Things Are Getting Spicy in France as Mass Protests Turn Violent in Some Areas – Macron Declares This Is France’s January 6th Insurrection Moment

Posted originally on the CTH on March 23, 2023 | Sundance

History tells us the French ‘do revolution’ quite well, the current status of the protests against President Macron’s unilateral pension reform cuts are no exception.

Worker strikes have hampered France for over a week in protest to: (1) the pension reform; and (2) the undemocratic way it was enacted via unilateral fiat by the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Today the worker strike turned to massive protests in the streets throughout several regions.

As the day wound down, those protests then turned violent as the ultra-left-wing “Black Bloc” anarchists began attacking police.

(Reuters) – PARIS, March 23 – Police fired tear gas and fought with violent black-clad anarchists in Paris and across France on Thursday as hundreds of thousands of protesters marched against President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to raise the pension age.

The ninth day of nationwide protests, mostly peaceful, disrupted train and air travel. Teachers were among many professions to walk off the job, days after the government pushed through legislation to raise the retirement age by two years to 64.

Demonstrations in central Paris were generally peaceful, but groups of “Black Bloc” anarchists smashed shop windows, demolished street furniture and ransacked a McDonald’s restaurant. Clashes ensued as riot police drove back the anarchists with tear gas and stun grenades.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said 149 police officers were injured and 172 people were arrested across the country. Dozens of protesters were also injured, including a woman who lost a thumb in the Normandy town of Rouen.

[…] Police had also fired tear gas at some protesters in several other cities, including Nantes, and Lorient in the west, Lille in the north, and used water cannon against others in Rennes in the northwest. Labour unions fear protests could turn more violent if the government does not heed mounting popular anger over pension curbs.

Unions called for regional action over the weekend and new nationwide strikes and protests on March 28, the day Britain’s King Charles is due to travel to Bordeaux from Paris by train.

The main entrance of the Bordeaux town hall was set ablaze on Thursday, days before the monarch was due to walk through on his visit to the southwestern city.

On Wednesday, Macron broke weeks of silence on the new policy, insisting the law would come into force by year end. He compared protests to the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the U.S. Capitol.

[…] The French Interior Ministry said 1.089 million protested across the country, including 119,000 in the capital which was a record since protests started in January. The CGT union said 3.5 million people marched in the country, equalling a previous high on March 7.

“I came here because I oppose this reform and I really oppose the fact that democracy no longer means anything,” Sophie Mendy, an administrative medical worker, told Reuters at the Paris rally. “We’re not being represented, and so we’re fed up.” (read more)

World War III may break out against Russia in/around Moldova.  However, another more widespread war may break out even sooner that has nothing to do with nation states.

French Worker Protests Having Impact

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 21, 2023 

Garbage is piling up on the streets, ports are blocked, fuel is running in short supply, transportation of essential goods and services have been brought to a standstill; these are the outcomes of a general labor strike that has been happening in France as a result of protests to Emmanuel Macron’s unilateral pension reforms.

It might seem like a small issue pushing the retirement age back two years for French citizens, but it’s not really about the pension reform – the bigger issue is about this “new democracy” in the aftermath of new powers assumed by the French president during COVID-19.

President Macron used a special constitutional article to push legislation through Parliament last week without a vote.  He now faces two efforts to engage a no confidence vote with only tepid support from his totalitarian allies in government.  The people of France are not only unhappy with the pension reform outcome, but they are also furious about the nondemocratic process – a familiar and growing sentiment that extends far beyond the borders of France.

While the protests did carry the customary French socialist-leaning violence, the issues underpinning the anger are felt by more than just the radicals.  The larger network of ordinary French workers has now begun using the power of the people to shut down the economics of society.

Trash is piling up in the streets as sanitation workers refuse to work {LINK}.  Ports and critical energy infrastructure like refineries are also shut down, and things are starting to get sketchy amid the social and economic fabric that generally goes unnoticed.  Indeed, you might say, ‘the peasants are revolting‘.

(Reuters) – Several French refinery sites were still blocked from delivering products after two weeks of strikes in France, causing production to be disrupted while the government requisitions workers at the Fos refinery, and power supply was also disrupted.

The industrial action is part of a nationwide movement against pension system changes that lift the retirement age two years to 64. The changes were forced through parliament without a vote last week.

The Normandy refinery operated by oil major TotalEnergies’ will be shut down on Tuesday due to the strike, a company spokesperson said, as the industrial action against the pension changes stretched into its 14th day.

Production disruptions at the other sites operated by TotalEnergies remained unchanged, the spokesperson added. About 36% of operational staff at TotalEnergies’ refineries and depots were on strike on Tuesday morning, the spokesperson said. (read more)

All of these tremors point to a larger issue in the background of “western government” policy.   Something is going to eventually erupt.  Government cannot keep a lid on the chaos they create forever.  Sooner or later a spark will ignite something… and it will not just be in France.

Do not focus too heavily on the weeds of any particular issue or nation lest we lose sight of the much larger dynamic.  One thing is most certainly assured; Chairman Xi and President Putin can see that larger dynamic clearly, and there’s abundant opportunity within the geopolitical unrest.

Western governments are being led by blinded ideologues working furiously in the background….

Rumble Rejects French Govt Demand for Control Over Content

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 2, 2022 | Sundance

The team at Rumble Video have taken a strong position in defense of free speech, an open internet and protection of a diverse public square.

Apparently, the French government demanded that Rumble remove content the government does not support. [SourceRumble said no.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski then followed up delivering a statement via Twitter: “The French Government has demanded that Rumble (@rumblevideo) block Russian news sources. Like @elonmusk, I won’t move our goal posts for any foreign government. Rumble will turn off France entirely (France isn’t material to us) and we will challenge the legality of this demand.”

Pavlovski and Rumble being transparent and making the demand from the French government public raises a few questions.

Rumble said ‘no’, but who said ‘yes’?

It would be highly unlikely that Rumble is the only tech platform the French government have contacted with their demands.  What did the other platform providers do?

How many other ‘western‘ governments make demands on content from Big Tech platform providers that we do not know about?

On the domestic side, the issue of what France is demanding is essentially analogous with what the U.S. government (DHS) has been doing within the censorship discussion recently highlighted by The Intercept.   However, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and Microsoft have not been open with the American people about these back-channel discussions and demands from the U.S. government.

Most of what we are now learning about government control over social media content is coming as a result of a lawsuit filed by the State of Missouri against the Biden administration.

(New York Post) –  A little-noticed federal lawsuit, Missouri v. Biden, is uncovering astonishing evidence of an entrenched censorship scheme cooked up between the federal government and Big Tech that would make Communist China proud.

So far, 67 officials or agencies — including the FBI — have been accused in the lawsuit of violating the First Amendment by pressuring Facebook, Twitter and Google to censor users for alleged misinformation or disinformation.

Victims of the Biden-Big Tech “censorship enterprise” include The Post, whose Hunter Biden laptop exposé was suppressed by Facebook and then Twitter in October 2020 after the FBI went to Facebook, warning it with great specificity to watch out for a “dump” of Russian disinformation, pertaining to Joe Biden, with an uncanny resemblance to our stories.

“We allege that top-ranking Biden administration officials colluded with those social media companies to suppress speech about the Hunter Biden laptop story, the origins of COVID-19, the efficacy of masks, and election integrity,” is how the lawsuit was summarized by intrepid Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, who is leading the action.

The censorship related to alleged “misinformation” about pandemic lockdowns, vaccines and COVID-19, and included material from the esteemed infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists associated with the Great Barrington Declaration, which proved over time to be correct and eventually much of which was adopted as official policy by the CDC.

Defendants include FBI special agents Elvis Chan and Laura Dehmlow, who gave Facebook that detailed “disinformation” briefing right before The Post was censored; White House press secretaries, current and former, Karine Jean-Pierre and Jen Psaki; Dr. Anthony Fauci, the president’s chief medical adviser, and former White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andrew Slavitt; counsel to President Biden Dana Remus; the DHS over the disbanded Disinformation Governance Board; the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; the FDA; the State Department; and the US Election Assistance Commission.

Last month a federal judge ordered a reluctant Fauci and Jean-Pierre to hand over their records, so the case is progressing nicely.(read more)

As various entities and Big Tech platforms prepare to launch lawfare litigation, a strategy built on threats, against any member of the Rebel Alliance who outlines the schemes and connections between government and Big Tech, they would be wise to reconsider the unstable cornerstone of their position…

…Why would any social media platform, at any scale and on any level, be in any relationship with the United States government?

Civil Unrest Growing in France

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re- Posted Oct 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Protests are appearing across France as people are demanding changes. I must say, I do respect the French for always taking to the streets when their politicians fail them. And the politicians are certainly failing the people right now. There are ongoing protests regarding the rising cost of living. Winter is coming and people are concerned about basic necessities such as food and energy.

There are now protests demanding that France abandon NATO. The people do not want to enter a war. On the same day that President Macron announced 2,000 Ukrainian troops would be trained on French soil, thousands took to the capital to demand a stop to this madness. The protestors, per usual, called for Macron’s resignation. In addition to abandoning NATO, the French people would like to abandon the European Union. The idea behind the creation of the European Union, a union to end and prevent war in Europe, has clearly FAILED. “Frexit” is becoming a trending topic as the people now see that those in Brussels do not care about the people.

Our computer has indicated that civil unrest would rise going into November. There are protests appearing all over the world, and unfortunately for the opposition, those protests will only heighten as conditions worsen and policies are passed at the expense of the people.

French Fuel Shortage Leads to Yellow Vest Resurgence

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Oct 12, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The French, especially in Paris, are starting to feel the effects of the gas shortage. There are reports of cars queued for miles outside gas stations. Some have reported waiting for over an hour, only to find that there was no petrol left to fuel their vehicle.

Workers at TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil in France are on strike at the moment as well. This has led to three out of six refineries shutting down as production has been cut by 60% to 740,000 bpd. Over a third of TotalEnergies’ 3,500 stations are low on petrol. Workers are seeking a 10% salary increase as they feel the oil companies are reaping in profits amid this crisis.

President Emmanuel Macron has urged the people to avoid panicking. Some believe that this situation is only a glimpse of what will come in the winter when reserves plummet and demand soars. There is currently enough fuel for about 90 days.

The climate zealots of the Yellow Vest movement are prominent in France. The group protested for 60 consecutive weeks in 2018 and is extremely anti-Macron. They even stormed the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris. With Macron reelected and fuel woes rising, expect this movement to gain some momentum – with more support than the last go-around.

Russia Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 Gas Pipeline, Gasprom Sends out Eerie Video ‘Winter is Coming’

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance 

Well, it looks like it’s official now. After several days of sporadic reporting on Russia’s decision to shut down the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline into western Europe, it looks like the valves have been shut down until EU sanctions against Russia are removed.

Strategically the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is the major gas supply route into Germany, Europe’s largest economy. As noted by Reuters, “European gas prices, as measured by the benchmark Dutch TTF October gas contract, rose by as much as 30% on Sept. 5, amid growing fears of a total shutdown of Russian pipeline imports ahead of the European winter.”

Europe was already going into a deep economic recession due to inflation created by pre-existing green energy policy.  The Nord Stream shutdown will make things exponentially worse as energy prices skyrocket.  The Russian owned energy company Gasprom sent out a video that can be best described as psychological warfare.  WATCH:


Wow, Europe Household Electric Bills Estimated to Jump by $2 Trillion Next Year, That’s 12% of Their GDP

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance

What is predicted to happen in Europe is just stunning, literally stunning.

♦Context – According to official data from the World Bank, the combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the European Union was just over $17 trillion US dollars in 2021. That is the last calculated measure.  The combined GDP value of European Union represents roughly 12.78 percent of the world economy.

According to analysts for Goldman Sachs, the current energy crisis in Europe has increased electricity prices at a rate that is increasing almost daily.  Within the data it is now estimated that households within the EU will pay an additional $2 trillion for electricity in the next year.

Put that $2 trillion into context with their GDP, and that scale of energy cost would be wiping out 12% of the purchasing strength within the total EU economy.  Forget about buying anything else, if this analysis is correct Europeans will be buying food and energy, nothing else.

If you consider what that means, it is bordering on full economic collapse of western Europe.

What is being described above is what we posited when we outlined the impact of the “Energy Economy” {Go Deep}.  When you suck 12% of the purchasing power out of an economic engine simply to maintain the status of current energy use, everything else starts to collapse.

Also keep in mind we are only talking about the direct impact of $2 trillion in electricity cost.  The downstream consequence is far greater because everything created, produced, or manufactured, including food, is dependent on electricity – which will drive the final cost to produce of all those products even higher.

The damage is almost unimaginable in scale.

[Fortune] – European households should brace for an expensive winter owing to the continent’s deepening energy crisis that will likely send electricity and heating bills soaring.

Energy affordability in Europe is reaching a “tipping point” that could peak next year, with total spending on bills across the continent growing by 2 trillion euros ($2 trillion), a Goldman Sachs research team, led by Alberto Gandolfi and Mafalda Pombeiro, said in a note published Sunday.

Many European households are already feeling the bite of a steadily worsening energy crisis, brought on by Russian natural gas producers intermittently pausing flows along the critical Nord Stream pipeline following Western sanctions this year.

Energy bills at some restaurants and coffee shops have already more than tripled this year, but with threats looming that natural gas supply from Russia could become even tighter as the Ukraine War rages on, analysts warn that Europe’s coming struggles are set to rival some of the worst energy crises on record.

“The market continues to underestimate the depth, the breadth, and the structural repercussions of the crisis,” the Goldman Sachs analysts wrote. “We believe these will be even deeper than the 1970s oil crisis.” (read more)

The economic contagion will not be isolated to Europe.

The impacts to the social fabric are also almost unquantifiable in scale.

Example: What happens to migration patterns when economic migrants are now considered a threat to scarce resources?

While the US is not quite in the same level of energy desperation, what we were discussing last week is an example of the problem we too may face.

Let’s say you are an average USA Main Street household with an income around $100,000/yr, and you now face an increase in electricity rates from $300 to $500 due to Joe Biden’s new national energy policy known as the Green New Deal.  That’s $200 more per month for this initial economic/energy “transition” moment.

That extra $200/month equates to $2,400 per year.

That $2,400 per year is static economic activity.  Meaning nothing additional was created, and nothing additional was generated.  The captured $2,400 is simply an increase in the price of a preexisting expense.

Take that expense and expand it to your community of 100 friends and family households.  The $2,400 now becomes $240,000 in cost that doesn’t generate anything.  $240,000 is removed from the community economy.  $240,000 is no longer available for purchasing other goods or services within this community of 100 households.

The economic purchasing power of the 100-household community is reduced by $240,000 per year.

Take that expense and expand it to your county of 10,000 households.  Now you are reducing the county economic activity by $24 million.  In this county of 10,000 households, $24 million in economic transactions have been wiped out.  Meals at restaurants, purchases of goods and services, or any other spending of the $24 million within the county of 10,000 households (approximately 25,000 residents) has been lost.

Now expand that expense to a larger county, quantified as a mid-size county, of 50,000 households.  The mid-sized county has lost $120 million in household economic activity, simply to sustain the status quo on electricity rates.  Nothing extra has been generated. $120 million is lost.  The activity within the county of 50,000 households shrinks by $120 million.

Expand that expense to a large county of 100,000 households, and the lost economic activity is $240 million.

Expand that expense to a small state of 1 million households (2.5 million residents), and the lost economic activity is $2.4 billion.

Expand that expense to a state with 5 million households (approximately 12 million residents) and the economic cost is $12 billion in lost economic activity unrelated to the expense of maintaining the status-quo on electricity use.   This state loses $12 billion in purchases of goods and services, just to retain current energy use.

These examples only touch on household expenses.  The community, county and state business expenses for offices, supermarkets, stores, etc. are in addition to the households quoted.

Meanwhile the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the community, county and state, remains static because the GDP is calculated on the total value of goods and services generated in dollar terms.  The appearance of a static GDP is artificial.  In real Main Street terms, $12 billion in economic activity is lost, but the price or increased value of electricity hides the drop created by the absence of goods and services purchased.

Fewer goods and services are purchased and consumed.  However, statistically the inflated price of electricity gives the illusion of a status quo economy.

Now expand that perspective to a national level and you can see our current economic condition.

All of this is being done under the justification of “climate change.”

Previously I would have said this level of economic impact in Europe would lead to a total revolt against the government.  However, with the backdrop of the recent COVID lockdowns and government control mechanisms in mind, and looking at the citizen compliance that took place in response to those government mandates, it is now more likely the citizens in Europe will simply bow to the energy control mechanisms of the governing authority.

It’s almost as if the COVID compliance effort was the test…

Britain Head of Military Tells Troops Prepare for WWIII

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Jun 20, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Britain’s Military Chief of the General Staff had just taken that position and he has already told the army they need to prepare for war against Russia in Europe. He has told every soldier to prepare to fight Russia in a potential World War III. He has pledged to forge an Army that can beat Russia in battle and said that we must now prepare “to fight in Europe once again.” He added on  his fourth day on the job: “There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”

This is a video interview of Zelensky’s adviser years in advance. This entire Ukrainian War was deliberately instigated. The West NEEDS war because the entire financial system is collapsing. All the pensions promised have been wiped out in Europe thanks to NEGATIVE interest rates since 2014.

Zelensky is an actor. He is playing his role in this Great Reset which is to destroy Western civilization as we know it so they get to create their One-World Government and the United Nations will then appear to be the GREAT PEACEMAKER. On February 20th, 2022, VP Harris blurted out that Ukraine should join NATO which was a direct violation of the Belgrade Agreement where Ukraine, the 3rd largest nuclear power at the time, gave up its nuclear weapons and NATO promised not to invade as did Russia provided Ukraine was to remain NEUTRAL. Then 3 days later, Zelensky announced that he would pursue nuclear weapons to defend against Russia. The next day, Putin invaded to protect the Donbas on February 24th.

There are a number of world leaders who are starting to wake up and see that this entire Ukrainian War has been a hoax. This was intentionally created for the Great Reset because Europe NEEDS to default on all the debt they can no longer sustain. But that will wipe out all the pensions and millions of people will be storming the parliaments. The only escape for those in government is to create a war to hide the collapse. Now even Pope Francis is starting to see through this facade as he has told a group of European Jesuit news editors that “perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented,” and he cautioned against oversimplifying the conflict.

Zelensky is a hateful, vindictive, and pathological liar who demonizes Russians every chance he gets.  The US has absolutely NO ability to even verify where all the weapons go that they send to Ukraine. There are reports of foreign soldiers who had volunteered to fight for Ukraine and then left because the weapons were being stolen and sold on the black market and will always, end up on the streets in America.

Zelensky is evil, and corrupt, and ran for office promising peace with Russia and ending corruption. Some reports say he has already diverted up to $850 million to hidden offshore accounts. He will fight till the last Ukrainian dies and then fly off to live the billionaire’s life drinking port with Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

The very person who funded Zelensky is the same person who bought Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden demanded that Ukraine fire the prosecutor investigating this corruption. Zelensky pathologically urges World War III during every one of his public appearances. Zelensky is clearly waging an information war promoting pure propaganda.

Zelensky’s Davos Speech was unbelievable. He demanded that the US-led West implement a policy of maximum preemptive sanctions on the false pretext of averting future wars. According to Zelen sky, had the US-led West’s cut off Russia completely from the world economy IN ADVANCE, this would somehow prevented war. He claimed that the sanction was NOT ENOUGH and cane TOO LATE. He wants the US-led West to now completely cut off from the world economy not just Russia, but regional security demands that the US-led West should unilaterally threaten other nations and impose maximum sanctions on all Russian allies BEFORE they can react.

I have videos captured from Ukrainian soldiers showing what they are doing to captive Russian soldiers. I will not post them because they are too horrible. They are actually crucifying Russians driving nails through their limbs and then setting them on fire alive. This is the hatred of Ukrainian neo-Nazis toward Russians and why the CIA protected the Ukrainian neo-Nazis because they always hated Russians. They massacred Jews and Polish but NOT one Ukrainian was ever put on trial at Nuremberg. This is now what we get for the failure to prosecute Nazis. The 72-year revolutionary cycle from the end of the Nuremberg Trial was 2018. Even this hatred has risen all over again and this time the US-led West is supporting the Nazis.

As I warned back in 2013, our computer had targeted Ukraine as the place where World War III would begin. I warned that Ukraine should have been split according to language. This area to the East was NEVER Ukrainian territory EVER in history. Khruschev grew up in the Donbas and he was in charge of rebuilding Kiev. When he became the head of Russia, in 1954 he assigned Crimea to Kiev for administrative purposes. The Duma later declared that illegal and reversed that decree.

Historically, the East was ALWAYS part of the Russian Empire BEFORE the USSR. This refusal to yield “one inch” to Russia which Zelensky has declared, is unsupported by history. That region is occupied by ethnic Russians who the Ukrainians will massacre. In Kyiv, they were saying in 2014 that Crimea is Ukrainian or it will be depopulated.

The hatred of Russians who have lived there for centuries is deeply rooted. The Ukrainians began their civil war against the Donbas and Russian-speaking Ukrainians immediately after overthrowing Yanukovich in 2014. They were beating Russian-speaking Ukrainian in Odesa and they fed to the Trade Union House. The Ukrainians then set the place on fire and killed them all burning them alive which the West turned a blind eye to because after all, they were evil Russians who obviously have no right to live on this earth.

Zelensky does his war propaganda always dressed in a military t-shirt. He has done nothing but promote world war III every chance he gets. His hatred of Russians knows no bounds and he will engulf the entire world in war all for what – territory? This man is so evil, that history will remember him along with those of the same mentality of sheer hatred and manipulations – Marx, Stalin, Hitler, and the list goes on.

As for those who see only one dimension, there was widespread support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany (German: Tierschutz im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland). Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler and his top officials took a variety of measures to ensure animals were protected. That obviously stood in contrast with killing the Jews, and gypsies and the Ukrainian Nazis added Polish and Russians to the list that needed to be ethnically cleansed. But somehow, Hitler protected the animals.

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet

Armstrong Economics Blog/BigTech Re-Posted May 3, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The internet has become the main source of social interaction, entertainment, and media. Almost everything we do is tied to the internet, which was once a free space. Governments across the world are now attempting to control the world wide web. In fact, the US, EU, and 32 other nations have announced a “Declaration for the Future of the Internet.”

The declaration claims to promote “interconnected communications” and “democracy, peace, the rule of law, sustainable development, and the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.” They would like to make the internet accessible to everyone, and while this may sound good and well on the surface, the motive behind this declaration is to give governments full control over the internet.

The fine print reads:

“Over the last two decades, however, we have witnessed serious challenges to this vision emerge. Access to the open Internet is limited by some authoritarian governments and online platforms and digital tools are increasingly used to repress freedom of expression and deny other human rights and fundamental freedoms. State-sponsored or condoned malicious behavior is on the rise, including the spread of disinformation and cybercrimes such as ransomware, affecting the security and the resilience of critical infrastructure while holding at risk vital public and private assets.”

“Disinformation” is the new hot-button word for government censorship. Uncoincidentally, this declaration comes the same week that US President Biden arranged a “Disinformation Governance Board” with members who solely support his agenda and are willing to hide his lies. “Disinformation” allows governments to determine what is factual.

“Online platforms have enabled an increase in the spread of illegal or harmful content that can threaten the safety of individuals and contribute to radicalization and violence. Disinformation and foreign malign activity is used to sow division and conflict between individuals or groups in society, undermining respect for and protection of human rights and democratic institutions.”

Governments across the globe are on board with the Great Reset, and censoring society’s main medium of connectivity will provide them with the power to dumb down the masses and track the opposition. Countries that openly censor their internet such as Russia and China have not signed this declaration, as they do not care if their censorship is packaged in a nice collaborative declaration with other nations. At least the internet users in those nations are aware that what they read online is censored. The truth will always exist, but it will be harder to find it in the future.

Macron Won – One Giant Step toward World War III

Armstrong Economics Blog/France Re-Posted Apr 24, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Of course, Macron won amid allegations of vote tampering. If a ballot was torn in any way, which seems to have been those of Le Pen, they were just discarded. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY that the EU would have allowed Le Pen to win for she would have upset the EU and gone against this madness of creating a war with Russia to cover up the collapse in the monetary system thanks to 8+ years of negative interest rates.

The Die is Cast. Europe is headed into self-destruction. Meanwhile, the UK press is looking at putting on sanctions against Germany because they are still relying on Russian gas. We have the most braindead crop of world leaders in human history. Not a single one will bother to understand how world peace is actually accomplished.

While Rome conquered the known world, they quickly saw the benefits of being part of the Roman Empire – free trade! The conquered lands all began to sell local products to Rome and Romans were quick to invest in the newly conquered regions. It was economics that made Rome great. That is precisely what is being torn apart here dividing the world and in the process raising the threat of war.

This coin of Augustus (27BC-14AD) shows a conquered barbarian handing a child representing their nation to Augustus symbolizing their subservient posture to the Roman Empire. Cutting off Russia and hinting about sanctions against China and now against Germany for buying Russian energy is the precise way to create a world war. When there is no benefit in working together, then there is no reason for peaceful relations.

NEVER in my life have I ever witnessed such stupidity among world leaders. And just for the record, Putin is by far the ONLY rational leader. Those behind him think he has been too “SOFT” on Ukraine and he should have nuked Kyiv and then pound his chest asking who is next? There are those who would not hesitate to win for they already view this as a war with NATO and the United States using Ukrainians to try to weaken Russia for the kill. Hillary has even said so much.

The Dnieper River was the border of Ukraine as well as Belarus. It never included the east that was always Russia going back to the Russian Empire. Merely because the USSR assigned that region to Kyiv for administration did not transform ethnic Russians into Ukrainians. Naturally, some people just want to blame Russia and say they invaded without any discussion of the antics of the West or Zelensky which have deliberately provoked this war. The financial system was collapsing thanks to negative interest rates that have wiped out the European bond markets. They NEED this war to hide their decades of fiscal mismanagement.

This is a war simply intended to defeat Russia. Zelensky not only was elected under false pretenses promising peace and the end of corruption, but he has even waged war on the Russian religion like Henry VIII trying to seize all churches and eliminate Moscow and the Patriarch appointing all authority to Ukraine.

For this, those writing the scripts for Biden to deliver have destroyed the world economy and reversed all the world peace efforts since Kennedy and Nixon’s effort to divide China and Russia. All for what exactly? Climate Change or the real issue – the collapse of Keynesian Economics?

It is a shame that far too many Ukrainians are being used as pawns in this war. The more killed, the better. When the history of this period is written, we will see that the media has been creating this war just as they created the Spanish American War. The father of yellow journalism, Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), made his fortune by creating a fake war to sell more newspapers.

Perhaps the press is desperate for the same motive. CNN+ was a disaster and is being shut down. They had less viewership than even this blog. Perhaps CNN desperately needs war with blood in the streets to regain their viewership from the days of the Gulf War?

Pulitzer made his money by spilling the blood and guts of young Americans. Perhaps he felt guilty and left his estate to create the Pulitzer Prize for honest journalism – what a joke,

I was on the water over the weekend and the number of houses flying the Ukrainian flag warns that there will be support for World War III for these people have no clue that they have been manipulated into a position to support the real agenda.