If an American citizen illegally crossed the border of one of the following countries:  Mexico, Cuba, North Korea, China, Iran, or Russia, he would be considered an illegal alien subject to the country’s borders and immigration laws. He would be immediately arrested, branded a spy for the CIA, jailed with indefinite detention, fate sealed, lost in a chaotic court system, physically abused by guards or prison gangs, served rotten food infested with maggots. Now! can we depend on Barrack H. Obama to pay more than a billion in ransom for his release as he has recently paid Iran for the release of our current hostages??

HOWEVER, if any person or a group of people crosses a United States border illegally, if caught, you will be directed to one of many sanctuary cities, i.e.  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, Baltimore, Detroit, Columbus, Lorain and Oberlin, Ohio. These cities become sacred and hallowed ground. You would be greeted with long awaited traveler status and be given refuge by Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Erick Holder, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and many other leftists. They will implore you to send for your second and third cousins to come join you in the “land of good and plenty” and be glorified and all will become entitled to you for the following benefits/gifts as future members of the Democratic Progressive Liberal Party; paid for by the U.S. Tax Payer.

-driver license
-Social Security card and SSI benefits/pension
-right to vote
-food stamps
-free rent
-home or apartment with more than one room so you and 12 of your peers won’t have to live in one room’
-free education
-free health care
-lobbyist in Washington to fight for your rights as an illegal alien
-documents, signs, telephone recordings, established in your native tongue to make your stay more comfortable.
-don’t need to learn to read or write in English, just speak your native tongue
– have your babies in the USA, they automatically become citizens and future members of the Democratic Party.

There will be times when you feel disrespected, unfairly treated during your stay in America. You are protected as you protest your unhappiness or anger by carrying your countries flag while you stomp and burn the USA Stars and Stripes in protest on the streets of America.

I am one of millions of America’s taxpayers who paid for your stay; DON’T BE THANKFULL! GO HOME! And take your babies with you! You are not welcome in our America!


Ronald H. Teaman
1523 Brighton Way, 440-526-7973
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147

Citizen of the World

“In the beginning”, Barack Obama anointed himself, “The Citizen of the World”. He traveled to Muslim and non-Muslim countries extolling his apologizes, while bowing his head in embarrassment, for Americas’ greatness and exceptionalism ,which lead to America becoming  the most powerful nation in the world.

So how’s the world doing, Barack? With your “Political Correctness Foreign Policy”, do you think you stabilized the world? Our allies no longer trust us our enemies laugh and taunt us. And now they are beginning to kill us on American soil.

Iraq was relatively quiet after the surge. Then violence, chaos, and killing erupted again, when you withdrew the remaining U.S. forces out of country, fulfilling a campaign promise. Your decision created the Islamic State (ISIS), or the (JV SQUAD), which now threatens and killing people around the world.

You remember Syria? (“Assad must go”), (“Don’t cross the Red Line”). You did not follow through with your demands, allowed thousands of Syrian people to be murdered by Assad. Millions fled and over-whelmed many countries in Europe. ISIS terrorists infiltrated the Syrian refugees, and mass murdered citizens of France, Belgium, Germany, England, Turkey, and others. In July, ‘016, you accepted 2340 refugees. At the end of September,016 , 7900 will arrive, are you going to vet 10,000 refugees for infiltrated terrorists?

In Afghanistan, the Taliban once again is on the rise because you withdrew thousands of our troops to satisfy another campaign promise. Yemen suffers a civil war fomented by Al Qaida (“in retreat”), (“on the run”).  Libya has become an ISIS terrorist staging ground after you and Hillary refused to answer the Benghazi consulates call for help. You cowardly decided to desert our people and four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Stevens who was savagely murdered.

Meanwhile, in the Iran debacle, you returned one hundred fifty billion dollars of their frozen funds and received a bunch of empty promises; and did not demand the return of our hostages. You recently returned four hundred million dollars of more frozen funds as ransom for the same hostages you did not demand their release earlier this year. These funds will continue to enhance Iran’s role as leading world terrorist country. The increase in funds will help Iran continue to develop and sell ICBM’s with nuclear weapons which would set atop the missiles.

Russia, with the assistance of Hillary Clinton, “Reset” its relationship with America. Putin felt free to annex Crimea and invade the Ukraine; then bolster his support for Iran and Syria.

China in defiance of international law builds and militarily fortifies islands in the South China Sea which located in international waters. While North Korea is building and testing long and short range missiles. Boasting that it has tested a hydrogen bomb and fired a rocket from a submarine.

Well now, Barack, do you think you stabilized the world?  The world and enemies believe we have lost our resolve to help protect the world and our home land.

As good citizens of the world we should have revoked your citizenship. As American Citizens we should have impeached you for your incompetence for putting America in harms way.

Ronald H. Teaman
1523 Brighton Way
Broadview hts. Ohio 44147


The Democratic Liberal Party wants equality for their supporters, whether they are citizens or non-citizens.  If not achieved, it’s RACISM.

The truth is the only equality given to an American citizen, is written in The Declaration of Independence “where all men are created equal”.  But in the game of life, equality doesn’t exist whether in nature or in the genetic level of life. No human being is equal in physical or mental abilities; Therefore, life unto itself creates equality or inequality.

How we accept the vicissitudes of life is paramount on whether we win or lose in the search for equality.  Equality is achieved by the motivation and the desire to win in the game of life. The winners are people who work to create success and achieve much in life. They are builders, creators, and vigorous supporters of our moral and civil society. They honor the sacrifices that achievers had to endure to attain the pinnacle of equality and success.

America where a biological man and woman can fall in love, and get married. To bear, raise, nurture, and educate their own or adapted children within the family structure. A mother and father  teach family  values and  traditions that promote living in America as an experience to attain equality in life. Some people are unsuccessful at times in their quest for success and equality ,but are motivated   to strive until they finally reach their goals. However, there are many who are unsuccessful because they just don’t care. They lack a positive attitude and motivation to attain success in life.

These people achieve little. There’re dependent on the power and resources of the state as their surrogate from whom they take sustenance and protection.  They are inadequate of the task to improve their own worth in life. But they want equality now! So they demean the lives of others when their opportunity fails and they claim “racism”. Some of these people are radical activists, violent anarchists. They use any excuse to riot, burn, and destroy communities and neighborhoods, i.e. Ferguson, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and any other city where they were, and are now challenged. These people are enabled by the Progressive Liberal Socialists, who high -jacked the Democratic Party.  Professor Cornell West, Harvard University, Professor Michael  Eric Dyson, George Town University, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Barrack Obama,  and many others. And we lest forget groups, such as Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Revolutionary Communist Party, SEIU, ACLU, the Media,  and the Congressional Black and Latino caucuses.

Our national election, in November, will be a referendum on the future of America, and how we, our children, grandchildren, and future generations will live our lives. Will we have a society built on merit, self-reliance, with educated citizens? Or will we be ruled by the party of Hillary Clinton, Progressive Socialists, and their minions, who through ignorance, selfishness, greed, and sloth, blame racism and inequality on others for their own transgressions. These leftists will destroy our traditional values which created the greatest exceptional society known to mankind. As a former U.S. Marine, served my country honorably, I will never apologize for Americas greatness and exceptionalism, as  Barack Obama has done in presentations given to Muslim and non-Muslim countries throughout the world. Also, apologizing for America being a harbinger of racism and inequality.

At the outset of Obama’s first term, he began to initiate his strategy of the progressive socialist ideology.  Under his watch, he endeavored to divide the country, pitting the races and class groups against each other. His mantra that was “HOPE AND CHANGE”, became, “HATE AND DIVIDE”. “HOPE” that never came. “CHANGE” that became “CHANGE “for the worse. Obama, his minions, and the media are responsible for the racism and Inequality that engulfs America today.  His strategy is working. His supporters are drinking the “kool aid”.

Remember Obama’s ‘promise?

“Redistribute the wealth”

“Fundamentally Transform America”

He did it. He is winning, and America is losing.

Ronald H. Teaman
Retired American Citizen
Broadview Hts. Ohio 44147