Climate Always Changes

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Atacama Desert

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I want to commend you for standing up against the covert agenda of global warming. It is dumbfounding how decades of research into geology can just be ignored. You are correct that everything changes. The magnetic polls move continually so places that were tropic became covered in ice and places that are ice will become tropic. The rain in the desert that miraculously created flowers from nowhere demonstrates how dynamic our climate truly is far beyond this narrowed view of climate. No one who is a real scientist would ever ascribe to this theory suggesting those advocating this theory are bribed or ignorant. Take your choice.


Siberian Rare Flower 32000 yrs old

REPLY: Correct. The Atacama desert experienced a burst of flowers springing to life after El Niño brought the heaviest rainfall in two decades earlier this year. The Atacama desert is normally one of the driest places on Earth. The flowers normally bloom every 5 to 7 years in cycles.

Then in Siberia, Russians discovered ancient seeds of a plant long extinct that they managed to bring back to life. It is the oldest plant to ever be regenerated after 32,000 years. This demonstrates that there was fertile land in Siberia and it was not always cold.


The Piri Reis map was accidentally discovered in 1929 in a Turkish museum. There is no logical explanation for a map that shows the detailed outline of Antarctica without ice unless there was no ice -– ancient global warming. In 1513, Turkish admiral Piri Reis designed the map of the world. This map then included Portugal, Spain, West Africa, Central and South Atlantic, the Caribbean, the eastern half of South America, and a part of Antarctica. It is also believed that there was North America, but the rest of the map was destroyed.


The point is that there is abundant evidence that the climate hasALWAYS changed; the magnetic poles have always moved, and with them, the ice. This is the picture that they use to sell their idea of global warming. A new NASA study of Antarctica has also shown that there is more ice than what has been alleged, quite frankly because the poles do move. The very same result has been shown at the North Pole – there is more ice today than when Al Gore first brought up the issue.

Instead of investigating and objectively understanding (1) that the poles move, and (2) climate has always changed, we have turned this into a justification for taxes by creating an alarming issue that is total nonsense. Changing the environment by throwing garbage in the water or diesel fuel in buses so you cannot breathe is a SEPARATE issue from changing the climate of the Earth. To achieve one is to exaggerate the other. Those who refuse to even consider alternates to the propaganda demonstrate that they have closed minds and cannot survive the turmoil of what is coming.

Will the Gov’t Close all Markets?

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QUESTION: Marty, the government closed the New York Stock exchange in 1914 due to World War I. Do you think they will do that again?

Looking forward to Orlando


ANSWER: The closure of 1914 was not the only time they shut down markets. Even the London market was shut down during war. On June 17, 1864, Congress responded to the wild speculation and simply prohibited buying or selling gold for future delivery to stop the speculation driven by each battle. The penalty was now imprisonment, a heavy fine, or of course, both. The only exception was a gold transaction in a private office. Yet, it was clearly aimed at closing and any minor gold exchanges. Nonetheless, the government simply could not stop the speculation of gold.

Gold advanced from $190 to about $280. Therefore, the Gold Act of 1864 (13 Stat. 132), which passed with little debate on June 17, 1864, only confirmed that the dollar was in trouble and it tumbled against the British pound driving its value to $9.97 per pound sterling.

There is a risk that the FREE MARKETS may be shut down as we approach 2027. There are Panic Cycles in politics both in 2022 and 2024. These people behind the Great Reset will NOT tolerate a free market when it comes to the Euro. You must understand that the crack in the Euro is a debating political factor in Europe which is entirely different from that of what you see in the dollar. Since World War II, Europ[ean politicians have used the strength of their currency as confirmation that they have done a good job. No American president could run to say the dollar is up against Canada and Mexico which proves I have done a great job. He would be laughed at as nuts.

The Euro saved the crisis of debt in Europe kicking the can down the road. But that road comes to an end by 2024. You have to understand that these people are fighting to retain power in the middle of their house of cards collapsing. COVID passes are all about control – not health. Slovenia denying the right to buy gasoline if you have not been vaccinated? We are confronted by a collapse in socialism and this is the real crisis – not health or climate change. Those are cover stories to alter the entire economy because the collapse would mean revolution. They are trying desperately to head off a revolution – hence unvaccinated no gasoline.

This year’s WEC will be interesting for we have to look at not just markets and where to put money and where to live, but then how to save money when the cards come tumbling down.

California – Just Hopeless

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As expected, California has voted not to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom and ABC News has been reporting that 67% of electors in Tuesday’s special election are against recalling the Democratic governor. I do not think anyone was seriously expecting California to ever go against a democrat no matter what they do. Just look at Pelosi. While blaming Trump for dividing the country, there is no better person in DC who is dividing the country more than Pelosi. She even has some Democrats concerned based on reliable sources. Anyone who really thought California would EVER recall a democrat was still California Dreaming.

Then California sends Adam Bennett Schiff to Congress who is best known for pushing the fake Steele Dossier that was paid for by Hillary. California deserves to be the highest taxed state for it is reaping what it has inflicted upon the nation Pelosi & Schiff – two of the most toxic people of the Hill. Pelosi’s husband pulls off amazing trades scoring $10 million on Microsoft coincidently when it wins government contracts. Then Pelosi, pretending to be a mother of five and a Catholic, is pushing for government-paid abortions which is Gates’ agenda making it a TOP priority. Like Gates’ father, it will no doubt target the minority communities because Pelosi cares about women’s rights, or reducing the population? Texas law said once there is a heartbeat, no abortion for that then becomes murder. In Connecticut, if someone assaults a pregnant woman causing the death of a child before birth, they want to call that murder. Pelosi’s response:

“I say that as a mother of five children, and I respect everyone’s decision, their personal decisions. But that’s why we have to give them the ability to make those decisions. It’s really kind of sad,” Pelosi said. “But nonetheless, people know now what the challenge is, and many of the women who will be disadvantaged in this are women of color and poor women and the rest.”

There were many pushing for a California Separatist Movement if Trump was elected back in 2016 and again in 2020. Looking at the politicians they send, including Diane Finestein who called Snowden a traitor, there are many who look at California and say – Please go, and take your toxic politicians with you!

Supreme Court Does Not Vote on Just Party Lines

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QUESTION: Marty, Biden set up a commission to investigate stacking the Supreme Court. Roosevelt did the same thing to create socialism but he lost on that issue. Do you think Biden and these democrats like Pelosi and Schumer will fail in this effort?


ANSWER: Actually, Roosevelt had contingency plans to stack the court, but the issue was over his Executive Order confiscating gold. The Supreme Court shocked everyone by upholding it. But the mix was opposite of even what Roosevelt believed would happen. Chief Justice Huges supported Roosevelt, and he was appointed by Hoover — a Republican. The Democrat appointed by President Woodrow Wilson, Justice McReynolds, dissented and was against Roosevelt. The decision was 5 to 4 that took the gold away from Americans.

This has been my point. Just because a justice is appointed by a Democrat or Republican does not guarantee they will vote like politicians along party lines. If Chief Justice Hughes voted against Roosevelt, then he probably would have stacked the court. Also, Chief Justice Roberts voted for Obamacare despite the fact he too was appointed by a Republican.

The Public is Growing Tired of COVID – Window is Closing

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There are members of the press that are starting to question this narrative in different parts of the world from Germany to Australia. I was in a store and the girl did not have a mask on. I said great. Glad to do business with you. She replied she has had enough of masks and COVID. A number of people I have encountered just shopping are starting to say the same thing restoring my hope in humanity. As DWN in Germany is reporting, this entire COVID scam is being used to gain power. Indeed, while they keep people debating if the vaccines even work or will kill everyone in 2 to 3 years or make women sterile, and they put up clocks to tick down that the world will end in just a few years unless we hand all power to the United Nations, nobody asks is there a motive to this madness? The UN is also just so happening to be getting ready with the IMF cryptocurrency to replace the dollar as the new world currency.  The real agenda simply goes over everyone’s head.

Note that while AOC was comped a $35,000 ticket which is a GIFT and therefore taxable to her while she is wearing her Tax the Rich dress, If I gave anything like that to my kids it is taxable. She should read her own tax demands while wearing a $10,000 dress! If you look closely at all the photos at the Met event, there is something missing – M A S K S!!!

So it looks like they are creating two classes among the Great Unwashed, vaccinated v unvaccinated, there is a third class – THEM v all of US where their rules never apply to them – only US (The Great Unwashed vaccinated or not).

Now listen to this outrageous explanation of why children should be vaccinated by the Prime Minister of Scotland. She admits that there is no health risk. However, there may be a risk that the schools could be disrupted and therefore all children should be vaccinated. These people are putting children at risk because they have been directed to do so by Pfizer/Gates/WEF Schwab. Then Pfizer refuses to accept ANY responsibility for this product that normally takes 12 years to get approval and the top FDA people resign saying booster shots are not necessary! Because the entire political control has been bought, we will NEVER know the details of how they were paid off,  when they will never investigate themselves. Everyone is rushing FDA approval through in less than 1 year instead of 12 and the two top people resign.

If this were the old days, they would be dragging these politicians out with their heads mounted on spikes for being so reckless with our children.

They are following the Gates/WEF Schwab agenda and point #8 is very clear – END elections so we can NEVER remove these people from office – E V E R! This is creating a whole new meaning to Patrick Henry’s words – “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.”

Energy Ban Before There is an Alternative

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A House committee last week advanced serious legislation to combat climate change. Biden already went to OPEC to ask them to increase production because gasoline prices have jumped. These people are hopeless. They are passing legislation for an agenda and cutting off the supply BEFORE there is a system with renewable energy, which is only a theory. Nobody believes that we can create enough electricity to provide everyone with a car as if nothing changed. That is what this COVID lockdown is really about — altering the economy, destroying jobs, and ending commuting. They are not telling people straight up, for why would you still have major office buildings when that is part of the plan to end commuting to save the planet? California has already passed legislation banning natural gas in new buildings.

Now Congress is pushing to end all oil drilling in most US offshore waters, thwart potential mining in the western part of the country, and invest billions of dollars in conservation. The $31.7 billion measure, approved 24-13 by the House Natural Resources Committee, would also impose new fees on oil and mining companies while funding drought relief, conservation, and other programs. It is now set to be folded into a broader multi-trillion-dollar social reform and climate change bill that is taking shape in the House. They will attach it to that so it is buried in a seven-foot stack of paper.

They are pushing this agenda in what they are calling “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advance a bold, ambitious investment in the people of the United States.” The legislation “will confront the damage being done by climate change, put our country on a more sustainable and equitable economic and environmental path, and create millions of jobs,” according to the Democrat chairman.

This is like saying the medicine you are taking now will be replaced maybe in five or ten years, so we will outlaw it now to prepare. This is the greatest example of total mismanagement, perhaps in history. All of this renewable energy is theory — that’s it. Fine, I am installing solar panels on the roof. But if there is a storm and clouds for several days, you have no energy, all your food goes bad, and you could even starve. That’s why you cannot simply throw everything else out now and think you can live off the sun forever.

Fauci Has no Answer why to Force People Who Had Covid to Vaccinate

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QUESTION: Marty; I had covid-19 and it was like the flu. Why do I have to now get vaccinated? I have never heard of getting the flu and then the doctor tells you to get the vaccine after the fact. I agree something is not right. This must be part of some sinister agenda. Any ideas?


ANSWER: What you have said is true. I have NEVER heard any doctor tell you to get the flu shot after you ready had the flu. Fauci’s response to that question shows his bias. He is not about to concede anything. He told CNN:

“I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.”

Fauci went on to say it was a question now of  “durability” but the vaccines need booster shots every 6 months and maybe daily pills.

The Threat of an Ice Age is Real

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Aug 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Most people have NEVER heard of the Beaufort Gyre, a massive wind-driven current in the Arctic Ocean that actually has far more influence over sea ice than anything we can throw into the atmosphere. The Beaufort Gyre has been regulating climate and sea ice formation for millennia. Recently, however, something has changed; it is not something that would create global warming but threatens a new Ice Age.

There is a normal cycle that appears to be about 5.4 years where it reverses direction and spins counter-clockwise, expelling ice and freshwater into the eastern Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic. The 5.4-year cycle is interesting for it is two pi cycle intervals of 8.6. The immediate cycle has suddenly expanded to two 8.6-year intervals, bringing it to 17.2 years as we head into 2022.

What you must understand is that this Beaufort Gyre now holds as much freshwater as all of the Great Lakes combined. Why is that important? Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature than the 32 degrees F at which freshwater freezes. The difference between the air temperature and the freezing point of saltwater is bigger than the difference between the air temperature and the freezing point of fresh water. This makes the ice with salt on it melt faster, which is why we salt the roads in an ice storm.

Now, think of the Beaufort Gyre as a carousel of ice and freshwater. Because it is now spinning both faster and in its usual clockwise direction, it has been collecting more and more freshwater from the three main sources:

  1. Melting sea ice
  2. Runoff from the Arctic Ocean from Russian and North American rivers
  3. Lower saltwater coming in from the Bering Sea

Indeed, Yale has warned that this current could “Cool the Climate in Europe,” which is precisely what we are witnessing. Cyclically, the Beaufort Gyre will reverse direction, and when it does the clear and present danger will be the natural expulsion of a massive amount of icy fresh water into the North Atlantic. Remember now, freshwater freezes faster than saltwater.

This is not a theory. We have previous records of reversals in this cycle of the Beaufort Gyre from the 1960s and 1970s, where there was a surge of fresh Arctic water released into the North Atlantic that resulted in the water freezing. There has been a lot of work done on this subject, which, of course, is ignored by the climate change agenda that only seeks to blame human activity. Nevertheless, AAAS, of which I am a member, states plainly:

“Arctic sea ice affects climate on seasonal to decadal time scales, and models suggest that sea ice is essential for longer anomalies such as the Little Ice Age.” 

Socrates has been given just about every possible database I could find over the past 50 years. Because of the extended 17.2-year cycle in the Beaufort Gyre, the risk that a larger than normal expulsion of freshwater into the Atlantic can disrupt the Gulf Stream, which is the sole reason why Europe has been moderate in climate. But that has NOT always been the case. We know that the Barbarian invasions into Rome during the 3rd century were primarily driven by a colder climate in the north. The invasion of the Sea Peoples ended the Bronze Age and those from the north migrated into the South storming Mesopotamia and Northern Africa.


It is just not created by humans.

Perhaps we are now at the tipping point and they cannot keep saying that the extremely cold winter is also caused by CO2 and global warming. The collapse of the gulf stream has nothing to do with CO2. This may result in a major confrontation that these people have been seriously wrong and what they are doing to the economy in trying to shut down fossil fuels at this point in time could result in tens of millions of deaths if the gulf stream collapses.

The Europeans have woken up to what Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and Barack Obama are up to!

The above named individuals have come together in an attempt to remake Western Civilization into a single entity best described in George Orwell’s book 1984 where he saw where the trend was moving after the end of WW II in 1949. The story takes place in 1984 in of the country of Oceania ruled by a dictator refereed to as Big brother (Bill Gates?) much who was much like Hitler or Stalin and where the people were under his total control. This fictional wold is a totalitarianism hell hole with mass surveillance, perpetual war, thought police, and an ever changing meaning to the words. If you read this book today, written 72 years ago, it will closely resemble the world we are now living in.

Gates who controls Schwab, Soros and Obama (Biden is Obama’s avatar) has now almost taken complete control of North America, Britain the EU, Australia and New Zealand. Their tools to accomplish this have been: Climate Change, SARS COV-2, the 1619 Project, Critical race theory and Wokeness to name just a few of the Marxist style changes being forced on society, starting with Obama. There is now an all out assault in play reasonable documented my Mark Levin in his book American Marxism although his focus is America not the entire world which is Gates goal.

Schwab developed the program (possibility under the influence of Gates) to transform Western civilization, its marketed as The Great Reset with the slogan Build Back Better using New Monetary Theory NMT and digital currency. It seems that Gates modified his population reduction program to fit into Schwab’s The Great Rest somewhere in this process and basically took it over. The plan today is to totally economically collapse the North American and European continent using the COVID lock downs as the reason. Their plan is to reconstitute the remains as a tightly controlled dictatorship. This will cause a lot of deaths from multiple reasons including war which will reduce the world population making Gates happy.

The only real surprise to me is that the Americans have not caught on to what is being done to them but that the Europeans have. My guess is that the Europeans have experienced totalitarianism under Hitler and Stalin where we have been free for over 240 years; so what we see in Europe is an actual rebellion against Gates and here in America we have total compliance to the demands of the Marxists that have taken over the Democrat party! Its not clear to me whether the Democrats understand that this is all being run by Gates?

What follows are a series of short videos with examples of rebellion from Europe. There are none from America to show.

Berlin 8-1-2021
Italy 7-30-2021
Australia 7-26-2021
Paris 7-24-2021
Milan Italy 7-24-2021

I have a more of these but this sample should be sufficient to give you the feel for the building uprising in Europe.

The CO2 Propaganda Agenda

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Aug 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: You are misleading everyone. Climate Change is real, and the danger is CO2 must be eliminated. Everyone knows that.


REPLY: Obviously, you just read the propaganda. Do you remember science class? CO2 is vital to the planet. They assume that everyone is a moron. If there were zero CO2, there would be no plant life. You should commit suicide now and save the planet; every breath of oxygen you take in, you exhale CO2. You are the threat they are talking about.

That is why Gates wants to reduce the population. You cannot ever get to zero CO2 without reducing the population. Even the founder of Greenpeace admits this was all contrived as a leftist agenda and that zero CO2 is not attainable.

The United Nations Climate summit was so rigged that it was criminal. Joe Biden rushed to have the USA support this corruption. Not only did the United Nations block countries that it deemed were uncooperative, but NO scientist was allowed to speak to give the other side. This has been a deliberate agenda, which was the prelude to this agenda 2030 for the Great Reset.

You better wake up. You are the problem in their eyes and they intend to keep you locked up, unemployed, and hoping you die to save the planet.