Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi on Why to Not Get Vaccinated or Booster

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Professor Bhakdi refers to new studies published by The Lancet which show that this is not such an unusual virus that the body does not recognize. It responds to the virus quickly showing vaccination is not necessary. Corona Viruses are different from Influenza and Bacteria or a Fungus. While I believe this virus was created in a lab, it is still a Coronavirus and it is not that dangerous to the majority of the population – the elderly yes, because their immune systems are starting to fail which eventually allows us to pass on to another dimension.

Meanwhile, a serious number of doctors and lawyers are filing lawsuits for violating the Nuremberg Codes and conducting experimental vaccines on humans. Resistance is not futile, but our problem is the extent of the corruption which has consumed politicians worldwide.

I cannot stress enough that this virus has been DELIBERATELY called a pandemic for political and economic reasons – not health. The lockdowns are absurd and the destruction to the world economy is intended to set the stage for Schwab’s Great Reset – Build Back Better which is the slogan created by the World Economic Forum and adopted by world leaders.

The fact that Biden will not even investigate more consider firing Fauci proves one point – this is a political agenda and has nothing to do with health. They are seeking to change the world monetary system because it is collapsing. I have argued until my voice has failed. There were solutions available that retained our liberty. The problem was, the governments would lose power. Their choice is to retain power by moving to a totalitarian state and end our human rights as we have known them. Even Fauci has openly said – he is not concerned about our liberty.

A Critique of mRNA Vaccines

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This is a reasonable 25-minute video on COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccine. Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole discusses the virus & the vaccine including how it works & the spike protein impact. Also, he discusses the implications of vaccination for people who already have COVID-19 antibodies. The real question: why are governments mandating vaccines or pushing them? Have they just been bribed? There is no independent review standing between the companies and the people. That is our greatest problem — TRUST. Meanwhile, Twitter bans anyone for even claiming a family member died from the vaccine. This is really getting out of hand. Twitter should be shut down as an agent of propaganda. How will we ever get the truth with all this political censorship?


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Peter McCullough

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You Thought You Were Free? (Revised)

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Civil Unrest in Australia

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COMMENT: Marty; I do not know why you do not have the Noble Prize except for the fact that they are the establishment and what you have done with Socrates is beyond what anyone else has ever been able to forecast. Your model that said we would face civil unrest and then international war is coming to life.  Here is Australia as in Europe, people are starting to wake up.

My God. Thank you for everything.


REPLY: Nobody can forecasts these types of events years in advance from a personal gut feeling of claim “I think” which is typical. These forecasts are merely the failure of our entire approach to manipulating the world economy. I did add about 70 pages to what is now the 5th edition on sale in Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You cannot see the future without understanding the past. I know there are people selling this for $300 on EBay. But they are $110 on Amazon and $125 on Barnes and Noble. We do not do the pricing. The publisher and stores do that.

Israeli Government Approves COVID Fascism, Compulsory Vaccinations and Legally Required Masks For All Citizens Effective August 8th

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Comrades, it must be said that Israeli fascism is a particularly ironic form of Fascism.   However, when you combine fascist government dictates from the Jewish state along with newly approved forced vaccinations, the level of irony exceeds adequate encapsulation.

The only level of irony missing is armbands for the non-vaccinated. Here’s the Announcement (with excerpt transcript below):

[TRANSCRIPT] – … “Dear citizens, those who refuse vaccines are endangering their health, those around them and the freedom of every Israeli citizen. They are endangering our freedom to work, the freedom of our children to learn and the freedom to hold celebrations with the family.

Those who refuse vaccines hurt us all because if all of us were vaccinated, we would all be able to maintain daily life. But if one million Israelis continue to not get vaccinated, this will oblige the eight million others to shut themselves in their homes.

Therefore, the [Corona] Cabinet decided today that as of 8 August, those who refuse vaccines will not be able to go to the cinema, the theater, the synagogue, the amusement park, the soccer game or any activity with over 100 people, indoors or out, unless they bring negative results from a coronavirus test, at their expense. Yes, they will fully bear the costs of the test.  There is no reason why the taxpayers and people who have carried out their civic duty and have been vaccinated should finance tests for those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Regarding flights, people who have been vaccinated will be able to fly to the clean countries and return; after they receive negative test results in Israel, they will be exempt from quarantine.

But on the other hand, those who refuse to get vaccinated will enter quarantine for a week, no matter what country they will have returned from. These actions will help us block the morbidity. From here, I appeal to everyone who knows someone who refuses to get vaccinated: Persuade them. Explain to them that they will not hurt others.

[…] When two people wear masks, with all of the viral load that we mentioned, the likelihood goes down by 98%.  Therefore, every citizen must wear a mask in closed spaces. This is not a recommendation, this is a legal requirement.” (read full transcript here)

The irony is jaw-dropping.  The nation state of Israel has become the very embodiment of what it claimed to oppose.  While it is often said that in order for some forms of ideology to exist they must pretend not to know things, this example is very remarkable.

Last point… Watch carefully how Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro approach this issue – or even if they address it at all.  My hunch says the most likely course of action they will take, at least they would prefer to take, would be to ignore it completely.  But, we’ll grant them the benefit of the doubt and watch for their reaction….

This is a high risk moment for those who have held themselves up as principled advocates for self-determination.  A very interesting moment for those of us who have long seen through the veil.

Perfect – Arizona GOP Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Who Killed Election Reform Bill, Destroyed by Audience, Booed and Run Off Stage

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We need more of this!

Arizona Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita was one of two republicans who voted with Democrats to kill SB1241, an Arizona senate bill to reform election integrity.  Senator Ugenti was scheduled to speak to the audience at Turning Point USA today; however, when she attempted to give her speech, the audience absolutely destroyed her with boos and jeers.

Ms. Ugenti attempted to deliver her speech, but the crowd grew louder with every word until eventually she had to walk off stage completely humiliated.  Well done Arizona.  Senator Ugenti does not stand a chance in her vain attempt to become Secretary of State.  It was brutal.  It was awesome, WATCH:

More below

Another perspective:

Millions of Freedom Fighters Around the World Protest COVID Lockdowns and Forced Vaccinations, London, Sydney, Paris, Rome, Some Clashes Turn Violent

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We Cannot Comply Our Way Out of Tyranny…

Patriots around the world are rising up in opposition to the totalitarian government efforts to weaponize COVID fear against the principles of liberty and freedom.

In Australia, the government has reintroduced forced lockdowns, the patriots are taking to the streets and successfully breaking through police barricades.  In France and Italy, the citizens are pushing back against the government announcing forced vaccinations; the government of both nations are now openly attacking the French and Italian people.  In London, England, hundreds of thousands join together to stand in opposition to the removal of freedom.

All around the world people who will never give up their freedom are taking to the streets to demand liberty, sometimes resulting in violent clashes with law enforcement. The free people of the world are uniting in common purpose.  Videos Below:

Australia: “Thousands of Australians participated in anti-lockdown protests in Sydney on Saturday, defying public health orders to stay home.”

United Kingdom: “Londoners gather on Saturday, July 24 to protest against COVID-19 lockdowns and mandatory vaccination.”

Italy – “Large protests underway in many cities within Italy against Covid restrictions, vaccine passports, and mandatory vaccinations”

France: “Across France, protests were planned in cities including Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes and Toulouse. French anti-riot police fired teargas as clashes erupted during protests in central Paris against COVID-19 restrictions and a vaccination campaign.”

President Trump Rally to Protect Our Elections – Phoenix, Arizona, 6:30pm ET Livestream Links

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President Trump will be holding a rally today in Phoenix, Arizona, billed as ‘The Rally To Protect Our Elections’ sponsored by Turning Point USA.  President Trump is scheduled to begin speaking at 6:30pm ET.  RSBN, Newsmax and OANN are carrying the broadcast.  We are including links below to multiple live-streams below.

RSBN YouTube Link – RSBN Rumble Link

Donald J Trump Rumble Link – Charlie Kirk Rumble Link – Patriot USA Rumble Link


More links below:





Mitch McConnell Up To His Dirty Tricks Again – Now Targeting Hershel Walker to Block Potential Georgia Senate Race

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Mitch McConnell has a long history of using dirty tricks to target grassroots Republicans who do not fit his view of the Senate.

Readers will long remember McConnell’s dirty and underhanded tricks in the 2014 Senate Race in Mississippi, when his DeceptiCons crew targeted candidate Chris McDaniel in order to protect a brutally senile McConnell ally, Senator Thad Cochran.  McConnell, working with a very corrupt Haley Barbour, paid Mississippi Democrats to vote for Cochran after McDaniel successfully forced a run-off election by gaining more votes in the primary race.   The dirty “racist” accusations in the election were typical of McConnell tactics. {Go Deep}

Well, now it appears McConnell’s little Decepticon cronies are back at it with presumptive attacks against likely Georgia Senate candidate Hershel Walker.  Mr. Walker is a well known sports icon and a strong supporter of President Trump.  Walker is very much MAGA-minded, which makes him a target for the DeceptiCon establishment crew.

As noted by an article a few months ago, President Trump really wants Hershel Walker to run: …“It is abundantly clear to all Republicans how badly Trump and his family want Herschel Walker to run. Publicly, the former president has encouraged Walker to run against Warnock. But his behind-the-scenes push has been even more robust. In recent weeks, Trump has personally asked GOP senators to call Walker and urge him to get in the race, according to two people familiar with those conversations.”

The level of support by President Trump would position Walker as a shoo-in for the 2022 GOP primary, which puts Trump and Walker in an adversarial position to Mitch McConnell who wants another controlled member like former Senator Kelly Loeffler.  It is not accidental that Loeffler’s husband owns the New York stock exchange; yup, the GOPe wing of the UniParty loves their Wall Street candidates.

In a very familiar play, McConnell now dumps his opposition research on Hershel Walker into the media, likely through his former Chief-of-Staff Josh Holmes.  This is just how McConnell operates.  [AP hit job here]

[Source Link]

The good news is that people are more tuned-in and awake to McConnell’s dirty tricks.  As a result, these types of assassination hits do not carry the same weight with voters as they did before.   This is one of the upsides to the MAGA awakening brought about by President Trump.

Hershel Walker may be a flawed person, isn’t everyone… but that doesn’t disqualify him from being a great representative of common working class values in office. Quite the contrary, these attacks hold no weight and Walker would easily win the Georgia election.   Once you realize how vile, manipulative and corrupt the political class is, it changes your entire perspective on the qualifications needed to battle that corruption.

As I said in 2015… Donald Trump could show up to a debate in 5″ heels, wearing a Carmen Miranda hat and start twerking at the podium of the opponent and I would still vote for him.  It’s new rules.  We are looking for fighters now.  The same outlook applies toward Hershel Walker.

Are you willing to use common sense and speak directly, honestly and clearly?

Do you believe in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?

Will you stop government from reaching into our lives with rules and dictates?

Will you support America-First and the U.S middle-class?

Will you fight, nasty if needed, for those simple issues and values?

If so,… WE GOOD!

You Thought You Were Free?

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One Day More

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“One Day More” – lockdown parody version by the Marsh family

572,177 viewsApr 28, 202010K139SHARESAVEMarsh Family89.5K subscribersSUBSCRIBEOriginal version of our One Day More adaptation that we uploaded to Facebook on 29 March and went viral! Original music (and rights) owned by Alain Boublil Music Ltd. Performance and video is ours, and lyrics adapted by Ben Marsh!

Senator Rand Paul Says SARS Weaponization Research Happening Right Now in North Carolina and Texas

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“Gain-of-Function” is an obtuse term for making an existing virus deadly to humans, or “weaponizing it” by modifying it.  During an interview with OAN, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul shares that gain-of-function research is happening right now in Texas and North Carolina labs.

This is an interesting interview [Rumble Link Here]. WATCH: