Soldiers Training Globally for WWIII

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Oct 18, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I explained that Romania is becoming a World War III training battleground for NATO. There are currently 40,000 troops on the ground throughout Eastern Europe, with more set to arrive. Colonel Vincent Minguet, the commander of the NATO Combat Group in Romania, believes the training will last up to FIVE years. Stronger militaries are training their allies now in preparation for what is to come.

This is expanding beyond Eastern Europe. France announced that they are welcoming 2,000 Ukrainian troops. French President Emmanuel Macron was hesitant at first, and only permitted 40 Ukrainian soldiers to be trained on French soil since February. As Zelensky and those holding his strings beg for more aid and a full-on escalation, world leaders are folding to his demands.

It will not be in a belligerent fashion because we are not at war. We are helping a country that is at war,” French Minister for the Armed Forces Sebastien Lecornu stated. They are directly involved in the conflict. The West has gone to war with Russia economically and now is directly contributing to the war effort in Ukraine. World leaders do not want the people to see what is unfolding before their eyes.

Under Operation Interflex, the UK has coached 10,000 Ukrainian fighters. The program puts soldiers through an intense five-week training program to learn basic skills before being returned to the frontline.

Ireland has been tasked with helping Ukraine learn to dismantle explosives and IEDs. The US has training facilities for Ukrainian soldiers in Germany, while the UK has opened up air bases for Canadian forces. Every nation is preparing for endless war. “We are probably, unfortunately, in the long haul when it comes to the war against Russia to stop Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, we need also long-term planning and training,” Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod admitted.

“[I]t’s clear (that if) the European Union armies pull together all their capacities, they can do much more than each one of their side,” stated EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell. Multiple nations combining their military power to defeat a common enemy – that is a world war.

Interview: The World According to Martin Armstrong

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong in the Media Re-Posted Sep 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Click here to listen to my latest interview with Kerry Lutz from the Financial Survival Network.

Commentary from Kerry:

The world is a mess and things aren’t getting better. There’s no end in site to the Ukraine war and the situation in Europe keeps getting worse and worse. We sit down with Martin Armstrong to get the latest update. He sees gold going much higher in Q1 2023. The loss of faith in all governments keeps increasing. China is a lost cause as well. But the US is a beneficiary of everyone else’s misery. That’s just the way the world works.

Martin sees a major backlash coming in the aftermath of the 2022 mid-term elections. His model is questioning whether or not the 2024 presidential election will even take place. What could possibly happen to stop it and does it matter anyway? This is a must listen to interview.

NATO Preparing for World War

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Sep 29, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

I know for a fact that the US military is deploying some reservists to Romania to train European soldiers. The reservists have been told that the war will escalate, and as a soldier told me, “things are getting really bad over there.” They will be training the Europeans to fight against Russians for at least six months. NATO is constructing a battlefield in Romania for this extensive training. The Cincu military training facility already exists but is undergoing a massive expansion.

This is precisely what Russia feared long before entering Ukraine. I reported that Russia knows it is fighting the West and not simply Ukraine. NATO has increased its presence around Eastern Europe this year and has no plans to de-escalate the situation. There are over 40,000 troops on the ground across Eastern Europe, and more are set to arrive. In fact, NATO will establish four additional “multinational battle groups” in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

Colonel Vincent Minguet, the commander of the NATO Combat Group in Romania, said the plan is for “the creation of a permanent, stronger battalion, with more heavy weapons, to prevent any aggression or any destabilization in Romania.” Alarmingly, Minguet believes that training will last for four or five years. They are planning for a long-term ongoing battle fought among numerous nations, aka a world war.

A Solution to The conservative communication problem

Originally posted on Bill Whittle in early July 2022

Bill Whittle’s idea has a lot of merit and we need to promote this as much as possible!

Watch the animation here: Our Members make our world go round. Join us as a Citizen Producer by clicking here:

Mysterious Missiles Strike Grain Facility at Ukraine Port One Day After Russia and Ukraine Sign Grain Export Deal

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 23, 2022 | sundance 

Let me say from the outset, with a degree of specific assurance we generally reserve for other matters, Russia had nothing to do with the targeting of a grain facility in the port city of Odesa.  Geopolitically and strategically, such an action would be against their interests.  These events have the smell of the U.S. State Dept and CIA all over them.

Start by first reviewing the agreement between Russia and Ukraine that was announced yesterday. July 22 (Reuters) – Russia and Ukraine signed a landmark deal on Friday to reopen Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports, raising hopes that an international food crisis … can be eased.”   NATO country Turkey, specifically Recep Erdogan, brokered the deal between Russia and Ukraine.  Ignore the narrative engineering and WATCH:

Russia was particularly a geopolitical beneficiary from the agreement itself.  No longer could NATO and the western alliance blame Russia for the void in gobal food markets associated with the conflict in Ukraine.

From the perspective of Russian President Putin, the grain movement through the port city of Odesa was a net benefit.  “Russia has taken on the obligations that are clearly spelled out in this document. We will not take advantage of the fact that the ports will be cleared and opened. We have made this commitment,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

However, from the perspective of the Western alliance, the agreement mooted one of their biggest justifications for the upcoming global food shortage.   If Ukraine and Russia are exporting food, and yet food costs are still rising…. well, the food shortage impact from western energy disruption, the Build Back Better agenda, starts to become increasingly visible.

Suddenly, within hours of the trade agreement, the grain transportation system and the port city of Odesa come under fire from mysterious cruise missiles.

Europe – Missiles struck a key Ukrainian port Saturday, just one day after Kyiv and Moscow signed a breakthrough deal to unblock shipments of grain. Pointing the finger at Russia, Ukraine’s air force chief said the port — a key site for exporting Ukrainian grain — had been deliberately targeted.

“The port of Odesa, where grain is processed for shipment, was shelled. We shot down two missiles, and two more missiles hit the port territory, where, obviously, there is grain,” Ukrainian air force spokesman Yuri Ignat told reporters.

Russia has denied any involvement in the strikes, says Turkey’s defence minister.

The strike has been “unequivocally condemned” by the UN, alongside EU officials, such as European Commission vice president Josep Borrell, who said it “demonstrates Russia’s total disregard for international law.” (read more)

The origin of the mysterious missile attack becomes clear when you overlay the question of ‘who has motive’?

It wasn’t Russia.

We can be almost certain it was the U.S. State Department, and covert CIA operators, who used their operational control within Ukraine to target the exports.

Stopping the export of Ukrainian grain is in the interests of the western alliance.  After all, it was the United States who previously claimed, “Vladimir Putin is weaponizing food.”…

Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin has the ability to drive up U.S. inflation, explode U.S. energy costs, increase gasoline prices, influence global agriculture, weaken U.S. oil refining capability, disrupt availability of diesel fuel, impede the transportation of U.S. goods, force municipal energy companies to raise prices, cancel airline flights, stop the manufacturing of infant formula and now block the production -and increase the cost- of food in North America.

That’s their collective story, and they’re sticking to it.

It’s Not Just What Energy Secretary Granholm Says, It’s How She Says It That Should Alarm Everyone

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on July 22, 2022 | Sundance 

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm couldn’t tell you the difference between electromagnetic or nuclear energy if her life depended on it.  Then again, there’s not a single “climate change” ideologue in the Biden administration who has any concept of science at all.  None of them.  To them, everything is politics.

As you watch this brief soundbite from remarks Energy Secretary Granholm made to the Global Clean Energy Action Forum, pay attention to what she says and the way she says it.  The pantomime of how she says it. [11 seconds] WATCH:


What state elected her governor?  Oh yeah, she’s from Hunger Games district 5.

Coming Soon: Climate Change v Animal Activists

Armstrong Economics Blog/Agriculture Re-Posted Jul 19, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Two groups that usually overlap are about to come into direct confrontation due to the net-zero carbon culture. Both climate and animal rights activists have been known to make their voices heard through protests that are not always peaceful. Farmers are being unfairly targeted by climate change activists for having cattle that produce emissions, and governments are ramping up legislation to limit farming.

Farmers in Norway have been protesting for months as the government plans to eliminate around 30% of agriculture to reduce carbon emissions. Now, Northern Ireland is considering eliminating over one million cattle and sheep to meet emission targets by 2050. The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) estimates that 500,000 cattle and 700,000 sheep will need to die. In a separate analysis, five million chickens will need to be slaughtered before 2035.

While animal activists to the extreme would like to end farming and create a meatless world, they are not going to be happy when they realize those piloting the climate change agenda plan to kill these animals rather than allowing them to live out their days on taxpayer-funded farms.

Activism aside, we are in the midst of a food crisis. Those in first-world nations have seen the cost of food rise drastically throughout the past year. Perhaps some of your groceries of choice are no longer available or are often out of stock. However, people are starving to death in less developed parts of the world at a rapid rate and there is not enough food or funding to save everyone. In fact, the World Bank estimated that world hunger reached a high in 2021 when 193 million became food insecure, a number that rose by 40 million from 2020. Our model indicates that this cycle will continue to grow.

In the meantime, those championing saving the world with various causes will come into direct confrontation with one another. The left will increasingly divide into left v Socialists and dampen plans for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Would Putin Use Nukes?

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Apr 27, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrei Kozyrev served under Putin’s predecessor Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s. From his former position within the Russian Federation, Kozyrev believes Putin would only use nuclear weapons in “very specific situations.” Namely, if NATO became involved and Russia was backed into a corner from which there was no escape. “If Russia or one of those countries really threatened in their hearts – existentially, that is … if NATO troops come to Moscow, then probably they will resort to nuclear weapons,” Kozyrev told reporters.

Ukraine’s Zelensky has been touting that Russia is close to using chemical and nuclear weapons against Ukraine. “Not only me — all of the world, all of the countries have to be worried because it can be not real information, but it can be truth,” Zelensky said to CNN reporters, strategically in English. Zelensky stated that all nations should be concerned about Russia’s nuclear capabilities, but Putin is not that ignorant. The goal is to secure land that is believed to belong to the Russian people, not to create a nuclear world war. Putin believes he is winning the global battle financially by saying Russian sanctions have led to a “deterioration of the economy in the West.”

Similar to North Korea launching missile exercises to remind the world not to invade, Russia is touting its nuclear capabilities as a scare tactic to prevent the NATO alliance from decimating their country.