Is the Democrat Party in bed with Satan?

Hey Democrats,

Your party has long sought to remove God from all aspects of our lives and replace him with government. Watch as two unimpressive members of the House Judiciary Committee, one who recently became the Chairman and the other fool who ate fried chicken on national television in an attempt to embarrass  AG William Barr, prove the point. Your party no longer hides it’s evil intent and their voters silence is deafening.

Today’s Progressive Democrat’s, “Hail Satan”

Sample One,  Democrats Delete God

Sample Two, “you kill them now or you kill them later”

By Jeff Longo 

The Jussie Smollett affect ‘victimhood’, a symptom of what is wrong in America.

Anyone surprised by Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax has not been paying attention to the liberal rot spreading through America’s culture. Victimhood is the new weapon being deployed by the left and sadly, in many cases, it’s being used effectively. Reports indicate this hoax was designed to increase Smollett’s popularity and his salary. He smeared half the country that voted for Trump, including millions who also voted for Obama, for personal gain. Not only is he a liar, he’s a self-serving greedy liar.

Recently we’ve witnessed several women use this tactic when accusing Justice Bret Kavanaugh of sexual assault. One of these fake victims even raised $800,000 from a go-fund-me account. And how about presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren lying about her Native American heritage. This hoax was to help secure a high paying job in the liberal bubble of academia. And we must not forget the king of victimhood, Colin Kaepernick. This hoax led to a lucrative TV add and a huge pay off from the NFL. All thanks to being a fake victim.

This victimhood culture is being promoted on college campuses across the nation. This culture is being pursued and encouraged by many unremarkable college professors and administrators. Students who lack self-respect are being convinced that it’s easier to become a victim than to rely on personal responsibility. Rather than graduating with enthusiasm and confidence many students are gravitating to groups that openly display resentment. This victimization disease cripples the student’s ability to compete in a global market while doing great damage to our country. Many of these pretend victims will become dependent on government. Democrats depend on their votes.

America’s descent from exceptionalism would not have been possible without a compliant and corrupt main stream media. President Trump was spot on when he said “fake news is the enemy of the people.” With GOD’s help let’s pray he will “Make America Great Again.”

Jeff Longo

The End of our Society is now Upon us, May God Forgive us for Allowing this to Happen!

The State of New York just passed a law that allows abortions right up to the moment of birth. As the bill was signed Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic legislature stood up applauding in a ghoulish celebration of death.

Not to be outdone a Virginia Democratic state legislator proposed a bill that would allow abortions right up to the time of dilation. Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam went even further. If at the time of birth an abortion is unsuccessful, and the baby is delivered alive, he or she will be kept comfortable until the decision is made to end the child’s life. What Northam describes is infanticide, the killing of a baby outside the womb. Doctors are currently serving life sentences for this type of barbaric behavior. Thankfully there was enough human decency left in Virginia’s state legislature to kill this obscene bill.

What happened to the Democrats who wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare?” New York’s law now makes it legal for non-doctors to perform abortions. Apparently, safety is no longer a concern. Being rare was never a concern. They now want abortions whenever, wherever and for any reason. The mask is off and evil is on full display. Babies feel pain in the second trimester. New York’s law allows fully developed babies to be crushed and sucked out of their mother’s womb.

The term “slippery slope” doesn’t begin to describe where this criminal behavior might lead. If the left succeeds in making the killing of these viable human beings acceptable who might be next? The infirm who are old? The infirm who are young? And who decides? The death panels that Barack Obama dismissed as Republican illusions have arrived.

Eight days since the signing of the bill and not a word from Pope Francis.

Jeff Longo

A Society that Kills it Young and helpless does not Deserve to Exist! If we don’t stop this God Will!

What is next aborting (I mean killing) babies that are born but not yet taken home?

Apparently New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has opened the floodgates when it comes to aborting babies right up to the moment of delivery. Not to be outdone the Virginia legislature is proposing a bill that will be just as lethal to human life. Watch as the author of the bill struggles to find words that will hide how grotesque this legislation is. Then watch as Virginia’s so called “moderate” Governor makes a pathetic attempt to justify what’s being done. Listen how he calmly explains the possible delivery of the child and how he or she will be made comfortable before termination. The term “slippery slope” doesn’t begin to describe what this criminal behavior could lead to. If the left gets its way and it becomes acceptable to kill babies what group will be next? The infirm who are old? The infirm who are young? And who decides? The death panels that Barack Obama laughed about have arrived.

Shouldn’t someone let the Pope know what’s going on.

Abortion in the last trimester is Immoral — Period the End!

The state of New York has passed a law that permits the killing of a baby right up to the moment of birth. At the time the bill was signed Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature stood in unison and acted out a ghoulish celebration.

Equally disturbing was a subsequent interview with New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan as he struggled to give a full throated condemnation to the Catholic governor who signed the bill. Dolan sounded more like a politician than a leader of the Catholic Church. So far the progressive Pope Francis has not weighed in.

Jeff Longo


Border Security Means a “Real” Physical Wall!

Ronald Reagan’s biggest failure as president was granting amnesty to 3
million illegal aliens and then trusting Congress would secure the
borders. That never happened.

Building the wall and securing the border are as important to Donald
Trump as “read my lips, no new taxes” was to President George H. W.
Bush. Bush reneged on that campaign pledge and became a one term president.

Democrats couldn’t be trusted then and they can’t be trusted now. They
have no interest in immigration reform. This is a party that requires an
underclass dependent on government. They see illegal immigrants as
nothing more than future votes for their party.

Building the wall and securing the border is, arguably, the issue that
got Donald Trump elected.  Stand your ground, Mr. President, or risk the
same fate as the first President Bush.

Jeff Longo


Take a Stand

For Trump Republicans, who are paying attention, this is shaping up to be one of the most important weeks in a very long time for the Republican Party. It can also be said that this is a very important week for Donald Trump and his chances of being a two term president. Senate Majority Whip John Thune just stated, on national TV, that “the President and Republican leadership advanced a proposal that would use the $1.6 billion that’s already been approved by the Senate appropriations committee and that another billion or so that would go toward border security, NOT TO INCLUDE A WALL. Thune went on to say “if the Democrats even meet him half way [him meaning Donald Trump] there’s a deal there on the table. This comes just days after the president was clear that he would accept nothing less than $5 billion to partially fund the wall and he was willing to shut down the government to get it.

Earlier this year the president signed a huge Omnibus Bill and his political instincts told him it was a mistake. The decision to sign that bill was a disappointment to his base. With conviction he stated he would not sign anything like this again. Many in his base felt that was the time to fight for the issue that arguably got him elected.

In 2016 most Republicans were elected in large part to push the Trump agenda. In too many instances they have stalled it. With few exceptions the Republican leadership does not want the wall. They are becoming one of the most useless political parties in history. The president needs to be clear…..without this partial funding, $5 billion, nothing else gets passed. If they cave on this the swamp wins and Mr. Trump will be a one term president. I will be calling the White House and letting them know that I’ve got the presidents back and I urge him to fight now and fight hard.

Jeff Longo


The Republican congress persons and senator persons must all be gender neutral nothing between their legs. Well Trump does speak out and take the heat, so be a man for a change.

The corrupt main stream media is seeking to interview as many Congressional Republicans as possible, and who could blame them. Most being interviewed are gutless and refuse to boldly support the campaign pledge that largely got Donald Trump elected. A wall to help secure our southern border. Senator Rob Portman was one of those disturbing interviews. If proper funding is not provided the president has threatened to partially close down the government, a display of political courage rarely seen in Washington these days. He must have the support of Congressional Republicans.

Donald Trump’s presidency and the future of the Republican Party are at crossroads. This lame duck session is the last opportunity for Republicans to prevail and they must unite. I will be letting Senator Portman and the rest of my representatives know that my future votes are at stake – it’s now or never! I urge those who agree with me to do the same.

Jeff Longo

The Democrat “MOB” or the Republican “JOBS” — Its Your Choice!

The Democratic Party no longer has a rational message and they don’t deserve the slightest benefit of doubt. They now rely on mob intimidation, chaos and physical assault to regain power. And here’s a message to the gutless cowards in the main stream media who masquerade as journalists; our eyes and ears do not deceive us.

We’ve seen the leftist mob, Antifa, shut down conservative speech, destroy property and resort to physical violence at the University of California, Berkeley and college campuses throughout the nation.

We’ve seen Republicans terrorized while out dining with family and friends.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in police assassinations in the wake of “Black Lives Matter.”

We’ve seen mobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court because due process and the presumption of innocence prevailed.

We’ve seen mobs corner Republicans in elevators and show up at their homes.

We’ve seen a Democratic activist physically assault Senator Rand Paul leaving him with 6 broken ribs.

We’ve seen a leftist radical attempt to massacre a group of Republicans leaving Representative Steve Scalise near death.

We heard Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, state, when they go low “we kick them.”

We heard Senator Mazie Hirono demand that all men just “shut up.”

We heard Representative Maxine Waters and Senator Corey Booker insist their supporters get in the face of Republicans whenever and wherever they’re seen.

And we heard Hillary Clinton proclaim that when Democrats regain power “civility can start again.”

The Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by far left radicals who hate America and the freedoms she provides. It is no longer a question of if, but rather a question of when will someone be killed at the hands of these hateful mobs.

Check out Nancy Pelosi and an Antifa terrorist from the progressive city of Portland, OR. Anti-American behavior like this should have reasonable Democrats outraged.

Jeff Longo

The End Always Justifies The Ends according to Saul Alinsky

The end always justifies the means in the corrupt world of liberalism. They will never let the Constitution get in their way because only they know what’s best for our country and her citizens. Democrats have stated that their goal is to delay and eventually deny Judge Bret Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. They are using unsubstantiated and unsupported accusations of an alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh.
Before any testimony was heard the Democrats demanded that the accuser be believed and the burden of proof be the responsibility of the accused. They made a mockery of due process and the presumption of innocence.

This past week Democrats, again, found a way to delay the vote thanks to Republican Senator Jeff Flake. Flake and Democratic Senator Chris Coons
came to a compromise, or so we were told. A one week delay was agreed to which is exactly what the Democrats were seeking. Judge Kavanaugh and
Republicans received no consideration at all. Only a fool would refer to this as a compromise. Within a day Democrats were demanding
additional stipulations that would prolong the process even further. Jeff Flake is weak and ineffective. Because of his behavior he has
become UN-electable in his home state of Arizona. Flake is not seeking reelection and conservatives applaud that. He will not be missed.

Anyone paying attention can see that the Democrats don’t care about the alleged victim and they certainly don’t care about the rights of the
accused. Their only goal is to deny this Trump appointment and if it means ruining Kavanaugh’s life, career and family than so be it.
Whatever good may have come thanks to the “Me Too” movement has been hi-jacked by the left. It has been weaponized to advance the left’s
agenda and tough luck for any collateral damage that may occur. The mask is being lifted and their evil is on display. Americans are engaged in a
cultural war that could quickly see Socialism take over. The United States is on a path to government oppression and the Republican Party
had better wake up and start protecting the people.

Jeff Longo