Neil Oliver, “What the Hell – We’re Rationing Tomatoes”…

Posted originally on the CTH on February 25, 2023 | Sundance 

With around 4,000 miles separation, two friends of the Treehouse, Neil Oliver and Lee Smith, essentially asked me the same question this week, “how do we stop this madness?

It should not be an option hearing this talk about the need to secede, fracture, isolate or form smaller defensive boundaries.  WE ARE IN THE MAJORITY, they just control the power structures and systems of communication. That’s why they spend so much time, effort and attention manipulating social media. My proposed solution is to draw from history, specifically from the Polish solidarity movement.  What we need is a general two-day workers strike, highlighting to the few that the many have had enough.

In his weekly monologue Neil Oliver takes the new issue of rationing vegetables in the U.K and overlays the surplus of lies that creates it.  Neil Oliver generally has exceptional insight and strong grasps on the obvious; however, this one is epic and one of his best. WATCH:

[Transcript] – They’re rationing tomatoes in the supermarkets. We’re told it’s about supply chains, bad weather and the price of heating, but right now, in terms of the messaging, I suspect it’s more about pushing the word – rationing. Less about any believable shortage of food and more about getting us used to hearing the word.

No doubt, if experience is anything to go by, the rest will come later. My money says the rationing app for our smartphones is already sitting on a hard drive somewhere, ready when we are.

For now, it’s more of a familiar process of psychological manipulation. Get us acquainted with the general idea of food scarcity so that we’re well-primed when the planned reality is unrolled.

We were given the same treatment with words like “lockdown” and “pandemic”, “mandate” and “denier”. Nudge, nudge. Rationing is a word from our parents’ and grandparents’ generation, a bit like “War in Europe” and “Fascist” and now they’re back in fashion once more. Rationing, I ask you, while the landfills swell with fresh food dumped every day.

The manipulation is invariably about an iron hand in a velvet glove, softly, softly catchy monkey. Much of the messaging in the MSM is, and has been for years, redolent of World War II and the fabled Blitz Spirit, “We’re all in it together”, “making do”, “mustn’t grumble”, “doing our bit”, “standing up for democracy”, “defending the free world”, “sacrifice”, “keep calm and carry on”. Someone somewhere must think our heads zip up the back.

Since I’ve mentioned the “D” word, which is democracy, why not pause for a moment to consider whether any of us has had a chance to vote, voting being that part of democracy we’re invited to think matters most, on any of this.

Do you remember ever voting to give the government the power to lock us in our homes, to shut our children’s schools, our pubs and restaurants, shops and businesses, to tell us whom we could visit or have in our homes, whether we could go for a walk, travel within our own country, far less beyond these shores? Do you remember voting to empower employers to mandate medical procedures for their staff?

And while we’re on the subject of propaganda, who thought to convince us it was ok to demonize and exclude healthy fellow citizens on the grounds they might be carrying an invisible disease?

If you don’t remember whether or not you were invited to get involved in a conversation or a debate about all of this, perhaps it’s because you were, quite understandably, distracted most of the time by the bombardment of state-sanctioned messaging by politicians and the MSM.

Or maybe you were just afraid of the guaranteed ridicule or losing your job.

It’s not just us here in the UK either. I wonder how many US citizens ask themselves when they voted to have their government send well over 100 billion dollars to Ukraine at a time of critical hardship for millions of Americans unable to afford food or heating.

Rather than ask questions, or, in the case of the tax-paying citizens of East Palestine, Ohio, liberally dusted as they are with fallout from a vinyl chloride mushroom cloud ignited with the go-ahead of their own elected officials after a train derailment, perhaps querying why their predicament is not the stuff of a national emergency while fish die in their rivers and their pet and animals die in the fields, they are apparently expected to be reassured by the sight of Joe Biden posing for photos thousands of miles away in Ukraine, while air raid sirens provide sound effects and President Zelensky turns out once more in his freshly laundered combats.

So many times over the past few years, I have thought to myself: “Who do these people think they are”, all of them, once elected to office, herding us towards World War, taking away our natural freedoms? Who do these people think they are that feel empowered to disregard our liberty, our very existence as independent individuals, and spend their time posturing and politicking? Fiddling while Rome burns.

Who do these people think they are blatantly creating and then ignoring hardship, enacting policies to wreck livelihoods, economies and the wellbeing of millions and then standing by while real people suffer the consequences of their vainglorious, self-serving nonsense disguised by propaganda shaped only to distract? And by God do they need to distract us.

Let’s stop for a moment and think what the reality of the situation is – the undeniable reality – which is that we already have the potential for more than enough food, energy and everything else, courtesy of existing technology, and therefore any alleged shortages in the West are only fraudulent fiction.

I said at the top we were being familiarized with rationing and making do. There’s a glaring paradox in all this. At the same time as being nudged into thinking we must do without we are simultaneously drowning in surplus of every sort.

We have centuries of affordable energy under our feet and yet we are bullied into a false reality in which fewer and fewer people can afford to heat their homes or put fuel in their cars and vans. Every year we bulldoze billions of pounds worth of food into landfills while now being told to do without erstwhile familiar foodstuffs.

We do much the same with clothes made in sweatshops and worn once before discarding into those same landfills. We upgrade our phones and other tech and put last year’s offering in the bin, disregarding the lithium and cobalt and the rest of the precious metals mined by child slaves out of sight and out of mind. We will soon be ordered to junk our gas boilers and our petrol and diesel cars. Our governments siphon our taxes into subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels that will themselves be yet more toxic landfill in 20 years’ time.

It’s not just about consumables that we can touch. Every moment of every day we are deluged with information as well, data, and so-called news, but made increasingly incapable of discerning how much, if any of it, is worth knowing in the first place. So much chaff in which to hide the wheat. We are drowning in words but struggling desperately to find so much as a sentence worth reading.

Instead of being educated at school, learning objectively and meaningfully about our shared history, heritage and culture, about how to understand the world and contributing to its betterment, our children are too often indoctrinated with propaganda, drilled with ideologies predicated upon obsession not with the content of people’s characters but with the colour of their skins and the nature of their sexual preferences real or imagined.

A television series that has been the work of hundreds, if not thousands of people spread over a year or more – an effort that was once the stuff of a shared experience keeping us engaged and talking together as communities for months on end – is binge-watched in a single night.

In every way imaginable our dopamine receptors – especially those of our children – are being bludgeoned into numbness.

An eight-year-old boy with a smartphone and an internet connection can help himself, in a week, to more naked women in more positions and predicaments than Genghis Khan saw in a lifetime of murderous conquest.

Sickening surplus and overload all around and, yet, here we are, rationing food in our supermarkets? Pardon my French, but What the Hell?

Rationing tomatoes is just a symptom of how corrupted and bent out of shape our food industry has become at the mercy of greedy corporations committed only to profit for the few at the expense of the health of the many. Let me stress, not one jot of this is the fault of farmers – those out there in a government-made maze of regulations and obstacles to the job of producing healthy food for healthy populations.

EU regulations make it legal to label as “milk” the white liquid obtained from processing almonds and oats. There are to be ground-up crickets in the bread and hundreds of other food products besides.

Industrially processed vegetables are labelled chicken, fish and mince. They make oil from sunflowers and rape seeds, process away its rancid, toxic nature, and sell it in food, and as salad dressing and as an ingredient in soap powder for getting stubborn stains out of clothes. It’s in baby food as well.

Tomatoes aren’t in season in the UK in February, as you might have noticed. Why should they be? Why aren’t we concentrating our attention on what food is in season, and local, and good for us, and teaching people how to cook it?

I travel a fair part of the length of this country every week between my home in Scotland and this studio in London. Aside from the odd moment or two of built-up area, the vast majority of the landscape is green fields. Why aren’t we making the most of the fertile land with which we are blessed instead of lofty talk of handing a third of it back to the beavers?

If food is at a premium, reaching a point where rationing might be required, why are we paying farmers to get out of the business altogether and sell off their hand to transnational corporations for God alone knows what purpose? Why are planes and ships burning fuel to transport avocados for thousands of miles around the world from places where the mass cultivation of the product causes catastrophic damage to local water supply?

What do you think is the answer to these questions? Are our leaders so inexperienced, so clueless about the practicalities of the world that they just don’t know how to run the country for the benefit of the people they’re supposed to serve?

Or are they knowingly in the service not of the people they are elected to represent but of transnational corporations, the markets and the Bank for International Settlements? Which of the two options do you think it might be?

Or is it simpler and more depressing still? Have our leaders, in fact, simply persuaded themselves that distraction is the only game they need to play?

Are we simply to be fed a diet of propaganda and downright lies about health, food, the climate, war, biology, and race … until we are so unwell, confused, exhausted and anxious we won’t notice when they pick the last penny out of our pockets and lock us down in a digital ghetto watched round the clock by cameras and listening devices we pay through the nose to carry in our own pockets? And they’re rationing tomatoes.

Here’s the thing: the world has been run off the rails. No wonder it’s all about distraction – because distraction is all they have. Greed and unrestrained power have brought us to the only destination that was ever in view. Which is right here, right now.

They won’t fix the mess because the mess suits them. I don’t have all the answers – but I do know the solution starts with ignoring any more of their nonsense. The problem is not with the tomatoes they’re rationing. The problem is the surplus of lies they keep selling. Stop buying them.

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The Hunger Games Begin – Soaring Energy Costs Lead to Rationing of Vegetables in U.K.

Posted originally on the CTH on February 21, 2023 | Sundance 

Follow the bouncing ball of consequence….

(Via Daily Mail) Vegetable rationing could last for ‘weeks’, it was warned today, after Morrisons joined Asda to became the second major supermarket to limit sales of certain items. 

Perishables like tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber and broccoli have been restricted to just two or three per customer in a host of stores up and down the country.

The crisis has developed in recent weeks due to soaring energy costs which have forced British farmers to switch off greenhouses as they desperately try to make ends meet – leaving a dearth of home-grown produce. (read more)

While it is prudent to remind everyone how fortunate we are to have Florida, California and Mexico for North American vegetable supplies, ie. no dramatic supply shortages, the energy price pressure being applied by Biden policy will lead to even higher consumer prices for all row crops.

18 months ago (Oct 2021), CTH first strongly recommended restarting victory gardens at home. The same recommendation only strengthens.

Gate’s Plan to End World Hunger

Armstrong Economics Blog/Humor Re-Posted Feb 19, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The Coming War

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Feb 13, 2023 by Martin Armstrong


Hi Marty,

As it appears the US is marching toward war, what is notable this time, unlike what happened in the run-up to US participation in WW2, was the sense of isolationism in this country. Roosevelt was clearly walking a fine line, knowing there was no stomach for US involvement in Europe. US involvement in WW1 also started out similarly with many in the US, in particular those of Irish descent who opposed helping the British in their battle in Europe. Wilson, another Democrat, also walked the straight and narrow, professing neutrality which history shows was a lie. Later, his 14 points, the forerunner to an imposed peace on Germany, would backfire. The League of Nations would die off.

But today, unlike the prior two world wars, both democrats and republicans appear to embrace an escalation in conflict. And with an old, decrepit mannequin in the WH, it looks like there’s nothing stopping this push toward war. Republicans especially are a total disgrace. They stabbed Trump in the back repeatedly or let him twist in the wind for 4 years and for the first two when they were the majority party…did little to show their one chance to lead. Trump did more for peace than any president since Kennedy. Trump at least tried to engage Xie, met with the North Korean leader and focused more on building up the US domestic economy. He tore up US participation in these climate pacts. He focused on building the wall to stem the flow of illegals crossing the border. Her met with the Mexican president and forced his counterpart to accept an arrangement that kept illegals inside Mexico pending and petitions later to the US government for entry based on their applications.  And for all this, he was the target for a fraud based on collusion to get elected with Russian help. Which turned out to be baseless. Later, he was implicated in the Jan 6 insurrection…courtesy of both parties. Which itself was a total fabrication.

Both Dems and R’s are now marching lockstep toward war. It’s no wonder public opinion toward the government is sinking to all-time lows. In both parties. Both of which will be swept away in the years ahead for betraying this country on so many levels.


REPLY: Hillary, started this whole mess by launching the fake dossier and blaming Putin for interring in the election. She managed to convince 70% of Democrats that Russia was the enemy. RussiaGate, despite being discredited, set in motion this hatred for Russia. Still, 65% of Americans support Ukraine when in fact what they are doing is relying on a border drawn by Kruschev for administrative purposes and demanding that the Donbas is their territory when NEVER for even a single day have Ukrainian people ever been the majority in that region. This is a land grab and nothing more that is engulfing the entire world all because our idiot politicians want to destroy the world economy so they can blame it on war and default on all the debt.

I get hate mail and death threats from Ukrainian Nazis pretty regularly now. This only shows that we are historically on the wrong side. In WWII, we fought against the Nazo movement. This time, we support ethnic cleansing.

Americans fled here to escape the political chaos and warmongering in Europe. So when WWI and WWII took place, the American people saw no reason to go support a political movement that they had fled. Indeed, FDR’ solemn campaign promise was no boys would be sent to fight in a foreign war. That is why he did everything possible to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor for that was the ONLY way to overcome the anti-war position of Americans. They have done the same to get Russia to act to protect the Donbas from the Ukrainians who began the civil war.

FDR repeated that solemn promise in Boston which was predominantly Irish. They refused to defend Britain openly recalling what the English did to the Irish. That was why FDR needed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Today, they needed Russia to launch its special operation which was absolutely legal under the United Nations Rules for he was protecting the Donbas, not seeking to conquer Ukraine.

All of those memories of past wars are long gone. Today, we cheer on war because we think it will be like watching Iraq on CNN after nightly dinner. As they say:

Details Surface of Biden Administration Deliberately Destroying Nord Stream Pipeline, Then Lying About It Repeatedly

Posted originally on the CTH on February 8, 2023 | Sundance 

One of the things about big lies is the sheer weight they create, and the effort needed to maintain them.  Everyone of reasonably intelligent disposition knew the Russians did not blow up their own Nord Stream gas pipeline last year; they had no motive to do so.  All indications were always that the U.S. government conducted the operation and then obfuscated blame toward Russia.

Investigative journalist Mr. Seymour Hersh now writes a comprehensive outline showcasing just how the Biden operation to destroy Nord Stream was conducted.  [SEE HERE]

[Seymour Hersh] […] “In December of 2021, two months before the first Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, Jake Sullivan convened a meeting of a newly formed task force—men and women from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the State and Treasury Departments—and asked for recommendations about how to respond to Putin’s impending invasion.

It would be the first of a series of top-secret meetings, in a secure room on a top floor of the Old Executive Office Building, adjacent to the White House, that was also the home of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB). There was the usual back and forth chatter that eventually led to a crucial preliminary question: Would the recommendation forwarded by the group to the President be reversible—such as another layer of sanctions and currency restrictions—or irreversible—that is, kinetic actions, which could not be undone?

What became clear to participants, according to the source with direct knowledge of the process, is that Sullivan intended for the group to come up with a plan for the destruction of the two Nord Stream pipelines—and that he was delivering on the desires of the President.” (read more)

As the article notes, initially in the planning stage, Joe Biden and his administration were all in for the operation, assuming of course the resulting action -essentially a declaration of war- came with plausible deniability.

What is unclear, despite all the details revealed, is whether in the final decision-making Joe Biden actually had anything to do with it; or whether the dark handlers running his covert administration from the Intel and State Dept., felt they had enough prior approval to just carry out the order without him.

As a reminder, in late September 2022, Joe Biden denied the U.S. involvement….  He lied.

(Via CBS) – […] President Biden called the damage to the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines “a deliberate act of sabotage,” rebuking Russia’s claim that the West was responsible for the explosions. The president said Friday that divers would eventually be sent to the pipelines, which were designed to bring gas from Russia to Europe, to determine what happened. 

“It was a deliberate act of sabotage and the Russians are pumping out disinformation and lies,” Biden said. 

“At the appropriate moment, when things calm down, we’re going to be sending divers down to find out exactly what happened. We don’t know that yet exactly,” he added. (read more)

For the U.S. to deliberately attack the Nord Stream gas pipeline, that is a direct act of war against a sovereign country, Russia.

The coverup of this story is going to make the coverup of all prior Obama/Biden stories pale in comparison.

Fox News – “ominous Great Depression warning”

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Feb 1, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Fox Business is reporting that economic conditions are much worse than you are being told.  Unfortunately, this is the conclusion when you have ZERO understanding of the historical trends and economic conditions. It is true that the shortages of COVID have caused prices to rise faster than economic growth and most incomes.  Therefore, they conclude that our standard of living has been rapidly declining.  The number reveals that more than one-third of all U.S. young adults are being supported in part by their parents. Thanks to COVID, this disrupted society far greater than anyone is reporting. In addition to the shortages because of the lockdowns, by the end of 2020, more than half of young adults in America were living with one or both parents. That statistic actually exceeded the record high of the Great Depression.

Here is the worst part of this analysis. Many are jumping on the bandwagon claiming that the decline in real disposable income has been the largest since 1932 and therefore, this is a warning sign of a Great Depression is coming. They seem to be focused on the fact that the GDP report showed a significant decline in real disposable income, which fell over $1 trillion in 2022. Now let’s look closer!

First of all, the entire reason why unemployment rise to 25% during the latter part of the Great Depression was the Dust Bowl. Why? At that time, about 40% of the civil workforce was still agrarian. The Dust Bowl meant job loss. If you could not even plant crops, there was no need for people to pick crops.

Service during the Great Depression accounted for 17% of the workforce compared to 44%+ today. Government, federal, state, and local, was 22% of the civil workforce during the Great Depression compared to 33% by 1980. Things have continued to evolve and by 2019, services represent 79.41%. Agriculture is now a tiny fraction of what it once was – 1.41%.

In the USA, at the state level, their share of the civil workforce varies greatly. Florida is at about 11.3% compared to New Mexico which is 22.5% – a government employee’s paradise. The lowest is Michigan at 10.1%.

During the Great Depression, the entire reason for the collapse in disposable income was the collapse in agriculture which created a collapse in income due to massive unemployment. That is totally different from the crisis we have today.

Here we have rising prices due to shortages and then central banks raising interest rates in a fool’s quest to stop inflation when it is not based on speculation. Moreover, the biggest borrower is the government, and rising interest rates will only increase their exposure to keep rolling over the debt. Therefore, governments have been borrowing year after year. What happens when the public no longer buys their debt? Real disposable income has been collapsing for completely different reasons since 1932. Here we have the costs of everything rising and then these people want war with Russia and China. Every war since the start of recorded history has resulted in inflation. Add to this, the total insanity of trying to end climate change by outlawing fossil fuels at a time when the climate is prone to getting colder.

We are already witnessing riots around the world BECAUSE of inflation. During the Great Depression, people were suffering from DEFLATION. So comparing just that statistic of a decline in personal income and projecting we now face a Great Depression, does not even qualify to be classified as analysis. That is no different from someone warning that carrots must be lethal because everyone who has ever eaten a carrot has obviously died.

Shortage of Bread Contributed to French Revolution

Armstrong Economics Blog/Agriculture Re-Posted Jan 27, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Food shortages have historically contributed to revolutions more so than just international war. Poor grain harvests led to riots as far back as 1529 in the French city of Lyon. During the French Petite Rebeyne of 1436. (Great Rebellion), sparked by the high price of wheat, thousands looted and destroyed the houses of rich citizens, eventually spilling the grain from the municipal granary onto the streets. Back then, it was to go get the rich.

There was a climate change cycle at work and today’s climate zealots ignore their history altogether for it did not involve fossil fuels. The climate got worse at the bottom of the Mini Ice Age which was about 1650. It really did not warm up substantially until the mid-1800s. During the 18th century, the climate resulted in very poor crops. Since the 1760s, the king had been counseled by Physiocrats, who were a group of economists that believed that the wealth of nations was derived solely from the value of land and thereby agricultural products should be highly priced. This is why Adam Smith wrote his Wealth of Nations as a retort to the Physiocrats. It was their theory that justified imperialism – the quest to conquer more land for wealth; the days of empire-building.

The King of France had listened to the Physiocrats who counseled him to intermittently deregulate the domestic grain trade and introduce a form of free trade. That did not go very well for there was a shortage of grain and this only led to a bidding war – hence the high price of wheat. We even see English political tokens of the era campaigning about the high price of grain and the shortage of food to where a man is gnawing on a bone.

Voltaire once remarked that Parisians required only “the comic opera and white bread.” Indeed, bread has also played a very critical role in French history that is overlooked. The French Revolution that began with the storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789 was not just looking for guns, but also grains to make bread.

The price of bread and the shortages played a very significant role during the revolution. We must understand Marie Antoinette’s supposed quote upon hearing that her subjects had no bread: “Let them eat cake!” which was just propaganda at the time. The “cake” was not the cake as we know it today, but the crust was still left in the pan after taking the bread out. This shows the magnitude that the shortage of bread played in the revolution.

In late April and May of 1775, the food shortages and high prices of grain ignited an explosion of such popular anger in the surrounding regions of Paris. There were more than 300 riots and looking for grain over just three weeks (3.14 weeks). The historians dubbed this the Flour War. The people even stormed the place at Versailles before the riots spread into Paris and outward into the countryside.

The food shortage became so acute during the 1780s that it was exacerbated by the influx of immigration to France during that period. It was a period of changing social values where we heard similar cries for equality. Eventually, this became one of the virtues on which the French Republic was founded. Most importantly, the French Constitution of 1791 explicitly stipulated a right to freedom of movement. It was mostly perceived to be a food shortage and the reason was the greedy rich. Thus, a huge rise in population was also contributed in part by immigration whereas it reached around 5-6 million more people in France in 1789 than in 1720.

Against this backdrop, we have the publication by Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) An Essay on the Principle of Population was first published anonymously in 1798. He theorized that the population would outgrow the ability to produce food. We can see how his thinking formed because of the Mini Ice Age that bottomed in 1650. All of this was because of climate change which instigated food shortages. Therefore, it was commonly accepted that without a corresponding increase in native grain production, there would be a serious crisis.

The refusal on the part of most of the French to eat anything but a cereal-based diet was another major issue. Bread likely accounted for 60-80 percent of the budget of a wage-earner’s family at that point in time. Consequently, even a small rise in grain prices could spark political tensions. Because this was such an issue, and probably the major cause of the French Revolution among the majority, Finance Minister Jacques Necker (1732–1804) claimed that, to show solidarity with the people, King Louis XVI was eating the lower-class maslin bread. Maslin bread is from a mix of wheat and rye, rather than the elite manchet, white bread that is achieved by sifting wholemeal flour to remove the wheatgerm and bran.

That solidarity was seen as propaganda and the instigators made up the Marie Antoinette quote: Let them eat cake. . Then there was a plot drawn up at Passy in 1789 that fomented the rebellion against the crown shortly before the people stormed the Bastille. It declared “do everything in our power to ensure that the lack of bread is total, so that the bourgeoisie are forced to take up arms.” 

It was also at this time when Anne Robert Jacques Turgot (1727-1781), Baron de l’Aulne, was a French economist and statesman. He was originally considered a physiocrat, but he kept an open mind and became the first economist to have recognized the law of diminishing marginal returns in agriculture. He became the father of economic liberalism which we call today laissez-faire for he put it into action. He saw the overregulation of grain production was behind also contributing to the food shortages. He once said: “Ne vous mêlez pas du pain”—Do not meddle with bread.

The French Revolution overthrew the monarchy and they began beheading anyone who supported the Monarchy and confiscated their wealth as well as the land belonging to the Catholic Church.  Nevertheless, the revolution did not end French anxiety over bread. On August 29th, 1789, only two days after completing the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, the Constituent Assembly completely deregulated domestic grain markets. The move raised fears about speculation, hoarding, and exportation.

Then on October 21st, 1789, a baker, Denis François, was accused of hiding loaves from sale as part of a conspiracy to deprive the people of bread. Despite a hearing which proved him innocent, the crowd dragged François to the Place de Grève, hanged and decapitated him, and made his pregnant wife kiss his bloodied lips. Immediately thereafter, the National Constituent Assembly instituted martial law. At first sight, this act appears as a callous lynching by the mob, yet it led to social sanctions against the general public. The deputies decided to meet popular violence with force.

So, food has often been a MAJOR factor in revolutions. We are entering a cold period. Ukraine has been the breadbasket for Europe. Escalating this war will also lead to accelerating the food shortages post-2024. It is interesting how we learn nothing from history. Wars are instigated by political leaders while revolutions are instigated by the people.