Volcanoes & The Risks Ahead

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Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano, which is a Submarine volcano, has erupted sending tsunamis off in every direction. The eruption has not yet been classified. However, it has been building since the March 16, 2009 (2009.205) eruption. There have been four eruptions since then and it does appear to be closer to a Pi cycle.

If we look at the volcanic activity in the entire region we can see this was then due to begin rising from 2019. There tends to be a general cyclical wave of 68 years looking at Tambora and Krakatoa which were 1815 and 1883. Kelud is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia that has major eruptions from time to time. The first explosion was around 1586. It had an eruption in 1951. The next target was 2019 marking the eruption of Tangkuban Perahu Volcano but a few months before Anak Krakatau became one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia.

The key here appears to be that there are multiple eruptions of a lesser magnitude in 1815 and 1883 so they were not eruptions that were by themselves. The risk from volcanoes of a volcanic winter ahead would emerge when we see more coordinated eruptions that could lead to one major eruption that blocks the sun.

White House Hoping Kentucky Tornado Crisis Will Provide Biden Team the Platform to Rebrand Collapsing Image

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First things first… If the governor responsible for organizing the state response to a massive crisis is still incapable of controlling his emotions, and cries in front of the media five days after the damage, I guarantee you he/she is a Democrat.  I don’t mean to be brutal or insensitive about it, but the emotional inability of effeminate Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is embarrassing to watch.   Cowboy the f**k up, and get on with the job.

That said, it is obvious the White House political communications team are not planning to let a crisis go to waste.  The opportunity provided by the devastating tornadoes that tore through Kentucky, is an opportunity for Biden to rebrand himself and attempt to get his collapsed polling numbers to reverse.

That’s the reason for the heavily engineered presser yesterday, and that’s the reason for the federal response.  On the positive side, the flood of help is good for Kentucky; however, cynically that benefit is mostly possible because the Biden White House is desperate and needs positive PR.

Traditionally, when there’s a FEMA-level crisis in a red state or region, and Democrats are in the White House, the federal response is weak.  It’s just how they roll.  However, fortunately for Kentucky, this time the crisis coincides with the White House occupant desperately needing to rehabilitate his image. And it’s a Democrat governor holding office over a Red state, so the White House producers, script writers and narrative directors have massive latitude.

It was smart of Ron Klain to send Jill Biden to Wisconsin on the same day he sent Joe to Kentucky.  After a few words from Klain to coordinate with the CNN crew, Kate Bennett delivered the conflated article brilliantly for the Google search engines.   It now looks like the faux-President visited Wisconsin [ SEE FOR YOURSELF, read it carefully ]. Obviously he didn’t, but when you know the intent is to manipulate and give the illusion that he did, well, the way Kate Bennett constructed the outline is brilliant.

Leftist politics are not about reality or what’s real.  Modern leftist politics are about the illusion of what’s real.  That’s the primary reason the professional leftists are so good at pretending not to know things.  Leftists and communists are, by mental constitution and nature, pathological in the extreme.

If you are not strong-minded, Alinsky trained leftists can convince people of alternate realities in the same way an abuser can get an abused person to believe their beating is their own fault.  Leftists can convince entire groups of people to board cattle cars, while the victims convince themselves their abuser would never really kill them.

This pathological approach is also why leftists continually undermine independent thought and rely on peer pressure from Hollywood, Big Tech and social media.

The professional political left needing big tech and social media to silence the opposition is the same reason a toxic boyfriend needs to block his abused girlfriend from visiting her family.  Pathological people and groups need to keep their victims isolated.

In the big picture, this level of manipulative control is also the foundation of the international COVID fraud.  When you go this big, the lie must be retained… or else.  Think about it.

Those whose hold on power depends on deception are always able to find an audience of those willing to be deceived.  Now, the audience of those willing to be deceived is a flexible group in terms of numbers and identities; even those who have been in that audience for some time may one day walk away from it.  But, what is it that makes folks stay in that audience?  What price are they afraid of paying?  What deception are they unwilling to let go of?

If it was suddenly discovered that SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 vaccines, mandates, boosters and passport controls are really just a simple fraud, built upon an established plan to control people and numb them to the toxic influence of government protection – even to the extent of forced medical procedures to avoid something as innocuous as the common cold or flu; well, how would a genuinely awakened victim react to the Red Pill?

Think carefully about that answer….

Because if the victim had such an ‘ah-ha’ moment of realization, and then you guided them with familiar reference points to the topic of climate change… well, you can see the problem for the totalitarian control forces.   After all, once you see the light from a small but important lie, it becomes much easier to see the light from the larger and more consequential lies.

Maybe then the victim suddenly realizes it wasn’t the poor sandwich making skills that caused him to smash her head into the kitchen sink; and from that moment forward, the end of the cycle begins.

Sunday Talks, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear Gives Horrific Update to Tornado Devastation, Entire Towns Gone, Death Toll Will Climb

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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear gave a terrible update about the devastation in the aftermath of the horrific tornadoes that hit overnight Friday into Saturday morning.  According to the Governor, more than 70 are dead in a candle factory alone in Mayfield, and the death toll is expected to continue climbing as the list of missing people throughout the state is too long to fathom.

An official death count has not been released, but Beshear, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, said at least 80 Kentuckians were feared dead with that number expected to rise. “I know we’ve lost more than 80 Kentuckians. That number is going to exceed more than 100,” he said. “This is the deadliest tornado event we’ve ever had.” WATCH:

Additional deaths have been reported outside of Kentucky including six at an Amazon warehouse in Illinois, four in Tennessee, two in Arkansas and two in Missouri.  More drone footage of the devastation was released earlier today. [See Below]

Raw Video Shows Horrific Tornado Devastation in Kentucky, At Least 70 Killed, Six States Impacted, National Guard Rescue Operations Continue

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The town of Mayfield, Kentucky has been absolutely devastated by at least one of several tornadoes that tore through six states overnight.  The video footage of the area shows widespread devastation, and the Kentucky governor is now reporting at least 70 people have been killed.

All Treepers in the region please check in and let us know how y’all are doing.  Our prayers are with everyone who was in the path of this massive storm system.  There are resources coming from all over the Southeast and Midwest into the region.  The images are jaw-dropping.

(Reuters) – A devastating swarm of tornadoes ripped through six U.S. states, killing more than 70 people in Kentucky and leaving a trail of destroyed homes and businesses along a path that stretched more than 200 miles, officials said on Saturday.

Dozens were feared dead at a candle factory in western Kentucky where about 110 people were working when a powerful tornado ripped through the facility late on Friday, causing the roof to cave in.  VIDEO:

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said 40 of the 110 workers had been rescued from the factory so far. “The level of devastation is unlike anything that I have ever seen,” Beshear said of the damage caused by the collection of twisters, with the primary tornado traveling more than 227 miles (365 km) across his state.

[…] The genesis of the tornado outbreak was a series of overnight thunderstorms, including a super cell storm that formed in northeast Arkansas. That storm moved from Arkansas and Missouri and into Tennessee and Kentucky.

“Unfortunately it produced a couple of deadly tornadoes along the way. One of them may have been a long-track tornado,” Storm Prediction Center meteorologist Roger Edward said. “The killer tornado was part of that.” (read more)

Almighty God, You are our healer. Our trust is in Your grace and power. We are blessed in Your name.

With You all rescue, recovery and healing are possible. We ask Your comfort upon those who have suffered such great tragedy.

We pray for Your comfort to relieve the anxiety of all who have been impacted. Let Your strength keep all the rescue workers going and find any who are lost.

Provide Your Holy Spirit to restore those who have suffered so much. Amen.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell Claims Not Enough Time for a Mandatory Evacuation

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This seems a little odd to me.  Citing the time it takes to implement contra-flow traffic as a problem, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell stated there is not enough time for the city of New Orleans to execute a mandatory evacuation.   Additionally, she is asking all residents who do not evacuate to shelter in place for Hurricane Ida.

Contra-flow traffic is the process of turning inbound lanes into outbound lanes and depending on the metropolitan area takes around 8 hrs for local and state DOT to get set up.   The mayor is asking for a voluntary evacuation saying “time is not on our side.” “The City can not issue a mandatory evacuation because we do not have time, Cantrell continued. WATCH:

Yikes… and Biden’s team is running FEMA.

Additional News Report….  WATCH:

Head’s up, Ida Expected to Be Major Hurricane Targeting Gulf Coast Sunday Night, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi Coastal Region

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on August 27, 2021 | Sundance | 147 Comments

Ida is currently a tropical storm headed into the Gulf of Mexico. However, the conditions are perfect for Ida to quickly become a major hurricane as it heads toward the Louisiana coastal region.  Everyone along the gulf coast from East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and western Alabama should be making preparations right now.  Do not delay.

In the background several Civilian Emergency Response Teams (CERT) have been activated.  Due to the confluence of events, everyone is taking this storm very seriously. Any Treeper in the coastal area of Louisiana and Mississippi should be taking preparatory action today. Those in the forecast areas are strongly advised to pay close attention to local officials and heed all evacuation orders.  [National Hurricane Center]

Check your hurricane supplies of shelf-stable food, water, medicine and don’t forget pets.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Everything is replaceable, except you and your family.  We have a lot of Treepers in the path of this storm. If you need assistance, use the comments section of any ‘Ida Update thread’ to reach out, or use the email address in the upper right of the site.

Right now you are in control.  Have a solid plan, work that plan – stay busy, and don’t get caught up in the hysteria.  Try to avoid national media hype. Stay updated via your local news stations. Sunday morning looks like the key day impact zones will be identified.  Reach out to your neighbors; touch-base and check to see if they are okay or need anything.  Community restoration begins before the storm arrives. Look out for each-other.

Additionally, I hate to note this, but Joe Biden is in charge of FEMA… So plan accordingly.

Regarding any evacuation plan, please pay attention to your local officials who will be coordinating with state Dept. of Transportation.  As the path and impact zone of the storm becomes more predictable your local officials will alert to best route(s) for evacuation.

For those in the cone of uncertainty; remember, planning and proactive measures taken now can significantly reduce stress in the days ahead.  Plan when to make the best decision on any evacuation (if needed) consider Sunday morning the decision time-frame. As a general rule: take cover from wind – but evacuate away from water.

DAY ONE (Friday)

  • Determine Your Risk
  • Make a Written Plan
  • Develop and Evacuation Plan
  • Inventory hurricane/storm supplies.
  • Withdraw cash based on plan/need.
  • Get gas and storm supplies

DAY TWO (Saturday)

  • Get Storm Update
  • Assemble and Purchase Hurricane Supplies
  • Contact Insurance Company – Updates
  • Secure Important Papers.
  • Update/upload your phone data.
  • Strengthen and Secure Your Home
  • Discuss Evacuation Decision with your Family.
  • Fill freezer with 3/4 full water jugs.

DAY THREE (Sunday/ Morning)

  • Get Storm Update
  • Re-Evaluate your Supplies based on storm update
  • Finish last minute preparation
  • Plan for a minimum of THREE DAYS without power
  • Assist Your Neighbors
  • If Needed – Evacuate Your Family


Communication is important.  Update your friends and family contact list. Stay in touch with family and friends, let them know your plans. Select a single point of contact for communication from you that all others can then contact for updates if needed.

Today/tomorrow are good days to organize your important papers, insurance forms, personal papers and place them in one ‘ready-to-go’ location.

Evaluate your personal hurricane and storm supplies; update and replace anything you might have used. Assess, modify and/or update any possible evacuation plans based on your location, and/or any changes to your family status.  Fill car with gasoline. Review prescriptions, refill if needed.

Check your shutters and window coverings; test your generator; re-organize and familiarize yourself with all of your supplies and hardware. Check batteries in portable tools; locate tools you might need; walk your property to consider what you may need to do based on the storms path. All decisions are yours. You are in control.

Consider travel plans based on roads and traffic density. Being proactive now helps to keep any future stress level low. You are in control. If you have pets, additional plans may be needed.

One possible proactive measure is to make a hotel reservation further inland that you would consider evacuating to.  Follow updates of the storms’ progress; make reservations tonight or tomorrow if determined; you can always cancel if not needed.  It is better to have a secondary evacuation place established in advance.  Being proactive reduces stress.  Even if you wait until much later to cancel, it is better to pay a cancellation fee (usually one night charge) than to not have a plan on where to go.   Trust me, it’s worth it.  Protect your family. Make the booking decision in the next 24 hrs.

♦ Look over the National Hurricane Center resources for planning assistance.
♦ Also a great resource – CREATE A PLAN

Surfside Death Toll Rises to 27, 115 Remain Missing – Successful Demolition of Unstable Structure Now Allows Critical Recovery to Begin Near Collapse Area Containing Master Bedroom Suites

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 5, 2021 | Sundance | 39 Comments

The critical area of the rubble pile from the collapsed Surfside condominium building can now be reached.  The original collapse happened at 1:30am when most were sleeping and the 12-floors of stacked master bedroom suites was unfortunately located next to the unstable elements of the building that did not collapse.

At 10:30pm last evening the remaining building was brought down with a controlled demolition.  Now the most important area of the original collapse, the areas containing the rubble of those master suites, will be able to be excavated.  As recovery workers began work at 1:00am this morning the focus is on that area.  They anticipate a much faster recovery of missing persons.

During a press conference today an additional two bodies were pulled from the area.  The death toll now stands at 27 with 115 people still unaccounted. The recovery workers face a grueling task in the next 36 hours; however, fortunately Tropical Storm Elsa has taken a more westerly track and the recovery work looks like it will continue unimpeded on the East coast of Florida.  Update from Florida Governor Ron Desantis:

Surfside Search and Rescue Paused as Demolition Prepared, Tropical Storm Elsa Takes a Slight Westerly Track, West Florida Advised To Be Alert

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 4, 2021 | Sundance | 43 Comments

Florida officials held an extensive briefing today to update on the planned demolition of the unstable elements of the Surfside condominium building so that rescue and recovery work on the collapsed building can begin again.  Compounding the issues is the looming arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa; however, fortunately the storm appears to have taken a slightly more westward track and should be minimal for the Surfside, Florida, region.

According to local officials the demolition of the remaining structure will likely take place later today.  In the interim the search and recovery work has been paused as explosive experts prepare to bring down the unstable remnant of the 12-story building.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at the beginning of the press conference emphasizing the arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa should be watched carefully.  Elsa now appears to be a west coast of Florida issue and will likely skirt up the western coastal area along the Gulf of Mexico.  The entire South-West coast of Florida will likely see varying effects from a very strong tropical storm Tuesday and Wednesday.

Current forecasts put the entry track of TS Elsa slightly north of Tampa; however, Elsa is following the same predictive path from Hurricane Charley in 2004.  Charley was predicted to come ashore just North of Tampa, but instead it made a quick turn over northern Sanibel Island and came ashore in Port Charlotte.  Everyone on the west coast of Florida should pay attention [NHC Advisory Here]

You can never be over-prepared for dramatic weather events.  If you take small actions now you can eliminate big stresses later.

Hurricane/TS Elsa Complicates Surfside Rescue Efforts, Officials Decide to Quickly Demolish Remaining Unstable Portion of Condominium

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 3, 2021 | Sundance | 70 Comments

A decision has been reached to demolish the remaining unstable part of the collapsed condominium building in Surfside, Florida, as Tropical Storm Elsa flirts in/out of hurricane status [NHC Update] while moving through the Caribbean.

Elsa is anticipated to impact south Florida on Tuesday.  During a press conference today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the controlled demolition will take place prior to Elsa’s arrival in order to protect rescue and recovery workers.

“Demolition of the unsafe portion of the building is the fastest way to continue rescue operations”, DeSantis announced.  Officials on the ground are fearful that high winds connected to the arriving storm will make the remaining structure too unstable for any rescue operations to continue if they do not take the unstable portion down. Details of the operation to execute a controlled demolition will be released soon.

In the interim all residents in South Florida have been instructed to keep an eye on Elsa as she wobbles across Haiti and Cuba in the next 48 hours.  Most counties in South Florida have been put under a proactive state of emergency status. Slight shifts in the storm, to the east or west, will determine how much of the south Florida area are impacted. The current track puts Elsa on the west side of the state in the Gulf of Mexico late Monday and early Tuesday.

[Key Information from NHC]

Surfside Condo Collapse Update – Death Toll Rises to Nine, 156 People Still Missing

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 27, 2021 | Sundance | 97 Comments

The tragic mission is still called “search and rescue” as more heavy equipment is brought in on the fourth day of rescue efforts.  In the past day four more bodies “and additional human remains” have been recovered from the ruble of the collapsed 12 story condo building in Surfside Florida.

Hopes are diminishing for the 156 people still missing.  Specific prayers this Sunday for the families of those lost and for the safety of the rescue workers who are in very perilous surroundings.

Miami Dade – Rescuers have recovered another four bodies in the wreckage of the Champlain Towers South condominium collapse, bringing the total to nine dead and 156 still missing since the Surfside building collapsed early Thursday.

The latest victims were discovered along with “additional human remains” in a 135-foot long trench dug into the rubble to add rescue and recover teams — the newest tactic in the round-the-clock excavation of an unstable, sometimes shifting mountain of debris.

“We are making every effort to identify those others that have been recovered,” Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said in a Sunday morning press conference.  (read more)