Fauci Signaling to Acosta During White House Briefing…

Dr. Anthony Fauci did it again.  The first time Fauci was noted signaling to his allies in media was when he signaled to ABC’s Jonathan Karl after an antagonistic exchange with President Trump at a task force briefing [SEE HERE].

Today, another briefing, and CNN’s Jim Acosta had a similar antagonistic exchange with President Trump. Once again Dr. Fauci hangs back to give Acosta a similar signal.  Subtle like a brick through a window.  WATCH:


It’s weird. Dr. Fauci doesn’t make his little signals to any other media in the briefings other than those who seem to be purposefully antagonistic to the efforts of the administration?

Good News – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Improving – Still in ICU, But Sitting Up and Engaging…

Very good news.  Keep the prayers going; it works.  The latest reports from the U.K. indicate positive health improvements for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

(Via Daily Mail) Boris Johnson is ‘improving’ in hospital after two days in intensive care battling coronavirus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak revealed this afternoon.

In news that will come as a relief to the nation he said that the Prime Minister had also been sitting up in bed after two nights in St Thomas’s Hospital in London.

Fronting the daily news conference, Mr Sunak began by giving an update on Mr Johnson’s condition, amid questions over his treatment in the lead up to his hospitalisation.

‘The latest news from the hospital is that the prime minister remains in intensive care, where his condition is improving,’ Mr Sunak said. I can also tell you that he has been sitting up in bed and engaging positively with the clinical team.’

[…] No10 tonight confirmed that Mr Johnson ‘continues to make steady progress’ but remains in intensive care. (more)

Wow, Good News – Latest COVID-19 Projections Show Peak on Saturday, and Total Deaths 60,000 (Same As 2017/2018 Flu Season)…

There was another stunning drop in projections by the IHME model; the current model being used by U.S. government officials on the coronavirus task force. [Model Here]

According to the latest projections the peak of U.S. coronavirus impact will take place on Saturday April 11th, ironically the day before Easter Sunday.

Additionally, the total projected number of COVID-19 related deaths has been dropped to 60,000.  That’s the same impact as the regular 2017/2018 flu season.

National Vital Statistics – Coding for COVID-19 Deaths

…..”for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumedto have caused or contributed to death”…

Would You Trust Democrats to lead the country in a crisis? We don’t!

New Tina Toon.

When I saw Sheila Jackson Lee and Crying Chuck Schumer proudly wearing their face mask fashion statement…incorrectly…I thought, well there’s a new cartoon!

Maybe Chuck wasn’t briefed on the proper face mask wear or maybe he just couldn’t cover his nose, we are not sure.

Anyone who has ever sanded wood, groomed a dog or cleaned out a dusty attic knows the proper way to wear a mask. Our medical professionals know to keep the mouth and the nose covered.

Which made me ask the age old question…”What would Joe Biden do?”

The world’s smallest hammock for little green men maybe?

Knowing the far, far, far Left’s fondness for wearing nothing but black electrical tape, I knew they would happily come up with a similar solution for a face mask.

And of course the blind, do nothing but blame Trump Democrats.  With their eyes blinded to anything the President says or does that helps the country, they truly are the enemy of the American People!

 I hope this cartoon makes you laugh today!


Dr. Fauci: You Already Made Off With The Present, Quit Messing With The Future

Dr. Fauci’s doomsday predictions

Judi McLeod image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 8, 2020

Dr. Fauci's doomsday predictionsPhoto: American Mirror

‘The Time of the Coronavirus’, which has shut down the entire world, is a daily digital horror show in America, where you can watch Gruesome Twosome, Doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx predict by computer-generated models what is coming your way, followed regularly by media gang-ups on President Donald Trump during ‘Question’ periods.

Most of us don’t know what’s coming tomorrow—but doomsayer Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, does.

The medical guru told a coronavirus press briefing on Monday that the world may never return to the “normal” that was known before the outbreak.

Down though the annals of time, it’s been the prophets, soothsayers, fortune tellers and global warming/climate change experts who claim to know what’s coming tomorrow.

Now that an ‘invisible enemy’ is striking all countries of the world, infecting people of all ages, it’s Fauci from a stage of the White House.

“When we get back to normal, we will go back to the point where we can function as a society,” he said.  He continued, “If you want to get back to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense that the threat is there.” (Fox News, April 7, 2020)

So, according to the good doctor, we can’t get back to pre-coronavirus as long as its threat is still there.

We should all hope that this isn’t as planned as it sounds…

Otherwise, a thriving world without the threat of viruses will be impossible to find.

No White House correspondent chose the opportunity to ask Fauci: ‘How do you know’?

Daily Coronavirus pressers streamed from the White House show a daily lineup of media members, who, rather than asking meaningful questions to get precious information back to a watching public, trying to outdo each other on attacking the president instead.

“As of early Tuesday morning, the coronavirus has been blamed for 74,000 deaths globally. Health experts in some of the hardest-hit areas have reported a decline in new infections, but the U.S. is expecting a very challenging next few weeks. (Fox News)

“Fauci said Sunday that people must be prepared for a resurgence next year, which is why officials fighting the pandemic are pushing for a vaccine and clinical trials for therapeutic interventions so “we will have interventions that we did not have” when this started.

“He said Monday that he is encouraged about therapies and “confident that over a period of time we will get a good vaccine, that we will never have to get back to where we are right now.”

Isn’t that the same thing that billionaire One-Worlder Bill Gates is saying?

Up to now White House correspondents have remained patently polite and downright tolerant of Fauci and Birx, so there have been no suspicions of collusion between the medical duo and ‘inquiring’ journalists.

ABC’s Jon Karl “salutes” Dr. Fauci

“The internet is going wild over a video clip from the end of President Trump’s daily Coronavirus briefing. (American Mirror, April 7, 2020)

“Before I explain that, let me give you the leadup.

“During the briefing, President Trump got into a savage exchange with ABC’s Jon Karl. It was so epic, that many are calling it one of Trump’s biggest takedowns of a fake news reporter in a long while.

“President Trump referred to Karl as a “third rate reporter” and told him he’d never “make it.”

“But it’s what happened afterward that has most people buzzing.

“At the close of the briefing, Dr. Fauci exits the room last.

“ABC’s Jon Karl “salutes” Dr. Fauci – which seems more than a bit odd, wouldn’t you say? And in turn, Fauci gives Karl a “good job” signal.

“You can watch the video below:

Femme Fatale@RealBasedMAGA

“You’re a third-rate reporter. What you just said is a disgrace — you will never make it.” @realDonaldTrump

I absolutely LOVED watching @jonkarl get DESTROYED in this presser🤣🔥

Embedded video
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“Many people found the exchange between the two men very odd and commented about it online.
  • “Leave him out of the briefings he never has anything new to say anyway”
  • “Naturally, he’s Hillary’s “Secret Weapon” after all.”
  • “Of course he was doing this. He works for the Deep State. We all know this right?”
  • “If Trump sees this he’s toast.”
  • “I would say that’s a bit more than the good job signal too…”


(2) ABC’s Jonathan Karl salutes Fauci.

(3) Fauci returns gesture w/ ‘good job’ signal.

Seems like Fauci & Karl were coordinating the antagonism toward @realDonaldTrump today.

cc: @DonaldJTrumpJr @Scavino45 https://twitter.com/JenniferJJacobs/status/1247312190895423490 

Jennifer Jacobs


Embedded video

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While the gruesome twosome hold centre stage in the Coronavirus outbreak coverage and the media outdo each other with who can ask the most stupid question, why is no one asking why social distancing never came up during any of the killer seasonal influenza outbreaks, or about the state of hygiene in many of our hospitals:

“In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections, from all types of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi combined, cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.  (Wikipedia)

“In Europe, where hospital surveys have been conducted, the category of gram-negative infections are estimated to account for two-thirds of the 25,000 deaths each year.

“Nosocomial infections can cause severe pneumonia and infections of the urinary tract, bloodstream and other parts of the body.

“Many types display antimicrobial resistance, which can complicate treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci should be told about his doomsday predictions:  “Since you already stole our present, you can quit messing with our future any time now.”

The Legacy of a Marxist failure – Dr. WHO

What we should know have known about the head of the World Health Organization, but didn’t

Barry Shaw image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 8, 2020

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, China, President XiDr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the name of the top global health official. But what do we know about this man?  The globalization-favoring leftist mainstream media has been silent, apparently reluctant to investigate the total lack of qualifications of this man for the role.

They give him the moniker of “Doctor”, but he is not really a doctor at all. In fact, he is the first World Health Organization Director-General without a medical degree.

Not only does China have a global responsibility to come clean, so does the WHO

He has never cured a patient in his life. He has a diploma in public health, but even this could not cover his dangerous incompetence as Ethiopia’s Health Minister.

There is growing unhappiness with this man following the disastrous virus crisis. Prominent US senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have joined the global call for Doctor WHO’s removal.

Rubio accused him, with reasonable cause, of pandering to Communist Beijing who, through the office of Dr. WHO, misled the global community. Tedros echoed China’s false claim that the virus had no human-to-human transmission.

In other words, he was the global mouthpiece for Chinese lies.

Former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, tweeted about Tedros’s unquestioning promotion of Chinese lies. “This was posted by the WHO on January 14, that the WHO found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus.”

The World Health Organization didn’t find any because they didn’t look. Tedros Adhanom simply chanted China’s disinformation.

Because Tedros echoed China’s lies, the global communities lost vital weeks in evaluating and fighting the pandemic at  the cost of 100,000 lives and widespread economic ruin, a global ruin that is benefiting China’s Belt and Road foreign and economic global policy.

Not only does China have a global responsibility to come clean, so does the WHO. But who is going to keep their feet to the fire? The United Nations? Forget it!

Tedros, the Chinese front man at the World Health Organization

In early April, while the China pandemic was raging from country to country, China was elected to sit on the UN Human Rights Council panel, a committee that decides who is a human rights abuser. Any bets that China will be excluded from such a list no matter how many of their citizens were abused, silenced, welded into infected apartment buildings to die, or made to disappear throughout China’s national epidemic?

In February, Tedros, the Chinese front man at the World Health Organization, said there was no need to impose travel restrictions on China. He insisted that measures to restrict travel and trade were “unnecessary” in trying to halt the spread of the virus. This as hospitals and cemeteries were filling with the victims of the Chinese pandemic.

In February and March, as the world was reeling from the Chinese virus, Tedros continued to praise the Beijing regime.

In February he said, “I was so impressed with my meeting with President Xi and his commitment to take serious measures to prevent the spread of the virus to other countries.”

What “serious measures” was he referring too? We haven’t seen any.

Was this China apologist aware that China had blocked internal travel within their own country, yet allowed the massive departure of millions of Chinese to spread the virus around the world?

So, who is this Doctor WHO?

US Senator, Tom Cotton, gave us a clue when he said “never trust a communist.” Was he referring to China? Or was he referring to Tedros Adhanom?

How did this little known community health official get to be elected to the top global health position?

He had backers, the main one being the Communist regime of China who helped him whip the votes of other nations.  It was China’s role that defeated the candidacy of Tedros’s rival, UK’s David Nabarro.

His launch pad was as Health Minister of Ethiopia.  His record in this job was controversial. In fact, it should have been the reason why he should never have been the head of the WHO in the first place, but China intervened—the acquiescence of too many Western governments.

The dark secret is that non-doctor Tedros Adhanom covered up another epidemic. The Ethiopian Health Ministry under his watch was suspected of hiding three separate cases of cholera.

Lightning strikes twice, or in Dr. WHO’s case, four times, it seems. And he gets away with it.

So what is the link between this failed Ethiopian Health Minister and the mighty Peoples Republic of China?

So what is the link between this failed Ethiopian Health Minister and the mighty Peoples Republic of China?

It is twofold.

The wife of China’s President XI is a goodwill ambassador of the World Health Organization, a role she has held for many years to keep Chinese interests front and foremost.

Tedros Adhanom also served as the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, and he used that role to extend both national and personal links with the top Chinese elite.

Through Adhanom’s role as Foreign Minister, China has loaned over $13 billion to poverty-stricken Ethiopia. That country is now in hock to the Chinese Communists.

China knew this man was in their pocket.

In a 2017 report in the Ethiopian News & Views bulletin, Adhanom was accused of committing crimes against humanity, accusing him of a systematic genocide against the Amhara people.

Tedros was not only a Marxist. He belonged to a terrorist organization.

Tedros’s candidacy for the WHO position was vigorously opposed by several Ethiopian parties based on his political connection and career with the Marxist terror group, the Tigray’s Peoples Liberation Front, who provided millions of dollars from their war chest for his candidacy to the top WHO post, proving that Tedros reached the top of the global greasy pole with the help of a Marxist terror group and a mighty Communist dictatorship.

Tedros Adhanom proposed a kindred ideological spirit with Zimbabwe dictator and fellow Marxist, Robert Mugabe, to become another WHO goodwill ambassador. Mugabe was financed, armed and supported by China when he usurped power in his country.

One begins to see the Marxist Communist circles in which Dr. WHO moves.

The WHO is so deep in the pocket of Beijing

Tedros’s proposal of Mugabe was met with such huge outrage that he had to drop his ally. Under Mugabe’s Marxist rule, Zimbabwe’s health system, like everything else under Mugabe’s dictatorship, was in total collapse.

One would think that such dreadful judgment and lack of qualifications would have disqualified Tedros as head of a world organization. Apparently this doesn’t apply if a global figurehead is the puppet of Communist China.  Yet the rest of the international community remains shamefully tight-lipped.

It became obvious during the ongoing Wuhan virus crisis that the WHO had become the propaganda arm of China.

The big loser throughout the prolonged virus crisis was the media. Governments relied for information on the World Health Organization who were acting as messengers of the Beijing regime, but the gatekeepers of truth and news were asleep at the wheel. Many American media outlets bashed the president as a racist and xenophone for imposing a travel ban on Chinese visitors into America while printing the lies of the WHO chief who was defending China.

Another disgraceful incident, which again exposes the umbilical cord between a dominant China and a supine WHO, has been the refusal of the World Health Organization to acknowledge the existence of Taiwan, this at the behest of their Communist masters. In fact, Taiwan has been left in the lurch, to cope with the virus alone. The WHO has not lifted a finger to help Taiwan with the ravages of the Made in China virus, because China put the chokehold on the WHO not to lift a finger to help them.

The WHO is so deep in the pocket of Beijing that the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister, Aso Taro, was bold enough to say the WHO should be renamed “The Chinese Health Organization.”

The disgraceful leadership of Tedros Adhanom was apparent as late as March 9 when he denied the China virus had become a pandemic.  In fact, the WHO did not warn the world that it was a pandemic until March 12 proving that the WHO is an unreliable world health watchdog.

This is the legacy of the Marxist failure, Dr. WHO.

Barry Shaw is the International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

Developing a Vaccine for Media Bias

A vaccine for media bias is free and available now. It is called critical thinking

Cliff Kincaid image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 7, 2020

Developing a Vaccine for Media BiasH.G. Wells’ book, War of the Worlds, shows the aliens dying at the end, after almost destroying planet earth, when germs poison them. In real life, human beings are being killed by germs in the form of the coronavirus and the major media. One poisons your body, the other poisons your mind.

“We were all praying for a miracle,” says Gene Barry in the 1953 movie version of the book, as church bells ring in the distance. The movie narrator explains, “The Martians had no resistance to the bacteria in our atmosphere to which we have long since become immune. Once they had breathed our air, germs which no longer affect us began to kill them.”

A newspaper with the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” wants to censor President Trump’s daily press briefings

Over the course of decades, I co-authored several books with Reed Irvine, founder of Accuracy in Media, with such titles as Profiles of Deception and The News Manipulators. Media bias is like a coronavirus spreading around the world. Media are like modern germs. President Trump is our vaccine.

At one time, I thought the media would eventually correct their mistakes, in order to avoid embarrassment. Yet, they get worse, day by day, and even continue to claim that they provide “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” A newspaper with the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” wants to censor President Trump’s daily press briefings.

To his credit, President Trump uses his coronavirus task force briefings not only to bring us good news about the war against the invisible enemy but to identify the enemy that is sitting right in front of him (and us) in the briefing room. He understands that the media today function as the equivalent of Tokyo Rose, and Axis Sally during World War II.

In this war, Trump has tried to rally the nation to victory while praising the first line of defense, consisting of doctors, nurses, first responders, soldiers, and others. At the same time, he takes on those in the media who want to undermine the war effort. He knows their poisonous approach has disastrous consequences.

On Monday, Trump made mince-meat of various reporters who, in a series of gotcha moments, seized upon another report out of the bureaucracy about supposed problems in the medical supply chains involving coronavirus tests. It turns out, under questioning, that the reporters didn’t know the name of the bureaucrat and only reluctantly, under questioning, admitted the bureaucrat came out of the bowels of the Obama bureaucracy. These reporters don’t even read beyond the headlines.

“I wish we had a fair media in this country”

“I wish we had a fair media in this country,” the president said. His own questioning made the reporters look foolish. He called one, Jonathan Karl of ABC, “third-rate.”

Reporters claim they are trying to assure accountability from government. But they go into these briefings with information based on headlines and no facts. They asked about an Inspector General report written by a bureaucrat whose name they didn’t know. Jonathan Karl looked unprepared as he tried to supply basic biographical information about the bureaucrat.

Trump pressed them, in dramatic fashion, because he knows that the title “Inspector General” sounds impressive but can be a mask for politically-motivated actions.  That’s why he fired the Inspector General for the so-called intelligence community.

In this case, Trump got reinforcements, as Admiral Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary for health, responded, “I don’t know the inspector general. I don’t know that person. I’ll tell you one thing I have a problem with: If there was such a problem that she knew about or he knew about on March 23 and 24, why did I find out about the test [problem] from them on the news media at 8 o’clock this morning?”

Our media, by and large, don’t want to solve anything

In other words, the report was old news and released for political purposes. Even worse, the bureaucratic reluctance to share information about a potential problem may have cost lives. Instead, the information went to the news media, to serve as ammunition against Trump.

Our media, by and large, don’t want to solve anything. They could be on their death beds from the virus and still spew out poison toward the Commander-in-Chief. They work in conjunction with bureaucrats left over from the previous administration who also want to make Trump look bad. This problem is as bad as the virus itself.

As a professional media analyst, I used to spend many hours a week watching the news, in order to document their malpractice. I have finally come to realize that the procedure of media monitoring is itself hazardous to one’s health. Nothing is to be gained from watching Lester Holt, except for the feel-good story at the very end of the broadcast. I’ve noticed how the feel-good stories never involve anything the Trump Administration has done in the current crisis to save lives.

Today, I watch the White House briefings, with some lively give-and-take, and Tucker Carlson’s independently-minded Fox News program.

It is better to spend my time comparing and contrasting different sources of information, doing my own research, and then reporting my findings at my own website, America’s Survival, Inc.  I recommend this approach to my fellow Americans. A vaccine for media bias is free and available now. It is called critical thinking.

Airline Cutting Mileage Requirements by 50%

The airlines are hit really hard. United Airlines sent out an announcement that the qualification for their mileage status has been cut by 50%. “Since you’re a member of our MileagePlus program, I’m writing to let you know that we’re reducing status qualifications by 50% for 2021, therefore making it easier to achieve status with MileagePlus. This means that travels you already completed this year, as well as any travel you take later this year, can help you reach a higher status for next year. You’ll still need a minimum of four flight segments on United or United Express®.”

Hospital Staff Are Getting Infected


There seems to be a huge rift in the realty scope:

I am a surgeon myself and I have two kids that are docs.

My son says five are on ECMO in his ICU in Bakersfield and my daughter (fourth year surgical resident writes this):

From the residents that I know in NY, it is a very real thing. The icu is full and the ORs are now functioning as ICU. Right now, some of our surgery residents in my program are taking care for COVID pts since the icu staff and residents cannot handle anymore and are already overwhelmed.

I bet people are very skeptical and I can understand why. But when a lot of young people are dying and when orthopedist/ Ophthalmologist are working ERs to help with staff that are now sick, it’s a definite problem. I think people are expecting to see pts dying in the street and long lines to the ED which is not the case. Mostly it’s overwhelmed hospital staff that is also getting sick with minimal equipment and tests.

Thank you, Marty, for your boots on the ground!


REPLY: I have a cousin who is a nurse. She has contracted COVID-19 after caring for those patients. Her husband is not in self-quarantine. So far, her symptoms are mild.

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