My latest work is using Science and logic to Prove the Existence of God

Over the past 30 some years I have been studying about the various theories regarding how we exist. By that I mean that we can think and have Free Will; and that allows us to make choices in what we do — we can do what is right or we can do things that are wrong, its our choice. In my studies I found that science doesn’t allow for that to happen its called the Hard Problem!

The attached book contains an analysis of this problem this book is the result of decades of research and thinking. The only conclusion I could come up with is there has to be a God as its the only way we can actually exist. The following image is on the cover of the book and it represents creation. The picture was constructed with God shown as creating the universe, using the art concept discovered by CG Jung and described in his book, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious. Jung found that all cultures had common believes and those beliefs were represented in art. Many of the art works he showed in his book are similar to the one I created here, and they are called mandalas. 

The following link will allow you to down load the book An Essay Analyzing the Existence of God at no cost.

The Public is Growing Tired of COVID – Window is Closing

Armstrong Economics Blog/Tyranny RePosted Sep 15, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

There are members of the press that are starting to question this narrative in different parts of the world from Germany to Australia. I was in a store and the girl did not have a mask on. I said great. Glad to do business with you. She replied she has had enough of masks and COVID. A number of people I have encountered just shopping are starting to say the same thing restoring my hope in humanity. As DWN in Germany is reporting, this entire COVID scam is being used to gain power. Indeed, while they keep people debating if the vaccines even work or will kill everyone in 2 to 3 years or make women sterile, and they put up clocks to tick down that the world will end in just a few years unless we hand all power to the United Nations, nobody asks is there a motive to this madness? The UN is also just so happening to be getting ready with the IMF cryptocurrency to replace the dollar as the new world currency.  The real agenda simply goes over everyone’s head.

Note that while AOC was comped a $35,000 ticket which is a GIFT and therefore taxable to her while she is wearing her Tax the Rich dress, If I gave anything like that to my kids it is taxable. She should read her own tax demands while wearing a $10,000 dress! If you look closely at all the photos at the Met event, there is something missing – M A S K S!!!

So it looks like they are creating two classes among the Great Unwashed, vaccinated v unvaccinated, there is a third class – THEM v all of US where their rules never apply to them – only US (The Great Unwashed vaccinated or not).

Now listen to this outrageous explanation of why children should be vaccinated by the Prime Minister of Scotland. She admits that there is no health risk. However, there may be a risk that the schools could be disrupted and therefore all children should be vaccinated. These people are putting children at risk because they have been directed to do so by Pfizer/Gates/WEF Schwab. Then Pfizer refuses to accept ANY responsibility for this product that normally takes 12 years to get approval and the top FDA people resign saying booster shots are not necessary! Because the entire political control has been bought, we will NEVER know the details of how they were paid off,  when they will never investigate themselves. Everyone is rushing FDA approval through in less than 1 year instead of 12 and the two top people resign.

If this were the old days, they would be dragging these politicians out with their heads mounted on spikes for being so reckless with our children.

They are following the Gates/WEF Schwab agenda and point #8 is very clear – END elections so we can NEVER remove these people from office – E V E R! This is creating a whole new meaning to Patrick Henry’s words – “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.”

Think About This, Joe Biden Openly Admits He is Attempting to Subvert The U.S. Constitution Regarding Private Property Ownership

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During the question and answer session following his remarks yesterday, Joe Biden said something out loud the media are desperately trying to hide.

In this video segment listen carefully to what he says.  As the Supreme Court and lower courts have determined, the CDC has no legal authority to block the rights of property owners from rental income from their tenants.  This is a basic issue in the Constitution about private property rights and the limits of federal government to intervene.

However, think about Joe Biden taking an oath of office “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and contrast that oath against these public statements.  In his remarks Biden readily admits that all constitutional scholars have advised the White House that a regulatory eviction moratorium will *NOT* pass constitutional scrutiny.  He openly admits that….

….Then, in the very next sentence, after admitting any effort to initiate or extend a federal eviction moratorium violates the U.S. Constitution, he says he is intentionally directing federal agencies to trigger unconstitutional legal action in an effort to “buy time” and create a de-facto unlawful eviction moratorium.

In essence:…  ‘I know this is unconstitutional; and I know we will lose the constitutional legal argument; but we will do this anyway, because ideology’.  WATCH:

Put aside the sympathetic elements for a moment; and think BIG PICTURE.   Think beyond the issue at hand with evictions.  If the installed occupant of the White House can intentionally, and with willful and open intent, violate the United States Constitution; while admitting publicly he is violating the United States Constitution; then what makes you think they will stop at the issue of ‘evictions’.

Either we have a Constitution, or we do not.

Tell me how the willful violation of the Constitution -that is outlined in these public remarks- is not an impeachable offense?


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All political ideologies are underpinned by a metaphysical belief-system. Our Constitution (and its notion of individual rights) is predicated on some notion of a Supreme Being. What happens, though, as we transition away from God to the Age of Darwin and Materialism? Has the social contract guaranteeing human rights been canceled out? Do some (very powerful) people make this assertion?

video image

Happy 4th

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Happy Fourth of July

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Treepers, as you can see below, I copied this from spoogels comments several years ago, and saved it for this post, so thank you spoogels, and Happy Independence Day to all of us. Stay strong, resolute, and proud.I have tried many times to edit and put spaces between the paragraphs. It looks like it is correct in the editor, then publishes like this. Apologies, I am not going to fight with it.
spoogels says:May 27, 2019 at 9:25 amEDITOR’S NOTE: When this column first appeared in JWR two decades ago, on May 28, 1999, it was read on radio stations across the nation and went on to become what would, years later, come to be termed “viral”. We wish that the author, a long-time friend of JWR’s publisher, were still writing today.PLEASE SHARE via social media.
An American credo
By Don FederON THE DAY when we memorialize those who gave their lives so America would endure, we should ask what it means a citizen of this republic.Here are the thoughts of one American, a credo for the coming millennia.I am an American. I was conceived at Plymouth, born in Lexington and Concord, and reached maturity at Philadelphia.I went through the fires of Shiloh, Gualdacanal, the Chosin Resovoir, Khe Sanh and a thousand other battlefields, and emerged rededicated to the ideals on which America was founded.I am an American. Ever ready to defend my liberty and independence, to make any sacrifice and bear any burden – still, I seek no quarrel.I march to the sound of the guns out of necessity alone. I fight not for glory or territory, or to make others bend to my will, but to vindicate my rights and preserve my freedom.I am an American. I’m proud of my past. Words like Valley Forge, Gettysburg Address and Pearl Harbor — names like Washington, Jackson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt — make my blood stir.Glancing behind me, I see generations of men and women who labored and struggled, lived and died to let me stand where I am today — who cleared the land, planted the crops, built the factories, raised the cities and made the discoveries that created a civilization which all the silent, suffering ranks of slaves, serfs and subjects who came before them could never imagine.I am an American. While recognizing the errors that were made in nation-building (has a nation ever been built exclusively on light?), I proclaim America’s past glorious indeed, a boon to humanity, and consider myself among the blessed of the earth to share this nation’s destiny.I am an American. Liberty is my birthright. To speak my mind, choose my leaders and legislators, defend my home and family, and worship the Creator in my fashion — these are not privileges, but G od-given rights. Governments can respect or deny them; they cannot change them.I am an American. I have no rulers. Those who make, interpret and enforce our laws are servants. When they no longer recognize that verity, their authority loses legitimacy.I am an American. My rights are a sacred trust to be exercised in the cause of justice and virtue. They are not the playthings of a spoiled child or mechanisms of self-indulgence.I am an American. English is my language. Our ancestors arrived on these shores speaking everything from Chinese to Yiddish. It was English that united us, that allowed us to overcome age-old antagonisms.From the Mayflower Compact to the latest piece of legislation introduced in Congress, our history and heritage are written in the tongue of the Magna Carta and the King James Bible.I am an American. I have no distinctive race, religion or ethnicity. I am black, white, yellow, brown and red — Catholic, Protestant, Jew and Hindu. I came here from the hamlets of Old England, the bogs of Ireland, Napoli’s sunny shore, the Pale of Settlement and the villages of Vietnam. American isn’t a color or creed, but a state of mind.I am an American. I welcome immigrants who are here to work and build, who identify with our past and ideals, who were spiritual Americans before they landed. Broken English is fine, as long as faith remains unbroken. An American speaks with the heart as much as the lips.I am an American. My ism is Americanism. I reject all dogmas and ideologies. Collectivism, racism, militarism and imperialism have no place here. The rot that’s eaten away at the soul of so many nations and cultures must be fiercely resisted.I am an American. I recognize only one loyalty higher than allegiance to our flag — faith in G od. I acknowledge that America and G od, the physical and the spiritual, are inseparable. America was founded by people of faith and grew to greatness by His grace. I pray that we will always be the instruments of His will.I am an American. I weep over the fact that American history is no longer taught in our schools. In its place is a worldly, cynical skepticism inculcated by authors and educators at war with our basic values.I am an American. I cringe at the collection of connivers, cowards, clowns and quacks that passes for our political leadership. I wonder that so many of my compatriots have no idea what America means and show no gratitude for the blessings that are theirs.I am an American. My ranks grow thin; the night closes in. Whether I will be the last of my kind or the vanguard of their resurgence, only time will tell.

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Memorial Day MAGA Boat Parade in Jupiter Inlet, Florida

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Thousands of President Trump supporters took to the water for another MAGA boat parade in Jupiter Inlet, Florida (video below).  Apparently President Trump heard of the parade and gave the following statement: “Wow! I hear they have thousands and thousands of boats parading in Jupiter, despite the fact that they tried to cancel us. Everyone is having an incredible time. On this day, we especially appreciate everyone who served and fought for our great Country. I love you all! ”

Two videos below:

Have you ever seen a parade of any kind showcasing support for Joe Biden?

Another perspective:

A Memorial Day Message From President Trump

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The people’s president, Donald J Trump, delivers a message this memorial day:

PRESIDENT TRUMP – “On this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen heroes who took their last breaths in defense of our Nation, our families, our citizens, and our sacred freedoms. The depth of their devotion, the steel of their resolve, and the purity of their patriotism has no equal in human history. On distant battlefields, in far-off oceans, and high in the skies above, they faced down our enemies and gave their lives so that America would prevail. They made the supreme sacrifice so that our people can live in safety and our Nation can thrive in peace. It is because of their gallantry that we can together, as one people, continue our pursuit of America’s glorious destiny.

We owe all that we are, and everything we ever hope to be, to these unrivaled heroes. Their memory and their legacy is immortal. Our loyalty to them and to their families is eternal and everlasting.

America’s warriors are the single greatest force for justice, peace, liberty, and security among all the nations ever to exist on earth. God bless our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen, and Marines. We honor them today, forever, and always.” (LINK)

We Remember, We Honor, We Celebrate

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Today we honor and give thanks for all Americans who died while serving and protecting Americans, wherever far away and however brutal that task became. We celebrate the lives and sacrifice of our fallen.

I hope that we Americans are indeed offering up our prayers for those who have served and their families. I hope we remember to thank God today that we have such patriots who gave up their lives because they believed that America is our home, our land, the heart of who and what we are as not only a nation among others, but a key part of our very identity.

I like to post this video each year. It’s a fitting tribute to what we have to celebrate and observe today.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,

and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May the souls of the faithful departed,

through the mercy of God,

rest in peace.


We Remember and We Give Thanks

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Appreciation and respect for our military service-members are at the cornerstone of the Treehouse.  Every day for over ten years we begin our daily prayers with our fallen national heroes in mind.   Through the years we have also lost veteran members who are part of the Treehouse family.  We have cried together, held time together and sometimes just quietly sat beside each-other to eliminate the loneliness…. No words needed.

However, we would also like the opportunity to share our appreciation this special weekend; and we want our veteran Treepers to know just how much they are valued and cherished.

Before we enter a day of solemn thoughtfulness and reflection, I would like to ask all military Treepers to stand and be recognized so that we may say “Thank You” this Memorial Day.  If you, or a member of your family past or present, is a member of the veteran community, or if you have lost someone close who was a veteran, please share a brief hello.

To the extent you are comfortable, please stand and be recognized in the comments section so that we may honor you and your family.

God Bless.

We love you…