Trudeau Justifies Invoking Martial Law

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Nov 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Trudeau changed the world’s entire perception of Canada after his mishandling of the Freedom Convoy protest. Hard-working Canadian men and women demanded medical freedom and protested the vaccine mandates. The Canadian media was not permitted to question the COVID agenda, and dissenting voices were muffled. The Canadian trucker’s convoy (aka the Freedom Convoy) sparked the first major backlash for the Trudeau Administration after protestors could not be silenced by threats. Trudeau had to make good on those threats to assert whatever is left of his authority. Justin Trudeau is back to being a celebrity, not a politician, and is focusing on winning a drag queen race this week.

The convoy was completely peaceful until Trudeau, who refused to even speak to the protestors, invoked Martial Law. “What if the worst had happened in those following days? What if someone had gotten hurt, what if a police officer had been put in hospital?” Trudeau said. “I would have worn that,” he continued. “The responsibility of a prime minister is to make the tough calls and keep people safe.”

Trudeau knelt down amid Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and allowed the chaos to ensue because it fits the woke agenda for this New World Order. And guess what? Numerous Canadian police officers were injured or killed by those BLM protests that were not only allowed to continue but strongly encouraged.

Countless people were hurt by the government’s response to the protest of a “fringe minority.” The completely peaceful protestors were thrown in jail, sometimes without bail. They had their bank accounts frozen, and assets seized. People who donated to their cause had their assets frozen. The world saw a glimpse of how ruthless Canada has become under Trudeau.

President Xi Scolds Trudeau for G20 Media Leak

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 18, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The fear on Trudeau’s face is priceless. Everyone knows Justin Trudeau loves the spotlight. He is merely a celebrity like Zelensky. Justin is not a true statesman but a political puppet who does what he is told, as a good World Economic Forum Young Leader should. Within hours of what should have been a private meeting, the mainstream media released everything to the public. China’s Xi confronted Trudeau for disclosing altered information and making a complete fool of himself.

Everything discussed yesterday “has been leaked to the paper(s), that’s not appropriate” and “that’s not the way the conversation was conducted,” Xi told Trudeau through a translator. Justin, like a reprimanded schoolboy, said they “could work constructively together, but there will be things they disagree on.” Xi replied, “Let’s create the conditions first,” meaning do not open your mouth to the media when we are negotiating global affairs. There is nothing to disagree on when the conditions have not been outlined.

Before people cry “but, but, free speech—we can say what we can here,” let us not forget that Trudeau said China was his ideal government. Another step in the wrong direction for China and Western relations.

Medical Murder in Canada

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Nov 17, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hello.  I wrote a response to one of James Kunstler`s readers who reported that medically assisted suicide is the sixth leading cause of death in Canada, that relates my own experiences working with the disabled in Canada — and living in poverty now in my old age — that this is misreported.  Disabled and/or old people who go into hospital in Canada without family, friends, and lawyer by their sides do not come out alive.  I don`t hesitate to suggest that most of the deaths in the article Too Poor to Continue Living with Dignity — Canadian Eugenics, Nov 15, 2022 are not medically assisted suicide but are probably outright medical murder.


REPLY: The depths of depravity of government know no bounds. We need to question why patients need lawyers to represent them in a healthcare setting. Medical patients are turning into healthcare victims. We saw it during COVID when hospitals were paid by insurance companies to place patients on ventilators, almost guaranteeing they’d never be released. Without an advocate, the patient/victim is at the mercy of the system.

Justin Trudeau’s dad, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, supported population “cleansing.” The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation provided the initial foundation for the practice by highlighting the scientific achievement of genome sequencing and combining it with the potential for “reducing the burden of disease on themselves and on society as a whole.” If you’re unable to pay taxes, you are of no use to the government.

It does not even matter if you served in the military and fought to protect your country. A Canadian Forces veteran went to Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for help with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury. A worker at the VAC offered their unsolicited “medical opinion” – kill yourself. Trudeau feigned concern in this particular incident when it became international news and said only a physician or psychiatrist could tell their patients to kill themselves.

In 2021, 10,064 people were murdered under MAID, representing 3.3% of all deaths in the nation. There was a 32.4% growth in assisted suicides from 2020 to 2021. The most common underlying issue noted was “neurological” at 45.7%. The loss of ability to engage in meaningful activities was the top concern at 86.3%. A shocking 62.3% of individuals who applied for MAID changed their minds and had to plead with the government to stay alive. They have not been keeping track of race or religion in these deaths but plan to collect that data next year, allegedly.

The law will expand this coming March, and everyone is at risk. If the program rose by over 30% in one year without the expansion, I can only imagine how many tens of thousands will be killed by the Canadian government, especially as the economy turns down and people fall on hard times. These changes always start small but become something much larger. It seemed humane to allow someone living in unbearable pain to die, but now death is a treatment option for very treatable ailments. Under this pretense, they could kill the entire homeless population, everyone living in poverty, the mentally compromised, the physically disabled, and even dissenters who the government feels are not fit for society – useless eaters.

Chairman Xi Jinping Deploys Rarely Seen Linguistic Weapon at G20 That Shrinks Justin from Canada

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 16, 2022 | Sundance

If you have not watched this video, you really should.  Justin from Canada leaked the content of a private bilateral conversation with Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping to the media.  Chairman Xi was not happy with the breach of diplomatic protocol.

What makes this video remarkable is the purposeful decision by Chairman Xi to confront Justin from Canada in front of a western audience.  Xi never speaks directly in public and is always aware of cameras. The Chinese Chairman almost always goes through spokespeople to relay his public communication, reserving his voice for controlled and disciplined conversation with national leaders.   However, not this time.

Chairman Xi dresses down Justin from Canada publicly, in view of cameras and microphones. Watch, and stay with it to the end when Justin from Canada awkwardly looks for somewhere to hide.  It’s quite funny.  WATCH:


Too Poor to Continue Living with Dignity – Canadian Eugenics

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Nov 15, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Canada is not hiding its depopulation and eugenics efforts. The Trudeau Administration recently expanded the MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) program to include those with treatable illnesses or those suffering from poverty. Almost anyone, including children, can request a medically assisted death in Canada with a quick turnaround. Families are unable to protect their loved ones from the law. The MAID program was originally designed for those living in unbearable chronic pain and/or a terminal illness. Poverty or temporary hardship is now considered a terminal illness for which there is no cure besides death.

The Canadian health system is coercing people at their lowest point to end their lives. Canada could prioritize health care and expand assistance to disabled Canadians who are unable to work. Instead, they are clearly discriminating against those suffering from poverty or mental health issues, and doctors are no longer required to treat their patients. The system is encouraging suicide over treatment as it is the most cost-effective option. There is no guarantee those murdered while under medical supervision are capable of making an informed decision; the law will be used to depopulate the undesirables.

The Netherlands and Belgium, where assisted suicide is offered on a medical basis, forbid doctors from suggesting the method unless all other options are exhausted. Canadian doctors are encouraged to offer the option to those deemed too poor to live. “Euthanasia” will not appear on the victim’s death certificate, depending on the province in which they were murdered by their government. In 2021, the number of those requesting MAID in the country rose by over 32% from the year prior, and that number will rise. As the economy turns down, those “too poor to continue living with dignity” will feel obligated to choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

“[MAID is] probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s,” stated Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia. Pope Francis condemned the treatment of the elderly, mentally ill, and poor in Canada. “Patients who, in place of affection, are administered death,” the pope warned.

Adolf Hitler killed off “useless eaters” who did not contribute to his ideal version of society. They were forcibly taken to camps or executed on the spot. Canada is attempting to murder “useless eaters” under the guise of health care and compassion. The general public is turning a blind eye to what could become a genocide of the poor.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Fighting Back Against WEF

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Oct 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

This is big news. Alberta’s new Premier Danielle Smith is the first government leader to apologize for vaccine mandates. Taking it a step further, she directly criticizes the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Schwab; she has “no interest in being involved with them.” During her first day in office, Smith immediately apologized for the vaccine mandates. She is offering to rehire any government worker who lost their job due to their vaccine status.

“We are not QR codes,” Smith once said, adding that she wants to “purge” Canada’s QR database. She called out Alberta Health Services (AHS) for creating problems by colluding with the WEF. “They signed some kind of partnership with the World Economic Forum right in the middle of the pandemic; we’ve gotta [sic] address that. Why in the world do we have anything to do with the World Economic Forum? That’s got to end,” Smith said. Great question, Danielle.

She plans to look into amnesty for outstanding COVID-related fines. “The system, my friends, is broken,” she said. “Most of those managing AHS today are holdovers from the NDP years. They have had their chance to fix this bloated system and they have largely failed on almost all accounts. Failure is no longer an option.”

Remember when Schwab boasted about infiltrating world governments with various Young Global Leaders, such as Trudeau? She publicly said that it is “distasteful” and “offensive” when billionaires brag about how much control they have over governments. Yes, this is a direct shot at Schwab. She is the first government leader to openly question why we have allowed the WEF to infiltrate governments and control policies. We need more leaders like Danielle Smith who are willing to acknowledge the growing power that Schwab and his minions have in shaping the global society. Better yet, we should question why they were handed power in the first place.

Canadians Beware

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Oct 14, 2022 by Martin Armstrong


If we are going to have a war is my money safe in my Canadian banks, or should I have some cash?


ANSWER: Canadians should keep some US dollars in cash. Trudeau canceled high-value notes. As of January 2021, he obtained the power to cancel Canadian currency as they do in Europe. Once that power was exercised, he would do it again. He is entirely on board with Klaus Schwab and this agenda of the World Economic Forum is intentionally pushing for war with Russia.

As I have said, Putin had ZERO intention of conquering Ukraine. This has been a propaganda war. The first thing you do is take down the power grid. I think if war is to come, Putin can wipe out Europe very easily – take down the power grid. With digital currencies and electric cars, this will only leave society extremely vulnerable as never before. So you want cash, for banks can be shut down by targeting the power grids.