Flammable Ice


The big story in Asia has been that China made a major breakthrough being able to extract gas from what people call “Flammable Ice” located under the South China Sea. This has been at the core of China’s insistence on controlling the area.This is an important future global energy supply and not merely a territorial power grab.

Flammable Ice is actually methane hydrates that hold vast reserves of natural gas. The biggest challenge has been the mining and extracting because they are located under the seabed. We are looking at anther major advancement in the expansion of energy reserves for the world.

We can see that 2015 was a Directional Change with the lowest annual closing followed by 2016, which was a Panic Cycle that did what it was supposed to do taking out the previous low and then the high of the previous session. We now have another Directional Change here in 2017 with volatility rising next year.

Drone Technology Advances for Human Transport

Dubai’s Road & Transportation Agency plans to launch trips with the first fully-electric autonomous aerial vehicle drone. The Prime Minister of the UAE wants 25% of all passenger trips to be made in driverless vehicles by 2030. Perhaps we will try it out in our office in Abu Dhabi. This is the future and it looks pretty cool. (See EHANG)

Google’s New Flying Car & the Future Could Be So Much Brighter

Flying Car

I found what I want for Christmas – Google’s prototype for a flying car. It would be really nice if we could ban all people from government who have zero experience in the real world who love to be career politicians to tell the rest of us what to do, and take all the toys away from military armies, for nobody wants to really invade and occupy enemies anymore – it’s just about pushing a button for power or like a domestic fight when dishes begin to fly before a divorce.

It reminds me of the Wagon Wheel scene in When Harry met Sally. Military fight over things like who will control what and at the end of the day, we forget about it. Neither Russia nor China are trying to reinstall communism. If Russia invaded Europe, the socialists will cheer and hand them the bill for their pensions. Putin would turn and run then. If we could actually return the national defense back to the Founding Father’s concept of a militia and eliminate standing armies worldwide, Kim Jong-un would be left with perhaps chasing women instead of power. Neo-Conservatives who are mad at the world for turning them into weak traitors like John McCain, would have to find a real job where he could brewed over being broken by the Vietnamese.

If we could just break-away from these two elements, the future might appear to be a new world of accomplishment.

Does Size Matter? Visualizing The Population Of Every Country (In Bubbles)

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The beautiful thing about data visualization is that it can appear deceptively simple, writes VisualCapitalist’s Jeff Desjardin. The world is infinitely complex and burgeoning with all kinds of information. As a result, it seems counterintuitive that things can be reduced to a basic bubble chart or a graph – and to be fair, most things can’t. When the opportunity does arise, however, the results can be very compelling and thought-provoking. A distilled story can help create insight around a subject that wasn’t possible when looking at it with more nuance and complexity.


Today’s visualization comes from Datashown, and it helps to give some perspective on world population.

It’s a deceptively simple visualization, but the story that gets distilled is loud and clear:

The beauty lies in the simplicity – and although all countries are represented, only the labels of the biggest are shown.

If you want to dive into the granular data, here is an interactive version of the same diagram, with all countries and population statistics embedded.


On the above bubble chart, envision “zooming in” on the circle representing the United States, which is located just below China and India.

Here’s the population of every U.S. county. Click the image for an interactive version, from Overflow Data.


Feeling small yet?

Just for fun – here’s a video that notches it up to a more universal level:


Scientists Warn That The Coming California Megaquake Could Plunge Large Portions Of The State Into The Ocean

I’m just glad I don’t live in LA.


Source: The End of The American Dream blog, by Michael Snyder

Over the years, many people have been shown that someday a giant earthquake will cause significant portions of California to fall into the ocean. But up until now, most scientists have disputed the idea that this could ever actually happen. Well, now all of that has changed. According to a brand new study, a megaquake along the west coast “could plunge large parts of California into the sea almost instantly”. In fact, the researchers that conducted this study say that it is almost certain to happen eventually. Of course they probably don’t believe that such an event is imminent or else they would be moving out of the state like so many other people are.

When I came across news stories about this brand new study I was absolutely astounded. Here is a short excerpt from one of…

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President Trump Weekly Address – March 25th – Making Space Exploration Great Again…

Source: President Trump Weekly Address – March 25th – Making Space Exploration Great Again…

Why Science Fails to Understand Cycles – They Lack the Connections

Ring of fire - 1


Interesting attempt at the cycle analysis for a MAJOR earthquake. Why do you think they make these predictions, when they don’t properly understand the cycles?
Last week, research based on a more complete earthquake record revised the return period of a quake to 291 years. The last was in 1717, exactly 300 years ago. Every year that passes pushes us further into the wrong end of that equation.
ANSWER: In every field of science outside of Physics, there has been a brain-freeze when it comes to understanding the cyclical nature of everything around us. I was on one of my Institutional World Tours in the second half of the 1980s. I first flew to Toronto, and there was a small earthquake. I then flew to Vancouver, and then there was another small earthquake. Then, I flew to Tokyo and was hit by yet another small quake. I then flew to Australia and joked about how this quake was following me. They said no worries, quakes don’t happen there. That night we were hit by a big quake and all power went out for a day. After that, I flew to New Zealand and sure enough, I was in the middle of another quake.
I met with the earthquake research center there in Auckland. When I described that this quake was following me around the Ring of Fire, I was told no, that was impossible. They were not connected. I argued if you move the plate on one side, it seemed logical that it must move on the other side eventually. About a year later, the research person I had met with called me. He remarked, you know I think you may be right.
I ran correlations of all quakes since the 1906 San Francisco quakes that was ultimately responsible for creating the Federal Reserve and the 1923 quake in Japan was just absolutely devastating. Such an event today would be profound to the world economy.
The entire problem center upon the lack of understanding is that everything is connected and this is the key to comprehending volatility in markets or major quakes in the landscape. It is the combination of force that makes one event more powerful than another. This field of research is just not comprehended in many fields.

Language & Culture are the Keys



Really enjoy the blog & Socrates. Has given me insights I otherwise would have never had. You have mentioned that one of the reasons why the EU will fail and the USA as a union works is a common language. With the pace of tech moving so quickly and nearing a point where we can get real time transition (see: https://futurism.com/sciencenonfiction/instanttranslation/ ) do you see this impacting the global currency system to form a single currency eventually?



ANSWER: It depends on the group and class you are talking about. Real-time translation is helpful to business and the tech-savvy younger generation. However, it will take another decade for the bulk of the population to move into retirement or expire. Understanding another language is one thing, but to really speak a language fluently, you need to think in that language. There are concepts in Japanese that I think about in Japanese, and then I have to try to translate it back to English. So every language has a unique culture attached and a thinking process. Translation services will help in general communications, but it will still not overcome culture.

Bonds & Climate Change


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your Global Market Watch picked the high in bonds perfectly and called it a major high. I have to say, the system you have created monitoring everything is an incredible teaching tool. I can see what you are saying. There is a major global trend that politicians cannot alter and that is why communism fell and socialism is falling now. Do you believe we can advance this time around when it crashes and burns?



ANSWER: Believe it or not, I am an eternal optimist; foolish at times. I gave up trying to help behind the curtain because I came to witness how politics works. You can tell a politicians to do this or there will be a crash. They will not listen for a simple reason. No politician can run for office saying, “Vote for me, I saved your job.” You would ask, “How do I know I would have lost it?” Politics is about winning. It is far better to run for office by promising change but never delivering. The political situation is simple. They like the crisis for then they launch investigations to get the guy who caused it. They will never prevent it, for that does not have the same impact at the polls.


Society goes through these convulsions roughly every 309 years or so. They build in intensity and that is what we now face — the Sixth Wave. On the cyclical time line, we are at the point where the collapse of Rome came about with the Sixth Wave back then.



Before that, there was the Minoan Collapse.


This is the third major wave. Either we go into a Dark Age, as took place after the last two groups, or we advance. I would like to think we can do this and reform the way things work. Maybe I am just wrong and we will fail. I realize the only way to take that one giant leap for humankind is if the PEOPLE understand why we never advance and say enough is enough.

So the more people we can move to understand the business cycle and DEMAND change, the better chance we have of taking a leap forward instead of backwards.


The ECM will still exist. We cannot alter that. The volatility (intensity) we can influence perhaps. Of course, the Minoan collapse was instigated by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history — Thera (Santorini). The fall of Rome came with climate change when everything turned down much colder and resulted in the invasions of the barbarians who were migrating South.


These groups of Six Waves tend to coincide with the collapse in the energy output of the sun. The climate change we are heading into is by no means global warming, it is back down to record cold. That is not good in the least for civilization.

Machine Learning


QUESTION: Hi, how are you? I hope you fine. I work with business intelligence for 9 years until now, and I’m decided improve my skills on Machine Learning field. I have searched for studies programs in universities, etc, but have found nothing, honest and simple, to be compared by thoughts, oppnions and views from Mr. Armstrong on his website. I would like to know whether there is Artificial Intelligence study program by Armstrong Economics available. I’m REALLY INTERESTED on it.

Cheers from Brazil.

JS Data Analyst

ANSWER: Machine learning is the cutting-edge science of programming computers to act without being expressly programmed to act in a specific manner. Over the last decade, machine learning has opened the door to efficient speech recognition, effective web searches such as Google, and self-driving cars. Machine learning is changing the way we interact with computers and has become so embedded in many aspects of technology today that you probably use it numerous times each day without even knowing you are using it.

True machine learning is the way to the future where we can achieve human-level computers without emotion. There are machine learning techniques I have developed that are strictly proprietary, and I am implementing them to accomplish a comprehensive way of managing the understanding of the global economy and how everything fits together to create a dynamic working composite that has moved beyond theoretical underpinnings of learning. Trying to expand these techniques into other fields including medicine would be a nice long-term goal. I do not offer any course on how to do this. The practical know-how is extensive and attempting to apply these techniques to new problems in other fields is time consuming. I’m not even sure I could get to all these in one lifetime.

Once we launch, then we may be open for some apprenticeships. Right now, unfortunately, we have space only for those who have some experience in this field of machine learning. We are functioning at probably light years ahead of anyone in the field of finance or economics. Trying to write something from scratch would take years if not more than a decade. Then you have to have the track record for serious money to even think about using it. We have the reputation, track record, and the outright experience in this field. These are not things that can be duplicated so easily.

So right now, unfortunately, experience is necessary in machine learning to join our team. We do not offer courses just yet. Perhaps one day.