Swiss Joining the Force Against Russia

Armstrong Economics Blog/Switzerland Re-Posted Dec 15, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Just read your article on Poland building up a big army, just like Germany. Here in Switzerland they are also active and training their army as never before. …  I would very much appreciate your take on this issue and your view on Switzerland and the Swiss Franc in this scheme.

Thank you (and I have forwarded your articles to my friends and they have woken up).


REPLY: We have an awful lot of clients in Switzerland. Because we have a major Panic Cycle in 2025, war is clearly in motion for Europe. The Swiss franc looks like death warmed over, as they say. I will try to get out a special European report ASAP after the 1st of the year. Suffice it to say, a break of 99 can send the Swiss down to 65 in the years ahead. They have abandoned their neutrality in finance and war joining the sanctions against Russian individuals. That was a HUGE mistake on top of turning over everyone who relied on Swiss secrecy which began to protect the Jews from the Nazis in 1934.

Swiss Doctor Locked Away in Mental Asylum for Speaking Against COVID Laws

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Nov 22, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Dr. Thomas Binder is a Swiss cardiologist with over 34 years of experience in treating respiratory infections. He received a doctorate in immunology and virology, specializing in internal medicine and cardiology, from the University of Zurich. Binder is an intelligent man who was deemed insane by the Swiss government for speaking out against COVID regulations.

Dr. Binder has been an outspoken critic of COVID restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic. On April 9, 2020, the cardiologist criticized the government’s response to COVID and provided his own analysis of the virus. He posted his thoughts on his private website, and the post received over 20,000 views.

Three days later, a day before Easter, 60 armed police officers and 20 members of the Kantonspolizei Aargau’s anti-terrorism unit forcibly removed Dr. Binder from his home. Authorities searched through the doctor’s online activity and could not find anything to use against him. However, an emergency room doctor who was working with the authorities arrived and diagnosed Dr. Binder with “corona insanity.” He was locked away in a mental asylum for questioning the COVID narrative.

Yet, he refuses to be silenced. He is now a member of the Doctors for COVID Ethics and the German Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom, and Democracy. I applaud him for still speaking against coronavirus mandates despite the government’s pitiful attempt to silence him.

Switzerland to Imprison People for Heating Homes

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Sep 15, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Imagine going to jail for three long years for heating your home or business. That now may become a reality in Switzerland, where heating your home above 19 C (66.2 F) is considered excessive and a punishable offense. Water may not be heated above 60C (140F), and saunas and hot tubs powered by radiant heaters are prohibited. Indoor swimming pools also must remain cold.

Markus Sporndli, a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, said that people could be charged a daily fine of 30 francs for disobeying, but the fee could spike to 3,000 francs. The government is warning that there could be “spot checks” and said they would send authorities if someone reports a resident or business for breaking the law. Switzerland imposed fines and expected neighbors to turn on one another for COVID, and this is yet another power grab.

The law is still being finalized, but this is yet another way for the government to turn the common person into a criminal. The government, not the people, created this energy crisis and now demands that the people suffer for their mismanagement. Some are calling these measures “Green fascism” or “ecofascism.”

Historian Michael E. Zimmerman defined ecofascism as follows: “a totalitarian government that requires individuals to sacrifice their interests to the well-being of the ‘land,’ understood as the splendid web of life, or the organic whole of nature, including peoples and their states.” Expect to see this trend rise as temperatures decline.