Once Upon a Time We were Pleasantly Surprised

Armstrong Economics Blog/Opinion Re-Posted Jan 1, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Everyone judged Susan Boyle by her looks and laughed at the thought that she could even sing. We need that wake-up call to not judge the future by what the politicians are telling us for they are conspiring against the people. They are deliberately destroying jobs and created an atmosphere of fear to push their agenda upon the world.

Susan Boyle reminded us that you cannot judge someone or something from its appearance. AS did Emanne Beasha who was only 10 years old.

We have to put a little more effort into this if we want to save our future. It is not always as it seems!

The 3 Players Beside the Central Bankers

Armstrong Economics Blog/Banking Crisis Re-Posted Dec 31, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi AE….of all the 100’s of your posts that I’ve read, over the past, this is the most confusing. You seem to be absolving the international banksters of wrongdoing, when clearly they have been a huge part of the problem, trying to manipulate everything from the economy to wars. The financial sector, rather than facilitating trade & commerce, has become little more than a huge criminal organization, that drains equity from honest Americans. Hope you will elaborate. Still, hugely appreciate what you do.


REPLY: The central banks are not the INSTIGATOR of the digital currency. The benefactor is the government through taxation. The central bankers do not gain from that. Then you have the investment bankers who have been wildly trading and when they blow up they run to the government for bailouts. There are three groups here. Do not mix them up.

By moving to a digital currency it is the politicians who benefit for they see this as eliminating the underground economy. They are also in bed with BigTech which they are allowing to compete with the main banks. Part of Agenda 2030 is “You will Own nothing, and You’ll Be Happy!” is not for your benefit. They want to eliminate all your debts, mortgages student loans etc., which then wipes out the bankers. But it also allows them to default on government debt. Once that takes place, they no longer need the investment bankers to sell their debt. Hence, they are throwing the investment bankers to the wolves.

It is vital to step back and look at all three players in the game for all their interests are not the same.

Breaking the Bonds of Civilization

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civilization Re-Posted Dec 28, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: A real story in reference to masks and psychological damage.
My wife and I moved to a small town 140 miles west of Richmond, VA one year ago. Your real estate model, the changes in attitude in larger cities, and the allure of the mountains all were incorporated into the decision.
When you move to a new home, one thing you will need is light bulbs. So one Sunday after church, I went to a local big box, home improvement store to make my purchase. Finding the 40 feet section of light bulbs was easy to find since they were near the front door. Making the proper decision was not simple due to types, fittings, and various wattages. During my decision making, eleven individuals or couples passed my position. 9 of the 11 said, “Excuse me, pardon me, or gave a greeting.” I wasn’t in Richmond anymore. I was proud to be in a new area with a cordial population.
Now, 11 months later I find myself back at the home improvement store making purchases for a kitchen project. While I don’t have to linger in the light bulb area, I do have to travel to the store for various hardware items and wood. The friendly greetings or an inner aisle “excuse me” have become infrequent. Eye contact is almost rare. My new, small-town has changed immensely.
I could continue with thoughts on this issue or experiences with neighbors, but my main point has been made.
I am sure this isn’t just happening here and it will take a while to repair not only the economic damage but also the psychological damage too.
Best Regards,

REPLY: So far here in Florida people seem to be still cordial, but we have concerts and we were allowed to even hold our World Economic Conference here which I doubt would have been allowed in any other state other than perhaps Texas. I think this is the difference. The masks and lockdowns are breaking the bonds of society. Civilization is formed by people coming together to work together which produces a synergy whereby the sum of the individuals is greater than remaining alone. This is what is being destroyed.

I have gotten emails from students who say they cannot learn remotely – it’s not the same. Others were in culinary school which cannot possibly be conducted remotely. So many other fields require group meetings. Other students were in fashion. They cannot put on a fashion show. Others were in school to become professional photographers. The same is taking place.

As a trader, there was always an indescribable bond that takes place in a trading room. Splitting people up and working from home also breaks that bond. I have friends who are investment bankers who worked in New York. One moved to Tampa because they no longer return to their offices.

The very core of civilization is the end of individualism/tribalism. As people came together, civilization was born. Courts were an integral part for they were there to resolve disputes in a “civilized” manner. The US Supreme Court acted totally illegally claiming discretion not to take the Texas case. They have condemned society to violence for without courts to rule impartially, civilization CANNOT exit. You will have the anti-Trump people claiming there was no evidence and the pro-Trump angry because the court refused to even listen to any evidence. Hence, they have defeated the very underlying principle of civilization. There is no longer a reason to even have the United States for it has been reduced to one group trying to oppress another.

This is what is being torn apart and I am not so sure this Triumvirate understands this goes way beyond any possibility of returning to normal. They have defeated the evil enemy Trump, the will his occupy Capitol Hill, they have become the enemy. The more they fragment society, the greater the violence with one group against another. This is how the financial capital of the world will migrate to China who will defeat these egotistical totalitarians.

“Pay No Attention to the man behind the curtain, There’s No evidence of election fraud”

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphs.com DEC 7, 2020 AT 9:41 AM The Wizard of Fraud

We all know the Deep State Democrat Socialist Party took over many voting booths in key states to add fraudulent votes in favor of their demented candidate, Joe Biden. The Deep State corporate legacy media instantly pronounced Creepy Joe the victor and locked down a narrative that the overall election procedure was clean as a whistle while Trump and his supporters were simply poor sports.

The gaslighting and smoke blowing by the Deep State and its propaganda monkeys the mass media, have not lessened. They hope we all breathe in their flowery opium of lies and go to sleep.

Biden is portrayed as holding the ‘Office of the President Elect.” There is no such office. He’s not the president elect.His so-called victory was obtained by fraudulent means.

President Trump and his team have effectively pulled back the curtain on the massive and coordinated fraud that occurred. The Deep State threw a great many levers of power to make it happen.

We need to have the brains, heart, and courage to expose the fraud and send the traitors to prison.

You’ve always had the power..my dear”

Glinda the good witch

Now is the time we use it!

—Ben Garrison

The Energy Crisis During the Panic of 1873

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Dec 8, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Humans are not the only species to get viruses. A real energy crisis hit the United States that began in 1872 and expanded into 1873, which contributed to the Panic of 1873.  This was a flu virus they called distemper that shut down the US economy by infecting horses. It was in 1872 that the US economy was hit by influenza during the autumn which paralyzed the economy and social life. It was the 19th-century version of an energy crisis even before fossil fuels which these global warming fanatics want to return to. Instead of this influenza infecting people, it was a virus that spread among horses and mules. It began in Canada, and with free trade, it spread into the United States and then down into Central America.

Before fossil fuels, horses provided essential energy to build and operate cities. The steam engine led to the development of trains, but they were limited to long distances. Horses were the backbone of how cities operated just as cars today once filled the streets of major cities. But the equine flu made exposes just how important horses were to modern civilization. When horses became infected, they stopped working and it revealed just how dependent the entire economy was upon horsepower. The distemper, as they called it, spread infecting virtually every horse, and owners did not understand diseases back then and forced their horses to still work and they were dropping dead in the streets.

The influenza first appeared in Canada during late September in horses pastured outside of Toronto. The flu’s symptoms were cough and fever; ears drooping, they staggered and often dropped in the streets from exhaustion. Within a matter of just days, this virus spread rapidly and most horses in the city caught the virus in stables. By the time the US government became aware and attempted to prohibit Canadian horses from crossing the border, it was too late.

The virus spread very rapidly within a month crossing into the United States. By November, horses were dropping dead in New York City and hurting even those that did not seem to have had their immune systems compromised for this even hoof & mouth disease was impacting the survivors. Even the mail delivery was disrupted without horses.  It became known as the “wheelbarrow express” to carry the mail. They had to transport mail in wheelbarrows lacking horses.

The lack of horses also impacted the ability to fight fires. The pump wagons carrying water were drawn by horses. On November 9th, 1872, there was a major catastrophic fire that gutted much of downtown Boston. They reported: “The efforts of the splendid fire department appeared to be useless…” The firefighters could not even reach the scene of the fire on foot. Without horses, the city burned. The same would happen if the fire trucks operated on charged batteries. They would never be able to handle a major blaze.

Horses were the very backbone of the economy. They brought coal out of mines, drag crops to market, and carried raw materials to industrial centers. The horse flu resulted in food shortages in the cities as we have witnessed because of these lockdowns today, but they also led to what people were calling the “coal famine,” which sent prices soaring due to shortages. In England, there were coal miner strikes which resulted in driving up prices in the United States as well. Then this horse influenza in North America reduced both coal and iron production. On top of that, produce and crops simply rotted at the docks due to the lack of horses for transportation. Producers could not pay the railroads so they, in turn, refused to stop at some cities where depots overflowed with undelivered goods. The combination of these events created the perfect storm compelling the economy to plunge. Then the introduction of only the gold standard as Germany abandoned silver, the Panic of 1873 took shape.

By December 1872, the “Canadian Virus” as it was becoming know,  reached the Gulf Coast, and in early 1873 it was hitting the West Coast. It is believed that perhaps 200,000 horses died and most were sick. The economy simply came to a significant decline. The doomsday fear was this horse flu would jump to humans. Thank God Anthony Fauci was not around back then working for Bill Gates on the side. He probably would have ensured that it made the jump. Lacking people like Fauci, it never impacted humans.

In the midst of all of this, Henry Bergh (1813-1888) had been making this argument since 1866, when he founded the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Bergh was supported by a large inheritance. He thus had the time to devote to what he saw was cruelty to animals which at the time was largely focused on horses.

Here is a photo from 1909 showing the horse-drawn carriage taking the president-elect Taft to the inauguration with President Roosevelt both in the same carriage. That sort of civility no longer exists. Nevertheless, this influenza that infected the horses created a massive “energy crisis” which we would call it today. It certainly undermined the economy which contributed to the Panic of 1873 which became the Long Depression which lasted for 26 years.

The horse influenza became a  pandemic spreading across the country triggering a social upheaval and an economic paralysis just as if the power grid was shut off and would be comparable to what would happen today if these people were successful in ending fossil fuels. It was this problem which even led to the idea of creating the “horseless carriage” based upon economics. Horses enabled the very development of our civilization for transportation which enabled the economy to even develop as well as advancing the food production which allowed the human race to expand.

It was this influenza that provided support for Bergh’s ASPCA movement drawing the attention of Americans to the reality that horses were important but also were subject to nature. They could not be forced to work when sick. They too would simply die.

In today’s atmosphere, we should remember that ending fossil fuels will have a very profound impact just as the great horse influenza of 1872/1873.

The South Resisting the Tyranny from the North

Armstrong Economics Blog/Religion Re-Posted Dec 8, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Martin,

Last Saturday, our church manned 2 floats in the annual Rockwall, TX Christmas parade.  There was no mask mandate for participants or crowds.  Attendance was down from last year, but then again it was 34 degrees (but thankfully sunny and no wind).  It was wonderful being able to smile, make eye contact, and wish a “Merry Christmas” to people who are strangers, but fellow Americans, and see them smile and wave back.  Even the local nursing home wheeled people out on the ramp overlooking the parade route.  I have sorely missed being able to take my family in to sing to the residents there.

I have also noticed that a few are just refusing to wear masks in stores again, and the employees in outlying areas are refusing to enforce store mask rules, and even a few employees are not wearing masks until they have to be close to a customer.

One family in our church wears masks because the mom has had cancer in the past, and several (but not all) elderly sometimes wear masks.  We don’t get “in your face” if someone wears a mask, but still smile and talk to them, encourage and share fellowship, and give them an elbow bump instead of a handshake (we still mostly shake hands).

My family will host our church’s annual “Christmas in the Country” in two weeks, with games for the children, fun activities, a hayride, caroling, food, and fellowship.  We expect probably 150 people in the course of the afternoon and evening.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that at least in Rockwall, TX, you could probably still hold a conference, and could probably even pull “masks optional”  here.

Merry Christmas!

REPLY: It’s nice to see the South stand up against the North. These people are deliberately trying to separate families and undermine religion, precisely as Marx did, in their quest to dominate the world. They are trying to crush the economy to “BUILD IT BACK BETTER,” which means these lockdowns are purposefully intended to wipe out the economy, end commuting, and wipe out brick & mortar stores, which is why Big Tech is censoring everything against that agenda.

The biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, after Thanksgiving was a bust. Small retail businesses make up to 40% of their revenue during Christmas. This is intentional to wipe out as many as possible. They are deliberately trying to make sure when this scam is over, there will be nothing to return to and they get to then BUILD BACK BETTER by trying to direct how the economy should function PRECISELY as did the communists when they took over Russia. Centralized planning ALWAYS fails.

I highly recommend watching this film. When the Communists confiscated all the wealth, that included the farmers. The decision of what to plant, when, and where was suddenly done by some bureaucrat who never understood anything about farming. The Russian crops failed and people starved. Stalin stole all the food from Ukraine, killing 7 million, and took it to Russia to pretend communism was working. This is what happens when the economic decisions are centralized and run by bureaucrats.

We are showing the same outcome. Food shortages and a reduction in world population.

Do the COVID Restrictions Show How Stupid Politicians Really Are?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Dec 8, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

We have to wonder just how intelligent so many politicians really are. The number of COVID-19 cases is rising because they are now testing everyone. Pennsylvania requires a test if you return from out of state. The same is taking place in so many places. My neighbors got it because someone visited them from up north. She was even pregnant. They had it for 2 weeks and then it passed. Yes, there are some people who it seems to affect seriously. But these are minor and even Bill Gates admitted that there are some people who even die from vaccines. He also admitted that it would be minor and only about 700,000 deaths by vaccinating the entire world.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder in Germany has called his cabinet together for a special meeting. Because of the persistently high number of corona infections, Bavaria is overturning the easing planned for New Year’s Eve. We will find out what will soon apply to Bavaria. Of course, the number of infections will rise when you compel people to be tested. The number of deaths has declined to demonstrate that this is not such a plague.

A lot of politicians have just jumped on the bandwagon without understanding what is really going on. This is a political “ME TOO” movement and those behind this scam know that if they bribe the major leaders, all the others will follow. It’s called peer-pressure and then they have the media to do it for them.

There are serious questions about vaccines that are deliberately being created to prevent women from having children. He has even funded chips to be implanted into women to prevent pregnancies. Gates has long been using the Indian population as his personal guinea pigs. Even when Modi canceled the currency, it was Gates behind that and in fact, Modi just did it and NEVER bothered to tell the central bank in advance. In all honesty, I fail to understand how he has allowed Bill Gates free reign. He is using in his language something similar to Build Back Better. “We are a forward-looking civilization and a vibrant democracy that looks to interact with other countries to build a better world.” (see Economic Times).

The lack of real clinical trials and investigation of what these vaccines will do long-term and even if they are going to be required 4 times a YEAR just to work or travel, creates a real nightmare and a true host of ethical questions they will not answer. Meanwhile, they are hounding celebrities to publicly take the vaccine. But we have no idea if they would really receive the vaccine of just water. They certainly can not afford any side effects. I would personally not trust anything since this is not such a serious disease.

New Security Functions

Armstrong Economics Blog/Technology Re-Posted Dec 7, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Is this imposed by you; Checking your browser before accessing armstrongeconomics.com.
This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.
Please allow up to 5 seconds…
DDoS protection by Cloudflare
Best Regards

ANSWER: Yes – this is a security layer we put on because those trying to take down our site for political censorship, have stepped up from every day to every minute. It is simply off the wall how desperate these people are to shut down anything that exposes their corruption and blatant attempt to take over the United States and transfer our sovereignty to the United Nations with all nuclear weapons, but they want to end our democracy. They criticize China because the people do not elect the head of state. That is also true in Europe. They want to do the same in the USA – end our right to vote for anything meaningful.

Here we have Niden’s Climate Czar John Kerry who is a Davos Man. He has already publicly stated at Davos at the World Economic Forum that a Great Reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism – (i.e. Trump supporters). They regard Trump was elected by “populism” so what he was saying was to suppress those who voted for Trump which is anti-Democratic. He is preaching totalitarianism because they are right and everyone else must therefore be wrong. Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement to push the Great Reset but added, that this was “not enough.”

As the FT comments, world leaders fear they are losing power because of the rise of populism. This is what they are trying to combat because they will lose power if people vote against their agendas. So pay attention to the very nice words they use without clearly stating what it is that they want to change. You are the great unwashed, and as such, you are too stupid to know what is really best. They should decide and reduce our ability to vote for any change from what they decide keeps them in power.

Cancel Christmas? Come And Take IT!

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphics.com DEC 5, 2020 AT 11:09 AMUnlockedEarly Look-

Tina Toon Today!

Santa has his eye on the Democrat Grinches. Dr. Fauci, Gavin Newson, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and of course granny killer Cuomo the governor of New York all deserve a lump of coal this year.

These tin horn tyrants are trying their best to grab as much power as they can under the guise of a pandemic with a 99.7 % survival rate. They want you to stay home and not travel during the holidays. Yet the Mayor of Austin, Texas can enjoy his sunny vacation in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Gavin Newsom wants you to mask up and social distance even when outdoors, yet he can enjoy his fancy dinner maskless and with no social distancing. Remember rules are for the little people!

It’s time to push back. Don’t give into the fear. When they report climbing covid cases breathlessly on the Fake News channels, they are reporting cases, not deaths. More testing will ensure more cases. They are using covid fear to control the population. If they lose covid, they lose this control tool.  Yes, people have died from covid and it is terrible. But over 600,000 Americans die of heart disease EVERY YEAR. They don’t ban fat, salt and sugar because of that. You don’t have businesses being shut down and kids forced out of school because of heart disease.

The Constitution is not suspended because of a virus.

Ralphie knows if they take Christmas, they will take our second amendment next and then will follow mandatory vaccines and Chinese style vaccine id cards and social control.  Ralphie is making a stand.

Will you?

Merry Christmas! Welcome to the party pal!


The Constitution is not suspended because of a Pandemic

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphics.com DEC 1, 2020 AT 9:29 AM, Don’t Be a Baby, Be An American

I heard Montana leads the nation when it comes to mask wearing resistance. I’m proud of my state, but nobody in the country should be forced to wear them.

After all, they don’t stop the virus and harm us physically and psychologically. Government tyrants insist we wear them to make us compliant.

It’s a form of control.

I was walking through a local grocery store recently and I noticed quite a few people were refusing to wear the masks. I wanted to applaud each and every one of them. However, most were wearing light-colored disposable masks. At the very least, they could wear garish bandanas and look like outlaws, but most people don’t want to stand out. Then it hit me. Instead of masks, I imagined them all sucking on pacifiers. I imagined their parents as the government tyrants—telling them what to do, when to go to bed (curfews), how to play, and what to think. Their obedient citizens were obeying without question, child-like. Mommy and Daddy are only trying to keep their toddlers safe, after all. Many tyrants see us as mewling babies who couldn’t exist without their help. As their children, they think they own us while they order us about with threats of isolation, fines or even brute force spankings.

At the checkout line a grumpy mask-wearing man behind me said I wasn’t properly lined up. I could not hear him clearly. I wasn’t at the proper distance or something. Then he noticed I wasn’t wearing a mask. “You’re not even wearing a mask!” he muffled. I ignored him, but I wanted to wheel around and say “Cool it, Dr. Fauci.” However, two grown men exchanging insults could quickly escalate into fisticuffs, and my right cross isn’t what it used to be. So I ignored him. The government loves teachers’ pets such as him, though…and they know that peer pressure will do most of the enforcement work for them. China knows this and it’s why they have block captains who enjoy their power trips by hectoring, spying, and tattling on their neighbors.

Before we as a nation descend into a ChiCom-style nightmare that the globo-socialists have planned for us, we need to start rebelling.

We need to assert our independence and Constitutional rights.

Will we finally grow up and realize our government ‘parents’ have been abusive? When their mandatory vaccines threaten our ability to work or travel—along with our very lives, then we’ll know we let them get away with their abuse for far too long. We have no choice but to resist and push back.

If not, we won’t be sent to look into a corner for a few hours. We’ll be sent to government gulags.

—Ben Garrison