Georgia’s Doug Collins Announces He Will Not Be a Candidate For Future Elected Office

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Former Representative Doug Collins announces today that he will not be a candidate for elected office in the future.  However, he intends to stay active in conservative politics.

Collins last ran for the Senate seat in Georgia against Republican appointee Kelly Loeffler and lost in the primary.  Loeffler was supported by Mitch McConnell and the establishment republican party; Collins was viewed as the outsider.  [Announcement Link]

A Rendezvous With History

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Save The Date!

Wednesday, January 6 is a red letter day. I’m sure many have the date circled on their new calendars. Probably in red ink. Soon it could be circled in fire.

It’s a protest day for many Trump supporters. They’ll be in Washington D.C. to help the president in his quest for justice. The election was blatantly stolen by the Democrat Socialists. The evidence is overwhelming, but the corporate media, the courts, and many in Congress are content to be led by a corrupt and demented swamp and basement-dwelling pedophile, China Joe Biden.

The big question is, will Vice President Mike Pence come through for Trump and challenge the electoral votes in key states? Will he stop the steal? We will all soon know, but I have my doubts. If Pence sides with Biden, then he’ll go down in history as the second Benedict Arnold. Trump should then initiate the Insurrection Act and arrest them all for attempting a coup. After all, they were aided by China and other foreign operatives. Trump should hand Pence a second envelope that says, “You’re Fired.” I hope I’m wrong about Pence, but I have my doubts about him. If he proves me wrong and sides with the president, I’ll be delighted.

January 6th can be a turning point in US history. It can be the day when patriots take not just a stand, but real action against the globalists who want a ‘great reset,’ which means America will live under a totalitarian system similar to communist China.

We don’t want a ’new normal’ that’s being forced upon us by tyrants. We want the regular constitutional normal. We The People want our Republic back.

Make America Great Again!

—Ben Garrison

Cowards Surrender, Americans Fight for Justice

“Do they want to have a civil war? Because this is how you get civil wars. If the soap box is suppressed, and if jury box doesn’t work, and the ballot box is rigged, what’s left other than the ammo box?”

Re-Posted from the Canada free Press By Abernathy Crumm —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 9, 2020

Despite widespread and compelling evidence that Democrats perpetrated massive voting fraud on the American people, many supposed conservative pundits, writers, and personalities are declaring Biden the winner.  Before the recounts, lawsuits, and investigations are concluded, these geniuses, you know, the ones that brought us President McCain and President Romney, are belly up for the corrupt-o-crats in the Democrat party and their sycophant Never-Trumpers.  Even GW Bush has kicked the voter to the curb declaring the election was “fundamentally fair” in a call to Biden.  I guess he is a deep state kind of guy now.  Let me get this straight:

The propaganda arm of the Democrat party called the election for Biden on cue

  • We kicked the Democrats rear in everything, but the Presidency?
  • The guy who couldn’t fill one bus for a rally won?
  • The battleground states coincidently had all the problems?
  • More votes than voters?
  • 90% or higher turnout?
  • 4 AM truck deliveries of boxes to counting centers?

    There is a special place in hell for people who try to take over a country with fraud

    There is a special place in hell for people who try to take over a country with fraud.  They are stealing the birthright from people who work hard for a living, care for their families and communities, and actually try to be honest in their lives.

    President Trump is a far better conservative than all of the “do the right thing and surrender” crowd, he knows what is worth fighting for.  The integrity of our electoral process should be one of those things, but did we ever really have it?  Democrats have played Republicans for many years; they have no moral or ethical qualms with cheating.  The surrender crowd is like an abused spouse who caves to the serial abuser after a few mumbled apologies.  The behavior never changes until someone goes to jail.  In the not too distant past, punishment for such crimes included a rope and a tree.

    I read a comment to an article written by the excellent Larry Correia: THE 2020 ELECTION: F**KERY IS AFOOT.  It was prescient:

    “Do they want to have a civil war? Because this is how you get civil wars.  If the soap box is suppressed, and if jury box doesn’t work, and the ballot box is rigged, what’s left other than the ammo box?” 

    Does Trump Have Something Up His Sleeve?

    Armstrong Economics Blog/AI Computers Re-Posted Nov 10, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    QUESTION #1: Hello Martin
    Do you think that Trump has something up his sleeve in regards to the election? I cannot see him conceding when he knows that there has been outright, in your face ballot fraud. He doesn’t seem like the type of man who would walk away from a good fight. If he did win (never say never) how would this tie in with Socrates forecast? If Trump was forecasted to win and he did win would there be any change to the ensuing madness that Socrates had predicted?
    I have never been so interested in an American election, surely beats the Scottish elections hands down!
    All the best

    QUESTION #2: You are just a Trump supporter. You have no proof the election was rigged.


    ANSWER: Socrates has never been wrong. However, I pointed out that it had projected Gore would win in 2000. After the Supreme Court handed it to Bush, the final count showed that Gore had more than 500,000 votes than Bush. Socrates calls it by the numbers. It is not my personal opinion nor does it ask people for their opinions. It forecast that this would be a very close race 50/50 which was correct. You can hate me, call me a Trump supporter, whatever. I really do not care! My job is simply to reveal the forecasts of the computer. I do not alter that. There is no point in that for any time I have thought it would be wrong, I have always been the one who was wrong. Because its forecast was that this would be razor-thin, I think it did a far better job than the 14 pollsters.

    I fully understand that the country is so divided it will never return to normal. As far as being rigged, the computer projected this would be the MOST corrupt election in American history. That is being unfolded every day that passes. I get you you hate me saying that so you will prefer to shoot the messenger. You better open your eyes because this is NO normal election of simply Democrat v Republican. This is a foreign agenda being imposed on the United States and when you lose your pension only then will you see what took place.

    Now, dead people voting has been a trick all the time. However, this crisis taking place is serious because it is so razor-thing that only a few thousand votes alter the outcome. I have already seen computer analysis of the votes and it is statistically IMPOSSIBLE that this was a fair election. There was no possible way that 200,000 votes even by mail-in are 100% for Biden.

    The problem here is that NEITHER side will accept a loss. You push Biden in and the Democrats take the Senate and structurally try to change the foundation of the United States and you will have a civil war. If Trump is successful and overturns the election, the Democrats will claim that is a fraud.

    My solution would be simple. An electron voting system is set up ASAP and the election is to take place again. Every vote should be easily cross-checked to see if these people are currently paying taxes. If not, they cannot vote unless they are enrolled in school and can prove they are alive.

    That SOLUTION would save lives for then both sides cannot claim it is a fraud. Trump should remain as president or let the Vice President assume that role until such an election takes place. Then and ONLY then will the nation be healed. Otherwise, get your gun loaded and fight it out in the streets because nobody will accept a loss otherwise.

    The Prospects of Trump & Will Democrats Split

    Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 10, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    QUESTION: I have two questions. First do you think there is any chance of this vote being reversed? Second, do you think the Democrats will split by 2022?


    ANSWER: This is extremely difficult. It will take the Supreme Court to stand up for what is right. As another client writes in: “Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Biden didn’t win. Will they pull it off?? (EB). If you simply did the analysis by using Benford’s Law To Detect Fraud, you would be able to overturn the election. Will they? Probably not. This is a global coup to take over the United States. They are doing the same throughout Europe and even in Canada, which has made a major effort to prepare to oppress the people and the government has a 15-page propaganda report on how to demonize dissenter. Meanwhile, you have Lyndsey Grahm telling Republicans not to concede.

    The Deep State has been working against Trump from day one. He was too naive to understand how the swamp really works. When Regan was elected, I was told by Republicans in Washington that they would “train” him. You see, they did not like Reagan either. He was a governor – that is not one of “them” which is exclusively a Washington player – i.e. Senate or House. He brought in people that THEY selected and they tried to “train” Trump but he was resisting. Bolton wanted to expand troops overseas and invade Syria.

    Trump ended up firing people as he came to see they were part of the swamp. His son-in-law brought in Goldman Sachs and that was another serious mistake when Goldman had instructed it board not to donate to Trump – only Hillary. Trump listened to people who were trying to train him to be part of the Swamp. When that did not work, the Democrats, pissed off on Hillary’s loss, began to try to undermine him and block everything he wanted to do blaming Russia when they KNEW that was all made up by Hillary

    They were using the polls to try to manipulate the people into a “blue wave” as they were projecting. The mainstream media began circling the wagons even as the votes were being counted on Tuesday. CNN’s Jake Tapper saw what was happening early and began telling viewers that all that talk about a Biden “landslide” was “always a pipe dream.” They turned the propaganda 180 degrees to still try to pretend it was an overwhelmingly Democratic sweep. They were deliberately withholding calls on states that were ahead for Trump also KNOWING the fix was in.

    The Supreme Court should uphold Trump, and in a per curiam decision of a court, Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), which was in unanimous agreement so it was NOT split down party lines ad the Democrats always claim to justify overruling the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, the court held whereby seven Justices agreed that a manual statewide recount would violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, although only five agreed on the appropriate remedy. The Court emphasized that standards for manual recounts varied arbitrarily across counties and even precincts, so individual voters could not be sure that their participation in the democratic process would be given the proper weight. Florida’s rule that a clear indication of the intent of the voter was required to make the vote count seemed too vague to be uniformly applied. However, the Court carefully limited its judgment to these specific circumstances.

    Since the state could not finish the recount within the deadline set by state law, the recount was ended and the case remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with the opinion. Gore thus had the opportunity to continue pursuing litigation at the state level.After a wild election night on November 7, 2000, during which TV networks first called the key state of Florida for Gore, then for Bush, followed by a concession by Gore that was soon rescinded, the results for who would be the nation’s 43rd president were simply too close to call. It was later revealed that Gore had won the popular vote by 543,895 votes. As accusations of fraud and voter suppression, calls for recounts and the filing of lawsuits ensued, the terms “hanging chads,” “dimpled chads” and “pregnant chads” became part of the lexicon.

    I would argue that there is no standard for federal elections as every state has its own system and they vary greatly. There should be a standard means of electronic voting that is then cross-referenced to tax returns and that would eliminate all dead people voting. Handing this election to Biden on numerous allegations of dead people voting to give him razor-thin victory violates my right to Equal Protection of the Law. Every person who voted for Trump has had their civil rights violated and a class action lawsuit is entirely appropriate.

    In electronics which I studied in school doing electrical engineering in computer science, there was an interesting phenomenon known as Negative Resistance which is the characteristic whereby an increase in voltage across the p-n junctions results in a decreased current. In other words, the same interesting phenomenon takes place in markets. You can move to all-time highs and 97% of the people are long, that is when a crash can take place because they try to sell and there is no bid. Sometimes the more you move in one direction, you increase the odds of moving in a panic type move in the opposite direction.

    We are starting to witness the moderate Democrats trying to pin the blame for losses in the House on controversial far-left members such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Besides coming out and advocating lists of Trump supporters for retaliation, on Sunday 11/8 she defended her extreme faction was not the root of the problem but leadership’s campaigning “as though it’s 2005.”

    Historically, the Democratic-Republican Party split into groups after the 1824 presidential election; one faction supported President John Quincy Adams (Republicans), while the other faction backed General Andrew Jackson (Democrats). The Democrats were for slavery and that eventually led to the civil. However, the split became to become much more intensified in 1848 and that is the year we saw communist revolutions around the globe.

    One component which is why the split will begin here in 2020 as I have warned between the moderate Democrats and the far-left which seems to be led by AOC, is right on target. We are at 172 years from the 1848 Communist Revolutions (8.6 x 2 = 17.2). All of this intensity is right on target. Two years later on September 18th, 1850, the Democrats pushed through the Fugitive Slave Act which provided for the return of slaves brought to free states. The North was then ordered to return any fugitive slave and ironically, California became the 31st state of the United States of America also in 1850. Where we begin is where we end.

    The Future & Chaos

    Armstrong Economics Blog/Monetary Reform Re-Posted Nov 10, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    COMMENT #1: Marty,

    Does this all mean that this takeover can make the canceling of physical USD possible, maybe as soon as January to line up with Europe? Previously you responded to my email question on a digital dollar and said that they couldn’t do that since over 70% of cash was held overseas.

    Can this all cause the dollar to collapse instead of heading to new all-time highs as you have been saying for years? Or will it just delay the dollar highs?


    COMMENT #2: I find it fascinating how Socrates elected a Quarterly Bullish Reversal at the end of September in the Dow and a bearish in the dollar. I am impressed by how Socrates is so independent that what seemed inconsistent proved spot on. No wonder they first so hard to prevent people from looking at your work.

    Please keep up the good fight.


    COMMENT #3: Mr. Armstrong,

    Seems like levers are easily thrown in whatever direction is benefiting this Great Reset with the big picture of bringing all of Western Civilization to its knees.  Small business is already / or already being crushed.  Likely, a heavy tax on carbon will finish off the farmers once we get back into the Paris Accord.   There is a great deal of real wealth  being held by Baby Boomers, who for the most part are “buy & hold” (no matter what) with a mixture of more equities than bonds.   These evil rat bastards seem exceptionally good at what they do, wouldn’t you want crush “The Boomers” also?  Seems as if this rally is an effort to get everyone in the pool before pulling the plug and draining the pool very quickly?

    Best Regards

    COMMENT #4: The parallels to the movie Star Wars are uncanny. So many similarities happening right now.


    REPLY: I have been telling people that Socrates has always been right whenever I thought it would be wrong. It said this would be the most corrupt election in American history and I seriously doubt any human being could have forecast just how corrupt this really would be. It is far beyond anything I ever expected. As I warned at the last WEC, we were picking up something strange in the capital flows beginning in August 2019. It was manifesting at first in the Repo Crisis where US banks were suddenly unwilling to lend any money to any European bank. Their statements that they would no longer bailout any European banks forced the US Federal Reserve to step into the Repo Market. That continued to the pressure to join Klaus Schwab’s communist manifesto because they had already destroyed the European bond market and vowing not to bail out any bank meant that a US bank would not deal with a European.

    Normally, that would have set the stage for the capital flows to the dollar and the US share market which indeed contributed to the high with the Economic Confidence Model – 2020.05. We crashed and burned into the low of March 23rd and Socrates even got the day of the low. NORMALLY, we should have bounced, even 40% from that low, and after an 11-year rally, we should have seen a 2-year decline into the next target in 2022. I warned that if the Dow had to close below the Quarterly Bearish Reversal at the end of March since the market penetrated it intraday. That rested at 21,712. The market closed above that number failing to elect any Quarter Bearish Reversal numbers settling March at 21,917.16. At the very minimum, that warned that there would be a bounce before any possible new low.

    Indeed, the Dow elected its first Weekly Bullish Reversal the week of June 15, 2020, at 25,871.46. Then its first Monthly Bullish was elected at the end of July and finally the first Quarterly Bullish Reversal at the end of September. Now it becomes imperative to hold 25,735 on a monthly closing basis in the future. This is why I say we are in difficult times and the only way to survive is a computer that is objective and can see into the future. I seriously doubt that any human can forecast what the heck is unfolding other than a guess.

    As for this looking more like Star Wars, you are actually not so far off. Star War was based upon the collapse of the Roman Republic and the transition to the Emperor. Instead of dueling with swords, they introduced lightsabers. If you can just short someone, why would you battle with lightsabers? Hey, it sold a lot of tickets.

    No rational politicians would destroy the world economy for this COVID-19 nonsense. They are now claiming 10 million people have contracted COVID. The CDC estimates that the flu during the 2017–2018 season was high with an estimated 45 million people getting sick with influenza, 21 million people going to a health care provider, 810,000 hospitalizations, and 61,000 deaths from influenza.  We already know that the flu and COVID cases have been combined. They now are claiming 237,000 people have died from COVID. The CDC is claiming the flu is mild this year with CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2019–2020 season was moderate with an estimated 38 million people sick with flu, 18 million visits to a health care provider for flu, 400,000 hospitalizations for flu, and 22,000 flu deaths. If you died of a heart attack but test positive for COVID you died of COVID. This is happening everywhere because it is all political.

    The objective is to CRUSH the economy, end debt, they adopt MMT and handout Guaranteed Basic Income. This will subjugate the people and allow the government to end democracy, elections, etc., and install this one-world government with the US nuclear weapons handed to the United Nations where it will then be subject to a group of nations to wage war.

    I do not think the US will be able to launch a digital currency by January. They have put in legislation to do that, but it will have to pass the House and then the Senate. Just looking at the timing arrays, it would appear not before May. We have to see the outcome of the Georgia election and now we have two states suing Pennsylvania. Allowing dead people to vote that changes the election is a denial of Equal Protection and Due Process of Law for the entire nation. We have to see how the Supreme Court handles this. We may get a decision by December 14th, 2020.

    2020 Election – It ain’t over under the fat lady sings

    Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 4, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    This 2020 election does more than show that Socrates has beaten every pollster out there calling into question their manipulation bias when a computer can just look at the voting pattern without talking to anyone. The neck-to-neck of this US election goes to show that the Democratic Party is a disaster. They have torn the country apart with Russian allegations, impeachments, and tearing up the State of the Union speech before the entire world. They have shown that this hostile takeover of the United States is by no means over and they have laid the seeds of a civil war just as the Democrats did before supporting slavery in the South against the Northern Republicans led by Lincoln.

    The sheer fact that this election is neck-to-neck after everything they have done in the last four years goes to show you that they have been part of the Great Reset and Pelosi supports draconian lockdowns that destroy small business and jobs as they pull off in Europe.

    As they say, the Democratic Party has at least shot themselves in the foot if not the head because even if Biden wins, it would not be definitive. This is too razor thin and the people will revolt if they try to implement the COVID restriction you see in Europe destroying jobs and handing out Guaranteed Basic Income checks suspending mortgages and undermining the entire credit market structure. As they say, this ain’t over under the fat lady sings* – which may be the Supreme Court.

    *Note it is just a saying in the USA that is not intended to be derogatory against opera singers.

    Schwab & Piketty – Evil Dynamic Duo

    Armstrong Economics Blog/Socialist Re-Posted Nov 4, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    COMMENT: The following excerpt is concerning Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset. It is taken from an article written by Paul Cudenec, entitled “Wrong Kind of Green.”
    “Born in Ravensburg in 1938, Klaus Schwab is a child of Adolf Hitler’s Germany, a police-state regime built on fear and violence, on brainwashing and control, on propaganda and lies, on industrialism and eugenics, on dehumanisation and “disinfection”, on a chilling and grandiose vision of a “new order” that would last a thousand years.
    Schwab seems to have dedicated his life to reinventing that nightmare and to trying to turn it into a reality not just for Germany but for the whole world.
    Worse still, as his own words confirm time and time again, his technocratic fascist vision is also a twisted transhumanist one, which will merge humans with machines in “curious mixes of digital-and-analog life”, which will infect our bodies with “Smart Dust” and in which the police will apparently be able to read our brains.
    And, as we will see, he and his accomplices are using the Covid-19 crisis to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the rest of humankind against our will in what he terms a “Great Reset“.

    Schwab is not, of course, a Nazi in the classic sense, being neither a nationalist nor an anti-semite, as testified by the $1 million Dan David Prize he was awarded by Israel in 2004.
    But 21st century fascism has found different political forms through which to continue its core project of reshaping humanity to suit capitalism through blatantly authoritarian means.
    This new fascism is today being advanced in the guise of global governance, biosecurity, the “New Normal”, the “New Deal for Nature” and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
    End of Excerpt


    REPLY: I see Klaus Schwab as a very dangerous academic along with his buddy Thomas Piketty. I have gone over both Schwab’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and stakeholders economics, which is fascism, and Thomas Picketty’s books, “The Economics of Inequality” and his “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” I have tried to address every point they make. Piketty’s research is tainted by the fact that he attempts to prove inequality rather than investigate how the economy functions. Schwab is neither a programmer nor does he have any practical experience in the non-academic world. Yet, this dynamic duo has managed to hoodwink world leaders into believing we need a new communist world 3.0.

    The End of Britain?

    Armstrong Economics Blog/BRITAIN Re-Posted Nov 4, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    COMMENT: Marty,

    Each day that passes the picture becomes more clear…..

    In this case, Britain stating that workers will get 80% of wages paid during the lockdown and if it gets extended, so will the wages…quite simply, you kill the businesses and buy off workers with 80%(net of the taxes they might have paid), to keep the sheep passive…companies disappear and never reopen. Then one day people wake up to no jobs, companies closed. But they still get paid by the government, which then replaces the currency with digital money they control, at each point of sale. Taxes collected.

    Left standing? The state. Deceased? Millions of jobs. No tax base. Apparently no need since they will simply electronically create whatever is needed. The state will then condemn businesses that no longer exist and can’t pay taxes. They then take over private property, becoming the largest owner in the country. Small and medium businesses disappear. People no longer work…they are locked in place. Society then moves toward fuedalism as the state becomes the major landowner, dictating everything. People then work for the state at prices they set, which now becomes the market.

    Armies disappear, police forces are increased, but monies then are reallocated to get directed at expanding total control over people. Travel and leisure as we once knew it are over.Worse than any sci-fi movie I have ever seen…


    REPLY: I personally believe that Boris Johnson has been bribed. There is absolutely no evidence that COVID is dangerous to warrant the total closure of the economy. This is clearly the Great Reset and it is intended to impose Communism 3.0. Boris will not pursue BREXIT. This is all an agenda and he has abandoned all conservative values, so there can be no other explanation other than he has been bribed to destroy the British economy. I fear I will never see London again in my lifetime. This is the end of tourism in Europe. This is the Gates/Soros/Schwab agenda.

    England and Scotland became the United Kingdom by the Acts which took effect on May 1, 1707. On this date, the Scottish Parliament and the English Parliament united to form the Parliament of Great Britain, based in the Palace of Westminster in London, the home of the English Parliament. Hence, the Acts are referred to as the Union of the Parliaments. One of the reasons why our models also projected that Brexit would succeed against the polls was that this was in line with the 309.6 year Model on the UK — 2016. It looks like 2021/2022 will be a very tumultuous period for Britain.Categories:BRITAIN

    Police Coming Out Against the Madman of Australia – Daniel Andrews

    Armstrong Economics Blog/Australia & Oceania Re-Posted Nov 4, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

    Australian Lawyer Peter Little is handing over documents to the press from 70 police whistleblowers who have come out against the madman of Australia, Daniel Andrews.