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A Curious Case of Transferred Battery Technology

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Every once in a while, you come across an article that seems like one thing but is actually another thing entirely.  The NPR story of how “The U.S. made a breakthrough battery discovery — then gave the technology to China“, is one such article.

Several people sent this to us for opinion and review; however, the background of the article reveals something quite different. Then again, perhaps that’s exactly why NPR wrote it.


It is important to read the story as presented by NPR, because it is oddly written as if someone is trying to use the outlet to get out ahead of something else.

The issue surrounds a new product technology called a vanadium redox flow battery.  Essentially the U.S. government funded scientists to develop an advanced battery that could store energy without degrading.  After success, the technology was then sent to China for manufacturing.  China then invested heavily in the product and used the technology to mass manufacture the battery for the global market. The United States is now behind in the product development and manufacture.

As the story is told in NPR, “the Chinese company didn’t steal this technology. It was given to them — by the U.S. Department of Energy. First in 2017, as part of a sublicense, and later, in 2021, as part of a license transfer.”  Except that’s not what happened at all.  There is some major ‘ass-covering’ in that false narrative.

The lead scientist working on the vanadium redox flow battery project was a man named Gary Yang.  Mr. Yang was born in China and emigrated to the U.S. becoming a U.S. citizen.  Yang worked with U.S. scientists to develop the technology and was funded by a multi-million research grant from the Dept of Energy.

After their initial success, according to NPR, “in 2012, Yang applied to the Department of Energy for a license to manufacture and sell the batteries.”  The Dept of Energy license was granted, and Yang launched UniEnergy Technologies as the parent company to develop the commercial application of the product.

It’s 2012 and Gary Yang was now looking for investors and manufacturing in the commercial sector to produce the battery.

Here’s where it gets interesting…. According to Yang, “he couldn’t persuade any U.S. investors to come aboard. “I talked to almost all major investment banks; none of them (wanted to) invest in batteries,” Yang said in an interview, adding that the banks wanted a return on their investments faster than the batteries would turn a profit.” This is Yang’s justification for what he did next.

After he couldn’t find U.S. investors (which I will say up front seems like an excuse), Yang then took the technology to China to have them manufacture the product.

The Chinese embraced the technology, created entire manufacturing eco-systems around it and now corner the market on the technology behind vanadium batteries.  However, giving the technology to China for manufacturing and development is a violation of the license Chang was given.

Yang even admits he knew it was not allowed. “Yang’s original license requires him to sell a certain number of batteries in the U.S., and it says those batteries must be “substantially manufactured” here. In an interview, Yang acknowledged that he did not do that.” Now we start to look a little more skeptically at the claims by Gary Yang, because a whole bunch of stuff just doesn’t add up.

As noted by NPR, five years after getting the license from the Dept of Energy, “in 2017, Yang formalized the relationship and granted Dalian Rongke Power Co. Ltd. an official sublicense, allowing the company to make the batteries in China.”

After China had fully developed the technology, they obviously no longer needed Gary Yang to go global with the product.  As a result of what can only be considered as ‘getting cut out’, Yang -still holding the original DoE license- then turned to Europe.

Gary Yang not only sublicensed Chinese manufacturing, supposedly without DoE notification, in 2021 he sold the license to the Netherlands.

“In 2021, Yang transferred the battery license to a European company based in the Netherlands. The company, Vanadis Power, told NPR it initially planned to continue making the batteries in China and then would set up a factory in Germany, eventually hoping to manufacture in the U.S., said Roelof Platenkamp, the company’s founding partner.

Vanadis Power needed to manufacture batteries in Europe because the European Union has strict rules about where companies manufacture products, Platenkamp said.  “I have to be a European company, certainly a non-Chinese company, in Europe,” Platenkamp said in an interview with NPR.”

Before moving on, let me recap because things are going to start making sense about why this story has some major ramifications.  Also, don’t overlook the timing of events and keep in the back of your mind what you know about Hunter Biden (remember, ‘energy sector’ with no experience) and Biden’s deals with China being made in/around this same timeframe.

♦ 2006 – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory original grant. “It took six years and more than 15 million taxpayer dollars for the scientists to uncover what they believed was the perfect vanadium battery recipe.

♦ 2012 – The lead scientist, Gary Yang, asks the Dept of Energy for a license.  He then creates UniEnergy Tech.

♦ 2013/2014 – Unable to find investors in the U.S., Gary Yang enters a manufacturing and development agreement with China.

♦ 2017 – Gary Yang officially grants a sublicense to Dalian Rongke Power Co. Ltd in China.

♦ 2021 – Gary Yang then sells his license to Vanadis Power in the Netherlands.

Tell me again how this NPR sentence makes sense: “the Chinese company didn’t steal this technology. It was given to them — by the U.S. Department of Energy. First in 2017, as part of a sublicense, and later, in 2021, as part of a license transfer.

Do you see anywhere in this reformatted outline where the U.S. Dept of Energy gave the technology to anyone, except Gary Yang?

The only entity responsible for transferring the technology to China was Gary Yang.

Now, with all that in mind, check out the date on the picture that NPR uses in their article:


Keep the guy on the left, Imre Gyuk, in mind as we move forward.  Note the date of “2015” with Imre Gyuk and Gary Yang. They are standing together.

Remember in the NPR article, the baseline for why Yang took the technology to China was that he couldn’t find investors to manufacture in the United States.

The vanadium battery license in question would have come from Imre Gyuk’s office.  Now, in addition to being the Director of Energy Storage Research in the Office of Electricity, of the Dept of Energy, Gyuk also held another role:  “As part of the program he also supervises the $185M ARRA stimulus funding for Grid Scale Energy Storage
Demonstrations” {Citation}

The ARRA funds referenced were the Obama-era stimulus funds; the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds; the shovel ready jobs funds.  Yet, Gary Yang cannot find investors?

Citation from 2014: “It’s not a given that lithium-ion batteries are the best batteries for electric cars, or for electrical grid storage. Other types of batteries today show promise, most of which you’ve never heard of: vanadium redox flow, zinc-based, sodium-aqueous and liquid-metal. Businesses looking to invest in batteries are deciding between these technologies and more. Market players will weigh the different technologies’ cost of manufacture, durability, usefulness.” {Citation} But Gary Yang couldn’t find U.S. investors? 

Citation from 2014: “The forever battery.” A Silicon Valley startup run by old-school technologists has invented an energy storage device that could take an entire neighborhood off the grid. This magic box is called a Vanadium redox flow battery. {CitationBut Gary Yang couldn’t find U.S. investors.

Citation from 2016: “Cost-effective, reliable, and longer-lived energy storage is necessary to truly modernize the grid,” said Dr. Imre Gyuk, energy storage program manager for DOE’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, of UET’s system. “As third-generation vanadium flow batteries gain market share, it is essential to increase our understanding of storage value and optimization to accelerate adoption of integrated storage and renewable energy solutions among utilities.” {CitationBut Gary Yang couldn’t find U.S. investors.  {Here’s another Citation}

Citation from 2018: “On January 23, 2018, the Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted a meeting on energy storage with distinguished guests Dr. Imre Gyuk, director of energy storage research at the United States Department of Energy, and Dr. Gary Yang, CEO of UniEnergy Technologies.  Dr. Gyuk and Dr. Yang were met by China Energy Storage Alliance Chairman and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Engineering Thermophysics Deputy Director Chen Haisheng, China Energy Storage Alliance Deputy Chairman and Beijing Puneng General Manager Huang Mianyan, and CNESA Standing Council Representative and general manager of State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Company Wang Mingcai.” (image below)


This meeting is important because Imre Gyuk and Gary Yang are together, in China in 2018.  The year after the Dept of Energy license given to Gary Yang was unlawfully sublicensed to the Chinese.

NPR is correct in that U.S. taxpayers funded six years of research and development for vanadium redox flow batteries (2006-2012), and once the product was successful the technology was transferred to China (2014-2017) as part of the commercial manufacture.  However, it was Gary Yang who gave it to them, and by all appearances he did so unlawfully.

There is going to be much more to this story…. Much more.  We have only just begun to dig.

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Klaus Schwab – How to Rule the World – Maybe!

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Aug 3, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Klaus Schwab does not understand human nature or how the world economy functions. He preaches Stakeholder Economics which failed and was instituted during the Depression BECAUSE there were no government programs. The theory then was that companies should contribute to saving society. It failed because there was no coordination, for every company was independent, and they would contribute to what they saw or had a bias toward.  His “Stakeholder Economics” is not his own idea. He took it from Berle and Means.

Milton Friedman, back in 1970, exposed how Stakeholder Economics was inefficient and stupid. He laid out that such a role was that of government, not corporations, whose #1 fiduciary obligation was to its shareholder. Under Schwab, I could say, “OK I will go public; everyone sends in money. I will give you shares in return and then say — OMG, there are people starving in Africa!” So, I decide to give 50% of all the profits to them and not my investors. This is Stakeholder Economics.

The history of the Volkswagen brand began with the “Käfer”; development work on this Nazi prestige project began in 1934. On May 28, 1937, it was formally established. The name was changed to “Volkswagenwerk GmbH” in 1938. With the outbreak of war, it became the arms industry. But it was produced under the direction of Hitler was called the Volkswagen (“people’s car”). This is the Stakeholder Economics of Schwab today. I can tell you that, personally, Schwab is a control freak. He runs the WEF with an Iron Fist. Errors are not tolerated.

Schwab is actually advocating fascism where he wants to control the future by controlling the production of all corporations. His dream of world domination is much deeper than simply communism, where his hero remains Lenin.

Lenin nationalized all manufacturing and industry throughout Soviet Russia. This is what Schwab is advocating to get them to “voluntarily” surrender their fiduciary duty to his one-world government to end the potential war as was structured in the EU. Schwab pushed for that and his bedfellows, George Soros, poured money into Britain to try to storm BREXIT.

The one-world government of the Roman Empire did not prevent civil war and uprisings. Julius Caesar said men believe what they want to believe. That certainly applies to Schwab and Soros. They only look at what they want to hear from the dead economic theories.

Lenin failed to understand human nature. He requisitioned surplus grain from peasant farmers to feed his Red Army in addition to nationalizing all manufacturing. These measures proved disastrous. Under the new state-owned economy, both industrial and agricultural output completely plummeted. The very people who understood how to run their companies or when to plant crops were capitalists who were typically killed or imprisoned. This policy led to an estimated five million Russians who died of famine in 1921 alone. The living standards across Russia plunged into abject poverty. This is the hero worshiped by Schwab!

There began a massive uprising, as we see in Sir Lanka. The civil unrest threatened the very existence of Lenin’s Soviet government. Lenin used the secret police (Cheka) to silence all political opposition. This was a rein of terror targeting both his opponents and challengers within his own political party. Schwab sees this as a necessary tool, and thus this is why he wants total digital ID to restrict movement using pandemics that will most likely be created for control. What they did with COVID may not have established a precedent. It may have hurt so many people that the attempt to initiate a repeat performance itself is more likely to erupt in civil unrest next year on a major scale.

Indeed, there was an attempted assassination on Lenin by Fanya Kaplan, who shot him in the shoulder and neck as he was leaving a Moscow factory in August 1918. Lenin was badly injured. This unleashed the Red Terror carried out by his secret police. They unleashed a campaign of mass executions against supporters of anyone who supported the czar. Russia’s upper classes and any Socialists who weren’t loyal to Lenin’s Communist Party found themselves on the target list.

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) established the Praetorian Guard to protect the emperor. When Caligula was assassinated on January 24, 41 AD, the Praetorian Guard made Claudius Emperor, who had always been a Republican and played the role of the fool. He did not want to take the throne. He was advised by his Jewish friend Herod Agrippa to take it or he would be killed, for there were those in the Senate who would love to be emperor. So here you see a gold aureus of Claudius with the reverse showing the Praetorian camp. For you see, without an emperor, they were unemployed. They made Claudius emperor, and neither he nor the Senate had any choice.

Consequently, once Lenin created his Secret Police (Cheka), they were not about to let Russia slip back into a monarchy or a democracy, for that would have ended their power, as was the case with the Praetorian Guard upon the assassination of Caligula. The Cheka (Secret Police) is believed to have executed at least 100,000 so-called “class enemies” during the Red Terror between September and October 1918 following the assassination attempt of Lenin.

As a result, Lenin was forced to back down from his authoritarian government, instituting his New Economic Policy, which was a temporary retreat from complete nationalization. The New Economic Policy created a more market-oriented economic system, “a free market and capitalism, both subject to state control.” Lenin’s Red Army eventually won Russia’s civil war, and then in 1922, he formed the USSR with a treaty between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Transcaucasus (now Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan). Lenin thus became the first head of the USSR.

Between 1922 and his death in 1924, Lenin suffered a series of strokes that impacted his ability to speak, and it had been his charismatic delivery of speeches that gave him power, as was the case for Adolf Hitler. Both spoke with a passion that moved the crowds. This opened the door for Joseph Stalin, who was the Communist Party’s new General Secretary, and he quickly began to consolidate his power. Lenin resented Stalin’s growing political power and saw his ascendency as a threat to the USSR. Lenin’s Treaty for the USSR was one built upon mutual respect, whereas Stalin saw it all as one nation with all power at his fingertips.

Lenin died on January 21, 1924, at the age of 53. Knowledge of his death came after Stalin had already come to power. It was Stalin who stole all the food from Ukraine, killing some seven million, and he unleashed the Great Purge of 1936-38. He strengthened the Cheka (Secret Police) to firmly retain power in the same fashion that the Roman Praetorian Guard supported the emperor to retain their jobs.

Beware, this is the same power being crafted by Klaus Schwab. The digital ID for everyone and to create a “social” index of people is the exact way to instill control as well as fear.

Czech Republic to Seize All Russian People’s Assets

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Leading Czech politicians are calling for all property within the Czech Republic of all Russians to be indefinitely ‘frozen’ in violation of international law. The onus would be on the victims to “prove” that they are against the Putin regime. There are about 40,000 Russians living in the Czech Republic, plus others who have property or businesses there.

The EU is increasing being viewed as an evil, lawless, government. However, the Eastern European EU members are now even worse than the Western ones. They seem to go further violating international law trying to prove to the West that they are good little obedient vassals. Fischer is violating every principle of what the EU was supposed to stand for – human rights. The Czech Republic has clearly begun a new cycle which began with the COVID  Crash.

Clueless Celebrities Attempt to Worsen Energy Crisis

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Mar 21, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

City National Bank is considered Hollywood’s “bank to the stars” and was acquired by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) in 2015. A group of over 65 clueless celebrities thirsting for attention are attempting to create a movement called “No Dirty Banks” to dissuade the RBC from investing in fossil fuels – period.

Their message is as follows:

As Canada’s #1 fossil fuel bank, and the fifth largest in the world, RBC is deeply implicated in the Canadian tar sands – one of the most toxic sources of oil on the planet, that has devastated Indigenous lands, and destroyed pristine boreal forest.

Though RBC claims to be a leader in climate-conscious banking, since acquiring CNB in 2015 RBC has spent over $160 billion, making it one of the world’s most aggressive financiers of the tar sands and fossil fuel extraction.

RBC and CNB must stop funding fossil fuel projects, especially fracking and tar sands. At the source of extraction, Alberta tar sands exacerbate the climate crisis, and are why Canada is unable to meet its international climate commitments.

Between the signing of the 2015 Paris Agreement and the end of 2020, the world’s 60 biggest banks, including RBC, financed fossil fuels to the tune of $3.8 trillion. Fossil fuel funding fuels climate chaos and threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions.

Bankrolling Coastal GasLink is just the latest example of RBC covering up their role in violating Indigenous rights, not upholding free, prior and informed consent as outlined in UNDRIP, and making the climate crisis worse.

These celebrities are known to live lavish lifestyles and are frequently spotted on private jets and yachts. They live in massive homes and drive numerous cars. The self-declared elite wants the peasants to curb their energy usage while they continue to consume far more than the average taxpayer. These people have no idea the implications of reducing funding for fracking and a pipeline amid a serious energy crisis. The average person feels the burden at the pump or while paying their monthly utilities, while the liberal Hollywood puppets do not. This is another example of the liberal stronghold on Hollywood as publicists continually ask their “stars” to promote the Build Back Better agenda in a twisted attempt to seem empathetic.

Ukraine & 911

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Aug 7, 2019 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: I have the deepest and highest respect for your work and your sources.If it was not the CIA orchestrating the Ukraine events who could all the Billions Obama and Nuland spent there have been going to and being used for??Nuland stating USA behind regime change on camera. Chevron Oil sign indicative?


ANSWER: The Ukraine Revolution and 911 have a common thread. In both cases, they were instigated by non-CIA type parties. Yanukovich himself inspired the revolution when he passed a bill in parliament with a quick show of hands by his communist loyal MPs contrary to the usual system of electronic voting.

Yanukovich outlawed unauthorized tents in public areas as well as erecting stages or amplifiers in public places. Those who violate the law now face a hefty fine or detention. In addition, he outlawed more than five vehicles in “Automaidan” motorcades which prompted people to display signs I am the 5th car – do not follow.

He then outlawed free speech making it a criminal act to slander any government official, including himself. The penalty was one year of hard labor in prison.

This is what caused the uprising. The Western powers could not have pulled that off. Then Yanukovich brought in Russians for his police from the East and that resulted in the Western Ukrainian police supporting the people.

The US THREATENED the people who were NOT satisfied over the politicians who then stepped up to seize power for they were still part of the same system who claimed to see the light. Without those punitive actions by Yanukovich, the people would not have risen up in such mass. The CIA was not capable of getting Yanukovich to act so irrationally.

In the case of 911, the first World Trade Center bombers drew the twin towers with planes flying into them on the wall of their cell in Manhattan’s MCC.

In both cases, the government did not instigate the events, but they stepped in a used them for political advantage. I really do not care what they may think they did, I was actually advising the people in Ukraine, not the government politicians.

Bloomberg Has Inflation Advice for Proles Making Less Than $300k a Year – Shut Up, Eat Lentils, Ride the Bus and Kill Your Pets

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 19, 2022 | Sundance

You might wonder what the ruling class thinks of how inflation is hitting middle America.   For insight into their perspective, Bloomberg News just published some suggestions for all the unwashed masses – as defined as those who don’t earn $300,000 per year.

The advice includes, shut up about the price of food, and eat lentils instead of meat. Quit bitching about gasoline prices, and just ride the bus, and the coup de grâce, “If you’re one of the many Americans who became a new pet owner during the pandemic, you might want to rethink those costly pet medical needs.”

Yeah, they said that.  Us pesky proles and our pets are just mucking up the planet for the rest of them.

Tweet Source Link – Article Link ]

The ‘inflation sucks, but that’s your issue, not ours’ article is authored by Teresa Ghilarducci.  According to her self-described bio, she “is the Schwartz Professor of Economics at the New School for Social Research. She’s the co-author of “Rescuing Retirement” and a member of the board of directors of the Economic Policy Institute.”

So, the think-tank economists who shape policy have a solution for all the complaining scrubs earning less than $300,000/yr who are now dealing with the inflation that leftist policy has created.  The elitist arrogance, in the “no one said this would be fun” approach, is quite remarkable.  However, it does show the snob-set no longer feel the need to filter their elitism.

The class gap has always existed, and whenever leftist policies are in place, that gap gets wider every second.

It would appear that somewhere in the recesses of Ms. Ghilarducci’s frontal cortex, she has snuffed out the glowing ember of the common sense particle given by her parents.  In the brain of the Bloomberg author, the synapse for the common sense particle was pinched between the ‘Smarter than thou tumor‘ and the expanding grey brain matter of moral relativity needed to sit and type this bulls**t.

Within her diatribe, you can see the author is lacking a guilt hypothalamus, which removes any feeling of being uncomfortable in her elitist pontifications. She types away, without a clue, as the party groupthink metastasizes in her brain.

The working class really, I mean REALLY, needs to stop servicing the group who hold this mentality.  I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it again. Don’t do their shopping, don’t make them coffee, don’t pick up their trash, don’t clean their pools, cook their meals, accept their laundry or dry cleaning, or facilitate any process in their lives.

Don’t serve them, don’t wait on them, don’t deliver to them; instead, make them do everything themselves, and you know what will happen – they’ll collapse.

If U.S. Intelligence Will Lie So Easily About Anything, Why Would We Believe Them About Ukraine?

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 19, 2022 | Sundance

Why would we believe anything from them about Ukraine?

(New York Post) […] “There have been no consequences. Twitter and Facebook still censor information based on political bias, and Congress takes no action. Many of the letter signers continue to be used as “experts” by the media.” (read more)

When we wrote about the media effort in 2018 {Go Deep}, specifically the collusion between the intelligence and national security agencies of the United States government, I asked the question, “Do we really think such a catastrophic level of corrupted journalism could reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?”  The answer then, as now, is the same, NO.  Indeed, it has only gotten worse in the past four years.

For the past several days, I have been highlighting a simple question on social media about something missing in the Ukraine story.

Where are the social media posts, from Ukraine citizens, that would support the narrative, as it is being told by Western media, about events happening in Ukraine?

Seemingly, Ukraine is the only conflict in modern human history where a pop culture society of more than 40 million technologically connected people decided not to document every moment of it on social media.

Considering the scale and scope of the conflict, and considering the Ukraine population of more than 40 million is far larger than Canada, and considering that population is located in a country the size of Texas, and considering they are a western technologically connected society with tens of millions of cell phones, we should be seeing a great deal of footage, pictures and images from ordinary Ukrainian citizens.  However, we don’t. Why?

I’m not talking about the professional war social media accounts, and/or military-centric accounts, which, to be fair do have lots of images and footage of Russian and Ukrainian conflicts.  I’m talking about the ordinary man/woman in the major population centers, who under normal circumstances would be generating tens-of-thousands of social media posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, etc.

Western media are telling us that Russia is randomly shelling, bombing and targeting all of these civilian targets in urban areas.  Yet, there’s nothing visible.  Almost everything you see is from Eastern Ukraine where a civil war has been ongoing for over a decade.

Whatever is happening in the rest of Ukraine is the least documented conflict in modern social media.  It just seems odd.  It’s as if there is a massive disconnect between the portrayal of western media, in comparison to the actual reality inside Ukraine.

(CNN Portugal) – [TRANSLATED] – Ukraine has opened the barracks to foreign fighters, who join an army that has to adapt those who have not been trained there. Some are Portuguese, “fighters in quotation marks”, as the government of the government Portuguese. Among these Portuguese there are former commandos, ex-paratroopers – and a 29-year-old mechanic, who spent 15 days at the Yavoriv military base, was bombed and left for not giving him weapons. I’ve never taken one before. It is the first account of a Portuguese about how the fighting lived at the military base and why he gave up fighting.

We call it n.s. The 29-year-old Portuguese mechanic had never taken a weapon of war in his life, but it was in the first waves of foreigners joining the Ukrainian military in the so-called international legion. He entered the Yavoriv military base on March 1. He left two weeks later – after the heavy Russian bombardments on this city of Ukraine, which caught him with the Ukrainians but unarmed.

N.S.’s account serves to realize an ongoing history in the war in Ukraine, which opened the borders, doors, barracks and arms to foreign fighters. Many continue to arrive, “knock on the door” at the border and say they want to fight. The first ones entered soon, now there are those who have signed up and are in hotels waiting to be called.

The international legion is seen with reservations by many experts and even governments – such as Portuguese – because there is everything: professionals and amateurs, mercenaries and volunteers, ex-military and people with no experience, who receive quick formations and weapons to hand.

They are “fighters in quotes”, so called them two days ago the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, without hiding their reservations. Portugal “does not agree with these procedures” of people, he stressed. “We understand that this is not the most effective way to support Ukrainians in their right to self-defense and is not part of the tradition or way of being of the Portuguese, nor is it the way Portugal contributes to international security,” explained the head of Portuguese diplomacy. Santos Silva commented on the news that at least seven Portuguese were in Ukraine with military objectives. Some of them were at the Yavoriv military base when it was attacked on Sunday by Russian troops

One of them was N.S.

From the couch to the war – What made N.S. take the car and go from southern France, where he has lived since 2014, to poland’s border with Ukraine to say he wanted to fight? One impulse: “I didn’t think it made sense to sit around and watch a country, civilians, including children, being killed. In addition, there is a risk that one day the Russians will attack the rest of Europe.” He made the decision and left overnight, leaving his wife and four-year-old son at home. “I left a letter explaining. It was a shock to her. It’s all right now.”

“When I got to the Ukrainian border I told him what I was going to. They then called some men who took me to the advanced command post. I was the subject of an interrogation. In the end, they took me to the military base, which was already active.” When he arrived, he signed an uncertain term contract “until the war was over” – that’s how he said it – and they gave him the uniform.

At first, he says, platoons with foreigners were not yet well organized and constituted. The volunteers walked around the base – a large structure, with several buildings and dressing rooms. He soon met Portuguese, a former paratrooper who, meanwhile, was placed on special forces teams that are on missions through Ukraine, to “clean up the cities attacked by the Russians”.

He spent 15 days at the base in training. He’d wake up at 6:30 a.m. and join the military parade in the courtyard to listen to the commander. At 7:00 a.m. they exercised and an hour later they had breakfast. The morning was then devoted to training. “They gave us lectures of various kinds. Some to know the Russian weapons and the weak points of the opponent, others about first-hand.” They had lunch and were still in training. In the second week he lived at the base began to have intensive training of combat tactics, offensive, lines of defense, among many other topics. “I learned the art of war,” says N.S., who at a young age tried to join the Marines but broke an arm, which prevented him from following his career.

N.S. was one of the Portuguese volunteers who were at the Yavoriv military base on Sunday when Russia bombed the land in that area, just 25 kilometres from the NATO border. A few hours later, at least 35 people were killed and 134 wounded in the attack on the base near Lviv.

Because he had no military experience, he did not have weapons assigned that day. Unlike other colleagues, I had never left the base on a mission. “It was planned that that day – when the bombing took place – my platoon would finally receive the weapons.”

It was a night of terror, he reports. “I was in bed when I was 4 in the morning I noticed from the noise that we were going to be attacked.” At the first explosion he jumped out of bed. Since he always slept dressed in his uniform, he just had to stick his boots on his feet – he didn’t even tie them – pick up his phone and get out of the dressing room.

Unarmed, he even made a first attempt to go to the area where the special forces were installed, to see if there were weapons, “but at that time everything was still locked.” He was in the middle of the explosions.

“I watched live two explosions and two buildings falling. About 100 meters away, a missile went straight into a barracks where people were, was destroyed, burned. The same thing happened in front of me in a building by the canteen.” I could feel the missiles going over him. “I’m not quite sure of the time, I think there were many for 30 minutes.”

Without weapons, he recalls, he went into hiding in the nearby forest, as the security protocol that was transmitted to them. He stood there, in the middle of the trees, where other colleagues were, until everything calmed down. “When the missiles were over, we returned to the base and were regrouped to see if there were dead, missing or injured. It took four hours to regroup and put together the defense plan.”

At the base there would be about 2000 in several companies, he estimates. These, based on the strategic plan defined, were spread over several points of defense of the base, that of N.S. was on the runway of helicopters. They were ordered to stay in line with the defense, “to defend the basis of the Russian attack that everyone believed was going to happen.” In the area where it was placed there would be about 200 volunteers, mostly unarmed. That’s when his distress and that of some other military personnel began. “We made ‘pools’ trying to get supplies and weapons.”

It was after he decided to abandon the Ukrainian army, leave the base and return home. “After the bombing, everyone in the army thought there was going to be a russian ground attack. And that’s why they told us to stay in lines of defense. I stood there, no gun, no vest, no helmet. I realized that I could not continue like this”, tells CNN Portugal the volunteer who prefers to keep discretion in his identification for fear of being confused with a mercenary, which he guarantees not to be. “My goal was to fight, and if I died, it would be a gun in my hand. So we were just cannon meat.” (read more)

Planning To Use Oil Crisis, the Global Climate Change Agenda Is Triggered – Biden Declaring Climate Emergency, IEA Proposing Global Economic Changes, AOC and Bernie Sanders Join Drumbeat

Posted originally on the conservative house on March 18, 2022 | Sundance

We could all see this coming.  The Ukraine-Russia conflict creates the opportunity for the Build Back Better initiatives to get triggered.  None of this is happening organically.  All of this is opportunism based on a series of dominos purposefully triggered.  Three government solutions to rising oil prices surface simultaneously in an effort to exploit the crisis they created.

Keep in mind, this economic roadmap was strategically outlined in the World Economic Forum “Build Back Better” initiative, and that was built upon the economic ‘climate change‘ opportunity that COVID-19 created.  The U.S. version of BBB was called the Green New Deal.

First, Biden proposes to trigger a useful “Climate Change Emergency” (LINK).  Second, the International Energy Agency proposes a “Ten Point Plan” to change energy use in the modern society (LINK).  Third, comes AOC and Bernie Sanders with the “Executive Action Agenda” (LINK).

All of this is the fundamental change represented by western government in the agenda of ‘building back better’.

(IEA) In the face of the emerging global energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, practical actions by governments and citizens in advanced economies and beyond can achieve significant reductions in oil demand in a matter of months, reducing the risk of a major supply crunch, according to new analysis released by the International Energy Agency today.

These efforts would reduce the price pain being felt by consumers around the world, lessen the economic damage, shrink Russia’s hydrocarbon revenues, and help move oil demand towards a more sustainable pathway.

If fully carried out in advanced economies, the measures recommended by the IEA’s new 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use would lower oil demand by 2.7 million barrels a day within four months – equivalent to the oil demand of all the cars in China. This would significantly reduce potential strains at a time when a large amount of Russian supplies may no longer reach the market and the peak demand season of July and August is approaching. The measures would have an even greater effect if adopted in part or in full in emerging economies as well. (more)

AOC and Bernie Sanders [LINK]

(Daily Mail) Progressive Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to take executive action to raise wages, combat climate change, cancel student debt, and lower health care costs.

The Progressive Caucus – led by Rep. Pramila Jayapal and consisting of high-profile liberals like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and Senator Bernie Sanders –  outlined their lists of demands they said ‘would provide immediate relief to working people and their families.’ (read more)

(CNN Reports) […]”As a result of Russia’s appalling aggression against Ukraine, the world may well be facing its biggest oil supply shock in decades, with huge implications for our economies and societies,” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said in a statement.

The proposals reflect a recognition that the world has few realistic options to quickly replace oil supplies from Russia, the world’s No. 2 oil producer in 2021.  OPEC has signaled it’s in no rush to ramp up production and the release of emergency oil stockpiles has done little to ease shortage fears.

“The US and other IEA countries now realize that the potential loss of Russia’s oil exports constitutes a bigger supply shock than either strategic stock draws or accelerated OPEC+ production hikes can solve,” said Bob McNally, president of consulting firm Rapidan Energy. (read more)