Oliver’s Gist – “A Betrayal Too Far”, Perhaps Time for Citizens to Secede from Government

Posted originally on the conservative tree house November 19, 2022 | Sundance

Neil Oliver has a thoughtful monologue this week that pertains to the specifics of the British political landscape; however, in the era where global government is identical in just about every shore, the points could just as easily pertain to America.

U.K. citizens face the same problem of non-representative government -ruling by dictate and fiat- as we do in the United States. I would suggest the reason, and indeed the similarity we find in various nations, has more to do with multinational corporations now giving instructions to government leaders than anything else.

The disconnect between what one would call “best interests” and actual “policy via government,” has less to do with the decisions and more to do with the instructions.  As Oliver accurately notes, the outcome is a system of government that has no connection to the needs of the actual citizens they are supposed to serve.  WATCH:

(Transcript) – I keep waiting for the betrayal too far – that action by the State against Britain that finally pushes every last citizen of the country that used to be Britain into the grim realization that those illegitimates are out to get us.

The Green Agenda that guarantees the impoverishment of the peoples of the West by pursuing the lie that wind and solar can take the place of gas, oil and coal? The Green Agenda that pushes the palpable nonsense those of us with petrol and diesel cars today are meant to have electric cars tomorrow – when all the evidence makes plain that you and I are meant to be going nowhere while our self-appointed masters go anywhere and everywhere?

The Green Agenda that invites us to think that Net Zero and the rest are about anything more than stealing our rights and freedoms while further enriching the already rich?

The delegates for COP27 flying in private jets to luxury accommodation in Egypt, where they sat down to meals of 100 pound a time cuts of prime Aberdeen Angus beef, foie gras – which is the liver of force-fed geese – salmon and sea bass and cream sauces – while pausing between burps to lecture us proles about carbon emissions and the need to eat bugs and genetically modified grass?

Those delegates discussing plans to eviscerate the farming industry – to cut farming around the world by anything up to a half in a time of food insecurity for millions?

The blindingly obvious realization that these schemes are nothing to do with saving the planet but merely the means to bankrupt the farmers and drive them off the land so it may be acquired by trans-national corporations?

The realization that governments and physicians together oversaw the most disastrous medical intervention in history – that by setting aside “First do no harm” and “informed consent” and opting instead for ruinous lockdowns and coercion they took a bad situation and made it much worse?

The revelation that those so-called vaccines were never even tested to see if they would stop transmission of Covid – which they absolutely do not do – thereby revealing that all the government and media driven propaganda demanding submission to the needle to save granny was a blatant lie?

The revelation that those medical products do not – do not stop a person contracting any virus?

The realization, quite simply expressed, that those that medical products making billions for big pharma do not work as advertised?

Would it be the soaring numbers of people dying from causes unrelated to Covid, the people dying or suffering life altering consequences in the aftermath of submitting to the jabs, released only under the terms of emergency use authorization?

The number of otherwise healthy people – young people included – dropping dead or being found dead in their beds? Would it be the fact it’s still all but forbidden to ask if the so-called vaccines have anything to do with those excess deaths?

Or the realization that all the currencies in the world – the pound, the dollar, the euro – are now nothing more than Ponzi schemes – fraudulent confidence tricks doomed ultimately to collapse, and soon, and that ought to have put their operators in jail long ago?

The news from the US that another Ponzi scheme – called FTX – a crypto currency exchange owned and operated by a 30-year-old wunderkind – has crashed, taking billions of dollars into oblivion?

Tens of billions of US dollars were sent by the Biden administration to Ukraine. Ukraine invested some of that in FTX. Then, FTX donated 40 million dollars to the democrat campaign in the midterms. At what point does it become legitimate to ask if this was profiteering or money laundering?

Now the collapse of FTX could potentially be seized upon by Biden’s administration as the excuse they were waiting for to pass legislation to take control of crypto currencies? Killing two birds with one stone, anyone?

What about the knowledge that college dropout computer software salesman Bill Gates has acquired more than a quarter of a million acres of farmland in the US for purposes unknown?

Or the daily and nightly arrival, by dinghies, of tens of thousands of young men, on Britain’s southern shore, where they are ferried to hotels for free accommodation, free money, free food and access to all the GP and dental appointments you can’t get, all of it at the taxpayers’ expense?

The knowledge that their arrival is aided and abetted by Serco – a company whose outgoing chief executive is Rupert Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, the wartime leader made immortal by his vow to defend the beaches? The irony.

Or the fact that Serco has the contract for finding accommodation for those migrants – that profits hugely by offering millions a time to hoteliers to sack their staff and turn their properties into hostels for those young men, always young men?

The realisation, in my eyes anyway, is that the British born and raised here have been put at the back of the queue for everything their taxes pay for – so that all of those benefits can be extended to new arrivals?

The realisation that the powers that be are intent on breaking the morale and spirit of the British, transforming us into a compliant, dependent, unquestioning herd ready to accept whatever indignity might be foisted upon us next?

The threat of nuclear war – dear God, the existential threat we all grew up fearing in the last third of the 20th century – the climax we are being invited to accept as somehow inevitable. The very existence of every man woman and child apparently hanging in the balance amidst all the politics as the fighting drags on, month after month?

And then … and then … as if all of that wasn’t enough … look at the politics here. Last week came the financial statement from Hunt – the chancellor no one wanted except the markets that make our country’s decisions for us.

I listened to as much of his rubbish as I could before I felt the gorge rise in my throat. Surely, I thought, this litany of contempt, nudge unit grooming, obfuscation and downright patronising piffle would awaken the slumbering, sleep walking masses to the now undeniable, unmissable fact that those occupying the great offices of State are working around the clock to break Britain and the British.

No help for the workers. No help for pubs and restaurants. No help and only more hurt for small businesses of all sorts. No help for those who generate the modest profits upon which everything in our society depends.

Those who received no furlough – not a cent – are to reach into empty pockets and pay for those that did. This is the equivalent of throwing a dinner party, inviting some to enjoy all they can eat, and then insisting that those who watched from outside the restaurant, hungry while they pressed their noses against the glass, should now help foot the bill for food they didn’t eat. This all on its own is a graceless, egregious scandal.

So called Bounce Back loans are being reclaimed from the bank accounts of those that received them. But furlough … no … that money went out and won’t be coming back … and the same self-employed the government hates are being ordered to pick up the tab.

Listen to some of what Hunt said, if you have the stomach for it:  “We also protect the vulnerable because to be British is to be compassionate and this is a compassionate government.”

He goes on: “The Bank of England, which has done an outstanding job since its independence, now has my wholehearted support in its mission to defeat inflation and I today confirm we will not change its remit.”

And then try swallowing this vomit-inducing cant from Hunt:  “Finally, Mr Speaker, I have talked a lot today about British values – of compassion, hard work, dignity, fairness.

There is no more British value than our commitment to protect and honour those who built the country we live in.

But the British people are tough, inventive and resourceful.

We have risen to bigger challenges before.

We aren’t immune to these headwinds but with this plan for stability, growth and public services, we will face into the storm.”

How that man has the gall to pronounce such disingenuous platitudes in public, at such a time, when millions are on their knees, is beyond me. Him and his parliamentary colleagues are the people who put us here – with policies they kept pushing long after anyone with half a brain could see the disaster coming.

The Conservative Party has become what the Labour Party has been for generations – the enemy of those who would work all the hours to make something of themselves – something that might raise up their children and set them on the same aspirational road.

Governments of every stripe hate and loathe the self-employed, the entrepreneurs, because by definition those sovereign individuals do not need the State. What those people need is for the State to get out of their way – and this latest iteration of the State refuses to do that. On the contrary, they seek only to break the middling classes and have them ask for help instead.

What will it take, I ask, before the rest of this country awakens to the realization that we are being had, being played, taken for fools? What will it take before those citizens see that we have put ourselves at the mercy of a criminal enterprise shaped only to rob us blind, hobble all ambition and see to it that we are cowed and submissive with our hands held out for a few shekels from our self-proclaimed lords and masters.

Here’s the thing: all of it stops when we say it stops.

It doesn’t require every one of us – just enough of us – simply to realize that no cavalry is coming, no help is at hand.

It is up to us to see these charlatans for what they are, to disregard them – red, blue and every color in between – to turn our backs on them, and work together to make something else, something decent, something that is ours.

(End Transcript)

Politics Globally is on a New Agenda

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 10, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT from Thailand:  In Thailand, for the whole 2020, there is only 61 Covid deaths.
Few months after mass vaccination there is 20000 “Covid” deaths.
This year, I believed that there is an explosion of COVID illnesses and deaths, just like Canada. And the authority is keeping a tight lip about it.
Look like 2022 desease cycle is driven by the COVID Varients.


REPLY: All of the death I personally know of are ONLY from those who were vaccinated. The NY Supreme Court ordered back pay to those who were fired for refusing the vaccines stating that the vaccine neither prevented anyone from getting COVID nor spreading it. It was a total PR routine and the politicians merely got their pockets filled thanks to bribes.

COMMENT From Brazil: So, about the Brazilian Elections.
The Brazilian military (DoD) were not allowed to access the source code by the Supreme Court.
The conclusion, the fraud is guaranteed, as the lack of transparency.
I wouldn’t want to be in Lula’s shoes. Now, everybody knows.
There was a huge fraud against Bolsonaro, because nobody voted in Lula.
Unbelievable, the world will not recover from this, the thing is going into free fall.
When the military cannot do its job, something is very rotten, they have no authority within their own country, so where does this external power or interference come from?
King regards,

REPLY: Bolsonaro had to be removed from office the same as Trump, Putin, and Jinping. I have a video clip someone took at the Davos WEF meeting in 2019 where Bolsonaro said these people are insane. The EU organized a rigged election in Italy to get rid of Silvio Berlusconi. The EU rigged the Scottish separatist vote as well. The EU rules that Catalonia has no right to separate.

We do not live in a world where the right to vote is truly respected. Bolsonaro had to go for the WEF was out to remove him because he stood against their climate change agenda.
There is nothing we can do about this. It will play out and blow up in everyone’s face.

Climate Change War – US v Russia

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Oct 27, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

As senior U.S. military officers deployed to NATO’s front line against Russia on the border with Ukraine have boasted that they are ready to join the fight. This provoked a response from Russia’s ambassador to the United States told Newsweek that such a move would bring about catastrophic ramifications. The commanders of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division who are now stationed just a few miles from the Romanian border with Ukraine are also making comments that they were ready to cross over in response to any escalation or attack on NATO.

This is all calling into question who the hell is the real commander and chief? President Joe Biden has repeatedly stated he was not going to send U.S. soldiers into Ukraine itself. The US has NOT sent troops to the borders of NATO since World War II. The National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby rushed to then say that “nothing has changed about the commander-in-chief’s decision that there will be no American troops fighting inside Ukraine.” This is raising serious concerns about who is really in charge and do we have a military so eager to jump in that we end up in WWIII because of all of this nonsense.

Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said, “we have already officially pointed out to high-ranking members of the US Government that such bravura statements by the U.S. Army commanders are inadmissible.” He further warned that Moscow would take these comments seriously. Behind the curtain, there is serious concern that Biden is just a puppet and has no idea that his administration is pushing the world to WWIII.

Antonov added: “We are not going to tolerate a situation where military threats are mounting on Russian borders… Direct participation of the U.S. military in the fighting will lead to disastrous consequences. I am convinced that further aggravation of the situation is not in Washington’s interests.”

There is absolutely no reason for the US to have troops stationed on the border. Russia is not interested in invading NATO and they too realize what that would mean. Stationing the Hard Rock Company, 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), only increases the chance of war just like in Vietnam. This has been the first time in nearly 80 years that troops have been sent in this manner.

The Russian ambassador Antonov warned that “Washington is becoming increasingly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, turning the country’s territory into a battlefield with Russia.” If Russia sent nukes to Venezuela or stationed troops in Mexico, I seriously doubt the US would stand by silently.

Our War Model globally turned up in 2014 as I laid out at the 2011 World Economic Conference. I have warned that history will call this the Climate Change War. The Biden Administration is being run by climate zealots telling us our pets have to eat bugs along with us and they want to impose a federal tax to even have a pet of several thousand dollars to reoccur annually no less. These zealots want to wipe out Russia because they produce energy and that is 50% of the GDP. Having Ukrainians die for climate change is no problem – there are too many people anyway.

Even the Cuban Missile Crisis on a 51.6-year calculation turned back up on May 4th, 2014. The next 8.6-year wave will be 2023.008 which will be January 3rd, 2023. The peak of that wave will then be 2027.308  which is April 9th, 2027. These people have reignited the U.S.-Russia rivalry intensifying to levels not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Zelensky is sacrificing his country for money. You do not put your entire nation at risk for a strip of land that has always been occupied by Russians for centuries. He takes his orders from the Biden Administration and it is public knowledge that he was told not to negotiate for peace.

These Climate Change Zealots are bringing the world to complete disaster over total nonsense when Climate Change has been a natural cycle for millions of years. They ignore the history of the planet past 1850 because they want to simply blame everything on the Industrial Revolution. They have confused pollution with climate change and will not address that there have been warming periods and ice ages without people driving their SUVs.

The military always wants war. They get to play with all their cool stuff. They have been using Ukraine to study Russia’s tactics and weapons. This has been a fantastic learning experience for the military. The problem this time, one Russian nuclear sub can surface offshore and fire 60 nukes and we will not be able to shoot them all down.

Boris Johnson Announces He Will Not Seek Prime Minister Role, sets up WEF Groomed Rishi Sunak to Take Leadership Position

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 23, 2022 | Sundance

The moves are so predictable… {See Here}… well, it would be funny if the consequences were not so severe.

With Prime Minister Liz Truss announcing her resignation there was considerable discussion of former PM Boris Johnson returning to run for the job.  However, as an outcome of his conversations with other “conservatives” in British politics, Johnson has withdrawn his name.  This sets up… wait for it…. the World Economic Forum’s groomed U.K. climate change “conservative” to take the job.  This stuff is so predictable, it’s beyond funny.

(Via CBS) – Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement Sunday that he would not seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, leaving former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak as the frontrunner to take over after Liz Truss hastily announced her exit last week, after just 45 days at the helm. (read more)

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak together with King Charles III….  What could possibly go wrong?  LOL

Sometimes people make fun of me for cementing my views in the reality of a big picture perspective.  I don’t care.  It’s not a conspiracy theory to see how the alignment of western leadership interests are shaped by the control of the people and institutions who manipulate the illusion of choice.

Liz Truss was dispatched because she dared, in the smallest way, to accept the reality of what created the ‘Build Back Better‘ U.K. economic crisis.  She was always going to be replaced by someone who was willing and able to retain their fullest devotion to the grand pretense.  That’s where Rishi Sunak steps in.  Please watch the video below, you’ll see:


Boris Johnson Statement:

It’s all connected folks…. all of it.

…They have one job!