Taiwan Panders to US with “Democracy Chips”

Armstrong Economics Blog/World Trade Re-Posted Sep 6, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is eager to strengthen relationships with the US by producing more semiconductor chips. The US recently set aside funds specifically to build up domestic manufacturing, but shortages remain a serious problem. Taiwan’s growing relationship with America has angered China, and Ing-wen’s words will certainly be a subtle elbow to the One China policy.

“In the face of authoritarian expansionism and the challenges of the post-pandemic era, Taiwan seeks to bolster cooperation with the United States in the semiconductor and other high-tech industries. “This will help build more secure and more resilient supply chains. We look forward to jointly producing democracy chips to safeguard the interests of our democratic partners and create greater prosperity,” the president stated.

Democracy is exactly what China does not want Taiwan to have. After Pelosi opened the door, every politician seems to want to make a statement by visiting Taipei now. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey made an appearance in Taipei to discuss the aforementioned democracy chip venture. They also discussed helping to make the Indo-Pacific a neutral zone, which is unrelated to trade. The US continues to all but outright state they fully support Taiwan’s independence and China is taking note

Taiwan to Destroy Chinese Drones

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The video above has gone viral, depicting Taiwanese soldiers throwing rocks at drones believed to be sent by China. Reports are circulating that Taiwan also allowed store-bought civilian drones to enter its airspace, which leaves many to wonder how they can compete against China’s military surveillance. Backed by the US, Taiwan is beginning to push back against China and its One China policy. The Ministry of National Defense (MND) has reported that they will begin to shoot down Chinese drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The MND said that it plans to invest in anti-drone defense systems over the next four years to the tune of $141 million. There have been 23 drone spottings in Taiwan since Pelosi’s reckless visit. It should be worth noting that Taiwan donated 800 carpet bomber drones and 860 combat drones to Ukraine to combat Russia. China is taking notes from Russia, while Taiwan is taking notes from Ukraine. Why would Taiwan offer a vast quantity of drones to Ukraine if they are in need of their own protection?

The simple answer is that support from the US has emboldened Taiwan. They do not fear an escalation of tensions when US warships are passing through its waters. Time will tell how China responds as the One China policy is under fire.

Pelosi Visits Taiwan

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Aug 3, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on Tuesday night despite warnings from both Washing and Beijing. The nature of her trip was so secretive that it was not on her official itinerary. Now, the true nature of her visit is coming to light. “We take this trip at a time when the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy,” Pelosi said. “We cannot stand by as the CCP proceeds to threaten Taiwan — and democracy itself,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Our congressional delegation’s visit should be seen as an unequivocal statement that America stands with Taiwan, our democratic partner, as it defends itself and its freedom.”

Her statements blatantly disregard the One China policy and all but confirmed that the US would support Taiwan if China invaded. In fact, her tone was so forceful it seemed as if she may be pressuring Taiwan to break away from China. China did not shoot down her plane as some Chinese commenters speculated, but they did flex their military muscles by conducting military exercises near the Taiwan Strait before Pelosi arrived. China does not want a war – but will they be pushed into one?

The nature of Pelosi’s visit has finally been disclosed. She will meet with President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday, and some news outlets are reporting that she plans to meet with activists who are outspoken about China’s human rights violations. Pelosi seems to be pushing the nation to liberate itself from the One China policy. One must wonder if Washington expressed dismay publicly while secretly endorsing Pelosi’s monumental trip. China has already punished Taiwan by banning it from exporting 100 food items, which will certainly hurt Taiwan’s fishermen and farmers. They are likely calculating their next move against the US. Expect tensions between the US and China to reach new heights, all due to Nancy Pelosi.

US Antagonizes China with Surprise Taiwan Visit

Armstrong Economics Blog/China Re-Posted Apr 22, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Lindsey Graham is at it again. He is one of the leading Neocons who has supported the Ukrainian Neonatzis and the war against Russians. Now he pulled off a surprise visit to Taiwan playing the very same game promising US support for a war against China should they invade. This came precisely during the week of April 18th which our computer warned would be an important geopolitical event. This insanity is just beyond belief.

I have no explanation why Graham is so intent on creating World War III. He is forcing China and Russia to combine forces and our model shows that this new alliance will not be alone. Much of the Middle East will join for they see Israel and in bed with the USA and the Zelensky is playing the Jewish Hero. This has divided the Middle East and while Europe is pledging an oil embargo against Russia, my sources in the Middle East are saying they WILL NOT fill the gap for Europe.

Shanghai lockdown will have a profound impact further creating shortages that will push inflation higher. This may recall being the objective given the obstinance of the US policy toward Russia. Shanghai officials said they would lift the lockdown only in batches once virus transmission outside quarantined areas was stamped out. There is no massive wave of deaths and it could very well prove to be a new strategy to combat American sanctions.

Pelosi Suddenly Tests COVID Positive Conveniently Cancelling Taiwan Trip

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Apr 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

In a stunningly convenient announcement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tested positive for COVID-19, thereby postponing her trip to Taiwan after China threatened retaliation for trying to turn Taiwan into the next Ukraine. Pelosi’s top staffer just tweeted that his lord and master, Pelosi, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, is asymptomatic and quarantining, chief of staff Drew Hammill tweeted. This is just absolutely incredible timing to come up with the excuse to back out of Taiwan, trying to make it seem that this has NOTHING to do with China’s warning.

The Coming WWIII

Armstrong Economics Blog/War re-Posted Mar 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

While people rush to kiss the feet of Zelensky, even some Ukrainians are now concerned that he is a puppet dragging their country to destruction all over Donbas. I have warned that this is going to turn into WWIII. China has now come out and warned the USA against trying to build what it called a Pacific version of NATO while declaring that security disputes over Taiwan and Ukraine were “not comparable at all.” They too are logging the same complaints against the US as Putin for creating biological weapons labs on their borders as well.

There are serious allegations that this is all being carried out to try to force Russia and China into the Great Reset and to comply with the United Nations’ mandates for climate change. It is hard to say whether these allegations are true or false. As always, time reveals the truth. But the WEF, which had claimed that Putin was a Young Global Leader, rejected that and shifted to supporting Zelensky also pushing for a continued war that Ukraine cannot win unless it gets so bad that they use this to justify NATO entering Ukraine.

My concern is that their mistake is they think they can take down Russia and then turn to China. Our model warns that that will be a fatal mistake, and China will join Russia.

How We are Being Taken Over by China

By David Pristash written on February 2, 2022


Mao Zedong after taking complete control of China in 1949 developed a plan to achieve world dominance in 100 years by taking out the United States. The plan was based on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War which is now known in the west as The Hundred Year Marathon. Then when Xi Jinping took office in 2013, he embraced Mao’s plan and thought he could be the one to complete it by 2049 at or before the 100 year point. Today that looks to be very realistic as the United States is in bed with Klaus Schwab in Europe and following Schwab’s The Great Reset and his Build Back Better plan, which is now, intentionally, bringing down all of Western civilization.

In 2015, Michael Pillsbury published a book titled appropriately The Hundred Year Marathon China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower. In addition Martin Armstrong, who has develop an AI  program, that he named Socrates, to monitor the Global monetary system and that program predicts that Western Civilization will begin to collapse in 2039 and that sometime after 2043 China will become the dominate world power. Armstrong has a public blog ArmstongEconomics.com and a private website Socrates.com where you can look at the Socrates’ projections of Global cash flows and markets if you are a member. The date that Socrates predicts for the end of Western Civilization has not wavered in the 8 or 10 years I have been following him.

But these are not the only two that have made predictions describing the current problems that we are having socially and politically. Patrick M. Wood with his book Technocracy Rising the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation also published in 2015 has described a movement, Technocracy, started in the United States before the 1929 market crash, but then moved after WW II into a worldwide system much like Marxism. Much of what is in his book is a good fit to what is going on today. The last book I use to support my theory is The Fourth Turing, What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny by William Strauss and Neil Howe published in 1997. The book describes their theory of a repeating cycle of societies’ moods which repeats in an 80 year +/- cycle. The cycle is made up of 4 20 year +/- generations each playing a similar role in a repeating pattern. We are in the last generation of the current cycle that always ends up in a major war (Russia?). By the book, this matches what we are experiencing today not so much from the “exact” timing but from the change in society that we are experiencing. However, it is still very close to Armstrong’s Socrates.

Others have also come up with similar theories of repeating social cycles, going back to the Roman Empire but this writing is about the period from now to midcentury which can easily be predicted from what China clearly wants and what Biden clearly wants to give them. Also, both Pillsbury and Armstrong are very credible men and in my opinion should be believed without question. Wood’s and Strauss & Howe give additional supporting material to the above patterns and they are also very credible.   

Over the past several decades, my curiosity in history and moral Philosophy got me reading everything I could get my hands on (many hundred books) and this background of reading, merged with my previous academic, my military training, and management experience allowed me to start seeing things fall into place about eighteen or so years ago. The only missing element was who was driving this fundamental change to the country. Was it Obama, Soros, Gates, Schwab, or someone else? Although I had ideas two events gave the answer, and it was not what I expected. The first was the revelation about Hunter Biden’s laptop in September 2020 and the second was the withdrawal from Afghanistan starting in April 2022.


Number one, Hunter’s laptop gave us a look at the amount of money that Hunter was bringing into the Biden family from contracts mostly outside the country. But the worst of them were the very large investments between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and corporations set up in the US with Biden’s son as the controlling person. Although they were of dubious character, the major problem was Biden was running for the office of the President of the country. With over a Billion dollars transferred from the CCP to the Biden family to run, it would give the appearance that the CCP would have a hold on Joe Biden if he were elected; especially since this was kept very quiet during the campaign.

Worse, since some of the funds transferred to the US were being used to acquire assets, companies, and then transferring them or their technology to China it’s no wonder the media kept this out of the news. Hillary Clinton also did this when she was The Secretary of State when she allowed Russia to acquire a large portion of our Uranium resources. On the surface, this was a disqualifier for Joe Biden holding the office of the President of the United States by Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 8 of the US Constitution known, in general, as the Emoluments Clause. That section contains words that limit various things that might compromise the President if he accepted them from a foreign power. Since that acceptance would give that foreign power control over the President especially if it was unknown either before or after an election.  

Number Two. The withdraw from Afghanistan by Joe Biden was a humiliating event for the Country, and it was approved by the countries President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After one year enlisted and 3 years as an officer I can’t understand how this group of idiots, and I’m being kind, could have achieved this debacle. I didn’t know anyone above the rank of E5 that could have bungled this that badly. If the joint Chiefs didn’t understand, what was going to happen then I don’t understand how they got to be Generals or Flag officers. So one can only assume that they did know, and were then over ruled by the white house. I would like to believe this but then, if that was true they should have all resigned their commissions. That would have at least saved the honor of the US Military. As it was, we lost the world wide respect of both. No real general would ever have done what they did.

So since this was such a bizarre event — who was calling the shots? It couldn’t have been anyone in the Whitehouse, Congress, the Department of Defense, or the State Department; as this debacle made everyone look really bad. So the only reasonable answer is it was someone outside the U.S. government.

Therefore, using the principle of Occam’s razor there is only one Country in the entire world that made out from what Biden did and that is China. Further since China has a hold on President Biden (tons of money to his family) Biden would have to do what Xi Jinping wanted him to do. I’m sorry to say but it’s the only reasonable explanation.

In support of this theory that China, Xi Jinping, controls the Whitehouse, we also know that both Nance Pelosi and Mitch Mc Connell are married and their spouses have financial connections to the CCP, I suspect others do as well but I do not have proof of that except for Dianne Feinstein Chairman Senate Select committee on Intelligence and Congressman Eric Swalwell who is on the House Intelligence committee.    

Discussion of the Proof

The premise is that Xi Jinping is in control of Joe Biden (Money to his family) and in addition controls Nancy Pelosi and Eric Swalwell in the House and at minimum Mitch McConnell and Dianne Feinstein in the Senate. There are probably others but I have no knowledge of that at this time. These four compromised politicians represent four of the eight members of the Gang of eight  and I would bet several more are in the pocket of Xi Jinping; giving him defacto control of the US Government. However, there is a very long list, shown later, of former representatives and Senators along with Department heads that are involved with giving China special access to America.

Fact Xi Jinping is following the basic principles in the Art of war in particular these four of the 13 Chapters in the book.

Chapter I laying Assessment and planning

 Chapter III Strategic Attack

Chapter VI Weaknesses and strengths

Chapter XIII Intelligence and espionage

This summery is my view of the China Verse America Strategy that China is following today. Look back 32 years ago to the Clinton election with the way they got money for example, illegal money bundling from Chinese sources. And then later we have the transfer of technology to them as well. So we have known facts, that are consistent with the theory I propose here in this paper; and consistent with the information found in Michael Pillsbury’s book. Therefor this is a reasonably theory to look at.

From Chapter I in The Art of War Assessment and planning: In the 1950’s after taking over China Mao knew what he wanted, which was to take control of the entire world? He also had two adversaries the U.S.S.R., now Russia, and the United States. The strategy that developed was to get the United States focused on the U.S.S.R. From the Art of War get you enemies to fight each other so they are weakened.

From Chapter I in The Art of War Assessment and planning: Get the U.S.S.R. to help modernize China especially to get nuclear power; and build up their military.

From Chapter I in The Art of War Assessment and planning: Get the United States to focus on U.S.S.R. not China so they could build their infrastructure.

Chapter III in The Art of War Strategic Attack: Consolidate internal power Mongolia and Tibet. Learn how to fight the United States in Korea.

Chapter VI in The Art of War Weaknesses and strengths: China was in a very weak position via both the U.S.S.R. and the United States. They needed time and a plan to eliminate this disadvantage.

Chapter XIII in The Art of War Intelligence and espionage: Let the U.S.S.R. take the lead in dealing with the Americans. While China, would study the Americans, and see where all their weaknesses were. While at the same time, promoting how weak and helpless China was.

The result of this strategy of China was a total misunderstanding of the goals of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by the American political class with drastic consequences for the United States. The process started in earnest in 1971 when President Nixon opened up relations with China; after an overture from China. Our government was focused on the U.S.S.R. so they saw this as an opportunity to break up the relationship between the U.S.S.R. and China. This was of course a diversion. Whether China knew that, the U.S.S.R. would dissolve on December 25, 1991from the competition between the United States and the U.S.S.R. or not they certainly got the message that pure Marxism didn’t work.   

But that was yet in the future so, after the Vietnam War was over The United States policy toward China was continued support, thinking that they really wanted to be friends with us and join the world community. Two movements in the United States supported this view. The first was that a great number of the Boomer generation (born between 1942 and 1962) had turned to Marxism to avoid going to Vietnam. The Weather Underground was one of the most active even publishing a manifesto about the goals for the United States after they took over. This book was call Prairie Fire The politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism published in 1974. Much of what is in the book is now being implemented in the United States today. The American communists also published a new “draft” Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America in 2010 probably still some of the same people. Now this was a real insurrection.

Whether this is fact or not money had to be flowing into these groups. Undoubtedly, some came for the U.S.S.R. but I suspect some came in from China as well. During that period I was the Deputy Post G2 at Ft Campbell during the beginning of this movement and saw in Top Secret classified material what was going on with the demonstrations and assorted criminal acts that were going on. I didn’t appreciate the implications back then to what I was reading about, as that Intel meant those groups were penetrated by the FBI.

As the radical cohort of the Boomers aged, they finished university and started working but never gave up their views of Marxism. Those that went into teaching gave us today, critical theory, and Critical Race theory. Critical Theory comes from Marxism first proposed by Max Horkheimer from the Frankfurt School in Germany which moved out of Germany after 19933 when Hitler took over first to Geneva and from there it moved to New Your City and Columbia University in 1935.

Those that went into politics are now running congress and are bringing us The Great Reset and Build Back Better from Klaus Schwab which was developed in his World Economics Form (WEF). The principle is to force a total economic collapse of Western Civilization including world trade so that those who believe in this idea could then it Build it Back Better.

What most don’t understand is that doesn’t mean back to the political system that we had before COVID-19. What they are planning is a system almost exactly like the one in China today. The only difference will be instead of the CCP it will be the PDP (Progressive Democrat Party), everything you do or say will be recorded, and you will be given a score like a credit score only this will be a social score meaning how good you are at following what they want you to do. The system was already developed by the tech giants and is in use, right now, in China. Your smart phone on which you do everything is the source of their knowledge about everything you do e.g. all places you go, all your social media activity, all your pictures, all your emails, all your conversations, all your texts, everything you buy, every dollar you earn and all the web searches you have made. Further, they will have all your school and work records and all your medical records since everything is now on line. This data collection is the main reason for 5 G.

From The Hindered-Year Marathon

Pillsbury in his book describes how by the complexity of the Chinese language they were able to get the Americans to believe one view while they actually meant another. This is coming from a person that was fluent in Mandurian and all of its subtleties. In his first chapter, he explains the processes that lead the Americans to believe that China would become a democratic country after they caught up to the western countries. This was official US policy until Trump stopped it. And now Biden has put the focus back on Russia, not China. Why the focus on Russia which is a shell of itself verses China which has now surpassed us in just about every aspect and is now expanding while we contract.

Back in 2012 on November 30th, an event occurred on the National Mall in the District of Columbia (DC). You can read about what happened in the books first chapter, titled Wishful Thinking; it was a turning point that woke Pillsbury to up to what China was really doing, hence his book. What follows next are short summaries of Pillsbury’s five false assumptions that US policy was based on and which have lead us to where we are today.

False assumption #1: Engagement brings complete cooperation

For four decades, my colleagues and I believed that “engagement” with the Chinese would induce China to cooperate with the West on a range of policy problems. It Hasn’t. Trade and technology were superposed to lead to a convergence of Chinse and Western views on questions of regional and global order. They haven’t. In short, China has failed to meet nearly all of our rosy expectations.

False assumption #2: China is on the road to Democracy

China has certainly changed in the past thirty years, but its political system has not evolved in the ways that we advocates of engagement had hoped and predicted. A growing minority of China experts is beginning to appreciate this. Aaron Friedberg of Princeton University has observed that instead of being on the verge of extinction the Chinese Communist Party may survive for decades.

False assumption #3: China, The Fragile Flower

In 1996, I was part of a US delegation to China that included Robert Ellsworth, the top foreign policy advisor to the Republican presidential nominee, Robert Dole. Shrewdly playing to the possibility that Dole might win the presidential election and Tap Ellsworth as secretary of state, the Chinese offered us what appeared to be an unpresented look at their countries inner workings and problems. …. In what appeared to be a forthright exchange of views with Chinese scholars, we were told that China was in serious economic and political peril – and that the potential collapse loomed large. …. I later learned that the Chinese were escorting other groups of American academics, business leaders, and policy experts on these purportedly “exclusive” visits, where they too received an identical message about China’s coming Decline.

False assumption #4: China Wants to be – And is — Just like us

In our hubris, American love to believe that the aspiration of every other country is to be just like the United States. In recent years, this has governed our approach to Iraq and Afghanistan. We cling to the same mentality with China.

In the 1940s, an effort was funded by the U.S. government to understand the Chinese mind-set. This culminated in several studies including one in which 150 Chinese emigrants in New York’s Chinatown were shown Rorschach ink block cards. The researchers, who included the scholars Nathan Leites, Ruth Benedict, and Margaret Mead, also analyzed the themes of popular Chinese books and films. One conclusion that emerged was that the Chinese did not view strategy the same way that Americans did. Whereas Americans tended to favor direct action, those of Chinese ethnic origin were found to favor indirect over direct, ambiguity, and deception over clarity and transparency. Another conclusion was that Chinese literature and writings on strategy prized deception. 

False assumption #5: China’s Hawks are Weak  

In the late 1990s, during the Clinton administration, I was tasked by the Department of Defense and the CIA to conduct an unprecedented examination of China’s capacity to deceive the United States and its actions to date along those lines. Relying on intelligence assets, unpublished documents, interviews with Chinese dissidents, and scholars, and Chinese writings that I read in the original Mandarin script, I began to see the secrets that the Chinese had been hiding — in plain sight – from people like me.

As I assembled clues contradicting the conventional narrative about China that I had always believed, I starting connecting the pieces of an alternative narrative of roughly the past four decades. Over time, I discovered proposals by Chinese hawks (yig pai) to the Chinese leadership to mislead and manipulate American policymakers to obtain intelligence and military technological and economic assistance. I learned that these hawks had been advising Chinese leaders, beginning with Mao Zedong to avenge a century of humiliation and aspired to replace the United States as the economic, military, and political leader of the world by the year 2049 (the one hundredth anniversary of the Communist Revolution). This plan became known as “The Hindered-Year marathon.” It is a plan that that has been implemented by the Communist Party leadership from the beginning of its relationship with the United States. The goal is to avenge of “wipe Clean” (xi xue) past foreign humiliations. Then China will set up a world order that will be fair to China, a world without American global supremacy, and revise the U.S.-dominated economic and geopolitical word order founded at Bretton Woods and San Francisco at the end of World War II. The hawks assess that China can only succeed in this project through deception, or at least by denial of any frightening plan.

Pillsbury’s book is a must read if you are to understand how America was out maneuvered by the Chinese; such by the time of this writing there is little to no chance of saving the Republic in its originally form as a Republic with limited federal powers over the citizens. We now leave Pillsbury and move to other sources. The next step of China taking over the world was their joining the rest of the worlds trading partners. What follows is taken from Government Archives.

China Joins the World Trade Organization (WTO)

In July of 1986, China applied for admission to the WTO’s predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The GATT formed a Working Party in March of 1987, composed of all interested GATT contracting parties, to examine China’s application and negotiate terms for China’s accession. For the next eight years, negotiations were conducted under the auspices of the GATT Working Party. Following the formation of the WTO on January 1, 1995, a successor WTO Working Party, composed of all interested WTO members, took over the negotiations.

World Trade Organization (WTO) members formally approved an agreement on the terms of accession for the People’s Republic of China (China) on November 10, 2001 at the WTO Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar. One day later, China signed the agreement and deposited its instrument of ratification with the Director-General of the WTO. China became the 143rd member of the WTO on December 11, 2001.

From 1986 until 2001, a period of fifteen years the CCP negotiated with the various Western countries on how they would guarantee that they would work to become an open free market society. Virtually none of the promises were ever fulfilled; and in fact, quite the opposite accrued as China became a predator steeling technology, manipulating currencies and setting up trade agreements that allowed business to set up operations in China in a minority ownership position (less than 50%) while demanding that the interested company transferred all their technology to these new plants (possession is nine tenth of the law). What are you going to do if the Chinese nationalize everything?

Sensing that money could be made stating in the early 1980’s, firms like McKenzie & company were promoting Globalization a process of recommending downsizing and/or breaking up large American companies though hostile takeovers and much of that production end up in in third world countries and then after China got in the WTO, to China as well. During this period though 2008 it was very difficult to start a manufacturing company in the United States. I know this from personal experience when I was trying to start a company in North East Ohio in 2006 and I was told by local politicians go to China. Blue collar jobs were not wanted we were told all the future jobs would be white collar in service related companies.   

This process was not the only one promoting this new idea of Globalization. From the book Technocracy Rising written by Patrick M. Wood we find that in the 1960s and eary1970s that the Technocratic movement found purchase in politics during the Nixon administration when they formed the Trilateral Commission and infiltrated the The Council on Foreign Relations. From then on until Trump, every President had been a member of the Trilateral Commission. Now keep this in mind — the original members of the Technocratic movement believed that only scientists and engineers were qualified to run the world. So why were they promoting politicians to high offices? The only answer to that was, they apparently thought, those people they promoted could be controlled by them.

Patrick Wood goes into detail in his book about the importance of the Trilateral Commission proposed by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski at a Bilderberg group meeting in 1972. The next year it was formally created by three groups; Europe, Japan, and North America with equal representation from each. The focus was on a “New International Economic order” later referred to as a “New World Order” by George H Bush a Commission member. Virtually all new important political positions came from members of this club.

The Commission also seemed to take over the Council on Foreign Relations, which was formed in 1921, sometime after being formed as 40% of the Council’s board are also members of the Commission. So the two worked closely together but the Commission has the lead.

NAFTA and The North American Union are both ideas that came from this cabal. Along with the European Union (EU); and last but not least was the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio Bazile in 1992 which gave us Agenda 21.

The Trilateral Commission wanted North America to form an EU like governing body the North American Union (NAU) and then merger both into the UN for a One World Government. The NAU would consist of America, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

The Green environmental Marxist just wanted to turn America into a Marxist state using climate change as the reason.

The WEF and Klaus Schwab want to turn the EU and America, Canada and Mexico into a Marxist style union and then go to war against Russia and China.

The Chinese just what to take over the entire world so I would guess they are playing every one and will probably win. Armstrong agrees and says that it is because the Chinese believe in cycles while those in the West projects things in straight lines. His AL finds repeating cycles much like what is described in the book the Fourth Turning that supports that a major change is coming.

The one thing that is interesting, is that all these groups trying to destroy America: China, The trilateral Commission Fascist?), the Green movement (Marxists) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) also Marxists. How much China was involved here is probably unknown but I can’t see them not taking advantage of all of this power grabbing and reinventing everything to make it better. Everything was actually pretty good until they started to mess with everything.

As I was writing this paper, Peter Schweitzer came out with a new book How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win Red Handed. In his book, we find the following partial listing of politicians, lobbyists, and business leaders that are connected to China:

Serving member of the Government

President (D) Joe Biden and his family

Speaker of the House (D) Nance Pelosi through her family

Minority Leader of the Senate (R) Mitch McConnell though his family

Senator (D) Dianne Feinstein Chainman Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Through her family

Congressman (D) Eric Swalwell Permeant Select Committee on Intelligence through former mistress

Lobbying for China (Directly or Indirectly)

Former Senator and Secretary of State (D) John Kerry

Former Speaker of the House (R) John Boehner

Former Senator (R) Tim Hutchinson

Former Senator (D) John Breaux

Former Senator (R) Trent Lott

Former Senator (R) Norman Colman

Current Senator (I) Joe Lieberman

Former Senator (R) David Vitter

Former Senator (D) Barbra Boxer

Former Congressmen (R) Jon Christensen

Former Congressmen (R) Connie Mack IV

Former Congressmen (R) Jeff Denham

Former Congressmen (D) Bart Gordon

Former Congressmen (R) Rodney Frelinghuysen

Former Congressmen (D) Albert Wynn

Former Congressmen (R) Ed Royce

Former Congressmen (D) Don Bonker

Former Congressmen (D) Cliff Stearns

Former Congressmen (R) Lee Terry

Former Congressmen (R) Jack Kingston

Former Congressmen (D) Toby Moffett

Former Congressmen (D) Rick Boucher

Former Congress man (R) Charles Boustany

Non politicians

Jon Podesta advisor to Obama

Tod Stern advisor to Obama

Mike Allen advisor to George W Bush

Philippe Reines advisor to Hillary Clinton

Lobbyist Tony Podesta

Lobbyist Claude Fontheim

Lobbyist Paul Pelosi Jr.

Tech Leaders

Tim Cook Apple CEO

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook co-founder

Bill Gates co-founder of Microsoft and The Bill and Missal Gates Foundation

Eric Schmidt Google CEO now CEO of Alphabet

Peter Thiel co-founder of PayPal

John Chambers CEO and Chairman of Cisco System

Jack Dorsey Founder and CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk, CEO Space X, Tesla, the Boring Company, and Neuralink

Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn

Wall Street Leaders

Stephen Schwarzman founder of Blackstone Group

John Thornton formally with Goldman Sacks now teaching in China and still serves on Boards in the US

Ray Dalio founder of Bridgewater

Larry Fink CEO BlackRock


Henry Kissinger National Security Advisor to President Nixon and instrumental in opening up China.

Alexander Haig served as Honorary Senior advisor to China Ocean Shipping Company Coso

Madeline Albright Secretary of State and was instrumental in getting China into the WTO. Albright also set up a consulting company Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG) mostly promoting China.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield formally from the ASG was appointed by Biden U.S ambassador to the UN  

William Cohn formally a congressman, a Senator, then Secretary of Defense formed a consulting business the Cohen Group again mostly dealing with China. Generals James Mattis and Joseph Ralston now work for the group.

Condoleezza Rice appointed by George W. Bush as Secretary of State after leaving formed a consulting group Rice, Hadley, Gates, and Manuel (RHGM) Hadley was a former National Security Advisory, Gates was a form Secretary of Defense, and Manuel was formally in the state department. RHGM is connected to RWC both firms are involved in China.

Gary Locke the son of Chinese immigrants and after being the Governor of the State of Washington he joined a law firm dealing with China lobbing for them. He initially became Commerce Secretary under Obama and then ambassador to Beijing. Locke is now involved with high level Chinese companies and apparently advocating for them.

Former Senator Max Baucus and supporter of trade with China was picked by Obama to be Ambassador to China probably because of his close relations with the Chinese. After leaving that position, he formed a consulting company called the Baucus Group. He was also a supporter of the Confucius Institute set up on the campus of the University of Montana. During the COVID debacle, Baucus defended China against President Trump very vocally.

Trump appointed Terry Branstad as ambassador to China, he was once Governor of Iowa, and because of the farm trade, he knew Xi Jinping. Because of Trumps, focus on unequal trade with China It was apparently a conciliatory signal to Beijing. Interestingly Branstad con Marcus was a registered lobbyist for the American Chemistry Council (ACC) who opposed Trumps policies. Another son of Branstad, Eric, worked for the Trump campaign in Iowa and traveled with trump to China. Eric worked for a lobbying firm Mercury that represented the Chinese telecom ZTE, (at $75,000 per month) who was involved with the US Commerce Department. Eric claimed he did not interfere in the negotiations but after the trip, the US Commerce dept. claimed they had come to terms with ZTE.

Chinese Confucius Institutes located at U.S. Universities

Since 2004, the Chinese government has sponsored Confucius Institutes on college and university campuses around the world, providing teachers, textbooks, and operating funds. Until recently, an agency of the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Hanban, oversaw Confucius Institutes. In the wake of widespread criticism, the Chinese government has reorganized Confucius Institutes under a new organization, the Chinese International Education Foundation.

The Confucius Institutes were nothing more than propaganda centers promoting Chinese values as being superior to those in Western Civilization. In 2017, the National Association of scholars (NAS) released a comprehensive report on the way the Chinese government infiltrates American colleges and universities to enhance their own image. At that time, the NAS counted 103 Confucius Institutes in the United States. The NAS as of January 2022 has got that count down to 24. The National Association of Scholars website is nas.org and there is good information there.

This was just another way the China is attempting to destroy the United States from within. That have also, taken over the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the league got involved in playing games in china and their income from China probably tops that from the United States now. Therefore, the league will not to anything to upset the CCP. If the NBA does not change their ways they will lose their U.S. market, but then maybe they just don’t care.


It’s clear that Chinas involvement in the U.S. is extensive and comprehensive leaving no stone unturned. They have almost full control of the American government, from the President to the gang of eight and into the Senate and the House. There are also a host of retired Senators and Representatives now lobbing on behalf of China. China was involved with the Democrats with manipulating the 2020 election with the no controls “mail in voting” and the web connection to China that was involved in changing the votes in the voting machines.

Then on January 6, 2022 Pelosi and McConnell arranged the breach of the Congress using the FBI or their surrogates to trick some of the demonstrators into walking into the congress while some of the FBI operators brook some windows in another area. However, since there were, no weapons involved how could it be an insurrection?

Definition of Insurrection from the Cambridge Dictionary: an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence:

A group of unorganized protestors most of whom just walked in look around and left none of which had any weapons and the only victims were two protestors that were killed by the Capital police this hardly meets this definition. Hey, I was a trained Green Beret and some of our training was on how to take over a government. No one in Special Operations would ever have planned an insurrection that looked like this.  

Oh, and keep in mind that Trump wanted the National Guard there, just in case, but Pelosi nixed it and they gave a lot of Capital Police time off.

Since China had every reason to want Trump out, and Xi Jinping had leverage on Pelosi and McConnell and they were all involved in the 2020 election vote changes, China was likely a part of this fake insurrection. In addition, we have Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci supplying the COVID-19 so they could shut down the country and weaken the U.S; to make us ready for a takeover.

As a former Army infantry Officer who took the Officers oath, I have a moral obligation to defend the U.S. Constitution. Apparently, the current General staff has forgotten that oath, or we wouldn’t be where we are today.   


  • David Pristash, Independent Researcher
  • BBA, EMBA, Graduate GE Management Program
  • Member Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Captain US Army 18A (WIA Retired)
  • Seven issued Patents