Russia not seeking to revive Soviet Union – Putin

Reuters Published originally on Rumble on September 30, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday (September 30) denied seeking to revive the Soviet Union, moments after announcing Moscow would annex four Ukrainian provinces following what it called “referendums”, votes that were denounced by Kyiv and Western governments as illegal and coercive.

Matteo Renzi Defends Rival Giorgia Meloni

Armstrong Economics Blog/Italy Re-Posted Sep 30, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The media is clearly in the wrong when politicians from the other end of the spectrum are coming out to condemn fake news. Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi (2014 to 2016) is putting his political views aside and defending newly-appointed PM Giorgia Meloni. Countless articles have compared her to Benito Mussolini, claiming she would bring fascism back to Italy. Renzi said that this is fake news.

Renzi took to CNN, a platform that immediately compared Meloni to the deceased fascist dictator, and defended her character. Renzi admitted that Meloni is his rival and that they will continue to fight in the political realm. “There is not a danger for Italian democracy,” Renzi said on CNN. “She’s my rival, I’m her rival, we will continue to fight each other, but the idea now that there is a risk of fascism in Italy is absolutely fake news.”

Renzi said that Italy has not changed its position on Russia and that NATO should not worry about any problems from Italy. Does the media recall what the Italians did to Mussolini in the end? They hung him and his mistress in the streets and brutalized their corpses. Italians certainly do not want a repeat of Mussolini’s fascist reign, nor do they want to give the government more control. They also do not want to give the EU control or abandon Italian culture for a melting pot of European values set forth by Brussels. Renzi is more in favor of the EU than Meloni but admits she is a sovereigntist, which is precisely why she is the new prime minister.

NATO Preparing for World War

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Sep 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I know for a fact that the US military is deploying some reservists to Romania to train European soldiers. The reservists have been told that the war will escalate, and as a soldier told me, “things are getting really bad over there.” They will be training the Europeans to fight against Russians for at least six months. NATO is constructing a battlefield in Romania for this extensive training. The Cincu military training facility already exists but is undergoing a massive expansion.

This is precisely what Russia feared long before entering Ukraine. I reported that Russia knows it is fighting the West and not simply Ukraine. NATO has increased its presence around Eastern Europe this year and has no plans to de-escalate the situation. There are over 40,000 troops on the ground across Eastern Europe, and more are set to arrive. In fact, NATO will establish four additional “multinational battle groups” in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

Colonel Vincent Minguet, the commander of the NATO Combat Group in Romania, said the plan is for “the creation of a permanent, stronger battalion, with more heavy weapons, to prevent any aggression or any destabilization in Romania.” Alarmingly, Minguet believes that training will last for four or five years. They are planning for a long-term ongoing battle fought among numerous nations, aka a world war.

Tucker Carlson Discusses Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, Almost Certainly a U.S. Covert Action Against Russia

Posted originally on the conservative tree house September 27, 2022 | Sundance 

Tucker Carlson accurately outlined the most likely suspect of the sabotage against Russia’s Nord Stream I and II pipeline today.  When you consider the media blitz by Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, last weekend (ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS); specifically pointing out the U.S. position against Russia; it is almost a certainty that U.S. action was behind the underwater detonation of explosives to take out Nord Stream pipeline system.  WATCH:


Beware of April 2023

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted Sep 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

There is a serious question as to why the Western press has been putting out nothing but one-sided propaganda. I have been warned that my sources in Russia are concerned that the hardliners behind the scene have been critical of Putin for NOT being more aggressive. Of course, there is the youth protesting over the war and the Western press has been happy to project only that image.

Today, for the very first time, the New York Times has actually reported what I have been reporting for weeks:

“Powerful, well positioned and ideologically committed, they want a much more aggressive war effort. “

I am concerned that if Putin is overthrown, the propaganda of the Western press makes it sound like everything will be back to normal. That is so far from the truth, it is not even funny. The Pi Target from the fall of the Soviet Union will be April 6th, 2023. Zelensky stood up on February 23rd, 2022 and said he wanted to restore nukes in Ukraine in direct violation of all the agreements since 1991. The next day Putin invaded.

John McCain was there at Maidan promising US support to overthrow Yanukovich and to create a revolution against Russia. It was John McCain who was pushing to fund the proxy way against Putin in 2014. In December 2016 after Trump was elected, he traveled to Ukraine promising military support to wage war on Russia backing the neo-nazis. Trump rejected that and that is why McCain hated Trump. McCain has been pushing war with Russia all along. It was the US-installed “interim” government in 2014 that began the civil war attacking the Donbas and the Minsk Agreement was brokered by Germany and France to allow the Donbas to vote on their separation from Ukraine. Zelensky has refused to recognize that agreement.

Zelensky promised peace and the end of corruption. He has done the exact opposite. He rejected Henry Kissinger’s advice to let the Donbas vote. Zelensky would rather destroy his entire country than yield “one inch” to Russia.

I am deeply concerned that if Putin falls for any reason, we are looking at significant risk and our computer’s forecast back in 2013 that Ukraine will be the hot sport, is exactly on track. Russia has its hawks just as we have had to endure John McCain who has supported endless wars for his personal vendetta. Despite his death, other has taken up the agenda and are working hard for war with Russia and the Hawks are doing in Russia and China right now. The smartest play they can make is to attack Taiwan and go fully into Ukraine simultaneously. The West is economically too weak to support a war on two fronts simultaneously. I cannot believe our world leaders are this stupid.

Allow the Donbas to vote and monitor it by independent observers from both sides. The people are predominantly Russia and they are Russian Orthodox, which Zelensky has also outlawed their religion. It will be hands down that they vote for their independence. The alternative is not something we really want to head into cheering for our own destruction on both sides.

EU Commissioner Threatens Retaliation Against Italy if Italian Voters Elect the Wrong Political Leaders

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 24, 2022 | Sundance 

The bizarre part, from the perspective of normal democracy, is the open admission by EU Commissar Ursula von der Leyen that she intends to punish the Italian people if they elect the wrong political leadership to run their country.  Yes, she literally threatened to punish Italy if the voters elect an Italy-first candidate tomorrow.

Having previously sanctioned Hungary and Poland for electing heads of state that are nationalist minded, Ursula von der Leyen warned the Italian people she will take the same action if Italians defy the will of the European Union collective. When asked about EU citizens demanding their elected leaders listen to their specific and unique economic needs, the EU President Stated {Direct Rumble Link}:

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction — and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland — we have the tools.”


The remarks come from Commissar von der Leyen because a rising nationalist star in Italy named Giorgia Meloni is anticipated to win victory.  Meloni is an unapologetic nationalist who believes in Italy-first.  As a result, the EU media consider Meloni an ultra-far-right-wing politician.   However, the scale of public support for Meloni has positioned her to become Italy’s first female prime minister in the election tomorrow.

As noted by Treeper Betsy Jones:

“Italy’s elections are on Sunday. The charismatic Georgia Meloni, a nationalist, is set to be Italy’s first female PM.

But unlike most women in the higher eschelons of power in Europe and elsewhere, she is an Italian for Italians, who have been sold out by her predecessors. She is anti Schwab, anti everything that is happening now which will bring devastation upon every man, woman, and child in Europe. She has made this very plain, which is why the Euro “elites” both hate and fear her.

Today Ursula von der Leyen out and out threatened all of Italy and its voters. She said…

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction–I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland– we have the tools.”

And this is the tyrannical EU. Power mad and vicious. Totally unconcerned about the people under its brutal thumb.

One by one it seems individual countries which have been coerced into joining a godless, foul political union, sold to them as a purely economic one, have regained control of their pride and their senses. All their cultures and histories were essentially eradicated in obeisance to their new masters in Strasbourg and the Hague. I believe these peoples want them returned.

I pray for the Italians, the Poles, and the Hungarians…and any other country in continental Europe which makes it clear that they will not be subsumed into misery, economic catastrophe, or death…simply because von der Leyen, Schwab, Sholz and like monsters tell them they must obey.

What at first seemed like a small hole in the WEF dam with the Dutch farmers now seems to be widening, and relatively quickly, too.

Godspeed to those who have said “Enough! No more!” May it herald better times for them. And us.” (link)