Full Piers Morgan Interview With 2024 Candidate Ron DeSantis – Video

Posted originally on the CTH on March 24, 2023 | Sundance

If I did not know the background of Ron DeSantis; if I did not have an exhaustive research library on the activity behind Ron DeSantis; if I was not aware of how the professional Republican establishment creates the ‘illusion of choice’; I would watch this interview with a generally good sense about Ron DeSantis.

However, unfortunately for the professionally Republican political class, we do know how they operate, and we are able to see the strings on the marionettes.  So, when the selected and managed product of their three-year strategic plan says about fundraising, “I deal better with regular people,” we are able to call it as nonsense with accurate data to highlight the lie.

94% of all Ron DeSantis’ money comes from Wall Street, hedge fund managers, billionaires and multinational corporations.  Only 6% comes from small donors, or what you might describe as “regular people.” {LINK}  Additionally, you don’t spend 3-days with billionaire donors at Four Seasons donor retreat in Palm Beach, followed shortly by 3-days at a Club for Growth donor retreat in Miami, and then get to claim you “deal better with regular people.”  This is just a lie.

There are parts of this interview that many readers here will agree with.  There are also many parts of this interview that readers might take exception to.  But the entirety of the hour long, mostly softball, Rupert Murdoch organized interview, is based on three years of carefully managed constructs.  WATCH


Things Are Getting Spicy in France as Mass Protests Turn Violent in Some Areas – Macron Declares This Is France’s January 6th Insurrection Moment

Posted originally on the CTH on March 23, 2023 | Sundance

History tells us the French ‘do revolution’ quite well, the current status of the protests against President Macron’s unilateral pension reform cuts are no exception.

Worker strikes have hampered France for over a week in protest to: (1) the pension reform; and (2) the undemocratic way it was enacted via unilateral fiat by the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Today the worker strike turned to massive protests in the streets throughout several regions.

As the day wound down, those protests then turned violent as the ultra-left-wing “Black Bloc” anarchists began attacking police.

(Reuters) – PARIS, March 23 – Police fired tear gas and fought with violent black-clad anarchists in Paris and across France on Thursday as hundreds of thousands of protesters marched against President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to raise the pension age.

The ninth day of nationwide protests, mostly peaceful, disrupted train and air travel. Teachers were among many professions to walk off the job, days after the government pushed through legislation to raise the retirement age by two years to 64.

Demonstrations in central Paris were generally peaceful, but groups of “Black Bloc” anarchists smashed shop windows, demolished street furniture and ransacked a McDonald’s restaurant. Clashes ensued as riot police drove back the anarchists with tear gas and stun grenades.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said 149 police officers were injured and 172 people were arrested across the country. Dozens of protesters were also injured, including a woman who lost a thumb in the Normandy town of Rouen.

[…] Police had also fired tear gas at some protesters in several other cities, including Nantes, and Lorient in the west, Lille in the north, and used water cannon against others in Rennes in the northwest. Labour unions fear protests could turn more violent if the government does not heed mounting popular anger over pension curbs.

Unions called for regional action over the weekend and new nationwide strikes and protests on March 28, the day Britain’s King Charles is due to travel to Bordeaux from Paris by train.

The main entrance of the Bordeaux town hall was set ablaze on Thursday, days before the monarch was due to walk through on his visit to the southwestern city.

On Wednesday, Macron broke weeks of silence on the new policy, insisting the law would come into force by year end. He compared protests to the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol.

[…] The French Interior Ministry said 1.089 million protested across the country, including 119,000 in the capital which was a record since protests started in January. The CGT union said 3.5 million people marched in the country, equalling a previous high on March 7.

“I came here because I oppose this reform and I really oppose the fact that democracy no longer means anything,” Sophie Mendy, an administrative medical worker, told Reuters at the Paris rally. “We’re not being represented, and so we’re fed up.” (read more)

World War III may break out against Russia in/around Moldova.  However, another more widespread war may break out even sooner that has nothing to do with nation states.

Lord, what fools these Ukrainians Be!

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Mar 23, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

I get hate mail from Ukrainian Nazis routinely now. They of course deny there are any Nazis ever. Yesterday it was “You are definitely on the wrong side of history” and of course calling all Russians “scum” while Ukraine walks on water and is so honorable it makes me sick. Here we have Zelensky bragging about how Ukraine will be the biggest bonanza in European history. As for the American “titans” lobbying for more destruction and death so they can make money, I can only warn them – what goes around comes around. They have no problem advocating drafting your children to die on Ukrainian territory for their lucrative construction projects.

Sorry – I only wish them what they wish to put others through for their profits and bottom line, When this is done, they will probably also flee to Dubai like Halliburton for the Iraq War to avoid American subpoenas. So jump up and down cheering war for dollars. I for one will not invest 1 cent in any company joining Ukraine. I lost most of my high school friends for Vietnam and their profits back then. Screw you and your manipulation of human lives for profit.

And as for Ukrainians, how blind do you have to be not to see the real enemy in home-grown?

President Putin Together with Chairman Xi, Warn NATO About U.K. Plan to Send Depleted Uranium Rounds to Ukraine

Posted originally on the CTH on March 22, 2023 | Sundance

The alarming provocations and escalations continue as the U.K. has pledged to send depleted uranium anti-tank rounds into Ukraine.

During a four-hour public meeting which included international press, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the NATO intent to use depleted uranium artillery and tank missiles against Russian forces would be met with countermeasures.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu noted the British decision leaves fewer and fewer steps before a potential “nuclear collision” between Russia and the West.  “Another step has been taken, and there are fewer and fewer left,” he told reporters in remarks cited by domestic agencies.

(Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday condemned British plans to send tank ammunition that contains depleted uranium to Ukraine, saying Moscow would be forced to respond accordingly.

Speaking in London on Monday, Minister of State for Defence Annabel Goldie said some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks that Britain is sending to Ukraine includes armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium.

“If all this happens, Russian will have to respond accordingly, given that the West collectively is already beginning to use weapons with a nuclear component,” Putin said in remarks after a summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He did not elaborate. (read more)

Keep in mind, all remarks by the heads of state during these sessions are known in advance by both nations.  Chairman Xi knew what Vladimir Putin was going to say. Additionally, at the end of their three-day summit, Chairman Xi made comments that were strategically positioned publicly to be overheard by international media.

Chairman Xi is cunning panda and is very well skilled at making statements in front of media that drive his own interests.  These comments are always strategically placed by Chairman Xi and his people who plan every possible angle in advancing their agenda.

These end of summit remarks were specifically made by Xi, knowing they would be picked up on microphones by media, interpreted and then broadcast.

[…] “change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years, and we are driving this change together”.

I said it yesterday, and I will repeat it again:

All of these tremors point to a larger issue in the background of “western government” policy.   Something is going to eventually erupt.  Government cannot keep a lid on the chaos they create forever.  Sooner or later a spark will ignite something… and it will not just be in France.

Do not focus too heavily on the weeds of any particular issue or nation lest we lose sight of the much larger dynamic.  One thing is most certainly assured; Chairman Xi and President Putin can see that larger dynamic clearly, and there’s abundant opportunity within the geopolitical unrest.

The Decline & Fall of the United States

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption re-Posted Mar 20, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Marty,

Seems to me the Democrats are following the time honored practice South American governments have resorted to in recent years when one party displaces another in a national election. In Brasil, the current president, Lula, spent 3 years in jail for charges of corruption. His successor was later removed from office. Now Bolsonaro has fled the country and is living in South Florida. In Ecuador, a past president, Moreno ,is under indictment and it appears he too will end up being arrested on trumped up corruption charges. In Bolivia, two term ex-president Evo Morales, after trying to run for an unprecedented third term, fled the country in 2019 when it appeared opposition to his run would potentially result in his being jailed. He fled to Argentina, then later got asylum in Mexico. The woman who replaced him was subsequently arrested on trumped up charges of conspiracy. IN Peru, which has gone through more presidents in recent years than most countries have experienced in a half century, has arrested the past 5 presidents. In Chile, the last president who served in office was run out of office for using the military to suppress protests. This was back in 2019.  The revolution that led to the country abandoning their old constitution has put the country in chaos.. The current president is extremely unpopular and one can imagine he won’t last another year in office. In Colombia, the country now is run by a communist/socialist who is now flirting with an ambitious spending program designed to buy time and slow down the opposition building against him. In Argentina, the former president, Christina Fernandez Kirchner, is dodging charges of corruption(and just avoided being assassinated by a lone gunman) after presiding over another series of IMF sponsored funding that has left the country in a perpetual state of default. The socialist in office today, Fernandez, is one of a long line of failed presidents who is destined to be pulled under by the corruption so deeply embedded in this country.

Now the Democrats appear to have imported South America’s tradition of imprisoning opposition leaders.It’s hard to imagine a party as corrupt as that of the Democrats. But nothing happens in a vacuum. With Republican support in Congress during Trump’s term when they opposed him and did everything they could to undermine him, the uni-party now operates without even the slightest effort to disguise their true intentions. An outsider like Trump is anathema to both parties. It reminds me of the PRI in Mexico. which put forth its candidate every year pretending people there actually had a choice, It took AMLO to break this tradition. Only because the drug cartels today are so powerful, the central government is virtually impotent to extend its reach outside of the capital.

We are watching the dying days of this republic. Biden’s “election” has assured that no serious challenger can ever emerge.Locking up your opponent now has become part of their playbook.  This is the tradition of the Sandinistas, the Peronists in Argentina, and now the Biden dictatorship.


REPLY: People do not realize that Zelensky wants to imprison the former president indefinitely pending a rigged trial for corruption. This is the one man who could probably run against Zelensky and beat him with his high heel shoes. Zelinsky is so perverse and a disgrace to Ukraine when in fact it has been clearly established there is NO accountability for any money handed to Zelensky and any American politician who votes for this money for Ukraine should be removed from office for they are probably tainted as well.

It has been established that Zelensky has been stashing money offshore. When the last Ukrainian fall on the battlefield, the US will have him airlifted in style and he will flee to his mansion in Miami after destroying his own country. Zelensky has been caught. Who will prosecute him? Not the Biden Administration which owed him the Midterm elections for being the 2nd largest donor under the money laundering scheme of FTX which will also be swept under the rug to protect the corruption that has consumed governments.

The United States is NO LONGER the beacon of liberty to the world. We have descended to the lowest possible level of absolute duplicity and corruption. People are bearish about the dollar because of the quantity of money? Get real! The collapse in the dollar will not be because of such petty nonsense. it will collapse because these people are destroying the very foundation of confidence and respect the United States once had.

Russia Shoots Down US Drone, Escalating Fears of Hot War. Plus, David Sacks Argues SVB “Bailouts” Averted Financial Meltdown | SYSTEM UPDATE #55

By Glenn Greenwald Posted Originally on Rumble on Mar 14, 7:04 pm EDT

US Blows up NordStream Pipeline in Act of War

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Mar 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The Neocons are in control of US Foreign Policy

2032 & the Real Great Reset

Armstrong Economics Blog/ECM Re-Posted Mar 3, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Marty; A lot of people are concerned that you may just say the hell with it all and move to your island in the Caribbean. A lot of us always stood by you and many more are joining the ranks. There are so many who claim to be brilliant analysts but it is just their opinion. Following their work does not help clarify anything and many have been touting the rise of gold and the demise of the dollar for years like a broken record. It is incomprehensible how they are still in business. This is the time you were born for. Your analysis is not opinion and we can all look at the arrays and see what is coming.

As you always say, we are all in this together. That also means we need you now more than ever to sort out the truth from fiction. Don’t lose your faith. After 2032, the world will open its eyes to all your forecasts and listen for the real great reset. So many people plagiarize your work pretending it is theirs. Schwab is just another such lowlife. A blind man can see his Great Reset is your 2032.


ANSWER: I appreciate what you say. It is hard at times to have been looking at the model all these years staring at these forecasts for a war that would begin in 2014 and then living through them. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect personally that the West would be the aggressor. Now I can see Neocons, who I even personally have known, are really in control of the Biden Administration.

It has been a serious problem with forecasting from a personal opinion perspective – it is impossible! Thankfully, we have Socrates and its impartiality has guided us through these times. Personally, I would never have expected any American administration to surrender our foreign policy to these Neocons who want nothing but war. Kennedy, Nic, and even Reagan all stood tall against them. Biden is just a corrupt politician who is senile on top of it.

Throughout the mid-Nineties, I confess I helped Bill Kristol launch his Weekly Standard. It became the most influential magazine in Washington. It was funded initially by Murdock. I took the back cover all the time during at least 1996 and ran a series of advertisements pushing serious economic questions to the forefront. I had even testified before the House Ways & Means Committee on taxation. I shuttled back and forth between the Chairman of that committee, Bill Archer, and the Majority Leader Dick Army who was supporting the Flat Tax. I even debated Steve Forbes at Princeton University on the subject of taxation. I also would write OpEds for the Wall Street Journal. I was asked to redesign Social Security. I worked on transforming Social Security into a wealth fund for the nation. I tried very hard to defeat my own model. I always lost. I could not prevent what it has been forecasting these decades.

I know people have plagiarized our reports and forecasts pretending it has been their opinions. The problem that will expose them will emerge when the unexpected unfolds as Socrates has been forecasting. Only Socrates forecast in 2013, one year in advance, that Ukraine would be the hot spot. We have warned this was where World War III would begin. I warned in 2014 that Ukraine should have been divided according to language. The Minsk Agreement of 2015 was a step in the right direction to avoid war. Only Socrates has forecast this war and the duplicity of Merkel and others has placed the fate of the world in crisis mode. I have put forth a way to avoid this, but I could not make that happen – so much for the influence the bankers have attributed to me.

During the 14th century, there were warnings in the form of rumors that told of a great plague in China and India that killed most of the populations there. The plague made its way to Europe when the Kipchak forces were besieging the Genoese trading post in Crimea. The Kipchaks began to catapult plague-infested corpses over the walls and into the trading post. The disease spread quickly and the Genoese abandoned the outpost. They sailed back to Europe stopping in Sicily in 1347 taking the Black Death with them.

Crimea has been the center of historical events for centuries, yet nobody seems to pay much attention to it. It has been settled, resettled, occupied, defended, and invaded perhaps more times than most countries and over a far greater period of time than most countries have ever existed. Coinage in Crimea predates even Russia and Ukraine never existed as a country before it broke away from the USSR in 1991.

So from a pure data perspective, what is taking place is nothing new to history. This is all in a database that monitors one action and works out the path of reaction, kind of like plotting the path of a hurricane. When you have a long historical database, that is the ONLY way to forecast that Ukraine would be the place where World War III begins. Such things can not be accomplished from a personal “opinion” perspective years in advance even before the 2014 Revolution in Ukraine.

I know Schwab’s Great Reset is our 2032. He is just trying to push the collapse in his direction of totalitarianism. He too will fail just as I have failed to prevent this forecast from unfolding. At the very least, everyone understands, this is NOT my personal opinion or forecast. This is Socrates’ – not me!

Do Not Fear Nuclear War – You Can Survive!

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Mar 1, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong I have been reading your blogs for the last couple of years. I’m a simple human, not a scholar but so scared about nuclear war, Is nuclear war 100 percent coming here in the USA? If so any suggestions as to what we can do to survive? where should we go ? what country is safe? I am Canadian but they are part of Nato, Im also Greek but I live in upstate NY … I have been searching the web for advice as to where is a safe place. I sold my property in Montreal because I felt Trudeau was insane and now I’m thinking did I screw up … I have like 4 properties here in the USA and a couple in Greece what should I do? should I be looking for a Bunker? o a place south of the equator? I’m truly scared to death … please send me a non-vague response I’m going out of my mind. will the USA ever be a good place again?


This illustration shows the radius of a 100-megatonne nuclear bomb dropped on New York City. Nuclear War will not destroy the planet. Look at Japan. Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki have proven that the “science” claimed that those cities would be uninhabitable for a thousand years after a nuclear war was wrong. Their populations doubled in 20 years after being nuked? Hiroshima now has 9 times its 1945 population.

The GOOD NEWS is you can then just nuke your opponent and actually save the planet is their twisted view of nuclear war. Without electricity, your opponent could not even make a phone call to launch a response. But if we look at Chornobyl, the nuclear disaster restored the region, which became a sanctuary for animals void of humans, in Ukraine.

Bikini Atoll 70 years after nuclear tests is thriving. On July 24, 1946, Baker Test shrouded its formidable height over the U.S. Navy’s test fleet. The United States dropped 23 nuclear bombs on the island, including a device in 1954 that was 1,100 times larger than the Hiroshima atom bomb. Now a team of scientists from Stanford University has been stunned. They discovered an abundance of marine life apparently thriving in the crater of Bikini Atoll, which was declared a nuclear wasteland after the bombings.

Strangely enough, the same has been found at Chernobyl in Ukraine. It is starting to emerge that even setting off every nuclear bomb will not destroy the planet or turn Earth into space rocks. We can alter our environment by doing so and ridding the planet of humanity as the dominant species, but Earth will heal itself and life will adapt exactly as scientists have discovered in Ukraine at the site of Chernobyl. Wildlife has thrived because it sent humans running.

This new evidence emerging from Chernobyl and Bikini Atoll is demonstrating that we just may not be as smart as we think we are no less all-powerful. Obviously, those pushing for World War III, see themselves as far smarter than we are. They are really trying to save the planet from us – or that’s what they are whispering in the dark bowel of government. Exterminate humanity and we can save the bugs and crickets from becoming our next food source.

Interestingly, the US has been buying medicine for radiation poisoning. They know what they are doing and could care less how many civilians are wiped out. Their view – the population needs to be reduced anyhow. Nevertheless, those handed Amgen’s Radiation Medicine will be supporters of the Administration no doubt. However, you can ask your doctor for a prescription, if he’s not WOK perhaps. Amgen’s sales of Nplate have scored 66%.

The US Department of Health and Human Services downplayed the severity of the risk of Nuclear War and said that this is part of its “long-standing, ongoing efforts by the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response to better prepare the U.S. for the potential health impacts of a wide range of threats to national security.” The Biden Administration has been purchasing a drug called Nplate that was approved by the FDA in 2021 to treat radiation syndrome. “Nplate is indicated to increase survival in adults and in pediatric patients (including term neonates) acutely exposed to myelosuppressive doses of radiation,” the company notes. Although not a worthy source, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) occurs in four stages.

The four stages of ARS are:

  • Prodromal stage (N-V-D stage): The classic symptoms for this stage are nausea, vomiting, as well as anorexia, and possibly diarrhea (depending on dose), which occur from minutes to days following exposure. The symptoms may last (episodically) for minutes up to several days.
  • Latent stage: In this stage, the patient looks and feels generally healthy for a few hours or even up to a few weeks.
  • Manifest illness stage: In this stage the symptoms depend on the specific syndrome and last from hours up to several months.
  • Recovery or death: Most patients who do not recover will die within several months of exposure. The recovery process lasts from several weeks up to two years.

It is peculiar that the drug was approved for radiation a year prior to the war breaking out in Ukraine. The Neocons have seized control of the Biden Administration and they have been behind the Ukrainian Civil War since 2014 when Kyiv launched the attack on the Donbas calling it their Anti-Terrorist Operation. John McCain met with the openly declared Ukrainian Nazis. The Ukrainian people are fools. They are blinded by the propaganda against Russia where they have never distinguished what Stalin did to Ukraine when he most likely poisoned Lenin and seized control of Russia when he was not even Russian but a Georgian.

The drug has never been tested on humans, and the results are not guaranteed. They certainly were not testing monkeys with a radiation dosage even close to that of a nuclear weapon. Of course, this was another NIAID-funded research project like the claimed testing of mRNA drugs and COVID vaccines before the pandemic began as well. Yet now they want to claim it was leaked by the Chinese lab to blame them? Did they leak it in China in the first place?

“In the study, 80 monkeys exposed to a life-threatening dose of radiation were randomly assigned to receive a single injection of either romiplostim or placebo one day after radiation exposure. All animals were given standard supportive care, including fluids, anti-ulcer medication, anti-nausea medication, pain medication, and antibiotics. After 60 days, 29 of 40 monkeys in the romiplostim group had survived compared to 13 of 40 in the placebo group.”

War is coming and this “WOK” Biden Administration is so incompetent they think they have the power to intimidate the entire world and they will bend the knee before them. Nobody seems to even bother to raise the question – what if this turns nuclear? Yet they have been buying the radiation drug so maybe they are lying about that as well. The sheer stupidity of how the Biden Administration is trying to intimidate the entire world can only be the result of total incompetence.

Biden says that Putin will not use nukes. Ukraine MUST remove Zelinkey from office and the United States MUST remove Biden from office. It is not Putin that is the risk. Biden has pissed off the Chinese and North Koreans as well not to mention Iran and you just may see Turkey and India side with Putin. This is a war to destroy Russia. All my sources say that, so I can’t imagine that Russian intelligence has come up with the same realization. To me, Russia may have no choice but to nuke the USA in a joint move with China to end the intimidation and arrogance.

Many people have been asking about where will be the safest place to be in the US given the prospect of a nuclear war. It is true that the UN Secretary-General António Guterres said that nuclear war is “back within the realm of possibility” thanks to the insanity of what has been taking place in the Biden Administration driven by the Neocons. We are indeed in serious trouble for not only does Biden lack any private experience but 62% of his entire officials have never worked in the real world and Biden is proud of having the most WOK Administration in history. Gender and Race are more important than qualification and experience. This has allowed the Neocons to seize control of US Foreign Policy.

A nuclear blast is NOT absolutely lethal if you are not at ground zero. You can survive a nuclear attack if you are NOT at ground zero – remember that. You must be at least a half mile away but I would lean more toward one mile away from the core of the explosion. Naturally, do not look and stare at the light from the flash because it will blind a person instantly! Also, remember to keep your mouth open to handle the pressure released from the initial blast. That is kind of like flying in an airplane and how your ears pop. This will be much worse.

You will have to move but you have ten to twenty minutes walking distance away from the blast site to seek shelter either below ground or above the 9th floor of a building that is still standing. This is to avoid the major effects of fallout from the mushroom cloud. Once more, keep your mouth, skin, and nose covered as much as possible while walking. When you get to any shelter, remove your clothes, and rinse them off with water, but that is when you should be holding your breath. You can seek medical care if possible. if you are under 1 mile from the blast. You should stay in the shelter for 12-24 hours after an attack to avoid the initial massive amount of exposure to radiation that follows after a nuclear attack. Only leave shelter once you know the direction to move. Do not wander around as if you are in a shopping mall.

If you are not near any of the strategic military targets or financial targets, you can create a shelter in your basement. I would recommend that the walls should be lined with lead.

They believe most states will not represent any threats to Kremlin or any other nation. Most nuclear forces from the USA are going to be prime targets. A Russian nuclear attack would likely focus on high-value targets in North Dakota or Montana. It is ironic that people have moved to Montana thinking this will be safe and out of the way. Sorry! That is not true. The main military targets will be:

1) Naval Base Kitsap: Washington State
2) Jim Creek Naval Radio Station: Washington State
3) Malmstrom AFB: Montana
4) Minot AFB: North Dakota
5) FE Warren AFB: Wyoming
6) Hill AFB: Utah
7) Kirkland AFB Albuquerque: New Mexico

Because of the constant attack on Russia blowing up the Nordstream Pipeline, it is clear that the Biden Administration has declared an economic proxy war against Russia. As a result, Russian President Vladimir Putin has now suggested that Russia may abandon its “no first use” military doctrine. Additional targets will be:

  • Fort Ritchie in Maryland
  • Camp David.
  • The pentagon.
  • US Central Command, MacDill Air Base in Tampa

Look, there is no bunker, however brilliantly assembled, that will survive a direct hit. Another military target could be US Central Command, which is headquartered at MacDill Air Base in Tampa. This is known as Centcom, and it is responsible for the operational theatre spanning parts of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. If they take out Tampa simply because it is a command center, that is fine with me. I will not move and just watch the mushroom cloud from the beach with my dog – Napoleon.

There will be six cities that have the greatest likelihood of being attacked based on their economic backbone for the economy:

The states/region to leave:

Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Washington State, New York
City region, Illinois Chicago Region, Texas in the Houston region, and California.

Ukraine intends to start world war III and take the entire world with them because of the absolute hatred of all Russians and they cannot see a future of peace. They used drones to attack Russian planes at the airport in Belarus. They are desperately trying to engulf the entire region in war to quench their thirst for hatred against Russians. What disturbs me greatly has been our models on war. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect the West to be the aggressor.

We can survive this. Humanity will not perish. We indeed have the worst possible people in Washington DC in my entire lifetime. I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis walking the streets with my friends talking about the destruction of the world. I was only 13 years old then. Just realize Nuclear War will not destroy the planet any more than man-made Climate Change. They always exaggerate everything.

We have Socrates to show us the timing.

For Those, who Want to Map A Nuclear Explosion in a Town Near You – Try This Site