The Democrat “MOB” or the Republican “JOBS” — Its Your Choice!

The Democratic Party no longer has a rational message and they don’t deserve the slightest benefit of doubt. They now rely on mob intimidation, chaos and physical assault to regain power. And here’s a message to the gutless cowards in the main stream media who masquerade as journalists; our eyes and ears do not deceive us.

We’ve seen the leftist mob, Antifa, shut down conservative speech, destroy property and resort to physical violence at the University of California, Berkeley and college campuses throughout the nation.

We’ve seen Republicans terrorized while out dining with family and friends.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in police assassinations in the wake of “Black Lives Matter.”

We’ve seen mobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court because due process and the presumption of innocence prevailed.

We’ve seen mobs corner Republicans in elevators and show up at their homes.

We’ve seen a Democratic activist physically assault Senator Rand Paul leaving him with 6 broken ribs.

We’ve seen a leftist radical attempt to massacre a group of Republicans leaving Representative Steve Scalise near death.

We heard Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, state, when they go low “we kick them.”

We heard Senator Mazie Hirono demand that all men just “shut up.”

We heard Representative Maxine Waters and Senator Corey Booker insist their supporters get in the face of Republicans whenever and wherever they’re seen.

And we heard Hillary Clinton proclaim that when Democrats regain power “civility can start again.”

The Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by far left radicals who hate America and the freedoms she provides. It is no longer a question of if, but rather a question of when will someone be killed at the hands of these hateful mobs.

Check out Nancy Pelosi and an Antifa terrorist from the progressive city of Portland, OR. Anti-American behavior like this should have reasonable Democrats outraged.

Jeff Longo

The End Always Justifies The Ends according to Saul Alinsky

The end always justifies the means in the corrupt world of liberalism. They will never let the Constitution get in their way because only they know what’s best for our country and her citizens. Democrats have stated that their goal is to delay and eventually deny Judge Bret Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. They are using unsubstantiated and unsupported accusations of an alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh.
Before any testimony was heard the Democrats demanded that the accuser be believed and the burden of proof be the responsibility of the accused. They made a mockery of due process and the presumption of innocence.

This past week Democrats, again, found a way to delay the vote thanks to Republican Senator Jeff Flake. Flake and Democratic Senator Chris Coons
came to a compromise, or so we were told. A one week delay was agreed to which is exactly what the Democrats were seeking. Judge Kavanaugh and
Republicans received no consideration at all. Only a fool would refer to this as a compromise. Within a day Democrats were demanding
additional stipulations that would prolong the process even further. Jeff Flake is weak and ineffective. Because of his behavior he has
become UN-electable in his home state of Arizona. Flake is not seeking reelection and conservatives applaud that. He will not be missed.

Anyone paying attention can see that the Democrats don’t care about the alleged victim and they certainly don’t care about the rights of the
accused. Their only goal is to deny this Trump appointment and if it means ruining Kavanaugh’s life, career and family than so be it.
Whatever good may have come thanks to the “Me Too” movement has been hi-jacked by the left. It has been weaponized to advance the left’s
agenda and tough luck for any collateral damage that may occur. The mask is being lifted and their evil is on display. Americans are engaged in a
cultural war that could quickly see Socialism take over. The United States is on a path to government oppression and the Republican Party
had better wake up and start protecting the people.

Jeff Longo


Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

The notion that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford can accuse Judge Bret Kavanaugh of a sexual assault that allegedly took place 36 years ago and must be believed, without any evidence, is absurd. Just as idiotic is the left’s insistence that Judge Kavanaugh be assumed guilty and any attempts to defend him would be an act of bullying the accuser. This is what the Democrats want us to believe. So far the facts don’t lend themselves to this insane narrative.

Up to this point Dr. Ford has been unable to identify where or even what year the alleged attack took place. It has been reported that the three people Ford has named as having been present when the alleged attack occurred are stating that they don’t know what she’s talking about.

Dr. Ford has the right to be heard. She must be treated with respect and dignity. She must also be prepared to be challenged. Unfortunately the left has turned this into a political weapon. As is always the case they do this with an assist from the corrupt main stream media. They could care less about Dr. Ford or the assault she may or may not have experienced. She is being used to delay and eventually derail Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer, and the leadership of the Democratic party, made it clear they would do anything necessary to stop this Trump nomination.

We may never know exactly what happened 36 years ago but one thing is certain – the political rot we’re witnessing will forever stain the lives of these two people and their families.

Jeff Longo

Barack Obama is BACK and still Wrong about Everything!

He’s back and conservatives should be delighted. Barack Obama is stumping for the Democrats and his arrogance and condescension are on full display. Obama’s recent speech provides evidence that he still lives in a vacuum of ignorance that requires that he claim that all Republicans are racist, they hate women and the roaring Trump economy is thanks to him. This is the same guy that doubled our national debt, whose policies did great damage to America’s middle class and he assured us that a 2% growth in our GDP was the new normal. President Trump erased this myth early in his presidency.

Let’s not forget the catastrophic effect Obama had on the Democratic Party during his failed presidency. Thanks to Obama and his leftist policies the Democrats suffered huge loses during the 2010 and 2014 mid-term elections. During his reign of incompetence the Democratic Party lost over 1,000 local and statewide seats. Although he won two elections Barack Obama was toxic to his party. Like all narcissists his winning was always more important than anything else.

So the patriots of this country pray to God that Mr. Obama stays on the stump through the mid-term elections. In fact, lets pray that Barack stays on the campaign trail right through the 2020 presidential election. Then we can say that even Barack Obama helped “Make America Great Again.”

Jeff Longo
North Royalton, Ohio

Ill-legal migration is invasion

Don’t believe for a second that the leadership of the Democratic Party gives a damn about the children crossing our border illegally. These are not principled people and they have two objectives – amnesty for illegals and open borders. The survival of their party requires voters who are dependent on government. To them illegal aliens are nothing more than future votes. Democrats will never support legislation that secures our border or doesn’t grant amnesty to illegals.

Pardon me if I reserve my sympathy for the American families whose lives have been destroyed by the animals belonging to the brutal MS-13 gangs.

I refuse to be lectured by those who support the slaughter that takes place behind the walls of Planned Parenthood. These are the babies being separated from life, not their parents.


Political correctness continues to run amok, with the latest stampede to run from guns!

For far too long corporations have caved to the misguided demands of the left with no regard to their conservative customers or suppliers. They are allowed to behave in this manner because they receive little, if any, push back from the right. Thankfully this is changing and those who think Donald Trump has nothing to do with it are amazingly naive.

It’s been reported that Dicks Sporting Goods has hired a team of DC Lobbyists to pressure Congress into more gun control. As is usually the case ‘feel good’ gun control proposals will only affect law abiding gun owners. In response to Dicks action gun manufacturers Springfield Armory, MKS Supplies and Mossberg have announced they will no longer do business with Dicks Sporting Goods. The gun industry is one of countless industries whose constitutional rights are under attack. When possible let’s make these gutless decision makers pay a price.

Jeff Longo

Ruger is another gun manufacturer. Check out their statement in defense of our freedom.

Trump making, Make America Great Again

For those paying attention to the important issues affecting the security and freedom of all Americans it was a very good week. From the floor of the National Rifle Association’s annual meetings we heard the President reaffirm his commitment to protect and preserve the Second  Amendment to the Constitution. The right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families is secure for now. We must never
forget that the progressive left won’t rest until gun confiscation begins.

The day after this important speech the President, while visiting Cleveland, met with a group of small business owners and their employees. The President delivered a speech proudly describing a roaring economy that will only get stronger. Thanks to the Trump tax cuts businesses are growing and new jobs are being added in big numbers. The unemployment rate is at a 17 year low with African American and Hispanic unemployment rates at all time lows. And best of all more of the American workers’ money is going where it belongs – in their pockets.

Donald Trump is delivering on the promises that got him elected, but there’s much left to do. He needs to secure the border and he needs to
build the wall to do it. He needs to continue filling the judicial system with freedom loving jurists who understand the rule of law while following the Constitution of the United States. He needs to defund the country’s largest provider of abortions – Planned Parenthood. He needs to help develop a free market healthcare system and completely repeal the big government power grab known as Obamacare.

We live in the greatest nation in the world. Ours is a resilient Republic that has withstood 8 years of the most divisive presidency in modern history. In November we must show up and elect those who will help President Trump ‘Make America Great Again.’

Jeff Longo
North Royalton, Ohio

These groups: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC are now the Propaganda Arm of the DNC

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR – take your pick, they’re all corrupt and their common mission is the take down of President Donald Trump. Just when we thought these gutless cowards had gone as low as they could CNN found a way to get even deeper into the swamp scum.

Fresh off the Parkland, FL massacre CNN organized an event they advertised as a “Town Hall Meeting.” They invited grieving students, their parents and teachers with only a couple of requirements: stick to our script and shout down the opposition as often as possible. This is the same tactic being employed on college campuses across the nation to shut down conservative voices.

The left’s shameful exploitation of our youth, and the complete politicization of this horrific assault was predictable and expected. Democrats, and the media, have no interest in pursuing ideas that could limit these mass shootings unless the blame is put squarely on guns, Donald Trump and the NRA.

The agenda of the left is to abolish the Second Amendment and begin gun confiscation – nothing less will be acceptable. If new legislation doesn’t move the narrative in that direction they have no interest in pursuing it. This political strategy will prevent any meaningful legislation from ever becoming enacted and the slaughter will continue.
The left understands this and will continue to use it as a political wedge issue for reelection.

Jeff Longo


President Trump’s State of the Union address has successfully turned a mirror on the Democratic Party. They appeared confused and angry as the president listed his first year accomplishments. In addition to a roaring economy he reaffirmed his pledge to secure our borders while showing a willingness to compromise on the illegal immigrants known as “Dreamers.”

The Democrats’ disdain was on display as the president honored our veterans, showed pride in our flag and paid tribute to our national anthem. They refused to stand for the families whose children were murdered by the savage M-13 gang. They even refused to honor a 12 year old boy whose mission it was to place flags on the graves of veterans on Veterans Day. The Congressional Black Caucus wouldn’t even acknowledge the lowest in history unemployment rate for African Americans.

For eight years America survived a president who stood proudly over the demise of our republic. We were told the rotting of our nation’s foundation was the new norm and the Democrats were the right party to manage this decline. Freedom loving Americans rejected this lie and did something about it.

Donald Trump was elected to “Make America Great Again” and as his speech suggested, he’s just getting started. Democrats fear a successful Trump presidency and their behavior at the SOTU address helps prove that. What Democrats understand, and what will become apparent to the American people, is that resistance is all they have to run on.

Jeff Longo

North Royalton

Hillary, Barack and Uranium One

Americans paying attention have known about the Clinton, Russia uranium deal for quite some time. Those who get their news from the main stream media are most likely clueless. Check out Judge Jeanine Pirro as she lays out the facts surrounding the Obama administrations, and more specifically, the Clinton crime families involvement.

At long last the House Oversight committee is beginning a probe into this massive security breach. God willing the day will come when the chant “lock her up” will become a reality. Perhaps the sexual predator she’s married to can arrange an adjoining cell.