Dutch Farmers Intensify Protests, Form Transit Blockades on Roads, Bridges and Ports, Angered by New Energy Mandates and Forced Livestock Reductions

Posted on the conservative tree house on July 4, 2022 | Sundance 

The politicians in Dutch government recently passed sweeping new climate regulations that will result in more than a third of farmers losing their business. The government announced a €25 billion plan to radically reduce the number of livestock in the country in order to curtail emissions.

As the Guardian reports, “A deal to buy out farmers to try to reduce levels of nitrogen pollution in the country had been mooted for some time,and was finally confirmed after the agreement of a new coalition government in the Netherlands earlier this week.” The plan is to reduce farming in the Netherlands, by a “one-third reduction in the numbers of pigs, cows and chickens in the country.”  However, the farmers are fighting back.

The unorganized grass-roots groups have been randomly blocking roads and transportation hubs for the past three days.  They have also been dropping truckloads of manure at the entrances of government businesses.  In a show of solidarity, the fishing industry is now blocking ports.  Additionally, the farmers are starting to block the distribution centers of supermarkets and key roads forming a cauldron where transit is at a standstill.

As grocery store shelves go empty, the government is now asking the military to intervene and stop the farmer blockades.  However, the Dutch people overwhelmingly support the farmers.  Things have evolved into a social and economic war between the farmers and Build Back Better government ideology chasing climate change goals.

(Reuters) – Dutch farmers angered by government plans that may require them to use less fertilizer and reduce livestock began a day of protests in the Netherlands on Monday by blocking supermarket distribution hubs in several cities.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and KLM, the Dutch arm of Air France (AIRF.PA), have advised travellers to use public transport, rather than cars, to reach the airport, as farmers’ activist groups said on social media they planned to use tractors to block roads.

Several traffic jams were reported on highways in the east of the country and on ferry routes in the north, but none near Schiphol during the morning commute.

Dutch and European courts have ordered the Dutch government to address the problem. Farmers say they have been unfairly singled out and have criticised the government’s approach.  Monday’s protest is widely supported by farmers’ groups but not centrally organised.  (read more)

You can follow more on The Dutch Uprising HERE.

Britain Head of Military Tells Troops Prepare for WWIII

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Jun 20, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Britain’s Military Chief of the General Staff had just taken that position and he has already told the army they need to prepare for war against Russia in Europe. He has told every soldier to prepare to fight Russia in a potential World War III. He has pledged to forge an Army that can beat Russia in battle and said that we must now prepare “to fight in Europe once again.” He added on  his fourth day on the job: “There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”

This is a video interview of Zelensky’s adviser years in advance. This entire Ukrainian War was deliberately instigated. The West NEEDS war because the entire financial system is collapsing. All the pensions promised have been wiped out in Europe thanks to NEGATIVE interest rates since 2014.

Zelensky is an actor. He is playing his role in this Great Reset which is to destroy Western civilization as we know it so they get to create their One-World Government and the United Nations will then appear to be the GREAT PEACEMAKER. On February 20th, 2022, VP Harris blurted out that Ukraine should join NATO which was a direct violation of the Belgrade Agreement where Ukraine, the 3rd largest nuclear power at the time, gave up its nuclear weapons and NATO promised not to invade as did Russia provided Ukraine was to remain NEUTRAL. Then 3 days later, Zelensky announced that he would pursue nuclear weapons to defend against Russia. The next day, Putin invaded to protect the Donbas on February 24th.

There are a number of world leaders who are starting to wake up and see that this entire Ukrainian War has been a hoax. This was intentionally created for the Great Reset because Europe NEEDS to default on all the debt they can no longer sustain. But that will wipe out all the pensions and millions of people will be storming the parliaments. The only escape for those in government is to create a war to hide the collapse. Now even Pope Francis is starting to see through this facade as he has told a group of European Jesuit news editors that “perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented,” and he cautioned against oversimplifying the conflict.

Zelensky is a hateful, vindictive, and pathological liar who demonizes Russians every chance he gets.  The US has absolutely NO ability to even verify where all the weapons go that they send to Ukraine. There are reports of foreign soldiers who had volunteered to fight for Ukraine and then left because the weapons were being stolen and sold on the black market and will always, end up on the streets in America.

Zelensky is evil, and corrupt, and ran for office promising peace with Russia and ending corruption. Some reports say he has already diverted up to $850 million to hidden offshore accounts. He will fight till the last Ukrainian dies and then fly off to live the billionaire’s life drinking port with Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

The very person who funded Zelensky is the same person who bought Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden demanded that Ukraine fire the prosecutor investigating this corruption. Zelensky pathologically urges World War III during every one of his public appearances. Zelensky is clearly waging an information war promoting pure propaganda.

Zelensky’s Davos Speech was unbelievable. He demanded that the US-led West implement a policy of maximum preemptive sanctions on the false pretext of averting future wars. According to Zelen sky, had the US-led West’s cut off Russia completely from the world economy IN ADVANCE, this would somehow prevented war. He claimed that the sanction was NOT ENOUGH and cane TOO LATE. He wants the US-led West to now completely cut off from the world economy not just Russia, but regional security demands that the US-led West should unilaterally threaten other nations and impose maximum sanctions on all Russian allies BEFORE they can react.

I have videos captured from Ukrainian soldiers showing what they are doing to captive Russian soldiers. I will not post them because they are too horrible. They are actually crucifying Russians driving nails through their limbs and then setting them on fire alive. This is the hatred of Ukrainian neo-Nazis toward Russians and why the CIA protected the Ukrainian neo-Nazis because they always hated Russians. They massacred Jews and Polish but NOT one Ukrainian was ever put on trial at Nuremberg. This is now what we get for the failure to prosecute Nazis. The 72-year revolutionary cycle from the end of the Nuremberg Trial was 2018. Even this hatred has risen all over again and this time the US-led West is supporting the Nazis.

As I warned back in 2013, our computer had targeted Ukraine as the place where World War III would begin. I warned that Ukraine should have been split according to language. This area to the East was NEVER Ukrainian territory EVER in history. Khruschev grew up in the Donbas and he was in charge of rebuilding Kiev. When he became the head of Russia, in 1954 he assigned Crimea to Kiev for administrative purposes. The Duma later declared that illegal and reversed that decree.

Historically, the East was ALWAYS part of the Russian Empire BEFORE the USSR. This refusal to yield “one inch” to Russia which Zelensky has declared, is unsupported by history. That region is occupied by ethnic Russians who the Ukrainians will massacre. In Kyiv, they were saying in 2014 that Crimea is Ukrainian or it will be depopulated.

The hatred of Russians who have lived there for centuries is deeply rooted. The Ukrainians began their civil war against the Donbas and Russian-speaking Ukrainians immediately after overthrowing Yanukovich in 2014. They were beating Russian-speaking Ukrainian in Odesa and they fed to the Trade Union House. The Ukrainians then set the place on fire and killed them all burning them alive which the West turned a blind eye to because after all, they were evil Russians who obviously have no right to live on this earth.

Zelensky does his war propaganda always dressed in a military t-shirt. He has done nothing but promote world war III every chance he gets. His hatred of Russians knows no bounds and he will engulf the entire world in war all for what – territory? This man is so evil, that history will remember him along with those of the same mentality of sheer hatred and manipulations – Marx, Stalin, Hitler, and the list goes on.

As for those who see only one dimension, there was widespread support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany (German: Tierschutz im nationalsozialistischen Deutschland). Believe it or not, Adolf Hitler and his top officials took a variety of measures to ensure animals were protected. That obviously stood in contrast with killing the Jews, and gypsies and the Ukrainian Nazis added Polish and Russians to the list that needed to be ethnically cleansed. But somehow, Hitler protected the animals.

Russia Gas to Europe to Stop

Armstrong Economics Blog/Energy Re-Posted Jun 16, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The Russian EU Ambassador has informed the EU that gas will stop through Nordstream because a turbine that was needed was stuck in Canada because of the sanctions. Then the biggest gas field in Siberia is now on fire. That can also provide an excuse to reduce gas delivery to Europe. This will also add to the reduction in gas supply to Europe This is making things very interesting. If Gas bottoms next week, we could be looking at much higher volatility thereafter. For now, a June closing above 625 will keep the market in a broader-term support position but a real breakout would require a close for June above 795.

The European Debt Crisis 2023-2024

Armstrong Economics Blog/Central Banks Re-Posted Jun 16, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The European Central Bank has announced that it plans to create a new tool to tackle the risk of eurozone fragmentation, which is the new term for divergence among member states. They are adopting this tactic out of fears of a new European debt crisis that is inevitable. From the very beginning when the EU Commission was charged with designing the Euro can to our conference in London in 1997, I warned that the promises that everyone would be paying the same rate of interest merely because they were creating a single currency was a complete fantasy. I further warned that this would lead to the collapse of the Euro if not the entire EU.

I explained that they were comparing the Euro to the Federal Debt of the US when the failure to consolidate the debts of the EU meant that the real outcome would be like the USA at the state level. A single currency did not mean that every state paid the same interest rates in the USA and that would be the ultimate reaction of the free markets. We are now in the 24th years of the Euro and its survival because deb stable post-2024.

The ECB’s decision has come as a surprise following an emergency meeting to address higher borrowing costs for many European governments on an uneven playing field. The ECB made a statement:

“Since the gradual process of policy normalization was initiated in December 2021, the Governing Council has pledged to act against resurgent fragmentation risks.”

“The pandemic has left lasting vulnerabilities in the euro area economy which are indeed contributing to the uneven transmission of the normalization of our monetary policy across jurisdictions,” 

The comments are trying to explain the recent surge in bond yields over the past week or so as capital is starting to smell a rat. ECB has implied a more aggressive policy tightening is coming but it still failed to deliver any new measures that would support the growing unrestrained debt load. With Green governments seizing power, and the absurd sanctions on Russia, it is hard to see where there is any understanding of fiscal management on the horizon.

European capital is now very concerned about financial “fragmentation” meaning the disparity among member states in interest rates. There is clearly a rise in rates in Southern Europe compared to northern. The ECB is now saying that it will “reinvest redemptions” from its emergency bond-purchasing program. So in other words, it will NOT reduce its balance sheet concerning bonds that are under pressure for that will force greater disparity ahead – i.e. fragmentation.

The ECB claimed that its commitment to the euro is its anti-fragmentation policy. They have said that this commitment “has no limits.” Previously, Southern EU states faced materially higher borrowing costs in the wake of the sovereign debt crisis back in 2011. This is a complete disaster for the failure to have consolidated the debt meant that their idea of one monetary policy for 19 different fiscal positions cannot possibly work. I tried to explain to them from the beginning that the 12 original branches of the Fed were independent and they would raise or lower rates depending upon the regional impact. It was Roosevelt who usurped that authority and created one rate for all in 1935 creating the new head branch in Washington.

The yield on the Italian bonds traded over 4% and has broken through the Downtrend Line. While people hope that the ECB’s announcement in this unscheduled emergency meeting means they will be in control, this is more like the 5-time-divorced soul getting married again for the sixth time confirming that hope can triumph over experience. The broader long-term is that borrowing costs will have nowhere to go but higher.

The ECB’s decision to reinvestment what it previously bought merely confirms that there is a serious sovereign debt crisis unfolding.

First American Mercenary Contractors Captured in Ukraine by Russian Military

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 15, 2022 | Sundance 

A contracted mercenary has no legal recognition or protection as a prisoner of war.  Two American mercenary soldiers have been captured by Russian forces and now present a rather unique issue for the Biden administration.   The traditional end result for captured mercenaries is execution; however, Russian President Vladimir Putin may not want to hang these two State Dept. conscripts.

(Via Telegraph) – Two former US servicemen have been captured during fighting with Russian forces in Ukraine, The Telegraph has been told. The pair were taken prisoner during a fierce battle outside the north-east city of Kharkiv last week, according to comrades who were fighting alongside them.

Alexander Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27, had been serving as volunteers with a regular Ukrainian army unit. They are believed to be the first US servicemen to end up as Russian prisoners of war. They join a growing number of Western military volunteers captured by Russian forces, including at least two Britons.

Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner have already been told they face the death penalty as “mercenaries”. The capture of the two Americans will be diplomatically sensitive as the Kremlin may seek to use it as proof that America is becoming directly involved in the war. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is likely to demand significant concessions to release them. (read more)

WHO Do You Think You Are? Nations Reject Pandemic Treaty

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Jun 9, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

All the world leaders supporting the Great Reset were eager to relinquish complete power to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO wanted to seize the ability to force health mandates on the global population. The Pandemic Treaty would have allowed the WHO to bypass national laws and implement their will on the people.

A message from the WHO:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed gaps in the governance, financing and systems needed to keep the world safe from epidemics and pandemics. There is an emerging global consensus around the need for an international treaty or other legally binding instrument, to provide the framework for a more coherent and coordinated response to future epidemics and pandemics.

Botswana was the first nation to say, “NO.” Then the entire continent of Africa declined to join the treaty, which is no surprise considering that these health organizations use their nations and people for experimental purposes. Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, Malaysia, and Brazil also rejected the treaty.

“National sovereignty is not something to be handed over to WHO or other entities and to be renounced just to join a club of seemingly advanced nations,” Brazil’s Bolsonaro said after threatening to exit the WHO. Former President Trump attempted to exit the WHO, but Joe Biden dragged America back into the organization. Trudeau does not care about the Canadian people and has continued to fight Parliament tooth and nail to hand his nation to Schwab on a silver platter.

We are not completely safe. “They have not given up though – far from it,” warned Queensland, Australia, Member of Parliament Stephen Andrew. “Instead, they did what they always do and ‘pivoted.’ At their request, a new working group was convened to make ‘technical recommendations on the proposed amendments which will [be] re-submitted along with the Pandemic Treaty, at the 77th Health Assembly meeting in 2024.”

One can hope that the voters will continue to elect leaders that fight for medical autonomy, as handing over full power to a corrupt organization will truly place us in a dystopian world void of freedom.

Former Brazilian President Accuses Zelensky of Using War for Fame  

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Jun 9, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Former Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks at Forca Sindical Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil December 8, 2021. REUTERS/Carla Carniel

Former Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks at Forca Sindical Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil December 8, 2021. REUTERS/Carla Carniel

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who plans to run again in the 2022 Brazilian Presidential Election, believes Zelensky is equally responsible for the ongoing war. “I see the president of Ukraine, speaking on television, being applauded, getting a standing ovation by all the [European] parliamentarians,” he said when speaking to Time. “This guy [Zelensky] is as responsible as Putin for the war.”

Lula believes Zelensky made a fatal misstep by failing to promise he would not seek to join NATO. Furthermore, he believes that he should have negotiated a settlement with Russia’s Putin long before the fighting began. “We should be having a serious conversation. OK, you were a nice comedian. But let us not make war for you to show up on TV,” Lula said, claiming the Ukrainian president simply wants more fame and attention.  

Current Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has not condemned Putin’s actions.  Vice President Hamilton Mourão claimed, “Brazil was not neutral,” but Bolsonaro quickly corrected that statement. “It is my decision, but I want to hear from people who are actually ministers to deal with these issues. We are for peace, we want peace. We traveled in peace to Russia. We had an exceptional interaction with President Putin,” he said, stating that Brail will not be taking sides. In fact, Bolsonaro traveled to Russia a week before the conflict began and spoke highly of his “friend” Putin.

Regardless of the West’s stance, Brazil does not appear poised to enter the conflict anytime soon. Brazil is likely more interested in securing lucrative deals with Russia now that they have been shunned from the global economy.

Interesting Video, A Walk Through a Russian Supermarket

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 7, 2022 | Sundance

I found this 8-minute video to be quite interesting.  As we consider the scale of food price increase in the United States, this video of a Russian supermarket yesterday is fascinating.

Considering the sanctions levied upon Russia by the western alliance, it would appear that they are coping quite nicely.  The guy who uploaded the video shares, “I took my camera with me on a quick Beer run to give you folks an idea of what a small local supermarket in a village South of Saint Petersburg, Russia looks like. How do the prices compare to where you live?”  WATCH:


This is the kind of real information the U.S. media would never mention.

Putin & Ukrainian Propaganda

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted May 31, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The rumors keep flying that Putin has cancer and has a maximum of three years to live. The stories are claiming he is ‘losing his eyesight’ but all of this is unconfirmed coming reports in recent weeks have suggested the 69-year-old president’s health has been deteriorating quickly. Much of this propaganda from Ukraine has been talking about a coup and all sorts of stuff.

Our model does not show that Putin will run again in 2024. That year will be monumental for the US presidential election is then as well and even Zelensky, the WEF’s puppet, will stand for election. Why people are putting out this propaganda that somehow if Putin dies, Russia can be vanquished is total nonsense. The second tier behind Putin are far more nationalistic and will definitely use nuclear weapons whereas Putin is at least far more rational.

Putin did NOT invade Ukraine to conquer it.  Even when the US attacked Iraq, the first thing you do is take out the power, communications, and then the water supply. Putin has done none of that has is doing what he said, defending the Russians in the Donbas. Crimea was always Russian and it was allocated to Kyiv (Russian: Kiev) by Khruschev in 1954 because (1) he grew up in the Donbas, and (2) he was in charge of Ukraine post-World War II and rebuilt it. It was his home.

The Eastern region of Ukraine was historically always Russian. Ukraine was created by the USSR – it did not exist as a country before. This idea put out by the Ukrainians that keep trying to paint Putin as dead or just put down a coup is all propaganda. Yes, he is sick. But this nonsense that somehow replaces Putin and Ukraine wins is tempting far worse a fate than anyone can imagine. The next level will be far worse and our model turns up sharply with civil unrest and war in 2023, but the worse is yet to come post-2024.

Neil Oliver, Perhaps it is Time to Pluck the Strutting Peacocks at Davos

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 28, 2022 | Sundance

In his weekly monologue today, Neil Oliver discusses the strutting peacocks at Davos who think they are masters of the universe controlling the outcomes of the sheeple masses beneath them.  However, as Oliver also notes, only the brainless frogs will sit in the pot – the rest of us, but far the majority, have no time for these insufferable schemes and dictates.

The pretense of the Potemkin village can only be maintained as long as good, moral and virtuous people extend the graciousness of patience and play along with the pretending.  Whether the Davos crowd want to admit it or not, the ranks of the grace-filled are diminishing, and the ranks of the vulgarian hoard are swelling.  We are all becoming increasingly hardened, deliberate and refusing to pretend. The control mechanisms are starting to falter, and the messaging hits deaf ears.  WATCH:

[Transcript] – The usual suspects have been in Davos again, at the World Economic Forum overseen by Klaus Schwab – the few hundred of the most unimaginably rich gathered in one place to fantasise together about what the several billions of us ought to be forced to do in order to make those billionaires’ lives better.

Those poor billionaires – for whom everything on Earth might finally be perfect, if only someone would invent the vacuum cleaner big enough to suck every last one of us peasants, inconsequential specks of dust that we are, into outer space once and for all.

While listening to whichever one on stage is pontificating about this or that technological advance, or about how better to structure civilization itself, I find it best to imagine they have the high pitched, excitable voices of children – like in those TV adverts for chewy, jelly sweeties.

When I do that, I am reassured by their evident ridiculousness, their patent lack of a grasp on the reality of what this human species of ours is all about.

Some of their ilk talk blithely about the millions, billions of “useless eaters” who might best be controlled and placated by drugs and video games.

I hear it announced that it is already time to “hack” the human animal and implant technologies to make us better at being alive in the world. Some of them are apportioning to themselves nothing less than the power of God.

It is precisely that genetic failing of theirs, demonstrably present in one billionaire or technocrat authoritarian after another, that will always be their undoing in the end. That glitch, that Achilles Heel common to all of them, is their failure to note the still limitless potential of the unadulterated Human Being Mark I. They think they have us mapped – tracked and traced already – but they don’t.

There’s another thing they collectively overlook – or deny, at least to themselves – while making their plans and cooking up their little magic potions.

And it is fear – their own fear. Their all but overwhelming fear of all of us. Whether or not they’re aware of it, they are motivated, those few hundred Richey Richests, by fear of the billions of us. They look out at us, down on us, from their castle walls, and our presence – in all our endless, untidy, unpredictable variety – and they are afraid. They don’t really understand us, they don’t really get us, and it’s that which has made them fearful.

People always fear what they don’t understand. When you get right down to it, they would probably rather we just weren’t here. But we are here. We are here and every last one of us, white, black or brown, tall or short, good at maths or good at growing plants, or good at putting smiles on the faces of those around us, or whichever small fragment of the miraculous each of us has within us – every last one of us has the same unalienable right to a place on this planet as any one of them. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates – whoever – has no more right to be here, to live the best life available here, than you or me.

You may have heard or read by now about the slowly boiled frog. It’s that notion that you can put a frog in a pot of cold water and turn on the heat beneath. Poor frog doesn’t know what’s happening and so, according to the story, is slowly and unknowingly cooked to death. We are invited to think that we are like that frog, that we are helpless to identify the danger we are in, far less to extricate ourselves from our plight. Here’s the thing: it’s not true.

Back in the 19th century a scientist of sorts removed a frog’s brain and found it would, indeed, remain in the steadily heating water until dead. But much more recently, in the 20th century, biologists tried the experiment with healthy, complete frogs – and found that every single one of them leapt out long before it was in any real danger. Sometimes, the frog wouldn’t stay in the pot even when there was no heat under it at all.

Clearly the lesson there is that only brainless frogs get boiled alive.

I would offer here a helpful analogy: we placed ourselves in a pot called the social contract. This is a way of describing the relationship we proles have with the State. Put simply, under the terms of the social contract, we agreed to behave and do our bit, and in return the State kept us safe from crime and undue suffering and protected our rights and freedoms. That was the deal.

A while ago, though – even before the adventures of Covid-19 – the State turned the heat on under the pot. It takes a while – and each one of us frogs becomes aware of the change at a different moment – but sooner or later one frog after another realises the water has become unpleasantly warm … and jumps out. I feel this is what is happening now – that’s what’s been happening for years. More and more healthy frogs, with brains intact, are getting out of the pot, turning their backs on the social contract.

For those who thought they could cook us, without us knowing, this is a frightening time. The billionaires, technocrats and autocrats can sit together in Davos and squeak excitedly to one another all they want. But they’re in another pot – a pot of their own elitism – and the heat under theirs is rising too.

I am wired to look back in time in search of answers to problems. Given the assumption that there’s noting new under the sun – that a version of whatever is happening now has likely happened in the past – I look to see how things played out.

Nearly 2,000 years ago the Caledonians of the north faced off against a Roman army led by a Roman Governor called Agricola. Among much else, the Roman Empire wantedsubmission from those people they deemed lesser, inferior.

According to Agricola’s son in law, Tacitus, the Caledonians were led by one they called Calgacus, which means the swordsman, who rallied his forces with these words, or words like them:

“To all of us slavery is a thing unknown; there are no lands beyond us, and even the sea is not safe, menaced as we are … And thus in war and battle, in which the brave find glory, even the coward will find safety … unpolluted by the contagion of slavery … the furthest limits of Britain are thrown open, and the unknown always passes for the marvellous. But there are no tribes beyond us, nothing indeed but waves and rocks, and yet more terrible Romans, from whose oppression escape is vainly sought by obedience and submission.

“Robbers of the world, having by their universal plunder exhausted the land, they rifle the deep. If the enemy be rich, they are rapacious; if he be poor, they lust for dominion; neither the east nor the west has been able to satisfy them. Alone among men they covet with equal eagerness poverty and riches … they create a devastation and call it peace.”

I read about those Romans and see the model for every autocratic empire there ever was, and that ever shall be – from whose oppression escape is vainly sought by obedience and submission. The Romans were the victors of the battle in question, but they never did win either the submission or the obedience of those Caledonians. The Roman Empire declined and fell, of course – as every empire must. Empires used to last for centuries. The most recent last for just years. They fall, the world kings, faster and faster every time.

The strutting peacocks of Davos, the WEF, the United Nations and the World Health Organisation are no Romans. But they want our obedience and submission and have endeavoured to obtain as much by stealth. They thought we wouldn’t see them, wouldn’t see what they were doing, that we wouldn’t feel it, but we did and we do.

They sought to exploit our good nature. Give the devil his due – the social contract was good while it lasted. We had peace a lot of the time, rule of law, personal freedom and protected rights that passed from generation to generation.

That was then, though, and this is now. Now a handful of frightened billionaires and their enablers seek to make the pot a prison. By the manipulation of fear and the application of propaganda, they want us to be and to remain forever as frightened as they are.

They tell those of us who’ve noticed that we are being silly, that nothing of the sort is happening. This is gaslighting – and that is the gas that’s already lit under the pot. But look at what they’ve done. Having slipped and shouldered their way further and further into our lives, every aspect of our lives, they’ve only made a mess of everything. For all their wealth and their so-called wisdom we’re all about to get poorer, colder and hungrier. Already millions have had their health – physical mental or both – hopelessly compromised. It is increasingly hard not to see this as having been the plan all along. After all, surely no one in authority is stupid enough to have caused all this harm by accident.

As far as I am concerned, the social contract has been broken – not by we the many law-abiding, tax-paying majority, but by the few of the State.

Of course, an analogy only goes so far. We are not frogs. We are human beings. This is our country, our world. In the moment we decide collectively that we have nothing to fear from those who would take advantage of our good nature … in that moment the fear is gone. And somewhere in their hearts, and somewhere in their heads, the billionaires in Davos must know it too. (LINK)