safer financial systems within Tokyo and Singapore.

The situation for Chairman Xi is worsening daily and U.S. President Donald Trump has only just begun the consequence phase.

China has never faced a structural economic challenge so comprehensive and simultaneously so consequential.  Decades of central planning by Beijing is being deconstructed by President Trump, and the Chinese have yet to see the worst of it.

Historically the totalitarian Chinese response has been to drop the panda mask and turn to their Red Dragon authoritarian nature.  However, until now they have only faced internal challenges to their systems….

President Trump is applying external pressure, external challenges, and Beijing is discovering when they unleash the Dragon approach into an external global market that is adverse to Dragon instability, the economic systems do not acquiesce.  Instead, with more antagonism and threats the free West responds by quietly discontinuing the relationship.

Beijing has no frame-of-reference, culturally, to understand this dynamic.  Economic systems, based on freedom and capitalistic markets, are like free people… neither like to be threatened and controlled by oppressive regimes.

Stunning how consequential this is in the larger dynamic.

Dying to Visit The Dominican Republic?….

No-one seems to know why Americans are dying of ‘heart attacks’ during vacations in the Dominican Republic, but many people are beginning to suspect intentional poisoning by hotel workers.   Another mysterious death today:

(Dominican Republic) The son of a New York hospital technician who died suddenly in her room at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana says Dominican authorities are resisting doing toxicology tests and pressuring him to have her body cremated or embalmed before its return to the U.S.

Will Cox, 25, told Fox News on Friday that his mother, Leyla, who died Monday evening at the Excellence resort, was on a solo trip to celebrate her 53rd birthday and was in good health.

A Dominican police report, which Cox showed to Fox News, listed the cause of death as a heart attack. (read more)

Suspicious Cat is suspicious

U.S. Identifies Iran as Responsible for Two Tanker Ship Attacks in Gulf of Oman Today…

In the early hours of this morning, two vessels transiting through the Strait of Hormuz towards the Indian Ocean were attacked by unknown entities causing hull breach explosions that rendered the vessels inoperable.  The sailors were evacuated.

The Norwegian owned “Front Altair” (cargo: 75,000 tonnes of naphtha), and the Japanese owned “Kokuka Courageous” (cargo: 25,000 tonnes of methanol) were struck in the Gulf of Oman; the same strategic sea lane where four oil vessels were sabotaged last month.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has identified Iran as the government responsible for the attacks.  [Press Conference Video]


No doubt Iran feels empowered to attack Western interests partly due to the support expressed by former Secretary of State Kerry and former President Obama.  Both have created an open window for Iran by undermining President Trump.

(Tweet Link)

(Via Daily Mail) […] The Altair had been loaded at a port in the Gulf with a petroleum product known as naphtha, and was on its way to the Far East.

The Altair’s cargo was worth more than $30million, according to estimates from trade sources.

Meanwhile, a shipping broker said the Kokuka, which flies under Panama’s flag, had suffered an explosion after an ‘outside attack’ which may have involved a magnetic mine.

The company operating the ship, which was heading to Singapore, said the attack had caused ‘damage to the ship’s hull starboard side.’

The Kokuka’s 21 crew were picked up by the nearby Vessel Coastal Ace, leaving the tanker adrift and empty after an engine room fire.

One of the crew members was slightly injured in the incident and received first aid on board the Coastal Ace, while the Kokuka’s methanol cargo is said to be intact. (read more)

The oil tanker attacks came as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (left) met Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran today


The Country The World Says Doesn’t Exist

Published on Jul 7, 2018

Edit: In case it isn’t clear in the video, this is meant to be a story of Artsakh, from the view of Artsakh. It isn’t unemotional geopolitics. The Armenians are in no ways saints, and the Azeri in no way demons. The Azeri refugees forced from their homes in the external lands that Artsakhians took in the war (even against their own internal judgement) for military purposes have every right to be upset and want it back. As I say in every video, please research this all on your own. There is a very deep, nuanced, interesting story to be told from all sides. This one just happens to be from Artsakh. If you would like to visit Artsakh, I’d highly recommend staying with Saro Saryan in Shushi. His family are the living embodiment of the community, fashioned together into a wonderful guest house atmosphere. His 23 year old soldier, diplomat, lawyer son is the focus of our next episode, which I hope you’ll stick around for. Patreon account, for those who care:…

First Lady Melania Trump Visits Mori Building Digital Art Museum…

While President Trump and Prime Minister Abe were playing golf, Madame Akie Abe took First Lady Melania Trump to the incredible Mori Building Digital Art Museum.

The digital art museum is maintained by Team Lab Borderless and has quickly become a very popular destination for visitors to Tokyo.  It is a massive installation, spanning 10,000 square meters, and divided into five worlds with about 60 exhibits among them.

UPDATE: Video Added

Stephanie Grisham


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Melania Trump