Report, Durham Wrapping Up

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 10, 2022 | Sundance 

After several days of research interviews in a locked down and closed Washington DC, in the spring of 2020 I sat alone in a hotel room and pondered how to boil down the essence of the most critical information into one question.

Multiple days of questions and contacts accompanied three years of background research and 600+ pages of retrieved open-source citations sat on the table in front of me.  The exact same material was organized into two assemblies.

•The first set was organized in the timeline for when the documents were released or became public.  •The second set was the result of taking the documents and putting them into the chronological order of when the events took place.   As I stared at it, the answer became obvious…

Ask people a simple question, “what was the purpose of former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s two-year probe?

Returning to those same discussions and going back into the individual silos, that new question was asked, “what was the purpose of Mueller?”

The responses showed the reality.

Every single person in Washington DC, across the broad spectrum of institutions from all branches – including media, would speak plainly that Mueller’s team objective (from May 2017 to April 2019) was to use the authority of his appointment to block any review of the preceding events he was presumably investigating.

Yes, in private conversation everyone stated a similar core truth, Mueller was the tool for DC to protect itself against accountability.

That reality was a bitter pill to swallow, because accepting that common response in private stood in contrast to those same voices talking publicly about the honor and respect of Robert Mueller.  The charade was clear.

Publicly everyone stated Robert Mueller and his team were embarked upon a valid enterprise.  However, privately everyone acknowledged Robert Mueller and his team were operating to cover-up the prior corrupt activity of the DOJ, specifically the DOJ National Security Division, and FBI – specifically the FBI counterintelligence operation.

Despite my having researched, discovered and assembled irrefutable evidence of the depth of corruption; it was challenging to accept that no one would openly confront it.  I was, like most at the time, naive to just how systemic and entrenched the problems had become during the Obama era.

Thankfully, there was a protection around me, and I was directly warned not to take anything to the FBI.  I think the last three years have provided multiple citations for what would happen to anyone who would confront main justice corruption by reaching out to the FBI.  Approximately 8 months after my own experience I delivered that same warning message forward.  Two years later the recipient of my 2020 warning has become a target, exactly as feared.

The way DC officials, politicians and the bureaucrats who oil the machinery, created this modern system of usurpation is outlined in the construct of The Fourth Branch of Government.

Four modern pillars of national security maintain the superseding branch that stands above the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches.  They are: (1) The DOJ-NSD; (2) The Dept of Homeland Security; (3) The Office of the Director of National Security, and (4) the FISA court.  Each of these institutions uses the shield of national security to protect themselves from oversight.

You can clearly see how the Fourth Branch operates when you look at the recent judicial branch deferment to the DOJ-NSD on the issue of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents and the classification argument.

The courts defer everything under the auspices of “national security,” thereby making their judicial ability to check the executive ineffective.  The congress also defers their oversight role under the auspices of “national security” by refusing to conduct legislative oversight.  This ‘national security’ dynamic is an outcome of how the post 9-11 Patriot Act was put into place.  The DHS and ODNI were created in this process, and later came the DOJ-NSD as created by Attorney General Eric Holder.

Taking the new surveillance state apart would require removing the pillars that hold the Fourth Branch of Government in place.  No one is discussing such a necessary deconstruction effort; instead, everyone is pretending the anti-democracy issue is not critical and weakening the constitutional republic ever day it exists.

Back to Mueller…. When the entire town knows the true motive for Mueller’s investigation to exist, yet no single person will state it publicly, you look at the people claiming the virtue of Mueller with new eyes.   It wasn’t just democrats, there were/are abundant republicans proclaiming the virtue of Robert Mueller et al.

Every time I watched former AG Bill Barr talking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it was crystal clear Bill Barr was the application of Bondo over the corrupt and rusted DC justice system.  As a result, the appointment of John Durham needed to be accepted through the same prism of intent.

Bill Barr was the Bondo work, and John Durham would apply the shiny coat of paint.

The corrupt and useless shell of Main Justice would be covered up and the polished image sold to the public.  However, depending on where you stand, fortunately or unfortunately the public isn’t buying it.  As each day passes more people are aware of the problem.  DC denial runs rampant against the reality of We The People seeing the fraud.

[…]  Mr. Durham is completing a several-hundred-page report he will submit to Attorney General Merrick Garland at the end of his tenure, according to people familiar with the matter. His office has relayed to a defense attorney they don’t expect to bring charges against another person who was a focus of the investigation. (read more)

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