Fauci’s Door to Door Vaccine Campaign Fails

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This video is circulating the internet that shows RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE. Dr. Anthony Fauci goes door to door, pressuring residents of Washington, DC, to take an experimental injection for an experimental virus he likely helped leak. Watch how the people destroy Fauci’s misinformation in a few short minutes. One woman explains to Fauci that his shot does not prevent infection or transmission—what’s the point of taking the vaccine at all? “They’re not doing it because they’re saying they don’t want to do it. They’re Republicans and they don’t like being told what to do,” Fauci stated at the beginning of the video as if this issue were political.

The second man in this video really tells Fauci to Fauci off. They’re still pressuring people to take the vaccine under the pretense that it will protect the public, although even the pharmaceutical companies admit the vaccines provide no such protection. When the gentleman in the video expresses his hesitation with valid points, Fauci attempts to present “the science,” which we have learned is ever-changing based on the agenda. “When you start talking about paying people to get vaccinated…when you start incentivizing people to get vaccinated, there is something going on with that,” the skeptical American said. He then told them that the entire pandemic was about FEAR and inciting terror within the population to force them to behave as ordered.

Nature published an article entitled, “Vaccine incentives do not backfire — policymakers take note.” The study claims that cash incentives for vaccinations do not have negative consequences. “Eager to get vaccines into as many arms as possible, [governments] began to offer unusual incentives: in San Luis, Philippines, vaccinated residents could enter a sweepstake to win a cow; in Hong Kong, the windfall was an apartment; in West Virginia, it was a hunting rifle, among other prizes,” the study notes. They truly think the public is clueless and willing to risk their health for a prize. Other local governments offered marijuana, school scholarship sweepstakes, grocery discounts, free rideshares, vacations, tickets to concerts and sporting events, and even an opportunity to win a family reunion.

The study published by Nature determined that the Great Unwashed could be persuaded:

"However, people and policymakers still worry that such incentives could have unintended negative consequences. People might expect payment for future vaccinations, for instance. Or they might think the payments are compensation for something that isn’t safe or could be unpleasant. Now, the results of two trials published in a paper on 11 January in Nature suggest that simple cash payments have no such unintended effects."

Independent thought is the greatest tool we have against the globalists.


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Bill Gates Interview – At Last!

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Moderna Never Had a Sample of the Virus

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This video clip shows that Moderna never even has a sample of the virus to make a vaccine. It was all just theoretical computer science.

House Investigates Fauci’s Covid Origins Cover-Up. Plus: Russell Brand’s Expulsion from the Left | SYSTEM UPDATE #51

By Glenn Greenwald Posted on Rumble on : Mar 8, 7:01 pm EST

During House Hearing on COVID Origin, Jim Jordan Shares Suspicious Timeline of Anthony Fauci Changing Lab Leak Origin

Posted originally on the CTH on March 8, 2023 | Sundance 

When it comes to rapid fire righteous indignation, no one does it better than Republican House Representative Jim Jordan {Direct Rumble Link}.  This is one of his best.

During the House hearing today, Jordan outlined the suspicious timeline indicating how Anthony Fauci leveraged his position in government to manipulate the origin of the COVID-19 virus.  WATCH:

The full video of the hearing is also below:

Stuck on Stupid – Biden DHS Denies Visa to Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Due to Vaccination Status

Posted originally on the CTH on March 6, 2023 | Sundance 

The COVID-19 stupid continues, as the world’s #1 tennis player is denied entry to the United States over his vaccination status.

(Via Fox News) – Novak Djokovic will not participate in the BNP Paribas Open this month after the Biden administration denied his entry to the United States, due to him being unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Djokovic, 35, requested a vaccine waiver, which would have allowed him to enter the U.S. unvaccinated, but it was rejected by the Homeland Security Department.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion subsequently withdrew from the combined ATP-WTA event, which begins Wednesday at Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California. (read more)

At this point in the COVID-19 era, the decision is more about politics and maintaining a false premise than any effort to mitigate a risk posed by a virus. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to adequately convey the level of frustration seeing this maintained nonsense.

COVID Scam & The Lack of Journalism

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Besides Fauci should be prosecuted on every possible statute and all the small businesses that went bankrupt because of him should file a class action suit against him personally and the government. Every person who has suffered an injury from the vaccines and those who have died, and their families should also file against Fauci, CDC, NIH, and every politician who supported this nonsense and CNN, Youtube, NY Times, Washington Post, etc, etc, etc, for all the people they canceled to protect Pfizer, Fauci and the rest of this vile group who look upon us as the dirt beneath their feet.

Those who seem to love to experiment with disease and humans have a strange curiosity that never seems to be beneficial for humanity. Mengele and Fauci had one thing in common – they wanted to play God. Mengele was experimenting with hereditary to create the perfect race and Fauci was experimenting with deliberately taking a virus from animals and manipulating it to infect humans – hence Gain of Function.

We need to petition Congress to OUTLAW under penalty of DEATH for anyone engaging in

Gain of Function experimentation.

In Singapore, the numbers have shown that this entire COVID Vaccine has been a scam. They released the number of Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirths. Perinatal mortality went up by 44.7%, and stillbirths shot up by 70.5% compared to the previous year. This is what happened when they ordered the entire population to be double vaccinated. This has exposed the true evil behind this experiment and Pfizer. We see now that the numbers shoot up in 2022, one year after 87% of the population was double vaccinated! Thank you Pfizer and our politicians who are only focused on how much money they can stuff in their pockets.

Despite Previously Being Banned as Too Dangerous, John Kirby Confirms Biden White House Support for “Gain of Function” Virus Manipulation

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 28, 2023 | Sundance 

“Gain of function” is the innocuous sounding term for the manipulation of a toxic virus to make it more toxic.  Gain of function is essentially the weaponization of a virus to make it more lethal and explore the consequences of the biological outcome.  Because there are risks this type of research could produce a dangerous pandemic virus that would escape the biolab environment, “gain of function” research was previously banned.

As the COVID-19 pandemic (SARS-CoV-2) now appears to have originated as an outcome of “gain of function” research, White House spokesperson for strategic policy, John Kirby, is asked if Joe Biden supports that type of biological experimentation.  Kirby delivers a lot of words, but eventually admits, yes, the White House supports experiments with viruses to make them more dangerous.  WATCH:

With The Lies Behind COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts Collapsing, U.S. Government Now Says Wuhan Lab Leak Likely

Posted originally on the CTH on February 27, 2023 | Sundance

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal broke a story highlighting a significant change in the SARS-CoV2 origination narrative.

Apparently, with increased admissions the COVID-19 mitigation protocols were all useless, and with actual harm from the vaccine mandates now taking space in the mainstream media narrative, conveniently the Wuhan Lab Leak conspiracy theory is now becoming an official likelihood position from the U.S. government.  Funny that.

Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, was asked about this development during an interview on CNN Sunday.  WATCH (prompted):


The shift in the official government position on the crisis origination now seems like a finger-pointing distraction, and effort to avoid accountability for their totalitarian exploitation and dictatorial fiats used in the process of taking advantage of it.  Oh yeah, and well, don’t forget, China is a bad guy again after the possibility of them selling weapons to Russia, so the timing is, well, suspicious.

(Via Wall Street Journal) – WASHINGTON—The U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak, according to a classified intelligence report recently provided to the White House and key members of Congress.

The shift by the Energy Department, which previously was undecided on how the virus emerged, is noted in an update to a 2021 document by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines’s office.

The Energy Department now joins the Federal Bureau of Investigation in saying the virus likely spread via a mishap at a Chinese laboratory. Four other agencies, along with a national intelligence panel, still judge that it was likely the result of a natural transmission, and two are undecided.

The Energy Department’s conclusion is the result of new intelligence and is significant because the agency has considerable scientific expertise and oversees a network of U.S. national laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research. (read more)