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Cycle of Religion – Detailed

COMMENT:  In your blog on the cycles in religion, you may want to add some more dimensions: (1) Hindu worldview is cyclical over a vast cosmological timescale and then through a fractal (as above so below) astrological philosophy of action there appears an a-causal (synchronistic) relationship between cosmic, global and local possibilities for events which however are precipitated by individual choice of action. The outcomes of individuals’ actions are based on those choices. (2) There does not seem to be any awareness in your analysis of the latest revolution in religion that happened on 23 May 1844 in Shiraz, Persia merely 36 hours before the the other ignored revolution in human affairs caused by Mores’ telegram, “What Hath God Wrought!” which is the direct antecedent of the global communication revolution. Babi-Baha’i Religion is that new religion at the start of the new economics of global economic and political action based on the use of telecommunications well documented over the last 160 years. Exact dates and times are available for some of these events which should provide you with an ample opportunity to test various cycles going backward and forwards and generate more insights for refinements in your models!
Very best,

REPLY: I did not go into great detail with respect to religion for it is a touchy subject. There is clearly a major cycle and it too adheres to the 8.6-year fractal sequence. The Roman religion was similar to Hindu insofar as it accepted local gods from the provinces. The early dominant Roman god was Janus. We find the earliest Roman coin, the As, bore the picture of Janus. The As began as one pound of bronze and it was divided into twelve fractional units known an Uncia. This is our current weight system. We still celebrate Janus’ feast day, which was January 1st. The two faced god is still what we say on New Year’s Eve – goodbye to the old and we look forward to a new year with resolutions for change.

The Black Stone Of God

Gold Aureus Stone of Emesa

The Roman emperor known to history as Elagabalus (218-222AD) takes his name from the sun-god of Emesa (Homs Syria today) for which he had been made high priest on May 16th, 218 AD. Elagabalus was actually born about 205 AD. With the assassination of Caracalla in 217 AD, power passed to the Praetorian Prefect Macrinus, but the desire for power from the Severian women led by his grandmother, Julia Maesa in Antioch, was very political and power hungry. They prevailed and Macrinus was deposed along with his son Diadumenian.

When Elagabalus departed for Rome, he also took with him the famous Black Stone of Emesa, which was the symbol of the sun-god Elagabalus from the temple at Emesa in Syria. Herodian described this Stone of Emesa as being rounded at its base and rising to a point at its top. There were a few rough projections, in which people believed they saw an image of the sun. This black stone was most likely a meteor lending its legend that it came from heaven as a gift from the god to mankind. Therefore, the role of the priest and the possession of this stone was of great symbolic power.

Elagabalus had been made a high priest of the sun-god cult when he was very young. Both he and his mother were religious fanatics and went as far as to take their eastern god to reign over all Roman gods in Rome itself. He constructed a very large temple adjacent to the Colosseum on the Palatine Hill. A second temple was erected just outside of Rome. He and his family would walk backward in a procession before the stone as it was brought to the second temple outside of Rome during a midsummer festival. Cassio Dio describes sacrifices of both animals and young boys. They made it mandatory for all to worship at the Shine of the sun-god including Jews and Christians. The sun-god was supreme and all other gods were subordinate to it. His religious practices drew sharp criticism when in 220 AD Elagabalus divorced his first wife Julia Paula and took a Vestal Virgin as his wife – Aquileia Severa. Vestal Virgins had been buried alive for breaking their vows even during the reign of Caracalla. Against the advice of his mother and grandmother, Elagabalus married Aquileia arguing that a union between the high priest and priestess would be born a son of god. But this religious taboo led to so much outrage, that Aquileia had to be divorced and a third wife Annia Faustina was selected.

For all of Elagabalus’ religious positions and many wives, he was also very notorious for being a bisexual who also enjoyed dressing up and playing the part of a woman. Cassio Dio tells us that Elagabalus even married a male slave named Hierocles and enjoyed being beaten by him as if he was Hierocles’ female salve. Other men who slept with him were given high positions in government. Homosexuality among the Romans was not acceptable as it had been in Greek culture. Respect for Elagabalus declined significantly. It was even said that Elagabalus asked doctors if they could medically transform him into a woman and carried out his own experiments by cutting off the gentiles of young men as a sacrifice to his sun-god. His reign was notorious for religious fanaticism, for cruelty, bloodshed, and excesses of every description, and there was general satisfaction when, on March 6th, 222AD, Elagabalus, and his mother Julia Soaemias were murdered in the praetorian camp. Their bodies were dragged through the streets of Rome for display and then thrown into the Tiber River denied any burial right.

The Cycle of Religion clearly follows the 8.6-year frequency. From the Battle of the Milvian Bridge which took place between the Roman Emperors Constantine I and Maxentius on the 28th day of October 312AD (312.824), it was 309.6 years until the rise of Islam. At the age of 40 in 610AD, Muhammad is said to have received his first verbal revelation in the cave called Hira. This was the beginning of the writing of the Quran that continued up to the end of his life. There was also the persecution of the newly converted Muslims like there had been among the Christians. Muhammad and his followers migrated to Medina in 622AD, an event known as the Hegira and the birth of the Islam calendar (622.298).

It is not certain when Jesus Christ was actually born. The census that is the story of having to travel to Bethlehem was actually the Census of Quirinius which took place in 6AD after Herod I the Great had died and the Romans were dividing Judaea into thirds among Herod’s sons. There is no actual evidence of Herod issuing an order to kill the firstborn males when in fact he clearly died about 10 years before. Such an order would have to have been issued by one of his sons, yet there is no surviving evidence to support that as fact.

Nevertheless, our model does place a turning point about late 3AD when most scholars agree that Jesus was born based primarily upon the Census of Quirinius. We then have in 312AD the victory of Milvian Bridge by Constantine the Great who then decrees that Christianity will be the state religion primarily so he got to plunder all the wealth of pagan temples. It is rather stunning how we come to major religious events every 309.6 years. This appears to be a change in beliefs that do not necessarily suggest complete changes in religions. Often these are shifts that become more fundamentalist in their beliefs or a turn toward liberalism.

Muhammad thus begins Islam 309.6 years after Constantine. The next target sees the beginning of pilgrimages to the Middle East during the 10th century. The belief that the world would end come the year 1,000 was very prominent, so much so that the English King Aethelred II (978-1016AD) replaced his image on the coinage with the symbol of Christianity – the lamb. Once the fearful date pasted, he reverted to placing his own portrait on the coinage once again. This particular cycle marked the Crusades, which began in 1095 as a pretense to protect the pilgrims.

The next target in 1241 which was the year of the Great Mongol Invasion. Poland fell to the Mongols that year who are eventually beaten back. We also see in this cycle was a new trend of Antipopes when France seized the Catholic Church and installed French popes as puppets of the French king that became known as the Avignon Papacy. This was the period from 1309 to 1376 during which seven successive popes resided in Avignon. The Seventh Crusade was a crusade led by Louis IX of France from 1248 to 1254. This was the cycle that we see Constantinople fall to the Turks in 1453.

The next cycle turning point began in 1551 when the Council of Trent reconvened to deal with the Protestant Reformation. This cycle also marks the attempt of Islam to conquer Europe and impose Islam as the state religion. The invading army was the new Ottoman Empire, which was defeated at the Battle of Vienna which took place on the 12th of September 1683 after the imperial city had been besieged by the Ottoman Empire for two months. The peak of that cycle arrives 212 years from the beginning. That was 1763 and the start of George II restrictions placed upon Americans which led to the American Revolution, which was also about the freedom of religion.


This brings us to 1860 and this is the beginning of the American Civil War, which was rooted in a religious question concerning slavery. This current cycle will reach its peak in 2072 and the next will begin in 2170. We are clearly moving toward a clash of philosophies both within Christianity as well as among different religious foundations. As we move into that major turning point, we will see rising discontent and religious confrontation engulf the world. In the USA, we have the liberal v conservative confrontation which is also incorporating the religious right and anti-abortion movements v women’s liberation factions. They see this as plain and simple – thous shalt not kill. Yet this is inconsistent with the idea of war itself. Perhaps it is ok to kill someone if the government tells you to do it?

This is part of the religious cycle as well. We will also see the conflict between Christianity and Islam build in Europe. This will be no different from the anti-immigration movement that surged into gun battles on the streets of Philadelphia during the economic depression that followed the Sovereign Debt Defaults by states during the 1840s. As the economic decline picks up speed from 2018 into 2020, the tensions against immigration will only rise. This is also behind the separtist movements in Europe.

We are in the Seventh Wave following the birth of Christ. From a pure cyclical perspective, the next turning point in 2072 may be a significant religious change. What comes, can only be subject to speculation. We have completed six waves of 309.6 years. The Seventh is where major change and conflict will be unleashed.


The “Small Group” Knew They’d Lose The Fact Battle, So They Began a Propaganda War…

A flood of DOJ/FBI moves, leaks and details this week highlight the desperation of an aligned group of Obama officials and ideologues which began with the FBI raid on the offices and home of Michael Cohen.  All of the subsequent activity is connected.

This week began with a dramatic early-morning raid on the home, office and hotel room of a sitting U.S. president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.  The week ended in equally dramatic fashion, in a packed courtroom, following numerous media leaks from New York U.S. Attorneys and FBI investigators about the content of their Cohen raid.  In the big picture all of this week’s activity appears related to a coordinated propaganda strategy.

Looking up from the granules, we can see a clear and comprehensive plan to flood the zone with propaganda narratives to distract, dilute and obfuscate.

If we look at the big picture the stylistic content of the James Comey book; the timing of the release; the timing of the raid on Cohen; the leaks of scraped material from the raid to the media; all of this falls into a pattern. A strategy that was originally outlined by James Comey’s friend back in October of 2016. SEE HERE.  We knew the DOJ/FBI raid on Cohen was likely a larger strategy to gather opposition research.

With the OIG reports coming rapidly to a conclusion, and with the IG reports being so detailed in their fact-outline, the “small group” is at an inflection point where their risk is growing. A larger awakening is taking place.

Knowing the connection between the FBI, DOJ-NSD, Fusion-GPS, Clinton Campaign and Christopher Steele political activity in 2016, we also pondered if the larger motive behind the raid might be connected to the use of DOJ and FBI databases to conduct searches on political opposition, and the need to hide therein.

The intelligence mistake of Michael Cohen traveling to Prague, is a direct-line thread connecting the FBI/DOJ FISA(702)(17) searches to Fusion-GPS and the Steele dossier.  As such there would be a very strong motive for similarly aligned political entities within the U.S. intelligence apparatus to take strong action to cloud the connection.  In short they need to lower the risk.

This week we also discovered the origin of the 2016 FBI Counterintelligence Operation against candidate Trump began as an outcome of a CIA referral connected to Australia and the U.K.  In essence, fellow ideologues within GCHQ (U.K), and their Australian counterparts, worked collaboratively with the U.S. intelligence apparatus to oppose Donald Trump; and create a false narrative that would undermine the 2016 presidential election.

After Donald Trump won the election, all of the aligned intelligence entities -including Obama officials therein- were now at risk.  The issues extend beyond the activity of the DOJ and FBI, and one of the trails of their collective activity ended up inside the Steele Dossier with the false fact surrounding Michael Cohen.  The intelligence apparatus needs to create something, anything, that removes that connection.

As if on cue…. late the afternoon one of the leaks from the Mueller Team specifically targets this threat:

The Justice Department special counsel has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Confirmation of the trip would lend credence to a retired British spy’s report that Cohen strategized there with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election. (read more)

This is where it becomes critical to remind yourself of how far this group has already gone to manipulate the outcomes of the election.  Do not sell these Machiavellian-mind people short.   Remember, one of the key benefits of the raid on Michael Cohen was to create the architecture underneath media narratives (stories) created out of loin cloth.  The actual content of evidence captured in the FBI raid is irrelevant, they only need the basic element of truth -that the raid took place- as the foundation for the downstream propaganda.

The U.K., Australia and the U.S. intelligence apparatus, foreign (cia) and domestic (fbi/doj-nsd) collaborated to influence the 2016 U.S. election outcome.  As such, those same entities have a vested interest in now creating a false series of facts that remove the threat within the false Michael Cohen Prague visit.

The “small group” of Mueller activists within the DOJ and FBI need to create any alternate appearance in order to cover for the very real likelihood the intelligence apparatus used Christopher Steele to launder search outcomes from the abuse of the U.S. FISA database (NSA, FBI and DOJ-NSD).   This crew needs to create a plausible way the specific Cohen event could have made it into the Steele Dossier without using U.S. intelligence databases.

The raid on Michael Cohen creates the basis for the false claims. The use of friendly foreign intelligence to potentially substantiate false claims is the plausible deniability they need.  Everything is essentially propaganda.

They knew they would lose the fact battle, so they chose to fight a propaganda war.

…that’s the essential argument made by James Comey’s friend Benjamin Wittes in his plan of action written in October 2016 when he described the “insurance policy” – in his outline of what to do in the unlikely event Trump wins.  You might remember that Wittes was the friend FBI Director James Comey used to leak his memos to the New York Times.


Guns, Knives, Facebook and Free Speech

Bernie Sanders Admits the Democrats Are a Failure


Bernie Sanders is probably the only Democrat who has been honest enough to admit that the Democratic Party has been a complete failure. It’s focus on Marxism and creating class warfare has been a serious issue that will fuel civil unrest as the Socialist agenda continues to implode. Sanders recently said: “The business model, if you like, of the Democratic Party for the last 15 years or so has been a failure. People sometimes don’t see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama.” When we look at the total seats held in both the Senate and House by each party, the bear market in the Democrats becomes obvious. The Democrats actually peaked with the first election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932. They have been gradually declining ever since.



Bernie pointed also to the Democratic Party’s many state legislative losses to Republicans. He has pointed out that the Republicans control most of the state legislatures throughout the country. What Bernie fails to grasp is that government is far too corrupt to actually govern and provide any true improvement in the lifestyle of the average person. The entire Socialist agenda has been devastating on absolutely every front. The introduction of Social Security shifted the focus away from inter-family security being replaced by the state. Kids no longer save to take care of their parents for that is the government’s job. Eastern Europeans still rely upon the family as you also see in China. In the USA, an amazing amount of children are still living with their parents into the 30s all because of taxes.

On top of that, the tax burden upon people has steadily risen. During the 1930s, it took just one person to earn a salary to support a family. It was the Democrats who imposed the income tax all the way down creating the Payroll Tax. They changed the definition of the rich from $5 million to $250,000 just to collect more taxes. What they have done is not just caused more children to be living with their parents into their thirties, but young families cannot survive unless the wife also works. That may be great for the Women’s Liberation Movement, but it has also robbed women of even the luxury to stay home and raise their children during the formative years. It now takes two incomes to sustain what one used to do before the income tax.

The Democrats also seriously altered the black family, which was once stronger than even the white community because they needed each other. With the introduction of welfare, they began to pay girls for the number of children they had and created an incentive not to get married. Similar programs in New Zealand provided total care for a girl if she had no idea who the father of the child was. Even the white community found the number of women who had no idea who the father was rose dramatically because they received free housing. The guy just ran out the back door when the social worker arrived. The ethnic background or race does not matter – it is economic incentives to undermine the family structure. Today, the black family has fallen to the bottom compared to whites and Hispanics all because of decades of economic incentives not to have a family structure. Studies now show the net effect of such social policies. “The United States shows striking racial and ethnic differences in marriage patterns. Compared to both white and Hispanic women, black women marry later in life, are less likely to marry at all, and have higher rates of marital instability.” Instead of blaming race, we need to look closer at the failure of Socialism.

The only message of the Democrats is also the same – vote for them because you are the victim of the rich. Instead of being like King Midas where everything he touched turned to gold, everything they have touched has crumbled to dust. Have Democratic policies ever worked? Communism failed. Behind the old Iron Curtain, the people as a whole learned the hard way that government is not something you can trust. Unfortunately, Europe and North America must learn the same lesson. The first major reform is not to simply lower taxes, but to prohibit direct taxation as was originally set forth by the Founding Fathers until the Marxists amended the Constitution and have ever since been destroy our culture. One of the primary reasons corporation have moved offshore is not because they will pay wages that are cheaper. The number one reason is for consistency. It is always a battle over taxes. How can you invest in a plant and assume your profit margin will be XYZ, and then the Democrats raise the taxes when they get back in. Other countries office 25-year tax guarantees NOT to raise their tax rate. Would you sign a lease for an apartment that said if the landlord needs money, he can raise your rate any time he desires and if you refuse to pay he can throw you in prison? Welcome to the American tax system.

The Right to Privacy Means Nothing

QUESTION: Has the world lost sight of what is a Protection Priority??
Equifax CEO Richard Smith Resigns after Backlash Over Massive Data Breach Equifax that compromised the PERMANENT data (SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS ) of 143 million Americans. AND IS REWARDED $18.4 million. (including a $7.6 million bonus.)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to testify next week on Capitol Hill regarding recent revelations about uses of people’s data (where they shop, eat, play) that they made public in the first place.
What are our security priorities??


ANSWER: Our entire loss of privacy rights should be a major class action lawsuit. To sign up for anything, they have tremendous detailed legal agreements where effectively you waive all your rights to privacy. It is a situation where UNLESS you waive your rights, you cannot participate in the digital world. My personal legal theory is straightforward. I will be glad to help any law firm that wishes to bring such an action. You CANNOT possibly waive any Constitutional right whatsoever BECAUSE such an act of waiver means that every person in this country, even if not a citizen, can constructively amend the Constitution. That means the Constitution is a scrap of paper with no substance. The only authority to amend anything in the Constitution remains Article Five and that requires two-thirds of Congress to vote for such a change.

Constitution Article Five

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

The Constitution is NEGATIVE meaning it is a restraint upon government. Any waiver means you are amending the Constitution to give them more power than the Founders granted. That is an un-Democratic result. Justice Jackson explained that these constitutional principles in the Bill of Rights “grew in soil which also produced a philosophy that the individual[‘s] . . . liberty was attainable through mere absence of governmental restraints.” West Virginia State Bd. of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624, 639 (1943).

One of the greatest legal minds of today is Judge Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit. In November 1980, in Joliet, Illinois, a car turned over and caught fire. A policeman arrived and began directing traffic away from the scene. He made no effort to determine whether or not there were people in the car. There were, and they burned to death. The city was sued for damages on the ground that, by failing to save the occupants, the policeman and therefore the city had deprived them of life or liberty without due process of law. Relief was denied.

Judge Richard Posner wrote that the Constitution “is a charter of negative rather than positive liberties. . . . The men who wrote the Bill of Rights were not concerned that Government might do too little for the people but that it might do too much to them. The Fourteenth Amendment, adopted in 1868 at the height of laissez-faire thinking, sought to protect Americans from oppression by state government, not to secure them basic governmental services.” Jackson v. City of Joliet, 715 F.2d 1200, 1203 (7th Cir.), cert. denied, 465 U.S. 1049 (1983). Thus the city had no constitutional duty to help the accident victims, and thus its failure to act deprived them of neither liberty nor life /Id. at 1206.

Therefore, the Constitution is unquestionably NEGATIVE and it imposes no duty upon the government to create any program even under the Socialist philosophies. Instead, it was always a restraint upon the government to ensure our liberty. Hence, you CANNOT waive any Constitutional right for that would be constructively amending the Constitution and therefore you are granting power to the government to act unconstitutio9nally which would then also violate Equal Protection of the laws for they can coerce everyone to surrender a right and that means people are not treated the same.

In Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965), is a landmark case in the United States that established the Right to Privacy which Facebook and just about everyone else is coercing people to surrender. The case involved a Connecticut “Comstock law” that prohibited any person from using “any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception.” They prosecuted and convicted a doctor as accessories for giving married persons information and medical advice on how to prevent conception and, following examination, prescribing a contraceptive device or material for the wife’s use. The Supreme Court held that the statute was unconstitutional, and that “the clear effect of [the Connecticut law…] is to deny disadvantaged citizens […] access to medical assistance and up-to-date information in respect to proper methods of birth control.” By a vote of 7–2, the Supreme Court invalidated the law on the grounds that it violated the “right to marital privacy”, establishing the basis for the right to privacy with respect to intimate practices. This and other cases view the right to privacy as a right to “protect[ion] from governmental intrusion.”

Can you imagine that the government passed a law which decreed you could not have sex in some particular position? The question that immediately jumps out at you is HOW can they enforce such a law? Would government then have the right to witness a private sexual act in your home to grant approval or not? You can easily see that is the problem. Yet in Switzerland, they have some strange laws. A man cannot urinate standing up after 10 PM because he might make noise that disturbs a neighbor. This is an example of intrusive government.

The Right to Privacy is critical. The government violates that law every single day. Congress can enact any law it desires even one that said every person must kill their first born male son. The burden then falls to the citizen to argue in court that the law is unconstitutional. The French system requires the court to rule BEFORE the enforcement of any act. The American system is tyranny for only if a person has enough money to defend themselves can they uphold the Constitution. This is a terrible legal system that denies Equal Protection of the Law for it obviously discriminates according to class.

Facebook and others can take all your private data and sell it for a profit. They will also turn it over the government. Therein is a serious conflict of interest. The Right to Privacy should be restored and forcing people to surrender that right to be part of the digital era is outrageous coercion. It is long beyond the time that we actually apply the Constitution as a NEGATIVE restraint upon government as it was intended. We have no LIBERTY until that is restored.


Second Amendment Repealed!

Former Justice John Paul Stevens says it’s time to scrap the 2nd Amendment altogether. But what does that mean for our supposedly free Republic?

Heaven or Hell?


Shooter at YouTube Campus Identified as Iranian, Vegan, PETA Activist, Angry Over YouTube Policies…

Police have identified the shooter who attacked a San Bruno YouTube campus wounding three employees and killing herself as Nasim Aghdam.  Apparently Ms. Aghdam was a user of the platform and was considerably upset about YouTube ad revenue policies.

Nasim Aghdam has a website [available here] displaying a weird manifesto of sorts where she admonishes YouTube for censorship and demonetization of her video content. Her self-identification is an “Iranian Vegan”, and apparently she is also an animal rights activist.   Prior to the rampage she might not have entirely lost all her marbles, but there was definitely a big hole in her bag.

(Via ABC7) […]  Aghdam is said to have no relationship with anyone in the YouTube facility.  Sources contacted by ABC7 News say that Aghdam did not have an ID badge, but was carrying a purse, and that nobody in the facility knew who she was.

According to her website, a possible motivation for the shooting could have been tied to her many YouTube accounts, which she says have seen a decline in viewership over the past few months. (read more)

(Visit Sketchy Website Here)


Is There a Cycle to Religion?


Mr. Armstrong,

 With the rise and fall of civilizations comes the rise and fall of religion. Are we due for a new religion to be born, or to have a rapid growth of popularity? Christianity grew rapidly during the fall of the Roman empire, and with the persecution of believers, where are we today in this cycle?

Thank you for your education. I’ve read your blog since I was in high school and realize how life is governed by cycles. Some weeks are rough, some are fantastic, but it all regresses to the mean eventfully.


ANSWER: Oh yes. There is a Cycle of Religion that prevails throughout all cultures. It is clearly tied to economics and the business cycle. I am sure some people will naturally disagree with that one, but it cannot be removed from the business cycle itself. Religion has so often inspired war with some even called Holy Wars. The dominance of a given religion has turned with the economy. The rise and fall of civilizations have been clearly linked to religion. Even if we go back to the Stone Age, we find graves with goods place in there with the deceased with obvious demonstrations of love as well as a belief in an after-life.  Burial rites characterize religion and extend back into the Middle Paleolithic, as early as 300,000 years ago, coinciding with the first appearance human communities.

Religion is an integral part of the entire human society. But keep in mind that this goes beyond the simple shifts from Paganism to Christianity and the rise of Islam. There are cycles within each as there are cycles in Asian cultures and religions all tied to the business cycle. The English Civil War was the Protestants against the Catholics which ended up beheading the King. The Puritans seized power under Oliver Cromwell who placed his own portrait on coins wearing a wreath as if he were a Roman Emperor. The Puritans outlawed kissing your wife in public, plays, all sports, and celebrating Christmas. They were so strict that the Protestants rebelled and overthrew the Puritans. It was the Puritans who infected the United States for they were the Pilgrims. This illustrates that there were subcycles within the same religion and the cycle does not always involve Christianity against Islam or Pagans.

During the 3rd Century, as the Roman Empire was economically imploding and the barbarians were at their gates, this is when the persecutions of the Christians became common. The Pagans believed Rome was being punished because the Christians were not worshiping the gods. When the Christians became the majority inspired by the economic collapse of Rome, then they turned against the Pagans and persecuted them. We see collections of ancient sculptures many are beheaded and defaced. This was the Christians assuming and sculpture was a god.


If we look at China, we can see quite easily how religion and the business cycle were interlinked even in Asia. The Chinese emperor was seen as being handed the Mandate of Heaven (天, Tian). The Chinese economic, political, and religious doctrine that supported the rule of the Emperor of China was a belief that heaven embodied the natural order and will of the universe. Therefore, it was this natural order that gave the mandate to the ruler of China for he was the “Heavenly Son” of above. In order to maintain that philosophy, if the emperor was overthrown, this was interpreted that the ruler was unworthy, offended the universe, and had therefore lost the mandate. They also believed that natural disasters from earthquakes, famine to floods were all signs from Heaven that the emperor wronged the Heavens and such disaster would often justify revolts of the people.

We see how this belief system interpreted the fall of China to the Mongolian invasion. Genghis Khan began the conquest of China with just raids in 1205 and 1207 across the border. However, by 1279, Kublai Khan had established the Yuan dynasty in China crushing all resistance, which was the first time in history that China came under the rule of a foreign or non-native power.

Most people in the West know little about the history of China. They saw the movie the Last Emperor and assumed that the Emperor ruled until the Communist Revolution in 1946. In reality, following the outbreak of the Wuchang Uprising against Qing Dynasty rule in 1911, the revolutionaries elected Sun Yat-sen as the “provisional president” of the transitional government, with the Republic of China officially established on January 1, 1912. More like the UK, the Chinese Emperor was not eliminated, just the political-economic power. It was against this republican form of government that the Chinese Communist Revolution was launched in 1946 following the beliefs of Karl Marx. Finally, on October 1st, 1949, Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the People’s Republic of China ending the Emperor forever.


There is nothing that is exempt from cycles be it the economy, seasons or even religions. The Hindus believed their religion and gods are invincible not much different from the Romans. Hindus were prosperous, powerful, and became economically very rich and therefore known as was Rome or the United States. They believed that would last forever as every society does. They believed they are special, which is also a common theme. They believed that their gods were in charge of the world as well as the universe. Their culture and community also experienced a very difficult time adjusting to the reality of their collapse. Like the Romans, the Hindus also believed that their gods would bring all good things back and restore them to their former glory. Some resorted to extreme devotion and concluded the same as the Pagans of Rome that their fall was because there was not enough devotion.

In the United States, Rev Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson came out and said that God was angry and punishing New York allowing the terrorists to succeed on 911. They said God allowed the attack because of “abortion, homosexuality, secular schools and courts, and the American civil liberties union.” (see Guardian). This is the standard reaction when fortune shifts. Many will blame some group that God is punishing the entire community because of these people. This human response was the same in the Hindus as it was among the ancient Romans and Greeks.

Socrates was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth and offending the gods. It is not clear whether he believed in just one God or many. The Greek word Plato used in the original text is “θεός” (theos) which is translated to “God” or “the deity”. Nevertheless, “θεοί” is the plural form of “θεός” and Plato also used this in sections of his Phaedo. Plato does indeed use both the singular and plural forms in the text.


Christianity went through dark periods of the cycle of religion. Because Roman bathhouses were communal and were places one went to even for prostitutes, when Roman fell, bathing was then connected with sin. Mathematics also became associated with the Devil. The entire idea that the Earth was flat and the center of the universe emerged from the idea of heaven and hell and there had to be an up and down. Bruno was burned alive for saying the Earth revolved again the Sun. The Church jailed Galileo (1564-1642) for believing the same concept. The knowledge that came from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 introducing schools brought the West out of the Dark Ages. But this took time. Christopher Columbus had maps that came from the East and set sail to discover America in 1492, about 40 years following the fall of Constantinople.

Every religion undergoes a cycle of change. It does not matter which religion we are talking about. Nonetheless, this is tied to the business cycle. When economic decline hits, we see rising civil unrest as one group blames the other for their ways and non-devotion.

Islam and Christianity preached a level of equality, which provided a flat social structure as distinguished from a class system. This was the foundation of capitalism for people were allowed to change their professions at will and new converts to their religions were welcome. Hinduism, on the other hand, has a rather strict ordered and hierarchical structure of society. This structure was flexible at the beginning and the ancient texts contain examples of people changing their castes. Over time, this flexibility was lost and the caste began to be decided at birth.

Islam regarded stealing severely where Christianity was more forgiving, but the government and Christain Fundamentalism turned to the unforgiving policies that have led the United States to have almost 25% of the total world prison population when it has only 4.4% of the world’s population. People are imprisoned for any offense whatsoever. If you drive on federal property and do not have your drivers license on you, you MUST go to jail and will be given typically a sentence of 30 days. When John Ashcroft was Attorney General under Bush, Jr., he imposed his unforgiving religious belief system upon the nation. Prosecutors would not get credit for a mere conviction. The defendant MUST do some jail time. It was Ashcroft who has turned the United States into the most anti-Liberty nation on the face of the Earth. Nobody imprisons people for every offense no matter how minor than the US Federal Government.

Islam and Christianity both demand absolute faith in their own version of God. Hindus are much more tolerant of what you should believe, but conversion to Hinduism is more difficult than that to Islam/Christianity. In polytheist Hindu system, if you want to bring in your god, then it is just one more idol in the already crowded temple of Gods. Hinduism offers a rich variety of texts and encourages debate as well as the pursuit of knowledge. Hinduism and most other Eastern religions, tend to believe that humans are part of the environment and that animals and plants should all be respected. Western religions, including Islam and Christianity, tend to accept the principle that humans are created in the image of God and are therefore a superior species on the planet which was created for humans.

So there are differences in philosophy between East and West. In the East, they tend to believe in cycles as part of nature where in the West the core starting point was linear. That said, there are cycles in the belief system but there are also cycles within each religion.