Book Review “The Real Anthony Fauci”

Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health Published on November 16, 2021

I have been Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over the last year or so as he traveled to world giving talk about what was happening to Western Civilization. I was impressed by his knowledge of what was going on as I also had come to many of the same conclusions, maybe even more, because of my military background as a Green Beret and set up a blog in 2014 to promote my views. I used the Special Forces Green Beret motto De Oppresso Liber (liberation of the oppressed) since i felt that the citizens of Western Civilization, and in particular the United States home of the free because of the brave was under assault by enemies both foreign and domestic. The image below is of Robert F. Kennedy taken from the January 23, 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Robert Malone ‘Defeat the Mandates’ march on National Mall.

Kennedy’s book is a masterpiece of detail and fact foot noted extensively more so then any book I have ever read and I have read a lot of them. I already knew maybe 1% of what he wrote on and I have no reason to doubt the other 99% so I highly recommend reading this book. But I do caution you as the fact Kennedy has unconverted will disturb you and result in your questioning the very foundations of our entire medical system. Kennedy’s book with be viewed in the future as the cornerstone of breaking down and exposing the corruption in our medical system and the federal, State and local governing bodies.

If you have read Alexis de Tocqueville’s book Democracy in America Part I published in 1835 and Part II in 1840 you will understand how far we have fallen form the genius of out Founders and their U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We stropped teaching about the “importance” of our Constitution in public high schools and colleges a long time ago. Today its just a obsolete historical document. And in fact the National Archives now has ‘harmful content’ warning for the US Constitution, and all other related documents.

Dependence of Earth’s Thermal Radiation on Five Most Abundant Greenhouse Gases

Excellent Physics Written by W. A. van Wijngaarden and W. Happer Published on June 8, 2020

The atmospheric temperatures and concentrations of Earth’s ve most important, greenhouse gases, H2O, CO2, O3, N2O and CH4 control the cloud-free, thermal radiative flux from the Earth to outer space. Over 1/3 million lines having strengths as low as 10􀀀27 cm of the HITRAN database were used to evaluate the dependence of the forcing on the gas concentrations. For a hypothetical, optically thin atmosphere, where there is negligible saturation of the absorption bands, or interference of one type of greenhouse gas with others, the per-molecule forcings are of order 10􀀀22 W for H2O, CO2, O3, N2O and CH4. For current atmospheric concentrations, the per-molecule forcings of the abundant greenhouse gases H2O and CO2 are suppressed by four orders of magnitude. The forcings of the less abundant greenhouse gases, O3, N2O and CH4, are also suppressed, but much less so. For current concentrations, the per-molecule forcings are two to three orders of magnitude greater for O3, N2O and CH4, than those of H2O or CO2. Doubling the current concentrations of CO2, N2O or CH4 increases the forcings by a few per cent. These forcing results are close to previously published values even though the calculations did not utilize either a CO2 or H2O continuum. The change in surface temperature due to CO2 doubling is estimated taking into account radiative-convective equilibrium of the atmosphere as well as water feedback for the cases of xed absolute and relative humidities as well as the eect of using a pseudoadiabatic lapse rate to model the troposphere temperature. Satellite spectral measurements at various latitudes are in excellent quantitative agreement with modelled intensities.

A sample from Page 6 in the paper

A sample from page 35 in the Paper

Click on the Download box below to get the full 37 page paper it is worth reading if you are a serious researcher on climate physics.

Product Review on PC Matic

While watching Fox News a while back I started seeing ads for PC Matic now and then and since I was not happy with the existing system I had and the subscription was over in December 2018 I decided to check out PC Matic in November.  I found a lot of good reviews and the price was right so I decided to make the switch.  Just for reference I have been on PC’s since  the introduction of the IBM PC AT back in the early 80’s way before windows when everything was command line.  So I have used over the years just about every protection package that there was.  PC Matic was the easiest to install by far, there was no system I have ever used that was as easy to install as PC Matic’s product lines, and the service they provide is top of the line!

Here is their website … check them out!

Thoughts from the book Scorpion Down

This post is based on information found in the book Scorpion Down written by Ed Offley and published in 2007. The book is based on Ed’s work conducted over almost a quarter century digging into government records and interviewing former navy NCO’s and Officers at all levels. He also intervened may others including former soviet military. Almost the entire book is fact and the parts that are not are hard to dispute because they are based on the over welling number of facts presented.

This paper is not about the Russian’s sinking the Scorpion with a torpedo on May 27, 1968 but of the revelations that came out of all that work of Offley that relate to finding that is what happened. Although he refers to Vietnam in the book his focus is the cover up of what happened to the Scorpion and why it was covered up so tightly. However I think it goes much deeper and this story relates indirectly to the conflict in Vietnam and why it took so long to get out.

Key facts:

  • Sometime likely as early as 1965 but for sure no later than early 1967 navy Chief Warrant Officer John Walker begins selling classified information to the Soviets, including radio cipher cards.
  • January 23 1968 The Seizure of the USS Pueblo by North Korean Forces including the INTACT KW-7, KLB-47, KWR-37 AND a KLB-47 encryption devices.
  • March 8, 1968 Soviet diesel-electric submarine K-129 a Project 629 strategic ballistic missile submarine is lost in the pacific.
  • May 27 1968 the sinking of the SSN Scorpion by Russian torpedo
  • May 20 1985 John Walker arrested and his activities of his spy ring uncovered over the next several years
  • December 26, 1991 after the collapse of the USSR some but not all of information related to all of the above become available from Russian and US sources.

Obviously the story starts with Walker who in his position in the navy’s Atlantic Submarine Force Headquarters message center who had access to radio cipher card which were used with the devices used to communicate with ships at sea including submarines. During this period the US Navy submarines and the Soviet Navy submarines were playing cat and mouse games with each other which included underwater maneuvering which in many cases caused collisions between the two subs. This is described in detail in the book.

It is very likely that the Soviets had the Koreans capture the Pueblo to get the encryption devices that were on board and we do know that within a few weeks of being captured those devices were in Russia.  The US military was not that worried about the loos since without the radio cipher cards they would be of only marginal use to the Russians. Had the navy know about Walker they would have realized how wrong they were since Walker had been supplying the Russians with the cards for years. But since they didn’t know the rest followed.

The sinking of the K-129 was probably the result of an encounter with a US submarine since the US knew where it went down and the Russians didn’t. The US CIA attempted to recover the K-129 from 16,000 feet down and did get part of it. The effort to recover the sub was named Project Azorian and it was partially successful. The Russians probably knew of the reason for the sinking because they had the radio cipher cards and the matching devices.

Two months later the Scorpion is torpedoed and sunk probably in retaliation for the Russian loss of the K-129. The US knew it was a torpedo since they had hydrophone readings that proved it. Offley interviewed an Ocean Systems Technician (analyst) that saw the actual Top Secret Sound Surveillance System (Sosus) tape in training and it clearly showed an underwater dog fight between the Scorpion and a soviet Echo-II nuclear submarine including the torpedo trace as it tracked the Scorpion and the hit on her that sank her. There is some evidence that the Scorpion also fired a torpedo and the Soviet sub was hit but didn’t sink. There are pictures and discerptions of an Echo-II sub being repaired and towed back to Russia in the area of the dog fight.

Now if you are interested in the story read the book it is worth reading. But my point to writing this is that since the Soviets had the encryption devices and the radio cipher cards during the period from just after TET in Vietnam through the end of that conflict and the Russians were the primary supports of the North Vietnamese — did the Russians keep the North Vietnamese informed of US activities such that the Vietnamese knew how badly we wanted out and that they had nothing to lose by stalling as long as they could? For the Soviets could intercept and decode all messages sent on the devices that they had captured on the Pueblo.


Cross section of Skipjack class nuclear submarine

Skipjack-class submarine drawing: 1. Sonar arrays 2. Torpedo room 3. Operations compartment 4. Reactor compartment 5. Auxiliary machinery space 6. Engine room


Book Review, Confronting the Deception

Confronting the Deception is a book written by By Tabitha Korol. I have known Tabitha for many years now and she has been a prolific writer on subjects of national importance, the US Constitution, Judeo-Christian ethics and the dangers of radical Islam. Her work is detailed and accurate and is mostly short and to the point essays and I will add for full disclosure that I post many of her essays on my blog under her By Line.

I have just finished reading her book, Confronting the Deception and found it a very thorough and detailed analysis of the march of Islam into Western Civilization and how we appear to be incapable of seeing the dangers of trying to assimilate a culture that does not want to assimilate into the belief structures that have been developed and debugged over the past 5,000 years in Europe and the Americas. Although many today are spoiled because of the great political system we have, they have lost the historical perception of how hard it was to get to where we are now. The Social Justice Warriors (SJW) today only see past wrongs and conclude the present is therefore unjust; this is a very dangerous view and civilizations have fallen because of this view in the past.

Tabitha has 90 of her essays broken down into three sections: Part One Islam, Part Two: Academia, Part Three: Media, and Part Four: Conclusion, generally running from the fall of 2011 to early 2018. In these 90 essays she develops the argument that there is a distortion of the subject within in each of the three categories, showing how the truth is distorted by the JSW movement and political correctness. Her work is well documented and sources appropriately footnoted with 822 listed in her book.

This is a serious academic study and I highly recommend it for anyone with an open mind that wants to study the subject of merging the Islamic belief system into the Judeo-Christian ethics that were used to develop our present political systems, in particular, that which we have in The United States.

I have not studied Islam to the degree that Tabitha has, but I have read extensively on the subject of Moral Philosophy and it is my opinion that Judeo-Christian ethics and Islamic ethics are not compatible. If you read her book Confronting the Deception you will be given ample evidence that that statement is, in fact, true.

Confronting the Deception, Inflamed by 9/11, Fired Up By Eight Bad Years, was written and published by Tabitha Korol in May 2018, Lexington, KY with the ISBN 978-1-986925-50-1

Move Review 12 Strong

In the wake of Sept. 11, Capt. Mitch Nelson (really was Captain Mark Nutsch) leads a U.S. Special Forces team ODA 595 into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. Once there, the soldiers develop an uneasy partnership with the Northern Alliance to take down the Taliban and its al-Qaida allies. Outgunned and outnumbered, Nelson and his team do what needs to be done there were, after all American Green Berets so how could they lose.
As a former Green Beret from way back in the day and who served in Vietnam as a A team XO I can tell you that a movie is a movie: But this team didn’t need much glamor added. What they actually did no one else but a Green Beret could have done.  When you are in hostile territory supporting local militias and can barely speak the language and then have to lead them in battle on a horse you have to be crazy! But then we were Green Berets.
Captain Mitch Nelson actually did what the move showed and there is now a statue in NYC of a Green Beret with an M4 with the M203 grenade launder on horse back.  The Statue was written up in our Special Forces Association magazine  the winter 2011 issue of the The Drop a couple of years after the book,  Horse Soldiers, the movie was taken from came out. I was in combat and from my experiences the move came a good feel for the way it really is. I recommend this movie if you want to feel what it is like to be on your own in a hard place.
OH I must add that the Air Force B-52’s helped some!
Link to more information on the operation History vs Hollywood


Book Review Sovereign Duty

Sovereign duty is a book on the U.S. Constitution written and published by by KrisAnne Hall, J.D. in 2014 and edited by Steve Andrews. The book can be found on KrisAnne’s website Liberty First. From the Introduction of this book we have …

The gift of Liberty was purchased for us with great sacrifice. The men and women at our founding understood that Liberty is a gift from Goad and that all Gods’ gifts are worth our every effort.  John Adams, in a letter to his wife Abigail in 1777, reminds us of the charge we have to ensure that the gift of Liberty is not squandered.

“Posterity! you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it. If you do not, i shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.”

The book is written in three parts; Part One – More Lenient Measure, Part Two – Ultimate Solutions and Part Three – Hope for the Future. In this book KirsAnne relates to us the meaning of freedom and what it means to us and how we, in out present ignorance, do not understand how our freedom is being taken away from us.  A key part of this work which we are not taught today is that the American States are Sovereign and that they created the federal government by compact — in short the States made the to protect them from outside threats and when they did that they put limits on their power. What this means is that the Federal Government that we knows is not or does not hold the Sovereign which means they have no legal authority to make laws outside the limits imposed on them.

Think of it this way if you make a contract with someone to do a task for you — what would you think of that party then started doing things that were not in that contract like removing all you funds from your bank account.  Absurd, of course, but since the Federal Government is nothing more than an an entity created by the States how can it then dictate to those that created it what they can or can not do?

I highly recommend that anyone that is interested in the Constitution and Freedom read the book.

Book Review, IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES a Case for removing Barack Obama from Office

A very reveling and believable book, written in 2013 by Aaron Klein & Brenda J. Elliott Peter who do a very convincing job of presenting in twelve specific areas, each a chapter in the book, on how the actions of Obama in that area give cause for impeachment. In other words there could be twelve specific charges in the articles of impeachment that the House of Representatives could write. According to Klein in his preface, “Barack Obama has done serious and sustained injury to America and to our Constitution, the greatest document of political liberty known to man. He fundamentally abused the powers of his office. Impeaching Obama will not, of itself, end the progressive nightmare in America. But Obama’s impeachment and removal from office will go a long way toward restoring power to congress, and to We, the People.”

Unfortunately, the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid a fellow hard core progressive like Obama and so unless the People give the Republicans the Senate in November it would be pointless to Impeach Obama in the House. However, if I were running the RNC, this book could be used in the campaign by telling the voters in a series of twelve documentaries with follow on TV adds each giving the reason that what he has done in against our founding document and will result in a all powerful tyrant in the White house. Therefore need to give us the Senate so we can get rid of him before he does any more damage, and we can reverse as much as we can of the past 6 years. The following twelve paragraphs match the twelve chapters in this book, each is a subject in itself and so justifies a short discussion.

Chapter one is The Benghazi Scandal which is first since the authors feel that aiding and abetting the sworn enemies of the United States is a very serious offense. In twenty eight pages with 88 foot notes the authors develop the time line and details of what happened there that resulted in the deaths of four American with no response. Worse yet it appears that the reason this cover up occurred was solely to get reelected and it was just too bad that some people died. Or has Hillary later said, “… what difference does it make now … “since the deaths were very preventable and the cover up was a despicable act this is a solid reason for impeachment.

Chapter two is From “Fast and Furious” To Gun Control and how in addition to arming the Jihadists he is also arming the Mexican cartels. The gist of the chapter is how Obama and Eric Holder, his Attorney General, developed a plan to nullify the Second Amendment which was the right of citizens to own guns. Again in twenty eight pages with 141 foot notes the authors develop the time line and details of what happened on the border and how one border agent was killed as a result. The purpose of what these to progressives did was to work as hard as they could to get legislation passed that would lead to the confiscation of all privately owned guns. The reason for the second amendment was to keep the politicians’ in line as they would know that if they became oppressive there would be armed rebellion form the citizens. This was very important to the Citizens since they had just fought and won a war against that kind of oppressive government and they wanted there descendants to have that same option. Since the issue of gun control didn’t come up until the late sixties when the young progressives where just starting to get into politics and one of their main objectives was to turn American into a country run completely by Washington which they would control they knew that the citizens guns would need to be taken from them at some point. Using legislation and executive orders to nullify the second amendment is an impeachable offense.

Chapter three Forget Congress! Backdoor Amnesty Already Here is about how Obama is implementing an open border policy to lure in from Mexico and Central America by use of a loose border control and a snail’s pace immigration process that makes it almost impossible to keep any one out of the country. In twenty nine pages with 137 foot notes the authors develop how Obama and the department of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano using immigration control and the border agents to effectively allow anyone that walked across the border to stay here whether they were apprehended or not. By doing what was done the laws of the country were not enforced going along with Chapter Two such that the lack of deportation created a magnet of free benefits for anyone that want to come here. The reason the progressive what these aliens here is that they are following the Cloward-Piven strategy of overloading the system to break in down. Since the open border allows Jihadists and others into the country as well this becomes another impeachable offense.

Chapter four Revolving Door For Criminal Illegals is a follow on to the previous chapter where the authors show how in 20 pages with 73 foot notes how even those who have been apprehended and served time and or are deported they come back such that many of these criminals have been through this process more than a few times. The gist of this chapter is it is hard to arrest them, it is hard to convict them and it’s hard to keep them from coming back in. Another impeachable offense created by Obama, by intentionally directing DHS to not follow the law and also for Obama to issue executive orders to circumvent the laws of the land.

Chapter five Empowering Enemies Domestically and Abroad in this chapter the authors show how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the federal government and is now influencing both domestic and foreign policies. The Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than the political wind of the Islamic Jihadist movement to convert the entire world to Islam and Sharia law the very fact that they are in the administration is cause for impeachment. In this chapter of 22 pages and 93 foot notes a good synopses of what could be a book in itself is made of the real danger here. How can you fight a war against the Jihadists when there are embedded in you administration. Oil money for the Middle East supports this movement and the politicians need lots of money to get elected, unfortunate they are sell all of us out to the Muslims so a very impeachable offence. Thomas Jefferson is turning over in his grave as he was the first president to fight the Jihadists and wrote how Islam was not compatible with either Christianity or what we now call Western Civilization.

Chapter six Cronyism, Corruption, and Clean Energy is the shortest chapter at 11 pages and 51 footnotes. The focus here is not on the movement itself but on the money flows using government money to finance pet projects in the Green energy field. Most of this money flows to friends and campaign contributors that reap large grants and loans and then go belly up. Despite the documented failures and loss of government money Obama continues to push this program to appease his green backers. Wasting huge sums of money is not the worst Obama has done but any other president would be impeached for what he has done here.

Chapter seven Big Brother Obama’s Surveillance Regime is about the massive surveillance programs being used to collect information on American Citizens which is clearly a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Although Obama did not initiate the programs being used to justify what is going on he has certainly significantly expanded them. Much of this work is being done by “private” contractors e.g. Edward Snowden who brought this problem to a head. Although many call him a trader I don’t the government surveillance programs are clearly a constitutional violation and will lead in the end to a controlled citizens much worse than any people every before. This is a major constitutional violation and clearly another impeachable offense.

Chapter eight The Truth About Fusion Centers which are privately run location where all the information collected it put together, i.e. driver’s license, birth and death records, police records, education, jobs, all the various things that are now on the web. They also collect information from places like the CIA, FBI, NASA and the military so they can develop a completed dossier on every citizen. This is all in the name of antiterrorism but its sweep is way over the top and ripe for abuse; clearly an impeachable offense.

Chapter nine DNS Army — The Emerging Police State here the authors talk about the TSA and the VIPR Teams which are the start of what Obama promised us in 2008 a “Civilian National Security Force” a National Police Force which I hope they don’t come up with brown uniforms. These TSA programs are getting US Military support in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which prevents the US Armed forces from doing police work in America. TSA has also expanded to all forms of transportation not just air. Little to none of the past six years was envisioned by the Creation of Homeland Security and Obama has pushed these programs forward as quickly as he could as outlined in 30 pages and 131 foot notes, just one more impeachable act.

Chapter ten The Drone Nation is about the DHS and its own law-enforcement air force that uses the same drones the military does and the military trains the operators. These drones with special software and facial recognition will be able to track people even in crowds. The ACLU and Rand Paul are both on the side that with the current laws passed by congress the President has the authority to issue kill orders on American Citizens in the United States. This is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment and since Obama has push for these acts and laws he is creating more impeachable issues.

Chapter eleven Obama Care: Unauthorized Expansion of Power which is about the takeover of the health care industry. Despite Chief Justice John Roberts this act is on face unconstitutional. Then after passing it without a single Republican vote Obama proceeded to make numerous changes and delays of implementation written in the law which is not in his prevue. That is in effect writing law which only congress can do, if Congress gives up that right then there is no constitution and the president is in effect a Tyrant, since a tyrant is by definition a ruler who can make his own laws. The authors spend a fair amount of time here in 19 pages and with 81 foot notes clearly showing that Obama should be impeached for this program.

Chapter twelve “anti-War” President’s Unconstitutional War? Is one of the shorter sections being only 9 pages with 27 footnotes but is in some ways the most troubling. From Libya to Egypt to Syria to Iraq Obama has found ways to use military force to achieve ends not in the best interest of America. The Constitution gives Congress the sole responsibility to declare war, the reason being historically the rulers/leaders in most countries were always dragging their countries in to war that the citizens didn’t necessarily want. There was some leeway since a country could be attacked but none of Obama’s Kinetic Actions involved the country being attacked. Almost all of them appeared to be related to the US arm of the Muslim Brotherhood so using the American military to aid a terrorist organization achieve their ends is definitely and impeachable offense.

This book is a must read if you are interested the abuse of Presidential power. But don’t take my word for it buy the book and find out for yourself.

Book Review, Vietnam Labyrinth

An almost unbelievable story

This is possibly the best book on the Vietnam War that I have ever read. Vietnam Labyrinth Allis, Enemies, & Why the U.S. Lost the War is a story about the personal journey of Tran Ngoc Chau starting in 1943 as a teenager in the National Salvation Youth group resisting Japanese occupation until his escape from Vietnam as a boat person 36 years later eventually making it to America in the fall of 1979. Chau and his brother are intertwined in the war, the politics and the intrigue during the entire saga of the Vietnam War from the end of the French colonial days until the North Vietnamese communists takeover the south in 1975. It’s hard to envision how one person could have been involved in both side of this conflict at such high levels and lived to tell about it.

The book was published in 2012 by Texas Tech University Press and is the work of Tran Ngoc Chau and Ken Fermoyle with a forward by Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers fame. It is well documented and researched and an excellent historical narrative besides being a very interesting story of someone that could have made a big difference to the eventual outcome of the conflict if only others had listened.

The Asian portion of WW II starts with the invasion of China in 1937 by Japan, although they had taken Manchuria in 1931 and by 1940 they were in control of most if not all of the former French Indo China and that is where the story starts.  Ho Chi Min having been previously introduced to communism in France and later China used the Japanese occupation of Vietnam as an excuse to start a resistance movement and help the allies against the Japanese. The OSS helped Ho and as the Japanese were defeated Ho though he could get the allies to keep the French from recouping Vietnam and the rest of Indochina.  Ho using many aliases hides his true intentions very well to gain his objective of a United Communist Vietnam.

By the end of WW II Chau and his brother were both in the Viet Minh, Chau thought he was fighting for the freedom of his people while Ho kept his communist goals secret. Ho was also able to eliminate most of his rivals such that as the French came back in after the German defeat and hired the remaining Japanese to help them reestablish that control the battle for the country had begun.

The first 8 chapters are about Chau’s rise through the ranks of the Viet Minh fighting the French from a foot soldier to a leader in the movement.  In 1949 he is faced with a major decision as his superiors want him to join the Communist party, Chau a very principled man and having seen some of the atrocities that the Communists were doing elected to leave the movement instead and he ending up back home in 1950 where he decided after talking with his farther to side with the other side, the French supported Vietnamese, becoming an officer in the South Vietnamese army. By 1955 the French are gone the country is divided into North and South and the American replace them; and Chau begins another life change that lasts until chapter 16 in 1963 with the coup that brought the military to power.

From Chapter 16 until till the end of Chapter 24 Chau rises in the military developing many powerful friends especially in the CIA. His prior experiences with the Viet Minh gave him a perspective not many had and it’s unfortunate that those above him did not listen to him more for his ideas could have worked and resulted in a very different outcome.  By the end of Chapter 24 Chau is a respected member of the National assembly and the 1968 Tea offensive by Hanoi has been beaten back. All though this period Chau’s brother Tran Ngoc Hien, now high up in the Communist leadership have kept in tough (with the permission of the U.S. CIA) both trying to convince the other to switch sides and passing proposed for ending the war to each other.

In Chapter 25 in mid 1969 Chau is arrested after his brother Hien is Captured and tried.  He spends the next 5 years in prison or confinement but just before the collapse of the South Vietnamese in 1975 he is released. But his trials and tribulations are not finished and shortly after the Communists take over Chau was arrested as an enemy of the state and placed in a re-education camp. Chapter 27 the last is how he resisted the indoctrination and managed to get out of the country with his family in 1978 as one of the boat people. The Chapter ends in October 1979 as he boards a plane for the U.S. after his American friends find him and get him authorization to come to America.

This book is an amazing story of personal courage, integrity and survival.  I recommend this book as a must ready to understand the Vietnam War from the prospective of a Vietnamese who had fought on both sides and been imprisoned by both sides a truly unique set of experiences.