Huawei Technologies, China’s Quasi-Government Controlled Cell Phone Tech Company, Hires Democrat Lobbyist Tony Podesta

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China’s Huawei Tech was black-listed by President Trump’s administration due to the inherent national security risk from Chinese spyware being installed in the operating hardware of their cell phone technology.  The Biden administration has maintained that status.

However, despite the ban Hauwei ramped up lobbyist spending in the second quarter of this year. [Bloomberg] “Huawei spent $1.06 million in the second quarter of 2021, up from $180,000 in the first quarter this year, according to disclosures filed Tuesday. The company listed broadband and infrastructure bills as specific interests, as well as trade and a digital privacy measure.”

Today Politico is revealing that Tony Podesta, the infamous Democrat lobbyist who organized the money laundering system for the Clinton Foundation, has been hired as a lobbyist by Hauwei.

POLITICO – Huawei is hiring Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta as a consultant, according to two people familiar with the matter. Podesta will aim to help the controversial Chinese telecom giant warm relations with the Biden administration.

Podesta will work to advance a variety of the company’s goals in Washington, according to one of the people. He declined to comment. A spokesperson for Huawei also declined to comment. (read more)

The suspicious cats remain, well, suspicious…

China Works With Biden Administration to Target Former America-First Trump Team With Sanctions

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One of the most significant aspects to President Trump’s administration was the trade and economic team he assembled to drive the “America-First” Main Street resurgence we saw on display throughout the four years in office.  Readers will note, there was no turnover of personnel in the trade and economic team, because they were the priority, the fulcrum of the Trump Doctrine. One of the key people driving the America-First agenda was Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

President Trump’s trade and economic team were laser focused on bringing back domestic Main Street economics as the foundation of our economy.  That approach put Wall Street multinationals at a policy disadvantage.   No-one without an interest in U.S. economic security was allowed a seat at the Trump table.

Policies and practices that supported made in the USA domestic manufacturing and industry were the prism through which all actions taken by the Trump administration were viewed.  The massive growth in U.S. jobs and wages was a result.  We also had an unprecedented period of deflationary pricing.  Things were, well, economically astoundingly good for American workers.

As a direct consequence China, Europe and ASEAN partners who had their foothold in the U.S. economy were weakened.  This made the U.S. (Wall Street) multinational corporations -who rely on outsourcing, offshoring and raw material export- very angry.  The exfiltration of American wealth was halted by Trump.  There were trillions at stake, and many enemies were made because of the America-First agenda.

Those Wall Street enemies of Trump are essentially allies of Joe Biden policy.  Biden has not only re-instituted policies to make the U.S. dependent again, ie. a service-driven economy, he has driven up the prices of energy, raw materials and created massive inflation directly as an outcome of policy.

Today, just as the Biden administration continues using the DOJ to target former Trump officials, China announces they will target Wilbur Ross with sanctions.

Make no mistake about this, China is taking this action against the America-First team because they can.  They are, in essence, doing Biden’s bidding…..

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, July 23 (Reuters) – China said on Friday that it has imposed counter-sanctions on U.S. individuals including former U.S. commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in response to recent U.S. sanctions on Chinese officials in Hong Kong.

The sanctions are the first imposed by China under its new anti-foreign sanction law, passed in June, and come days before U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is due to visit China amid deeply strained ties.

China also imposed unspecified “reciprocal counter-sanctions” on current and former representatives of a range of organisations, including the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. (read more)


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Bruce Lee’s daughter harshly criticized Quentin Tarantino for a scene in his movie, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” She said her father was stereotyped in fight scene with Brad Pitt. Tarantino acknowledge her right to criticize, but essentially told the other ‘woke’ critics to take a hike. This was the right thing to do, otherwise the criticism does not end and creativity is destroyed. 

I like Tarantino’s over-the-top revenge movies, but I disagree with the leftist director politically. Still, it’s good to see someone in Hollywood willing to stand up to the woke mob. Bill Maher is another who is pushing back against the humorless hectors who want to shut down comedy and creative freedom throughout America’s entertainment industry. The worst thing is what John Cena did. He delivered a disgusting, groveling, and sniveling apology to the communist Chinese simply because he called Taiwan a country. It is. 

The Chinese Communist Party has become instrumental in funding Hollywood studios and theaters. In exchange they demand editing rights over scripts. Naturally, they remove anything that does not portray the communist Chinese in the best possible light. They will not allow positive comments about the Taiwanese or Tibetans. Both Chinese and American audiences are subjected to Chinese propaganda in movies.

In 2012, the ChiComs successfully influenced a remake of the movie, ‘Red Dawn.’ The Chinese were the invaders in the second movie and the communists can’t stand to be shown as the bad guys. Hollywood didn’t want to lose the large and valuable Chinese audience, so the antagonist was changed to North Korea. The ChiComs still blocked the movie in their country anyway.

It’s not even ironic that China IS the country most likely to stage a ‘Red Dawn’ invasion in America. In fact, it’s already happening. China promotes division in the USA while stealing our military and corporate secrets. They helped the Democrats steal the election for Biden. Their spies are everywhere—in our military, security agencies, Congress, and especially in our colleges. The Chinese are using political correctness and ’woke-ism’ to destroy what’s left of American culture. They especially want to do away with our Second Amendment.

The Chicoms want the USA to self-destruct. This will allow them to invade and take over more easily. China Joe is closely following that script

.—Ben Garrison

Chinese Direct Foreign Investment Declines Sharply

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted Jun 18, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Chinese investment overseas actually scored a 13-year low in 2020 thanks to COVID and the rising tensions of economic uncertainty as the West tries to pressure China to join the Great Reset. Even the pandemic-related travel restrictions curtailed put a huge barrier to foreign investment for China. Most critical has been the fact that Chinese foreign direct investment into Europe came in as a 10-year low in 2020 for the 4th consecutive year-on-year decline.

Our models are projecting a further 3-year decline into 2023 before any temporary low can even form. Moreover, it also appears that there may be the liquidation of Chinese direct investment into Europe going into 2023.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation to Combat Communist Foreign Influence, Chinese Espionage and Theft of Intellectual Property

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used recent examples of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence to introduce legislation he is signing today that will “protect Florida’s higher education institutions and government from foreign influence and combat corporate espionage, keeping Florida’s intellectual property safe within the state’s boundaries.”  There are two bills being signed in coordination with the overall effort: HB 7017 and HB 1523

The announcement video below gives an excellent look into the position of DeSantis as it pertains to China, the Wuhan Virus, and the manipulative influence of the Chinese Communist Party.  If you have ten minutes, his remarks below are well worth watching.

FL GOVERNOR – […] “Make no mistake — China is a hostile foreign power, and every Governor has the responsibility to protect their education system, and every other entity within their purview, from the espionage and commercial theft undertaken by the Chinese Communist Party,” said Governor DeSantis. “While China remains the biggest threat, numerous countries are working to infiltrate our state and nation. By signing these bills today, we are taking action to ensure foreign adversaries will not have unfettered access to our schools, government, and companies. I want to thank Speaker Sprowls, President Simpson, Representatives Grall and Beltran, and Senators Diaz and Bradley for their hard work on these bills to protect Florida from these threats.” (LINK)

Highlights of HB 1523 (Combatting Corporate Espionage in Florida Act): 

  • Creates new criminal offenses in Florida for the theft and trafficking of trade secrets.
  • Anyone who willfully and without authorization steals or attempts to steal a trade secret and use it for their own benefit will now face a third-degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Individuals attempting to sell stolen trade secrets will face a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison
  • If an individual or entity violates this law on behalf of a foreign government, the penalties are severely enhanced — reclassifying the felony one degree higher and increasing the offense severity ranking.

.Highlights of HB 7017:

  • Strengthens foreign financial connection vetting and disclosure requirements for entities seeking tax-payer funded grants or contracts from state agencies or political subdivisions. 
  • Creates heightened scrutiny of research grant applicants, foreign applicants for research positions, and foreign travel or activities of employees of major research institutions.  
  • Requires universities and colleges to disclose foreign donations and grants of $50,000 or more to the State University System Board of Governors or Department of Education. State agencies and political subdivisions are required to report foreign donations and grants of $50,000 or more to the Department of Financial Services. 
  • Prohibits specific agreements between state/public entities and the seven countries of concern (Russia, PRC, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela). 


Historic Chinese geopolitical policy, vis-a-vis their totalitarian control over political sentiment (action) and diplomacy through silence, is evident in the strategic use of the space between carefully chosen words, not just the words themselves.

Each time China takes aggressive action (red dragon) China projects a panda face through silence and non-response to opinion of that action;…. and the action continues. The red dragon has a tendency to say one necessary thing publicly, while manipulating another necessary thing privately.  The Art of War.

President Trump was the first U.S. President to visibly show and confront how the red dragon hides behind the panda mask.

China has no cultural or political space between peace and war; they are a historic nation based on two points of polarity.  They see peace and war as coexisting with each other.

China accepts and believes opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.  Flowing between these polar states is a natural dynamic to be used -with serious contemplation- in advancing objectives as needed.

Peace or war. Win or lose. Yin and Yang. Culturally there is no middle position in dealings with China; they are not constitutionally capable of understanding or valuing the western philosophy of mutual benefit where concession of terms gains a larger outcome.  If it does not benefit China, it is not done. The outlook is simply, a polarity of peace or war.  In politics or economics the same perspective is true.  It is a zero-sum outlook.

Therefore, when you see China publicly use strong language in diplomatic terms – it indicates a level of internal disposition beyond the defined western angst.  Big Panda immediately becomes Red Dragon; there is no mid-status or evolutionary phase.

Reported Chinese Defector With Information About Wuhan Lab Possibly Related to Sun Lijun, Former Chinese Deputy Minister of Public Security

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Red State is reporting on a defector to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who is presumably giving the U.S. government information related to the leak from Wuhan BioLab.

RED STATE – […] “Sources tell RedState the defector has been with the DIA for three months and that he has provided an extensive, technically detailed debrief to US officials. In DIA’s assessment, the information provided by the defector is legitimate. Sources say the level of confidence in the defector’s information is what has led to a sudden crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci, adding that U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) personnel detailed to DIA have corroborated very technical details of information provided by the defector. (read more)

Interestingly, one of the incredibly astute Twitter researchers who focuses on China, “aka Ben“, previously reported on the family of Sun Lijun who defected to Australia in February of last year.  Sun Lijun was the former Chinese Deputy Minister of Public Security who was sent to Wuhan to manage (aka cover-up) the SARS-CoV-2 breakout.  His wife and children fled China during the height of the pandemic spread.

As Ben noted: after Sun Lijun’s family defected to Australia in February 2020, Sun Lijun was arrested by the Chinese Communist Party in April 2020 under the auspices of corruption charges; a familiar way of dealing with those who defy the communist regime.  If the defector identified within the Red State reporting is accurate, the description would align with someone very close to Lijun (likely), if not Lijun himself (less likely).

Ben is always well researched and accurate. We’ll keep watching…

Tiananmen 32 Years Ago Today

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It was 32 years ago tonight when the Chinese government sent the Mongolian Army into Tiananmen Square to crackdown on the mostly student protestors.

It is against the law in China to recognize today, memorialize the dead, or even speak publicly of this bloody anniversary. Few people know the short and long-term political ramifications to this event which extended far beyond the borders of China.

Many people are familiar with this image:

However, not as many people are as familiar with the wide shot.

That’s some serious courage right there.

The June 4th 1989 anniversary holds a great deal of personal significance for those who witnessed the events.

Few people even know how most of the regular Chinese military refused orders to open fire on the protesting crowd. Hundreds of young Chinese military soldiers actually formed lines around the mostly student activists in an effort to protect them. The Chinese government eventually bypassed the regulars and instructed the Mongolian military divisions who carried out the orders.

No-one really knows how many were killed, and even the families of the fallen were too scared to speak publicly.

Those who were lost live-on in whispered memories of lore.

So many.

So young.

We remember.

…Then the tanks came….

Driving Joe Biden

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We all know Joe Biden is semi-asleep at the wheel. He’s not operating on all mental cylinders. Earlier this week he test drove a Ford electric truck in Dearborne, Michigan. There appeared to be a second steering wheel with a handler behind it. Corporate news outlets are denying the existence of the wheel. Did Joe really zip away driving high speeds on his own? I have my doubts.

During the stunt, Biden also threaten to run over a reporter who politely wanted to ask a question. Everyone laughed. If president Trump had made such a joke, we all know the outrage that would have gushed from the corporate media. Pelosi would have demanded another impeachment.

Joe has had a very long career as a political grifter. Now he can now barely recall basic government offices without great effort. He is not capable of driving his own agenda. So who is driving Biden? His handlers include Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff. He and others make sure Joe is steered toward day-to-day functionality, but who drives the agenda of America’s deconstruction? Probably Obama and Susan Rice along with the usual globalist bankster oligarchy.

We also know Joe’s son, Hunter, is compromised by China. Hunter kicked up 10 percent of the graft to the ‘Big Man,’ his father. That means Joe is most likely compromised by China as well.

The Biden regime is steering America down a very rough Socialist Road. It’s a dead end.

—Ben Garrison

Beijing Beats New York City

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted May 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

A number of people often send nasty emails because they do not like the forecast that China will become the next financial capital of the world. The forecasts we put out are NOT based upon my OPINION. I simply report what the computer projects. This Great Reset is playing right into our forecast, for they are deliberately destroying the economy so they can “BUILD BACK BETTER,” as they like to say.

The problem is that they are ignorant of world history. The victor in war is NOT simply the person who has the largest army. There must be some advantage and that boils down to economics. The one with the strongest economy is the victor because they have the capacity to fund the war.

This is why barbarians could never invade Rome until the Roman Empire’s monetary system began to collapse following the capital of Emperor VBalerian I in 260AD. Even Alexander the Great was able to take the Persians because they lost their greatest and were unable to defend against a well-supported army. The South lost against the North in the American Civil War because the North was industrial whereas the South was primarily agrarian.

Deliberately destroying our economy so they can “Build Back Better” while creating food shortages and trying to end raising cattle because of CO2, has set the West on the course to economic decline. This has made the West vulnerable just as was the case with the Roman Empire.

Now everyone is starting to notice and even CNBC says that China will surpass the United States by 2028. Granted, the analytical field seems to notice trends of this nature only when it smacks them in their face. We published the report “China on the Rise” back in 2018.

Now New York City, thanks to Socialists who think they can keep taxing the rich without end,   lost its title as the home of more billionaires than anywhere else. Beijing has now taken that title. Some people think my reliance on history is foolish. History repeats because human nature is always the same.


New York is dying. It is, in trading terms, a major SHORT! NYC is following the same path as Mainz. It was the city of Mainz where the Gutenberg printing press was invented. This created an economic boom and everyone wanted to be in Mainz. The politicians saw the boom and presumed the potential tax revenue was linear and would be endless – judging tomorrow by today’s trend. They began to borrow against what they anticipated would be there forever. As they needed the interest to pay for borrowing and became addicted to debt, they raised taxes.

The taxes kept rising so they killed the economic boom and people began to leave. Mainz followed the typical path as we are doing today. They were no longer paying off debt. They entered the Ponzi scheme – issued new debt to pay off the old in a revolving bond auction. Taxes kept rising and people migrated. The printing press was no longer unique to Mainz. The rich left town, taking their capital and entrepreneurship with them. When Mainz lost the confidence of the bond buyers and could no longer sell new debt to pay for the old, the collapse unfolded. Mainz, like Detroit, defaulted. The creditors sacked the city and it was burned to the ground.

The same precise pattern unfolds every time – WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Why? Human nature never changes. Create career politicians and they will always seek to expand government for that is their power base. All that is left is a nice monument commemorating Guttenberg. Of course, they never tell the full story of Mainz.

New York City is making all the same mistakes like clockwork. They think people can be exploited without end. There comes a point where it no longer is beneficial to work as a slave. Why invest in anything if those in power simply want to take whatever you invent.

I pray for 2032 to end corruption and drive a stake through the heart of republican forms of government. We need a new path and anyone who calls for exploiting one class to benefit another should be subject to life imprisonment where they can enjoy carefree and tax-free living in a world of equality.

Cold War II—Just How Dangerous Is China?

interview with H. R. McMasterMatt PottingerTuesday, April 13, 2021

China is a nation with 1.3 billion people, an economy projected to become bigger than the United States’ in just a few years, and a rapidly growing military.  Hong Kong has already fallen under its authority. Meanwhile, Taiwan looms in the distance—with a population of almost 24 million, it’s a technology hub and the world’s leading manufacturer of microchips and other items essential to high tech. What are China’s ambitions toward Taiwan? And if they are ominous, what should the US response to Chinese aggression be? To answer these questions, we’re joined by two experts: former national security advisor (and current Hoover Institution senior fellow) H. R. McMaster and former US deputy national security advisor (and current Hoover distinguished visiting fellow) Matthew Pottinger. They also discuss the Biden administration’s recent diplomatic encounters with China, and which countries might be allies in a conflict with China—and which ones would not be.