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Prophetic words by Paul Harvey. The earliest translation of Paul Harvey’s “If I was the devil” was around 1964. Many variations of “If I were the devil” exist online and the words contained in this video are more accurate to Paul Harvey’s 1996 version. I cleaned up the audio and transcribed the audio. Please share. http://ThinkBigWebsites.com http://facebook.com/TiLoTag


Collapsing Christianity Leaves Vacuum Filled by Unthinking Leftist ‘Saviors’

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 12, 2020


It’s an observable fact Christian influence is waning, supplanted by liberal political religion. Once, Christianity was the undisputed foundation of Western Europe, the continent considered a Christian mission. Ponder believer Charlemagne’s success building a Christian kingdom, including free schools for kids and charity for the poor.

Development and use of Natural Law created a medieval European tool for education. Says one scholar,

Natural law became a central feature of the intellectual, political and juridical culture of Enlightenment Europe…with a basic pedagogical task, namely, to instruct young men in elementary social ideas, a kind of pre-modern ‘civics’. This accounts for the fact that we find natural law ideas in all kinds of intellectual endeavour in the Enlightenment, for virtually everyone who had even the rudiments of advanced education would have been exposed to it in some form…But, first of all, natural law was politically important by supplying a systematic theory of social and political life.

Natural Law founded the earliest British jurisprudence, ‘Common Law.’ Writes one author, “There can be no denying that the Common Law has one advantage overall other systems of law: it was Christian from the very beginning of its history.” Later, Colonies became a bastion for abused Christendom when Pilgrims relocated to Plymouth, MA, establishing an experimental colony for free faith. The earliest law, Mayflower Compact, composed in 1620 aboard the Mayflower, states:

Having undertaken, for Glory of God, and advancements of the Christian faith, and the honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia…

The Christian purpose of this first American covenant is clear, and a model for our Constitution. Later, one writer claimed, “The United States are by far the most religious and Christian country in the world…because religion is there most free.”

And yet today, US Christianity declines. Sadly, millions of church goers have scant knowledge of American history or important religious doctrines. One cannot defend what they don’t know. Further, millions of Bible enthusiasts disastrously mix religious truths with patently absurd Post-Modern nostrums, creating a toxic brew of heretic syncretism. In midst of unprecedented social turmoil, a soporific languor settles upon Believers in churches festering under lockdown, as confused pastors remain inert, while society is stripped to the bone and rebuilt with putrid, rotting Marxism.


    1. Cosmopolitan Socialism Cosmopolitanism, first proposed in ancient Greece, precedes globalism, aka world socialism. Says one source, “Cosmopolitanism refers to the ideology all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality.” Liberals think all open-minded people should be cosmopolitan, with humanity above every state and religion. Marx’s demand for world socialism was bootstrapped into the idea, for government authority and power are necessary to authorize such a universal project.
    1. Leftism as New Fundamentalist Religion Ponder the strange resemblance of modern left politics to cultic religion. But why do the most virulent critics create ersatz religion to replace Christianity? King Solomon wrote, “God has also set eternity in man’s heart.” John Calvin said, “the human mind is, so to speak, a perpetual forge of idols.”

      Mentally ill French philosophe Auguste Comte outlined a “Positivist Church,” aka Religion of Humanity. Mises observed, “Comte was insane in the full sense which pathology attaches to this term.” John Stuart Mill created his own version. But politics controls religion, choking off true spirituality, which occurred in every communist state. Once in power, leftists allow no competition.

      Eric Nelsons’ Theology of Liberalism traces the centuries old colossal theological and philosophical war over God’s fairness – or Theodicy. Nelson claims Liberalism wrested power from the church to “save” the poor, illiterate, mad and evil in their own heaven on earth, Utopia.

    1. Antinomianism: Lawless LeftismAmerica’s woke moment augurs an antinomian, or lawless spirit. Why? Generally, rejection of God makes man god. Then, all shifts to political struggle. Nietzsche also celebrated power by any means. In Will to Power, he rejected God, claiming power by any means was self-justified. Dostoyevski said, “If there is no god, everything is permitted.”
    1. GnosticismLeftism is inherently Gnostic – or justification by knowledge. Eric Voegelin considered Gnosticism the spirit of the age. Faith is jettisoned while knowledge becomes key to advancement. Collapse of a faith-based culture means society based on superstition, personal creed, political partisanship, or nihilism.
    1. No Principled Dissent ExistsModern leftism allows no dissent. Leftists remarkably believe every opposed liberal idea has a ‘true’ defense – which will destroy the opposition. Meanwhile. leftist leaders wage a polemical war, employing strategic “talking points.” But progressive followers treat these statements as “Mother Ship” holy writ. These cannot be falsified. Logic itself collapses, but emotions rule – while “Truth” evolves. A highly unstable belief “system.”
    1. Leftist Woke HeroismLeftism always vomits up self-appointed “great men.” Faithless leftist “messiahs” arise believing they’ve morphed into Nietzche’s Superman. FBI’s Peter Strzok bragged he’d “stop” Trump’s election. So leftism creates self-canonized rebels, smashing statutes, claiming to follow “Higher Law”, like James Comey.


The mindlessness of modern leftism is truly astonishing. An army of devouring cockroaches has more brain activity. Every “resistance” is explained by stale Marxist theory. But why? In fact, abandoning the West’s theory of religion and government leads to catatonic brain dysfunction. This willful rejection of reality explains why attacks leveled at the opposition are not serious. Meanwhile, the left’s Nihilism – Nietzsche’s belief in nothing, a hallmark of Russian communism, is exposed by current protests.

The left offers typically ludicrous naked conclusions they think necessary for survival, then tortuously argues backwards towards ridiculous “facts”. They just assume once power is achieved, the utopia of their dreams will simply appear by magic. Reminiscent of Mao’s Great Leap Forward, after sending all farmers to communes, he then watched the national tragedy as 45 million souls starved to death.

They are Deliberately Trying to Bankrupt Businesses To Recreate A Marxist World

COMMENT: Hi Marty,

Most provinces (including the touristic Balearic islands) have now mandated mask use even if you’re in the woods or park or in a totally deserted street or village – i.e. in all public spaces even if there are no people around at all. (In 40C heat.) 45,000 regime goons (aka cops) are now policing mask and “social distancing” rules on the streets (and beaches) of Spain, and handing out fines.

Also, a part of Catalunya is now in total quarantine again with people not allowed to leave home, and restaurants, bars, etc forced to close again (other shops can open but only by prior scheduled appointment with a client – so basically, no point of staying open at all).

i.e., the same evil BS as in all the other countries and cities that have now imposed a second quarantine/confinement. There will be NOTHING left standing in the economy. It will be rolling quarantines until they’re sure not a single business (except the large multinationals) has survived. And people will be left mental wrecks far worse than if they had lived through a world war. It’s a total destruction of life and civilization.

(Same in Eastern Europe, yet again. Even Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and most of the other countries have now gone back to much stricter rules, health checks and/or quarantines for travelers, and obligatory mask use! Slovakia still has obligatory mask use – since April – although they only had 28 alleged virus deaths in total and the last of those was in early May. Latin America is still, for the most part, in quarantine, in many countries ongoing since March. A few countries that had relaxed or ended the first quarantine are now back in a new one, often even stricter than the March-May one.)

Seems even the US is now closing again in many states and/or cities.

Can’t believe people will just go along with permanent confinement, but there are no indications that they won’t. And it’s been going on since March, i.e. 5 months already.   🙁

Take care.

REPLY: Based upon reliable sources, the agenda is to bankrupt as much of the economy as possible to take it over via nationalization which is their Great Reset to reconstruct the economy in only their vision. They are attacking all fund managers and pensions that have ANY investment in China to try to force them to sell everything to bring China to its knees. Then they have activist judges on board who are in league with them to force by decree the closure of all fossil fuels and pipelines. An activist Judge who should be removed from the bench ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois must shut down pending an environmental review and be emptied of oil by August 5th. The order will be most likely appealed, but this is illustrating who bad this entire agenda really is.

These people are obsessed with fossil fuels and are imposing by dictatorship their agenda against everyone else despite the fact that all their research cannot stand the real review without biased studies. CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere yet these people make it sound as if it is so lethal we will all die in 3 years or less.

Instead of armed conflict as they did in Russia, they are now actively trying to deliberately DESTROY the economy and the future of everyone and think we will be satisfied with Guaranteed Basic Income which will be a minimal subsistence. In Germany, the Greens are trying to bankrupt the auto industry and you can see who is part of the agenda by their position on the climate. This is an all-out war and it will not end nicely.

They are WELL FUNDED and they are deliberately creating a Hybrid-Marxist World which only the multinationals will survive in league with the Marxists providing full tracking of everyone and monitoring everything we search, think about, and where we go. I have EXCELLENT sources and this is the agenda.

The US Constitution, as originally written, was the best ever attempt at forming a utopia! Corrupt men and women in the Twenty century, who wanted to rule us, decided to change that. So they started a 100 year program in 1913 to turn us back into a “Single” party system. Right now BLM and Antifa are the DNC’s foot soldiers to do that. If they win we will be, at best, like China. They must be defeated at all costs!

We at GrrrGraphics wish everyone a happy 4th of July!

America remains the greatest Republic ever created. Yes, we face many problems, but racism is not one of them. There is no ‘systemic racism.’ That is a lie. There remains equal opportunity for all those willing to work hard to obtain success. The Bolsheviks will have none of this and are using race to divide and destroy our country. We must not let this happen. Black or white, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Slavery reparations were already paid long ago. It was called the Civil War. Over 600,000 Americans died and slavery was ended.

My heritage includes both the North and South. My mom was born in Massachusetts. I might be distantly related to the famous abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison of Massachusetts, but I doubt it. My dad was born in Texas. My parents’ ancestors were on opposite sides. I can appreciate both the North and South. Of course slavery was evil, but the vast majority of southerners were not. Very few had slaves.

Despite what Nancy Pelosi has been spewing, the people of the South were not ’traitors.’ They did not want to overthrow the government of the North. What the South did was called ’succession.’ They wanted to disassociate themselves from the unfair tariffs and corruption meted out to them by the North. In those days the states had far more power along with the understanding that they could divorce themselves from the union when tyranny and unfair taxation became unbearable. So they did. Lincoln would have none of it and forced the southern states to return to the union by means of war. It remains our country’s deadliest conflict.

In the process, Lincoln established a strong central government and the states were rendered more subordinate. This arrangement has grown worse over the years and now the leviathan federal government routinely bullies the states and its citizens. The word ‘federal’ is now used with finality. It’s an argument ender. We have no say!

To expedite a national restoration, all southerners received full pardons. They were once again part of the Union. The South was allowed to erect statues of their great generals. Paintings of great leaders from the South hung in the halls of Congress. Pelosi recently ordered their removal. She said they were traitors. WRONG! They were not traitors, they wanted succession—and then they were pardoned! Pelosi is the real traitor for trying to destroy our history!

The fact that the South was defeated does not negate their heroism. l repeat, almost none of the soldiers fighting for the South owned slaves. They were fighting for freedom and liberty and they were just as honorable and heroic as soldiers from the north. All should be honored. Our history should be respected. The statues should remain—including and especially Andrew Jackson’s.

President Jackson was our first Democrat president. Jackson’s greatest accomplishment was throwing out the central bankers. A man of unparalleled courage, Jackson was vastly outnumbered during the War of 1812 and still handily defeated the British near New Orleans. By the way, many blacks heroically fought for Jackson during that battle.

African Americans fought in all our country’s wars from the very beginning and have been just as patriotic as other races. You don’t often hear from them because the lying mass media only promotes socialist voices. I do not want to see America totally destroyed and returned to Native Americans. I can’t return to Ireland, Britain, or Germany any more than an African American can return to, say, Ghana or the Upper Congo. Why would we? We are all fortunate to be where we are—the greatest Republic ever created on the face of the Earth. It would be a deadly shame to allow its destruction.

The Fourth of July is a holiday that all Americans should celebrate regardless of petty political differences. Unfortunately the violent globalist Bolsheviks don’t see it that way. They want to widen the division as they constantly chant ‘racist’ to justify their goal: The destruction of our great country. It starts with destroying our statues and history.

The violent BLM and Antifa are the real traitors—not the people from the old South.

—Ben Garrison


On Cattle Exhaust, Farm Dust, Algae Powered Cars and Human Breath Tax

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 2, 2020


Hugh Betcha, Ace Reporter for the Mighty Canada Free Press and winner of the 2020 Environmental Reporter of the Year Award by Greenpeace, interviewed AOC, who will head the EPA after President [God Help Us] Biden takes office in 2021. AOC shared her proposed radical regulations to take effect on the day of the election.

In an effort to curb methane emissions from livestock who shamelessly pollute the air with their gaseous exhaust, endanger the ozone layer, melt the polar icecaps and raise the average ambient temperature of the planet by one one-thousandth of a degree per decade, AOC has proposed that the federal government  impose a per head gas tax on cattle and other livestock.  Until the E.P.A. implements such a rule, livestock remain free to pass gas without fear of federal intervention.

“I guess you can call it a different sort of gas tax—one that regulates methane gas emitted from the anal port of the livestock…gas that is literally ruining the planet. When you consider the hundreds of millions of cattle on the planet emitting gallons of methane every day, it is a wonder that we have any polar ice caps left at all. According to the inventor of the internet, Al Gore—world’s leading expert on the environment and gas bag expert who has studied cattle emissions for twenty years—at the present rate of bovine emission, the seas will rise twenty feet due to the melting of the polar icecap, the Brazilian Rain Forest will be reduced by fifty percent and the ozone layer will largely disappear by the year 2028. The main culprit is cattle emissions and the uncaring farmers and ranchers so intent on making a profit that they allow their livestock to wander around eating vegetation and passing gas all day—totally unregulated by the federal government.  We regulate factories, we pass standards for vehicles—it is high time that we tax the ranchers and farmers who allow this insidious pollution to ruin our planet.” As she wiped a tear from her eye, she noted, “The image of a baby polar bear floating away on the one remaining ice floe, calling for his mother, while some stupid cow out in the Midwest chews grass and fluffs methane gas all day, is unthinkable.”

When asked whether the proposed plan would place an unfair burden on the farmers and ranchers who feed the nation and increase the price of beef and pork, she suggested that Americans quit eating beef and pork.  “Let them eat tofu!” she replied. “If everyone would just try it, in time they would like it. Soybeans are the answer to our problems. Once we tax beef and pork production out of existence, and force the public to resort to healthier foods like tofu, bean sprouts and sea weed—foods that don’t pollute the planet—we will all be healthier and the air will be cleaner.” 

“That tax will put the farmers and ranchers out of business,” Hugh protested.

When asked whether the new tax on cattle exhaust was the only option for the producers,   AOC offered a compromise:

“They may opt out of the per head tax on livestock by using a new device which we have developed. If the producer does not want to pay the tax, he has the option of purchasing a methane collection unit that employs a one-way rectal valve at the posterior end of the animal. It traps the methane as it is expelled, sealing it in an airtight bag which is then taken to a federally- approved collection point to be disposed of safely. These units may be purchased and installed by the producer, who would be audited by E.P.A. officials to ensure compliance.  Of course, installing these collection devices at the posterior portal of each animal, collecting the gas, and trucking it to the federally- approved collection point is labor intensive, but over the long run it may be cheaper than the per head tax of $90 per year.” 

But the weirdness did not end there. When asked what further regulations the country may expect after the upcoming election, she outlined the following proposals.

Farm Dust Suppression

  • A new federal regulation  requiring all farmers to attach dust suppressors on the back of each farm implement to spray the ground with a fine mist when planting or plowing so that air pollution from farm fields is eliminated. “We simply cannot have farmers raising dust each spring and fall,” she commented, “it is time for farmers to clean up their act—farms are such dirty places,” she said, grimacing.

Chicken Condos

  • Another AOC regulation will require farmers to furnish air conditioned 4 by 6 foot chicken condos for each chicken raised on their farm, in order to ensure the comfort of the fowl while they are being raised for slaughter. “It is inhumane for them to be cooped up in little cages. We agree with our friends from PETA that the new condos are the right thing to do.” Asked whether requiring farmers to spend upwards of $100 per chicken for each such condo was cost efficient, she replied: “Of course the cost of chicken to the consumer will rise to $10 per pound, but what price comfort when it comes to these poor little creatures?” she asked.

AlgaeMatic Vehicles

  • A new AOC regulation requiring all auto manufacturers by the year 2028 to submit to the EPA prototype vehicles that can run on fermented algae. “It is time we shut down the coal mines and run our country on alternate renewable energy sources. After extensive studies we have determined that AlgaeMatic vehicles are the wave of the future. They will replace dirty gasoline engines with cleaner burning fermented algae and help clean up our farm ponds as well. We are prepared to commit a billion to development of algae as the next energy source as the Solyndra thing did not work out so well. We are even more confident in this new energy source.”

Outlawing Gravel Roads

  • A new federal regulation will prohibit the building of, maintenance of and funding of gravel roads by the year 2028, according to AOC. “Have you ever driven down a country road in flyover country during the summer?” she asked, “You cannot believe the dust that those country bumpkins raise with their pickups. We will require that all such roads either be paved or in the alternative oiled in order to keep the dust down,” she stated adamantly. “Sure they will cost more and there is a small risk that the oil will leach into groundwater, but that is a risk we have to take. If the oil leaches into groundwater we will simply file suit against the state responsible and finance the cleanup in that fashion.”

Polar Bear Checkoff

  • Beginning in 2021 each federal and state income tax return will be required to include a check box allowing each taxpayer to contribute to a Polar Bear fund designed to raise money for orphaned polar bears rescued from ice floes at the north pole. “Hey, we owe it to them because, after all, President Obama did not quite reach his goal of stemming the melt of the polar ice caps and we as a greedy society which pollutes the earth and melts the ice caps causing thousands of baby polar bears to die as they float into the ocean on ice floes separated from their mothers, must provide the wherewithal to rescue them and preserve the species,” she noted. “And of course any monies donated to the Polar Bear Checkoff Fund qualify as a tax credit.”

Breath Tax

  • Commencing in 2021, each citizen of the United States will be required to pay a breath tax of $5 for the privilege of exhaling. “Sure it will be controversial, but something must be done to save the planet. Studies have shown that, next to cattle flatulence, human exhalation contributes more to the pollution of our atmosphere than anything else. We have billions of people on this earth. Each exhales toxic carbon dioxide many times per day. Do the math—we are polluting the air at an alarming rate. As Al Gore said in his recent book, Inconvenient Breath  © 2020 Random House: ‘By the year 2028, given the current rate of population growth, the number of human exhalations will increase to the point that there will be insufficient oxygen to support human life and either we will be forced to reduce the amount of humans on the planet or figure out a way to stop breathing.’ This tax will fund critical research on how to develop alternate forms of oxygen intake or in the alternative—humane ways to lower the population of the planet.”

In closing, AOC stressed that “We want to do this right,” she noted. “After all, we are from the government, know what’s best for you and we are here to help.”

July 4, 2020 America is Masked!

One Nation Masked …no liberty, no freedom for all.

Do not comply!

The Gates to Gehenna*

by Tabitha Korol

*Gehenna: (in both Judaism and Christianity) hell.  Bill Gates openly admits that he is a globalist and eugenicist working toward the New World Order with his plan to mass vaccinate and depopulate the planet by 10% to 15%, which may suggest to the alert-minded that his vaccinations will not improve life, but eliminate life.  Bill Gates’s Quantum Dot Vaccine will have an enzyme called Luciferace.  When injected into the human, it will “mark” the person like cattle, and be trackable.  The patent application filed by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LCC, and registered on 26 March 2020, is WO/2020/060606, known as “666” and titled, “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.” 


There have always been voices whose aim it was to abolish national sovereignty for globalism – a Master Plan for world conquest.  In addition to the discernible despots, there are the self-defined intellectual elites the enlightened ones – whose world government would guarantee protection for the submissive or unaware in exchange for their freedom and human dignity.

Bill and Melinda Gates, aided and abetted by the Obama administration, leads the way in destroying public education, turning out undereducated Marxists with his Common Core curriculum.  It also oversexualizes the children toward transgendering, demeaning the boys for toxic masculinity, their virility and desire to father the next generation with the anticipated result of depopulation, Gates’s ultimate purpose.   His foundation for depopulation, heavily financed by Warren Buffet’s $30 billion donation, contributes to engineering millions, perhaps billions, of human casualties and tragedies.

If the global warming panic and the gender madness failed to subdue us effectively, the coronavirus, COVID-19, fortuitously, if not purposely created to deliver the scare tactics, continues the assault.  Inexperienced epidemiologists were suddenly in authority, spouting severe cautionary statements, only to change them the following week.  This is an American, even a World, First to force-quarantine the healthy, using carefully manipulating behaviors.   All but “necessary” businesses were shut down indefinitely, some open under strict conditions.  The elite in the limelight remained well coiffed and free to conduct their own affairs.

To the false goals of flattening the curve and bogus fatality rates, power seekers added new prohibitions.  Having achieved submission, despotic governors issued additional senseless proclamations, varying in type,  intensity and duration, that turned sheltered care facilities into virus breeding grounds, workforces into depressed unemployed, some homebound into spousal abusers, and the desperate into suicides.  School closings may have caused irreparable damage to the children who, left on their own, would fall further behind the studious and gifted.   Many businesses closed their doors forever, and major industries – travel, real estate, construction, and more – were seriously affected.

Dr. Antony Fauci, “respected” epidemiologist, immunologist, and member of Gates’s Leadership Council, issued many directives based on available data, only to modify them later, with the media adding to the hysteria.  Dr. Stephen M. Smith, a widely respected infectious disease specialist, called hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) a “game changer,” a safe, effective treatment for COVID-19.  The FDA had ruled it safe for the last half-century.   In April, a poll of 62,000 physicians in 30 countries found HCQ to be the best drug available to treat this virus – used in conjunction with azithromycin, zinc and Vitamin D.  But Fauci endorsed remdesivir, which was shown to be a failed antiviral drug that had significantly higher mortality rates (5%), but also a significantly higher profit margin.

Dr. Peter R. Breggin, MD, has now published his findings, “Fauci’s Remdesivir: Inadequate to Treat COVID-19 and Potentially Lethal.”   Adverse reactions may include lung damage – respiratory failure or acute respiratory distress syndrome, with five percent developing a life-threatening decline in condition. Fauci clandestinely ended a double-bind clinical trial “to let the placebo group know so they can have access to remdesivir.” However, since the drug was not saving lives, had serious effects from earlier trials, and its results were disappointing and controversial, “Fauci may have needlessly endangered the lives of the placebo patients by unleashing remdesivir upon them.”  Fauci’s research is considered worthless, “except to raise serious doubts about the drug’s hidden safety profile.”  Lancet reported the drug’s potential increased damage to the lungs.

Through the duration of the trial, Fauci must have realized that his drug was not going to reduce the mortality rate or even lead to complete recovery.  When success criteria were dropped, the primary marker became “time to recovery.”  Fauci then “reinvented the concept of recovery” to include patients who remain hospitalized or at home, requiring oxygen and needing to limit their activities – to get his desired results.  It was also revealed that of Fauci’s 50 committee members who set treatment guidelines, nine had financial ties to Giliad, manufacturer of remdesivir, the vaccination peddled by Fauci.  The less profitable HCQ was removed as an option with no verifiable statistics; remdesivir is being used today.

The corrupt Veterans Administration study claimed to show HCQ useless and dangerous, and President Trump’s treatment of hydroxychloroquine was ridiculed, but frontline physicians around the world contend their studies have shown it to be an “astonishingly effective … miracle drug!”

Some people were made so fearful by inaccurate “statistics,” the lockdowns and job losses to ruin the economy, that it triggered neuroses, obsessive behavior, anger and cruelty.  Face masks are still mandated although Dr. Fauci admitted their purpose was primarily for psychological reassurance.  For some they cause anxiety, PTSD, claustrophobia, and exacerbate asthma, headaches, and respiratory issues.  The masks and media perpetuate the fear, keep the public eager for vaccinations, and prevent specific rallies and in-person voting.  The public is in limbo, their lives on hold, eagerly awaiting a “blessed” vaccination.

The millions of out-of-school students and lockdown-unemployed are free to become Bill Gates’s willing army of contract tracers for an illusion of safety, and to ensure that his vaccinations are implemented according to his plan.  To what end?  To collect data and encourage people to tattle on others, to keep the public vulnerable and acquiescent while demanding his vaccine of choice for the trillion-dollar industry – as well as to destroy our America for the coveted One World.  The globalist crème include Bill and Melinda Gates, the Soros foundations, Hillary Clinton, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Corp., Ford Foundation, Warren Buffet, and 150 mainstream media outlets.  The International Air Transport Association (IATA), representing 299 airlines, is the prime promoter of a global ID tracking system – contract tracing for an “Immunity Passport” for the right to travel.

Sold as necessary for “the common good,” the passport is already operating in some states by the 13.5 IOS update on the iphone.  Gates’s control reaches wealth, policies, priorities, population, health, narratives, minds, land, industries, the rights to movement and our future.  He is involved with everything, and he is willing to risk other people’s lives.

As reported by noted investigative journalists Corey’s Digs, the WHO, UN and Gates control the media; the healthcare and vaccine industries; climate change hoax, with 200 billionaires who would also like to rule the world; geoengineering population control; tourism in islands known for drugs and human trafficking; investments in lab-grown meat; labor and sex trafficking in Africa; population control through abortion and transgenderism; eugenics, carrying out experimentation on humans, and population databases; and contact tracing, a multiple-state surveillance program on Americans.  Bill Gates intends to control global population based on their immunity, as verified by the “digital certificate.”  The $3 trillion coronavirus package submitted to Congress includes $75 billion for Nancy Pelosi’s COVID19 testing, tracing and isolation program, which is being marketed to governors across the country and already underway in Massachusetts.

Contact tracing, whose structure already exists for Partners in Health (PIH), with Chelsea Clinton on the board of trustees, has been well funded by Bill Gates.  The program is designed to investigate one’s personal life, includes quarantine camps, mandatory masks in public despite Dr. Fauci’s admission (above), and provides mobile units (contact tracing armies) that will seize and isolate anyone who tests positive.  The supporting programs already exist in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and North Carolina; are under discussion in California, Minnesota, and Maryland; and planned for the rest of the world.  They judge President Trump a “national security risk” because Trump was going to “unravel vital ties across the Asia-Pacific region,” which I take to mean an impediment to Gates’s vaccination plans.

The contact tracing has begun.  Washington state is forcing restaurants to keep daily logs of their customers – name, address, phone number, time of arrival. Indiana is outsourcing their tracing to Maximus, a 500-people staff at a cost of $43 million a year.  California’s Governor Newsome has mandated masking and building a tracing army, a volunteer corps of 10,000; Michigan’s Governor Whitmer has already recruited 2,000 volunteer tracers.  Tennessee has been housing the homeless during the pandemic, a forced quarantine.  Wisconsin’s Supreme Court struck down the stay-at-home order and seizure of power, which would have had citizens detained and confined without benefit of trial.

Gates hopes to implement digital certificates, to obtain everyone’s virus and vaccination histories.  He wants a “national tracking system,” a human “barcode,” to determine the person’s health, vaccination identity and status.  He assures us that this is merely for safety and convenience – that is, until it’s not, when he may desire the information’s value for other reasons, against our human and civil rights.

Bill Gates extends his unlimited wealth and reach far beyond travel, for credit, purchases, job opportunities, healthcare access.  Lacking credentials, he transformed his self-image from software magnate into a visionary capable of defining the health of billions of people around the globe.  As noted in The Corbett Report, the Gates Foundation has spent tens of millions of dollars per year on media partnerships to boost his new image and his connections with global alliances and big pharmaceutical companies, earning him profits in the billions.  He helped to create Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; control ten tropical diseases; the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents; the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations; the World Health Organization; the National Institute of Health; the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and more, including their pledge to “fight” coronavirus, with Dr. Gauci as representative.  His “philanthropy” of investing his Microsoft stock into his foundation, during the Decade of Vaccines, doubled to $103.1 billion; philanthropy becomes revenue.

The accolades Gates received for vaccines the world over led to enormous profits for Big Pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over global health, and greater power for Bill Gates over the planet’s population.  He persuades that we cannot return to normal until there’s a vaccine for all, yet he acknowledges the risks (the paralysis of 40 to 500 children, the paralysis of 490,000+ in India from the oral polio vaccines given between 2000 and 2017) and therefore, wants advance legal immunity for the pharma companies.  He continues to threaten our freedoms with impending doom in order to market his untested, experimental vaccinations to everyone on the planet.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced 20% of human test subjects were severely injured from Gates-Fauci coronavirus vaccines by Moderna.  Fauci was so confident that he waived ferret and primate studies, and 15 human guinea pigs suffered a serious adverse event within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s injections. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth.”  Corey’s Digs assures that money is not the end goal of Gates’s “philanthropic” activities.  It is also not control of only the health industry, but of the human population itself.


Tabitha Korol



How the Democrats are Well on Their Way To Stealing Election 2020

American voters, if the Democrats get their way and are able to use the Coronavirus and street mobs to impose their MAIL-IN-VOTE, it is you who will end up in prison—the soul-killing Democrat-manufactured prison called Marxism

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJune 28, 2020

How the Democrats are Well on Their Way To Stealing Election 2020

The fear mongering of democrats.com laid bare: “In the midst of a deadly pandemic, no one should be forced to risk their life to exercise their Constitutional right to vote.”

The question should be how does votedem.org know that “the deadly pandemic” will still be among us on Nov. 3, 2020?

Could it be that devious Democrats intend to steal the election through pandemic fear mongering as a means to get the MAIL-IN VOTE, spearheaded by Michelle Obama’s ”non-partisan” ‘When We All Vote’ the law of the land?

“Click here to see if you (sic) eligible to vote by mail in November.” (votedem.org, June 27, 2020)

According to votedem.org, “Trump is exploiting this global health emergency for partisan gain, making up stories about voter fraud and attacking the best, safest option for voters to engage during this challenging time—vote-by-mail.
“If your state does not yet allow you to vote by mail, you can sign up to receive election reminders and updates. Our partners at Vote.org will let you know if the rules change in your state.”

This is what the same votedem.com, then called democrats.com was up to back in 2018 Midterm elections:

‘Warning to those who haven’t yet voted: You’ve been Democrat Harvested’, (Canada Free Press, Nov. 3, 2018)

“Warning to all Republican voters: Devious Democrats—who have harvested your emails—are now sending out 11th-hour pleas for you to vote Democrat in Tuesday elections.

“Warning to all of those who haven’t yet voted: You have been unknowingly HARVESTED by the Dirty Democrats, with a message that includes asking you to spy on your friends!

“This is not a joke, not Fake News,  but the blatant truth.

“On the last weekend before Election Day, this is what democrats.com Blue Wave Voters are boldly telling you to do:

“Download the VoteWithMe app to see which of your friends are registered in crucial swing districts, and urge them to vote for Democrats.app (Sic) to see which of your friends are registered in crucial swing districts, and urge them to vote for Democrats.”

“Isn’t this like doing what they do, harvesting data through an app with a suggestion for you to spy on your friends?

“These Dems also seem to have an Election Day in with Lyft, Uber and Lime to get you to the polls:

“Do you need a ride to the polls on Tuesday, or know someone who does?

  • Lyft is offering 50% off on Election Day. Enter your zip code for the promo code.
  • Uber is offering $10 off a single ride to the polls on Election Day on the most affordable Uber option available in your city. Look for the Election Day code in your app on Election Day.
  • Lime is offering free rides in 100 cities on bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters. Download the app and use code LIME2VOTE18.”

Canada Free Press (CFP’s) first tipoff came from a reader who wrote to ask: “How did I get this? First one ever! “

“It’s because you’re being tracked, hunted and harvested by Democrats”, CFP IT guy Brian Thompson wrote back.

“Our IT guy discovered that democrat.com added the reader to their list on Oct. 28, 2018, and since this reader does not have any social media accounts, advised him he could have been harvested in any number of ways, including by his having visited or surfed an Internet website, or even from having received a forwarded email from a contact or friend.

“The fact is that democrats.com harvested his email address and threw him onto their ‘Get Out and Vote Democrat’ list.

“And if you think that’s bad, just wait until you download their app.

“The Dems are in a ‘Grab the Vote Panic Mode’ because they’ve noticed polls are showing key races for Governors, Senators and Representatives are in “dead heats”.

They are using the “dead heats” (like everything else) to blame President Donald Trump by outright accusing him of “unleashing racist hatred in a desperate and despicable campaign to save Republicans”.

“You can’t make this stuff up, unless that is, you’re a Democrat in an election panic.”

We all saw what happened in 2018 Midterms which saw Republicans losing control of the House to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

With Coronavirus, street mobs looting and burning down small businesses, many of them owned by minorities, theirs to exploit, the Democrats are out for control of the Senate and White House this November when they replace President Donald Trump with Joe Biden.

Devious, hell-bent-for-leather Democrats intend to keep people hiding from the pandemic in their homes, wearing masks when out on the streets—but most of all VOTING BY MAIL!


Sunday Talks: Vice-President Mike Pence -vs- CBS John Dickerson…

Vice President Mike Pence appears on Face The Nation with John Dickerson to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 mitigation efforts while reopening the economy.  Dickerson describes COVID-19 as an omnipotent virus traveling the U.S. while monitoring people, independent of human interaction, awaiting the opportunity to strike…

…”the virus can go wherever it wants.”…

This silly framework helps maintain fear. You see, in the Dickerson virus narrative you have no control; you have no freewill; the government must defend you from yourself.


[Transcript] – JOHN DICKERSON: Mr. Vice President, some of the states that are having the biggest spites- spikes are the big ones — Texas, California, Arizona. Are you concerned?

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: Well, we’re monitoring very closely new cases in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. In fact, I’ll be traveling with members of our team to several of those states over the next several days to make sure and get a ground report. But what the American people should know is that because of the leadership that President Trump has provided, because of the extraordinary innovation that we have brought to this task, we are- we’re in a much better place to respond to these outbreaks than we were four months ago. I mean, today we are now testing 500,000 Americans a day. We’re able to do a great deal more surveillance and community testing than ever before. We’ve also expanded our- our health care capacity across the country, literally seeing delivered billions in personal protective equipment, ventilators. And most importantly in this moment is we’ve seen the development and distribution of therapeutics that have literally been saving lives around the country. And we believe by the end of this year, it’s likely we’ll have a vaccine.

JOHN DICKERSON: So you say that the country is in a better place in this moment.


JOHN DICKERSON: But- but the experts say we shouldn’t be in this moment we’re in. And I’ll read you a few. Dr. Anthony Fauci says there is a disturbing surge of infections. The governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, says there is a massive outbreak. In the Wall Street Journal 10 days ago, you said 20,000 cases was a good number relative to where they’ve been. This week, there’ve been 40,000 cases. Your level of concern — I understand you’re saying what’s been done — seems insufficient to the alarm from governors and experts.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: No, we’re- let me be very clear that we are focused, our entire team is focused on working with governors to make sure that we meet this moment and support the efforts at state level to- to provide–

JOHN DICKERSON: But why did we get here at all?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –the kind of steps that will- will mitigate these new cases. But there’s another way, John, that this is different from early on. And that is that one of the things that we’ve heard in Texas and Florida in particular is that nearly half of those who are testing positive are Americans under the age of 35. That’s contributing to the fact that- that those that are requiring to be hospitalized, who are testing positive for coronavirus is significantly lower than it was two months ago. And so we really believe that- that what- what is happening here is a combination of increased testing — we’re able to test a great deal more Americans than we were able to several months ago — but it also may be indication that as we’re opening our economy up, that- that younger Americans have- have been congregating in ways that may have disregarded the guidance that we gave on the federal level for all the phases of reopening. And I think that’s why you see several governors taking action–to- to- to- to- to essentially try and- and- and prevent further increases in those new cases.

JOHN DICKERSON: The spike states are also states that are reopening early, and the administration is focused a lot on the economy, trying to get it reopened.


JOHN DICKERSON: The- The states that are reopening are having some of the biggest problems. Did the reopening happen too early?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, all 50 states are opening up again to one degree or another. And I know there’s a temptation to associate the new cases in the Sunbelt with reopening, but it’s important to remember that- that states like Florida and like Texas actually began to open up in- in early May. For the better part of six weeks, John, we did not see any significant movement. In my conversations with governors in Florida and in Texas and in Arizona in particular, we’re monitoring very closely their hospitalization rate. And we continue to be very confident that they have the supplies and the support and the capacity to give people the render- the level of care that any of us would want a family member to have.

JOHN DICKERSON: You’re talking about being able to monitor the situation. The argument is that the situation shouldn’t be existing in the first place. Europe waited longer to reopen and they have seen less trouble in reopening. In Florida since Memorial Day, which was a new stage of reopening, cases are up 165 percent. There are almost 10,000 cases in a single day in Florida. Something happened. And it’s not just a question of monitoring. The- the experts are saying these states walked into a problem with their eyes wide open because they opened too early. And that’s a mistake, which seems to repeat the original mistake, which was to downplay and not take seriously the nature of the threat.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, I- I beg to differ about the reopening and I beg to differ about downplaying. On- on the second point, I mean, President Trump suspended all travel from China before the first case of community transition- transmission occurred in the United States.

JOHN DICKERSON: There were nine cases when he did that.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We stood up- well, no, not- not- there were- there were cases in the United States of people who had returned to this country but the first case of community transmission would occur weeks later. And he stood up the White House Coronavirus Task Force and everything I’ve described about- about an unprecedented scaling of testing, the development of billions of- of medical supplies, ventilators, the development of therapeutic medicines like Remdesivir and others that are being developed, the launch in record time of a vaccine development. But as we’ve arrived at this moment, it’s clear across the Sunbelt that there’s something happening, particularly among younger Americans. And that’s why we fully support Governor Abbott’s decision to close bars and limit restaurants. We fully support–

JOHN DICKERSON: But bars should never have been open–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –steps taken in Florida and elsewhere. And we’ll continue to support those efforts.

JOHN DICKERSON: Why not ask people to wear masks?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, we believe people should wear masks wherever–

JOHN DICKERSON: Why doesn’t the president say that?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: — social distancing is not possible, wherever it’s indicated by either state or local authorities. And, you know, the- the president has worn a mask. I wore a mask on several occasions this week.

JOHN DICKERSON: Governor Abbott in Texas has said the precondition for opening the economy is wearing a mask. Wear the mask, he said, we’ll keep the economy open. You and the president care a lot about keeping the economy open. The message on masks has been muddled. Why doesn’t the president, who has some suasion in the country, come forward and say everybody should wear a mask, which is what all the governors are saying? Why has he been kind of muddling that message?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, first, we- we believe that every state has a unique situation. And I want to be clear, while- while we’re monitoring about 16 states that are seeing outbreaks, it represents about 4 percent of all the counties in this country, 34 states are not seeing a rise in positivity and they have different measures, different requirements and different guidance in place. I mean one of the- one of the- one of the elements of the genius of America is the principle of federalism, of state and local control. We’ve made it clear that we want to defer to governors. We want to defer to local officials,–

JOHN DICKERSON: But Mr. Vice President–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –and people should listen to them.

JOHN DICKERSON: The virus doesn’t know federalism. A virus that hits in Texas is in New York tomorrow. This is a problem that requires a coordinated national result, which is what these outbreaks are showing. And so to say, states should deal with them individually seems to miss the big fact, which is the virus can go wherever it wants.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, if we’d have taken that approach, we’d have never had the success that we had in the greater New York City area. We’d have never had the success in Michigan or New Orleans, because from early on, we worked closely in partnership with governors to make sure that they had what they needed when they needed it, tailored to the unique circumstances in their states. And- and when you look at the extraordinary progress that we made in New York and in Connecticut and in New Jersey and New Orleans and in Michigan and in — early on in states like Washington State where we- we flattened the curve, we slowed the spread, and we did it at a time early in this pandemic where we were just scaling testing up.

JOHN DICKERSON: You mentioned testing. To get the economy open again, testing has to happen. The president said if we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases. That’s wrong and misleading. Given how important testing is, why is the president saying things that are wrong and misleading about testing?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, I think it’s inarguable that the historic increase in testing that we’ve accomplished in this country has played a role in the new cases, particularly among younger Americans. John, I want to remind your viewers that two months ago, in most states in this country, we were not testing people that had no symptoms or were below a certain age.

JOHN DICKERSON: But Mr.- but Mr. Vice President–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We were focusing on seniors.

JOHN DICKERSON: I understand.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We were focusing on those with symptoms. But now, because of the public-private partnership that President Trump initiated, we’re literally able to test anyone in the country that would–



JOHN DICKERSON: I understand.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –to come forward. We scaled it with great American innovation–

JOHN DICKERSON: But Mr. Vice President, 125,000 Americans have died. We’re six months into this. Testing is crucial to get the economy opening- opened and because of public health.


JOHN DICKERSON: And the president of the United States, with the biggest megaphone on the planet, is saying something about testing that is wrong and misleading. Is that the standard we want for the president of the United States?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, the president was observing the fact that rising cases, which is — which the media has focused exclusively on — has been–

JOHN DICKERSON: Why is that vital to getting this problem solved?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –has been in part a result of increased testing. What- what the media doesn’t focus on at all is because of the sacrifices the American people made in those 45 days to slow the spread and the good commonsense measures they continue to do, we’ve continued to see fatalities decline. I grieve for every American family that lost a loved one, for the more than 125,000 Americans that we’ve lost in this. We’re going to continue to take steps to protect the most vulnerable,–


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –and testing will be a critical part of that going forward.

JOHN DICKERSON: But, Mr. Vice– it’s- testing is critical to protect and to open the economy. In a public health crisis, information and confidence in that information is crucial,–


JOHN DICKERSON: –as you know so well. So why does the person with the best megaphone say things to undermine confidence in testing? It seems totally at odds with what you’re spending all your day doing. This isn’t a triviality. This is an important, crucial thing about testing.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, John, I just- I just disagree that the president’s undermining confidence in testing, he observed–


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –that- that the volume of new cases is in part a result of all of- of the rapid scaling of testing that we’ve done around the country.


JOHN DICKERSON: What do you hear the protesters saying when they protest?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: Well, it’s- it’s been a focus of ours since the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. There’s no excuse for what happened to George Floyd. But there’s also no excuse for the rioting and looting and violence that ensued. Look, the president engaged law enforcement leaders. We’ve sat down with leaders in the African American community. I’ve- I’ve met with leaders in the African American community and- and law enforcement in cities around this country. And what I hear is while- while the radical left says we need to defund the police, what the American people want is for us to fund the police with additional training and support and also improve the lives of the people in our African American community, which I’m proud to say, under President Trump’s leadership, we were doing over the last three years. We don’t- we don’t need to choose between supporting law enforcement and supporting our African American neighbors.


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We can do both. And that’s how we bring our country together.

JOHN DICKERSON: One thing protesters would like to hear is leaders say black lives matter. You won’t say that. Why?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: All my life, I’ve been inspired by the example of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When I was in Congress, I traveled to his home church in Montgomery with Congressman John Lewis. I walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. I cherish the progress that we have made toward a more perfect union for African Americans throughout our history. And I’ve- I’ve aspired throughout my career to be a part of that ongoing work. It’s really a heart issue for me. And as a pro-life American, I also believe that all life matters, born and unborn. But what- what I see in the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement is a political agenda of the radical left that would defund the police, that would–

JOHN DICKERSON: Leave that out of it. Just the phrase.

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: –tear down monuments, that would- that would press a radical left agenda that, and- and- and support calls for the kind of violence that has beset the very communities that they say that they’re advocating for.

JOHN DICKERSON: But the- but the- sir,–

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: We- I’ve- I’ve literally met- I’ve literally met with African American leaders around this country and in the national capital area who’ve- who made it clear to us they- they want law and order. They- they want peace in our streets.

JOHN DICKERSON: So you won’t say black lives matter?

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: John, I really believe that all lives matter.


VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: And that’s where the heart of the American people lies. And we’re going to continue to stand strong. We’re going to continue to stand strong with Americans that- that want to see us come together as a nation. And we’re going to carry that message all the way to November and for four more years.

JOHN DICKERSON: All right. Thank you, Mr. Vice President.



If you stay within the circles the virus cannot attack you, but if you step outside the zone of your confinement… well, it’s not going to end well.  That is the sales pitch by the Ministry of COVID compliance.  Think about it.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily achieve ‘mail-in’ voting; which they desperately need in key battleground states in order to control the outcome.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot shut down rallies and political campaigning efforts of President Trump; which they desperate need to do in key battleground states.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot block the campaign contrast between an energetic President Trump and a physically tenuous, mentally compromised, challenger.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have an excuse for cancelling the DNC convention in Milwaukee; thereby blocking Team Bernie Sanders from visible opposition while protecting candidate gibberish from himself.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats do not have a mechanism to keep voters isolated from each-other; limiting communication and national debate adverse to their interests.  COVID-19 panic pushes the national conversation into the digital space where Big Tech controls every element of the conversation.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot keep their Blue state economies easily shut-down and continue to block U.S. economic growth.  All thriving economies are against the political interests of Democrats.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot easily keep club candidate Joe Biden sealed in the basement; where the electorate is not exposed to visible signs of his dementia.

♦Without COVID-19 panic it becomes more difficult for Big Tech to censor voices that would outline the fraud and scheme.  With COVID-19 panic they have a better method and an excuse.

♦Without COVID-19 panic Democrats cannot advance, influence, or organize their preferred presidential debate format, a ‘virtual presidential debate’ series.

[Comrade Gretchen Whitmer knows this plan, hence she cancelled the Michigan venue]

All of these, and more, strategic outcomes are based on the manufactured weaponization of the COVID-19 virus to achieve a larger political objective.  There is ZERO benefit to anyone other than Democrats for the overwhelming hype surrounding COVID-19.

It is not coincidental that all corporate media are all-in to facilitate the demanded fear that Democrats need in order to achieve their objectives.  Thus there is an alignment of all big government institutions and multinationals to support the same.

Note to self…. There is something worse than dying, it’s called not living.

Will Germany Follow Austria and Turn Green?

Austria’s first green-tinged government took power, comprising the Austrian People’s Party and the Austrian Green Party at the start of the year. The environmentalist Green Party is now in national government for the first time, and Austria is fully behind the climate change agenda. The real concern will be Germany’s next general election, which is scheduled for 2021. The propaganda over COVID and climate change have many fearing that Germany will have its first Green chancellor in post-war continental Europe. This has many fearful that the great German car production will come to an end.