Why Would Poland Ever Support Ukraine?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Jan 21, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong.
I am from Poland and I know the history and our differences with Russia, but in this war, I’m against Ukraine. They don’t even want to apologize for atrocities committed on civilians but want us to help them. The west of Ukraine was always Polish but in our mind, it no longer belongs to us because everyone there was killed or run away. Donbas is different for the population is still Russian.

Three times a charm. After you wrote about Napoleon and Hitler trying to invade Russia, I wonder if you know about the year 1610 when Poland conquered Moscow, and of course, if Socrates has this data in.
Thank you for what you do.

REPLY: Oh yes. Even the first date in the list of International Panics was 1683 when the Turks invaded the region with the intent of conquering the Holy Roman Empire. What we call Ukraine today was the territory of other empires – never Ukraine. The Battle of Poltava on June 27th, 1709 was a turning point in Russian history.

This was a battle, where Peter the Great (1672-1725) and the Russians defeated the Swedish army at a turning point in the war with Sweden. Poltava is actually in Ukraine, and Ivan Mazepa (1639–1709), was the Cossack Hetman in Left-bank Ukraine, from 1687–1708. He remains a Ukrainian hero and a traitor to Russia to this very day. This was the decisive battle that placed Russia as a major power on the European stage of politics.

In 1569, the Union of Lublin created a dynastic link between Poland and Lithuania that established a constitutional union of the two States as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Ukraine simply became part of Poland at this time and we see an influx of more people from Poland moving into Ukraine establishing Polish rule of law. Poland began to grant to Polish nobles and Ukrainian princes loyal to the king, territory that was controlled by the Cossacks. There was rising discontent regarding the treatment by Cossacks and this led to a rebellion in about 1590. Ukrainian princes were mostly replaced by Polish. Peasants lost their land ownership and civil rights to the Polish and we see European serfdom transforming Ukraine.

Ukrainian Cossacks were actually emerging as the defender against the invasion of the Turks and Tatar hordes. To this day, Crimea has a large population of Tatars. The Cossacks were causing diplomatic problems for Poland since the Turks in the Ottoman Empire has used the Cossacks as an excuse for wars against Poland. When Cossack’s leader, Ivan Pidkova, conquered Moldova in 1577, Poland captured and executed him in order to appease the Turks. Poland’s power was clearly declining. They tried to control the Cossacks by recruiting some of them into the Polish military system. However, this never really worked very well.

Ukraine was NEVER a country – EVER! They joined the German Nazis because Hitler promised to carve out a country for them. I have assembled the entire monetary history of the world. There were NEVER any coins ever issued by some pretend Ukrainian government. The first coinage that ever said the word Ukrain was issued during the German Nazi occupation.

This war in Ukraine is an invasion of Ukrainian into the regions that were formerly the Russian Empire. They were never under some sovereignty of Ukraine that never existed. The West simply wants to destroy Russia, This has been on the agenda for decades and the fall of communism never changed that policy. They will do the same with China. In truth, this is Ukrainians invading Russian terrorism where Russians have lived for centuries. The propaganda has flipped this completely around claiming Putin is invading Ukrainians when they began this civil war in 2014 and launched the first attacks on the Donbas.

The treatment of Polish, Jews, and Russians during WWII even horrified the German Nazis. What would Poland ever support Ukraine can only be that its leaders are told what to say and do by those behind NATO seeking World War III. The Polish people should wake up for they will be the next to be thrown on this altar of geopolitical sacrifice.

The Polish Association of Memory of Victims of Crimes of Ukrainian Nationalists documented 135 methods of torture and murder practiced by Ukrainian Nazis. Poland officially called the Ukrainian actions genocide. The Ukrainians have been protected by the CIA for decades ONLY because they hated Russians. They continue to protect the Ukrainian Nazis only because they are waging war against Russia. No Ukrainian was ever prosecuted for war crimes that made the Nazis look like amateurs.

The Ukrainians were unprecedented in their war crimes during WWII and the sheer outright cruelty has NEVER been addressed. They above all should have been hunted down more so than the Germans. The torture Ukrainas inflicted even on Polish and Hungarians along with Russians and Jews included:

  • Running children through with stakes
  • Cutting a person’s throat and pulling their tongue out through the hole
  • Sawing a person’s torso in half with a carpenter’s saw
  • Cutting open the belly of a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, removing the fetus, and replacing it with a live cat, before sewing up her abdomen.
  • Cutting open a pregnant women’s abdomen and pouring in broken glass
  • Nailing a small child to a door.

All the various wars and history of this region are included in the databanks of Socrates. That is how it was able to pinpoint Ukraine as the hot spot where all this will unfold. There is no account of war crimes that has EVER surpassed those inflicted by Ukrainians. It is an embarrassment that Europe and the USA would support Ukraine in this land grab. As for those that blame everything on Putin, get your head out of the sand and open your eyes for you are a casualty of this propaganda to promote WWIII.

Poland & Germany Offer to Buy Energy from Russia for 2023

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted Dec 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Russia’s Transneft has received applications from Poland and Germany to pump oil for the first quarter of next year, despite reports of unwillingness to continue deliveries. Nikolai Tokarev, president of Transneft, said on the air of the Rossiya-24 TV channel. “They announced that they would not take oil from Russia from January 1. Now we have received applications from Polish consumers asking for 3 million tons next year, and 360,000 tons for December, and Germany has already submitted an application for the first quarter, he said.

On December 12, the Polish Cabinet called for the introduction of ‘full, comprehensive sanctions without exceptions’ against Russia, including ‘comprehensive sanctions against the northern pipeline (Druzhba).’

“If this does not happen, then we will continue discussions together with the [Orlen] concern, or the concern will decide what to do next with the commitments already made,” Anna Moskva, minister of Climate and Environment of Poland, who is responsible for energy issues, told reporters.

We have to wonder if the Politicians in Germany and Poland are starting to fear civil uprising if people have no heat.


The Dive With Jackson Hinkle Published originally on Rumble on December 9, 2022

Putin verses Merkel

Ukraine & its Horrible Dark Past is Taking the World Down With It

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted Oct 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hi Marty,

I. Deep seated hatred
You have written frequently how hate in a country keeps on running deep as result of intense war violence long time ago. And you do not see how this is ever going away.

I was born in the Netherlands Rotterdam area. What the Germans did over here during WWII was similar. My parents being tiny children at the time. I recall messages my grandparents’ generation imprinted on me when i was young, and true, it took me a long time before i opened up to reconnect to the Germans. Today, i love our neighbouring country and its citizens.

Looks like the horrorific acts are not the key driver. As hate kept on being fed by government, economy, it sustains.
I was shocked to see how easy government was able to enflame hate again here from 2020 onwards (and earlier).
Ukraine’s economy was deliberately repressed. Similarly Yugoslavia, Ireland at the time. So hatred sustained.

II. Russians taking down power grid / Elon Musk
The timing of the Russians taking down the power grid is interesting : a few days after Elon took down Starlink.
The Russian Military has been openly complaining about the intelligence support from US.
So Putin being a chess player, immediately moved, replying : “Check”.

I get confused where Elon stands. You said you tried to reach him, but failed. That makes me think.


REPLY: Yes, I would love to contact Elon for he has seen the true face of Ukraine. Anyone who remotely implies that peace should be an option, is told to shut up, threatened, or silenced in any way possible. Zelensky is just a puppet. Nobody in their right mind would sacrifice his country for a strip of land that historically has been occupied by Russians for hundreds of years – never but ethnic Ukrainians who joined Hitler because he promised to give them their own country BECAUSE Ukraine was never a country of its own. They hated the Polish for that region was once Poland. They hated the Russians because Kiev was their birthplace. The hated Jews because they were just Jewish. There are people in Israel that reject Zelensky for his wife is Christian and his children are baptized. He became Jewish when asking for money from Israel.

Objectively, you would have to call this an invasion by Ukrainians for conquest. But that, of course, would not be “politically” acceptable because the United States also hates Russians and that is why the US funded this civil war and directed it to start with during the interim government in 2014 which sent its army to invade the Donbas BEFORE there was any elected government. The people of Donbas have pleaded for help from the West for their oppressions but because they are Russians, the West refuses to listen out its agenda and hatred.

It is important to remember that Ukrainian Nazis have NEVER been called to account for all their genocides against Polish, Jews, and Russians. They pretend that was the UPA, a Ukrainian nationalist organization with the long term plan of establishing a mono-ethnic state that excluded the Poles and was aligned with the Nazis. The Neo-Nazis are dominant in Ukraine and Bandera’s flags and posters were there at Midian in 2014 all over the place. Because they have never been put on trial for their atrocities that even horrified the German Nazis, they have refused to even apologize to anyone. Even Japan apologized for using Korean women as “comfort girls” and the Swiss turned over money that was hidden in accounts for Nazis and Jews. Ukraine’s hatred is ongoing and it is propagated by the government, which is why it never dies.

The hatred of the Germans was prevalent. That is why Stanley Milgram conducted his experiments because people were saying that Germans were somehow just different. He established what became obedience to authority. The real issue back then became Russian. My father was a colonel under General Patton from North Africa to Berlin.  Communism was the great threat. He told my father that Germany was not the real enemy, it was Russia and he wanted to keep going right to Moscow. The president removed him for that.

Germany was rehabilitated by the political powers only because they saw Russia and Communism as the real threat. That is why they NEVER put a single Ukrainian on trial. The accounts of their actions terrified even the Germans. The cut babies out of a pregnant woman and put in a live cat and stitched her up. All of these things are documents. Poland has come out and confirmed that Ukraine REFUSES to apologize for its “dark past” and the world is willing to go to nuclear war all for these people?

Then the world deserves to be destroyed. This hatred of Russia will be our own undoing. Never before since World War II have we ever witnessed world leaders promoting war. Every leader has sought peace. Henry Kissinger has been invited by EVERY president until Joe Biden. Zelensky, this high-heel dancing puppet, claims this is not 1938 and Russia will invade all of Europe which is total bullshit. There seems to be hatred that has consuming people for this is really a war for Climate Change – to destroy Russia since 50% of its GDP is fossil fuels.

Zelensky will fly to safety. He has set his own country up to be destroyed begging WWIII to take place there and for NATO to invade. He cares NOTHING about the Ukrainian people. He is too busy counting all his money stashed offshore with his promises of a golden visa to America.

Germany Hits Record Population Growth

Armstrong Economics Blog/Germany Re-Posted Oct 4, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

There are now 84 million people living in Germany, according to the German Federal Statistical Office. This has nothing to do with the birth rate, which is on the decline. Instead, the number of Ukrainians seeking refuge in Germany caused the population to grow by 750,000 this year.

The population in Germany grew by 0.1% or 82,000 in 2021. In 2022, the population has already increased by 1% or 843,000 people. Germany has not experienced such a large influx of refugees since 2015 when Angela Merkle welcomed all Syrians into Germany. Nearly one million people entered Germany in 2015, mostly fleeing war in the Middle East. It proved to be a disaster as Germany did not have the means to care for all the new arrivals, and the cultures did not integrate well.

Germany is not likely to see as strong of an influx since other European nations are opening their borders to Ukrainians. Poland has already permitted 6.56 million Ukrainians to enter their borders. Yet, Poland has reported that tens of thousands of Ukrainians who fled are now returning. Those returning are likely men who want to fight. Germany reported that most of their new refugees are women (501,000) as well.

The culture integration is easier compared to the 2015 refugee crisis, but do these European nations have the infrastructure and financial means to support so many additional people? Those who fled Syria had nothing to return to as their nation did not receive endless funds from the West. On the other hand, Ukrainians who fled likely plan to return once the war is over. The question becomes when can I return as everything indicates that this war is only getting started.