The Coming French Revolution


Ever since the civil unrest began on May 5, 2013, there has been escalating economic tension within France. A lack of economic growth has plagued France and Europe as a whole. The French share market peaked in 2000 and has been unable to elect ANY Yearly Bullish Reversals to date, and 2018 appears to be no different for this year’s closing. With the insane taxes of Hollande, the rich French invested outside the country. Without private investment, there is no job creation of any worthwhile level. This is what the Socialists refuse to consider.

This latest series of popular rebellions erupted on November 17, 2018, and has spread quickly via social media, with protesters blocking roads across France and impeding access to shopping malls, factories, and some fuel depots. They gather at the Arc de Triomphe, chanting “Macron Resign” and writing graffiti on the Arch itself: “The yellow vests will triumph.”

I previously warned: “We will see that risk erupt by 2020 or 51.6 years from the May 1968 cultural revolution.” The tensions have not subsided, but instead, they have begun to escalate.

Just how is Chinese communist disinformation playing into coverage of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak? How has the Chinese regime been ramping up its efforts to spread propaganda and shape news content globally, including in the US? And, what methods does Beijing use to systematically suppress dissenting voices and critical coverage? This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

Today is Brexit Day – The U.K Formally Departs The European Union at 11:00pm…

I think it is fair to say: no individual has worked harder for this day than Britain’s Nigel Farage. Without his relentless work to organize voters to remove the U.K. from the European Union; and then to organize again -three years later-  to break the Brexit stalemate in Parliament; this momentous day would not have arrived.  [Tweet]

(Via Daily Mail) Boris Johnson will deliver a plea for the country to move on from Brexit as the UK finally leaves the EU tonight.

In an address to be broadcast shortly before Britain’s departure at [11pm U.K. / 6pm U.S. ET], the Prime Minister will insist that Brexit marks ‘not an end but a beginning’.

And in a sign of the new Government’s changed approach, he will convene a symbolic Cabinet meeting this afternoon in Sunderland, the first city to declare for Brexit when the 2016 referendum results came out.

Tonight he will stress his belief that the referendum was a vote not just to leave the EU, but also for lasting change in neglected areas of the country. Mr Johnson will describe Brexit as ‘the moment when the dawn breaks and the curtain goes up on a new act’.  (Read more)


In honor of Brexit Day, it’s worth remembering one of the funniest moments in the history of Twitter that occurred June 2016; on the day the U.K. first voted for freedom:

Many of us stayed up that night in June 2016 to watch the Brexit referendum vote returns from polling stations across the U.K….  The establishment shock was incredible when they realized the majority of U.K. citizens voted to leave the European union.

The European shock was only second to a similar American establishment reaction five months later when Donald Trump won the November 2016 presidential election.

It has been a long, stressful and challenging path for Brexit supporters, filled with ups and downs.  However, today is a day for all U.K. citizens to enjoy.

Bold new opportunities await…




The day has finally arrived!

Happy , everyone! 🇬🇧🥳

Happy Brexit Day

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Nigel Farage


Happy Brexit Day!

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UK Prime Minister


Today is the day the UK is leaving the EU.

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Nigel Farage on the Meaning of Brexit

Nigel Farage’s Final Appearance in the EU Parliament


Brexit Day Has Arrived!

Welcome to Brexit Day! The British Mint is issuing a new 50 pence coin to mark leaving the EU at last. High-profile figures are already pledging to boycott the new coin. Alastair Campbell will boycott the coin because the slogan opposes his core beliefs. Philip Pullman will as well because, he says, it is missing an Oxford comma. These two people reflect the decline and fall of democracy. They simply refuse to accept the majority vote.

Of course, those who were in the “Remain” camp used every foul label they could find in the Oxford dictionary to desperately dehumanize those who voted to leave. The main label that stuck was to call them “racists” when the immigrants pouring from Merkel’s fatal mistake were claiming to be Muslim, which is a religion and not a race.

The “Remain” camp was even striking their own coins and selling them on eBay. These show the Queen holding her head when in fact the behind-the-curtain view was that she very much agreed with getting out of the EU.

Theresa May was a career politician who personally wanted to REMAIN. She negotiated half-heartedly and that was reflected in her abysmal management of the government.


The most interesting aspect to demonstrate just how corrupt the politicians were in Britain who kept arguing to REMAIN was the fact that they were supporting their personal power and careers. All someone had to do was chart the government’s own statistics that proved Britain’s economic growth has declined ever since Britain joined the EU back in 1973. The continental Europeans in government have always resented the British, for without them they would be speaking German today. That has always left a resentful taste in their mouths. It’s kind of like how they say the best way to get rid of a friend is to lend them money.

There will always be that resentment toward Britain. The French demanded that no EU member should issue coins that commemorated the defeat of Napoleon. There was a commemorative issue of coins, but they were not allowed to circulate pursuant to the demand of the French to join the euro. Resentments linger in Europe and always will. It is ingrained within the culture of so many hundreds of years of conflicts and war. The creation of the euro will never change history

Ukraine & the Obama/Biden Grip on Corruption that Was a Silent Counter-Revolution

QUESTION: Hi Mr Armstrong,
I so much appreciate your lifetime of work and dedication to the Truth. I really appreciate so much your history lessons and deep connected objective lessons into the cumulative interconnecting web of this world we live in.

I ask a large favor .

Could you explain some Ukrainian History and in particular go into the modern history of the economic war with Russia and the US Deep state and explain how the Biden’s , Obama and the Clinton criminal machine along with the entire corrupt web of scum have and continue to infect Ukraine and how you and socrates see the future for Ukraine and our region, please .

So many of our people have been killed, murdered, mutilated, tutored . Very few Americans have even a faintest idea what life is like to just survive here . Suicides everyday.
I would love to somehow expose the Biden’s , Clinton crime family and all those criminal psychopaths.

Our entire one beautiful culture has been forever destroyed by the American MIC . Out men have been destroyed , our best killed, and all that is left is alcoholism !! and now psychopathic old men from America, from Britain come here to use our women as prostitutes !!!

I cry for my country , BUT there is NO justice as America continues to kill millions of our people with their greed, their assassination teams!!. ALL in the name of GREED.
Even in America we see the destruction of the USA.

But at least our people here in Ukraine have morals and a strong spirit as we fight for our freedom .

You Americans (not you Mr. Armstrong, as you are a true Hero and a man of absolute moral fibre and deep honor !!) , but most Americans we see as naive, nascent but worse they are cowards .

Thank you Mr. Armstrong for being the rarest man of honor

ANSWER: I have personal friends in Ukraine. I heard back in 2013 that Ukraine would be an important country to watch and that has not changed as we can see with Trump’s impeachment. I was providing advice with respect to the revolution and explained that the key to success was to divide the government. Yanukovich was using Russians and East Ukrainian Russian thugs as riot police in Kyiv. I explained that they had to get the local police to turn against the imported police. Once they accomplished that, the revolution would see victory. I had personal friends there on the barricades and I knew others administering medical attention to the injured. Even my mother was concerned because she had come to know some of them as well.

I had personal friends who took pictures with Russian soldiers inside Ukraine before anyone knew they were even there. They asked if they were there to protect them, and they responded yes. They asked if they could take their photo with them and they said of course. I clipped the photo to protect my sources.

I believe the disinformation campaign began with the vast majority of pundits claiming the revolution was all orchestrated by the CIA. That was a cover-up so people would not look at the corruption of Obama/Biden and their effort to seize Ukraine. What was really taking place was the threats that if Obama’s/Biden’s handpicked successors were overthrown by the people again, that they would be on their own and the West would not protect them from the Russians.


I know it was not a CIA plot. They are not that good. This was a legitimate uprising for I was talking directly with my contacts in Kyiv.

The government that Obama/Biden stuffed into Ukraine was one that was simply willing to switch sides to the highest bidder. Many were simply the very same people who supported Yanukovich. Biden’s level of corruption is off the charts. It has directly infected Ukraine and has done far more damage by preventing the Ukrainian revolution from accomplishing its goal. Unfortunately, the politics in America is so divided that the Democrats will protect the Biden corruption machine, which is just a twin to that of the Clinton’s.

CNN will NEVER publish the truth about Ukraine or the Democrats. It is no longer a news operation, it has become a propaganda machine that AT&T should be embarrassed to support. One has to wonder why AT&T has become so subversive threatening the image of America internationally and fueling the deepening division in America that will undermine the entire country long-term.

Anyone who dares to try to speak out about Biden and Ukraine in America is immediately attacked. If the Justice Department investigated Biden and his family, the Democrats would call it interfering with the 2020 election.

I believe you will see another uprising in 2022 where perhaps, at last, you will be able to overthrow the corruption supported by the Obama/Biden oligarchy machine. I am sorry that the media in America has become part of the corruption that oppresses your country. In Ukraine, the Obama/Biden grip on corruption was a silent counter-revolution that prevented Ukraine from achieving its freedom.

Iranian Protests Against Regime Cast a Stark Contrast…

Protests against the regime of Ayatollah Khamenei erupted today in Tehran following the government admission of shooting down Ukraine Airline Flight 752. In scenes that look familiar to the 2010 ‘green movement’, thousands of Iranian protestors, many young women, have gathered to express their opposition to the dictatorial government.

Stunningly, it has been reported that the U.K. Ambassador in Tehran was arrested for filming the protests.

(Via Daily Mail) Iranians have gathered in the streets of Tehran to demand the resignation of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei after the regime admitted it had mistakenly shot down a civilian passenger plane.

Angry crowds gathered on Saturday night in at least four locations in Tehran, chanting ‘death to liars’ and calling for the country’s supreme leader to step down over the tragic military blunder, video from the scene shows.

What began as mournful vigils for Iranian lives lost on the flight soon turned to outrage and protest against the regime, and riot police quickly cracked down, firing tear gas into the crowd.

‘Death to the Islamic Republic’ protesters chanted, as the regime’s security forces allegedly used ambulances to sneak heavily armed paramilitary police into the middle of crowds to disperse the demonstration. (read more)

Richard Grenell


If you know someone in Iran, now would be the time to send a message of support. 


Protesters in Tehran clash with riot police as they demand the Ayatollah RESIGNS and call for regime change after Iran finally admits to shooting down jet and killing 176 people 

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Imam of Peace


: Reports: British ambassador in Tehran arrested tonight while photographing the protests against the downing of the Ukrainian plane. I bet they’re going to accuse him of being a spy. This is against the laws of diplomatic immunity.

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Ali Hamedani


Another round of ; in front of Tehran polytechnic university; “Death to the Islamic republic, down with @Khamenei_fa

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Amichai Stein


: Reports: British ambassador in Tehran arrested tonight while photographing the protests against the downing of the Ukrainian plane

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Secretary Pompeo


The voice of the Iranian people is clear. They are fed up with the regime’s lies, corruption, ineptitude, and brutality of the IRGC under @khamenei_ir‘s kleptocracy. We stand with the Iranian people who deserve a better future.

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Taiwan Votes to Retain Freedom From China – Tsai Ing-wen Easily Wins Re-election…

The results of a massive turnout vote in Taiwan reflect the country wishes to remain free from the overbearing influence of communist China.

(Hong Kong Free Press) […] Taiwan’s incumbent leader Tsai Ing-wen has won Saturday’s presidential election, defeating her Beijing-friendly rival Han Kuo-yu by a wide margin.

[…] With 8.1 million votes as of 10:30pm, Tsai won the highest number of votes of any presidential candidate in Taiwan’s history of democratic elections. Han, on the other hand, received just over 5.5 million votes, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

Tsai stated in her victory speech: “I want to once again call upon Beijing authorities to remind them that peace, clarity, democracy and dialogue are key to positive cross-strait interactions and long-term development,” she added. “I also hope that Beijing authorities understand that democratic Taiwan and our democratically-elected government will not concede to threats and intimidation.”  (more)

Iran Reaches for Revenge!



It’s difficult to draw a cartoon while events are rapidly changing, so this cartoon came to mind. As I penned this I learned a jet crashed outside of Tehran, killing a great many people.

Was it accidentally shot down or targeted intentionally by Iran?

UPDATE: Reports indicate Iranian officials informed the Iraqi government before the attack that they were launching missiles at US bases, and the Iraqis informed US officials to prepare for attack. Conclusion is this attack was meant for Tehran to save face.

Even through Iran is ruled by religious lunatics, they must have some sanity left, because they made it clear they do not a full-blown war with the United States. Let’s hope the president shows restraint and avoids a full war with the Persian nation. We would defeat Iran, but at the cost of many lives on both sides.

It’s time to stop the tit-for-tat game and get out of the Middle East entirely. Iraq wants us to go. We supposedly brought Democracy there, so let’s respect their vote and get out. That probably won’t happen. The neocon deep state swamp, the globalists, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and our military industrial complex want Iran taken out. Trump has done a good job of avoiding war with Iran and I’ve praised him for it. Iran is foolishly playing into their hands by escalating the situation. Did they overreach to save face?

We don’t need another never-ending war. Trump promised to get us out of the useless wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. It’s time for him to deliver on his promise.

—Ben Garrison