Is Digital Currency Safe?

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It turns out that North Korea-backed hackers stole a record $1.7bn of cryptocurrency in 2022, according to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis. It also appears that they had a hand in the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX where the auditors have reported that around $415m of cryptocurrency has been stolen by hackers.  This is becoming a very interesting story with several facets from funding North Korea to laundering money for Zelensky to pay off the Democrats for the Midterm elections.

There is no way they will let this case go to trial. They will have to cut a deal or they are going to need to have some pumped-up loser kill him when on bail, or Judge Lewis Kaplan will have to revoke his bail and put him in MCC where they can kill him easily and blame another inmate and the guards fell asleep once again and, of course, the camera didn’t work.

At the end of the day, North Korea has been making a lot of money hacking into cryptocurrencies. Your crypto is going to a good cause – World War III to achieve Bill Gate’s dream – population reduction since the vaccines did not kill enough people off – yet.

Itching for Another Conflict, Biden Regime Turns Toward North Korea

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 3, 2022 | Sundance

According to U.S. Pentagon officials and representatives of South Korea, the North Korean military tested another intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBN).

The ICBM was fired around 7:40 a.m. local time from close to Pyongyang’s Sunan area and is seen as a provocation by the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and South Korea’s (ROK) Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup.

During a Pentagon press conference, no one in media seemed to be puzzled about the timing of North Korea’s ICBM test or the conspicuously convenient ROK Defense Secretary Lee Jon-sup being in Washington DC.  Apparently, as the story is told, Jon-sup’s visit was just an odd coincidence, I digress.

The contrast is stark, yet no one in the media will ever point it out.  During President Trump’s term in office the Republic of Korea (South) and the Democrat People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North), were not in conflict.  There was even widespread discussion of a peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula between Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in.

During the Trump administration, there were no tensions as President Trump brought the two Korea’s together and brokered both sides in the direction of sustainable peace. President Trump leveraged his own position, and the economic strength of the U.S. to weaken the influence of China upon the DPRK and Trump created breathing room for Kim and Jae-in to remove conflict.  Fast forward two years later and suddenly they are in conflict again.  What changed? Joe Biden.

The DPRK is a proxy province of China, and Beijing leverages their control within North Korea to achieve strategic geopolitical objectives.  All other presidents before Donald Trump played an international game of pretending not to know China controls North Korea.  Chairman Kim is a hostage to the influence of Chairman Xi.  Kim walks a very tenuous tightrope with Xi’s regime constantly over his shoulder and almost certainly in control of the DPRK military.

When you understand this reality, you understand the ridiculous nature of the talking point about North Korea “working toward” nuclear weapons.  North Korea has nuclear weapons, because the DPRK nuclear weapons are Chinese.  An ICBM does not get fired from North Korea without Beijing giving the order.  President Trump understood this dynamic and worked to remove the pressure point from Chairman Kim.  By confronting China (economically and geopolitically), Trump provided the peace for both Koreas.

Chairman Xi Jinping knew that President Trump was working to remove his influence over Chairman Kim.  However, facing toward the rest of the world Chairman Xi could never do anything publicly to counteract this situation because it is part of the panda mask strategy for China to deny having that influence.  President Trump leveraged China’s denials of influence against Beijing by forming a direct relationship with Chairman Kim.

As the game was astutely played by Trump, if China has no influence, then China should welcome peace between the ROK and DPRK.  Trump flipped the pretending dynamic and forced Beijing to pretend they had no control.  It was amazing to watch how Trump pulled that off, quite remarkable.

North Korea is a proxy province of China in the southeast Asian region the same way Ukraine is a proxy province of the United States in western Europe.

When North Korea fires an ICBM, it’s really China firing a warning shot against the U.S. in Southeast Asia.  The U.S. under the Biden administration returns to the era of pretending and pretends publicly not to know this…. because the Biden administration, and previous UniParty administrations’, are enmeshed with the Chinese government.

The individual wealth of U.S. politicians is directly tied to Chinese business interests.  China isn’t stupid and maintains this financial dependency, where U.S. politicians make money from Chinese ventures, in order to extend Beijing’s influence and control over larger global initiatives.

If Americans knew that U.S. politicians were purchased by China, more people would start asking questions about this illusion of conflict between China and the USA.

WASHINGTON – North Korea’s use of a nuclear weapon “will” result in the end of Kim Jong Un’s regime, the United States and South Korea warned in a joint statement from the defense leaders of the allied nations.

Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sup met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon on Thursday, and they released a joint communique following the meeting. Their meeting came hours after the North conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test, in addition to a couple of other missile tests. The day prior, the North Korean military launched roughly two dozen missiles in an unprecedented barrage.

“The secretary and minister strongly condemned the DPRK’s escalatory activities and violations of United Nations Security Council resolutions, including ballistic missile test launches, multiple rocket launches, and firing of coastal artillery and called upon the international community to hold the DPRK responsible for its actions,” the communique said. “Both sides also expressed concern that the DPRK’s ongoing efforts to develop nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities, as well as its escalatory rhetoric regarding the use of tactical nuclear weapons, and its proliferation activities.”

The two leaders decided to extend the joint military exercises dubbed Operation Vigilant Storm to “further bolster our readiness and interoperability,” Austin explained. He also called the missile tests “destabilizing to the region” and called on Pyongyang to “cease that type of activity and to begin to engage in serious dialogue.” (read more)

What a difference less than two years makes….

Under President Donald Trump there were direct talks and peace….

Under Joe Biden there is regional conflict and talk of nuclear war….

The Japan Outlook

Armstrong Economics Blog/Japan Re-Posted Oct 7, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty, I greatly appreciate all you do to try to prevent this war cycle. You have said many times Socrates beats you. With missiles flying over Japan here, what do you see ahead?


ANSWER: Nice to hear from you. It does not look very good. A year-end closing below 6805 will warn of a major crash in the Japanese yen next year.  I cannot stop the cycle. The best I can possibly do is perhaps reduce the amplitude. Even that is speculative. It just seems that we have insane leaders who care more about defeating Russia for this climate change nonsense. What they are doing to farmers in the Netherlands is insane. They know that the current monetary system is collapsing. They are using the war in hopes of creating an excuse and a diversion from their own sovereign debt defaults – hence you will own nothing and be happy.

All the market look to be cascading into 2023. This is not my opinion. I wish I did not even have to talk about this nonsense. The ray of hope is we get to restart the world economy post-2032. That is when we will hit the control-alt-delete. All I can do is try desperately to get society just for once to look at history and see what systems worked and what failed.

North Korea Joins the Party

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Oct 4, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

It is amazing to me that we seem to have complete idiots driving these events and they think that they can just intimidate whoever. All my sources state clearly that China and North Korea will join Russia against this climate change and authoritarian vision of a one-world government. Biden is incompetent and he just said he intends to run for a second term in 2024. Zelensky, who says whatever the Biden Administration writes on his teleprompter, that he will now only negotiate with Russia after they overthrow Putin. The theory that overthrowing dictators in the Middle East and the people will cheer us and celebrate with some ticker-tape parade has been the delusion of warmongers. They are once again doing the same thing in Russia, This time, the hardlines are not going to be as timid as Putin. My sources have NEVER been wrong!

North Korea has fired an unidentified ballistic missile over Japan demonstrating it could destroy Japan without repercussions. An escalation not seen in years prompted Tokyo to evacuate some residents as sirens blare for an airraid in the northern prefectures of Hokkaido and Aomori on Tuesday morning. Our models are showing January is a serious target in so many markets. This US attack on the Nord Stream is trying to completely undermine the economy of Russia to defeat it once and for all and the Zelensky change in demand for the overthrow of Russia is all counting on the US destroying its economy to force the people to do their work for them.

Many people have written in from around the world asking why none of this ever took place under Trump. The difference was that Trump was a businessman and he understood that only a vibrant economy will produce world peace as was the case under Rome. Onve all the provinces enjoyed free trade and the people prospered by being part of the Roman Empire which was a common marketplace, that produced the Pax Romana. The idiots we now have in power think that world peace is only accomplished by force of arms. This is a policy that is doomed and in the process, in every war, the civilian death toll is typically 10 times that of the soldiers on the battle field. Just one nuke hitting Philadelphia takes out New York City and Washington, DC.

South Korea Offers Olive Branch to the North

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Aug 17, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Russia recently claimed that it had been a close friend of North Korea since World War II, when Japanese forces were expelled from the peninsula. In a celebratory speech, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol mentioned how the end of Japan’s colonization was a win for both Koreas, albeit leading to their nasty divorce. Yoon said he would like to strengthen relations with Japan, as well as North Korea.

South Korea is requesting the same demand – denuclearization.  “We will implement a large-scale program to provide food, providing assistance for establishing infrastructure for the production, transmission and distribution of electrical power, and carry out projects to modernize ports and airports to facilitate trade,” Yoon said. Furthermore, Yoon said that they would modernize North Korea’s hospitals and infrastructure, and “carry out initiatives to allow for international investment and financial support.”

North Korea will never abandon its nuclear program for fear of retaliation. Without nuclear power, the small, impoverished country would be completely vulnerable. I warned in March 2018:

“The entire world is going to go nuts 2031/2032. There will not be a country that is spared from political and economic events. The risk a serious famine in North Korea which could result in the people rising up will arrive in 2023. That pressure will begin here this year 2018.70 – which will be September 13th, 2018. This appears to the turning point that is not just concerning North Korea. It is appearing around the world in many markets. The risk for political change in North Korea comes into play as soon as 2019/2020.”

We saw political destabilization in North Korea in 2020 when Kim Jong-Un went missing from the public eye. Many thought he was dead, and reports circulated that his sister, Kim Yo-Jong, had become the Supreme Leader. It has now come to light that Jong-Un was “seriously ill” during the pandemic. “Even though he was seriously ill with a high fever, he could not lie down for a moment thinking about the people he had to take care of until the end, in the face of the anti-epidemic war,” his sister recently revealed.

Kim Jong-Un declared complete victory over the coronavirus. “For a country that has yet to administer a single vaccine shot, our success in overcoming the spread of the illness in such a short period of time and recovering safety in public health and making our nation a clean virus-free zone again is an amazing miracle that would be recorded in the world’s history of public health,” KCNA quoted him as saying. However, he blames South Korea for contaminating his country with the virus.

North Korea will never abandon its nuclear power, nor will it make amends with South Korea. The hatred runs too deep. Although the nation needs financial assistance, it is turning to its new ally, Russia, with the help of China. Our models state that there could be civil unrest in the hermit kingdom next month. Civil unrest will not be tolerated and cannot occur without a full-scale uprising. Could involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war be the final straw?

North Korea Forms Alliance with Russia

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Aug 16, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

On Korea’s liberation day, President Vladimir Putin responded to Kim Jong-Un’s request to join the fight in Ukraine. In a letter to the North Korean dictator, Putin said North Korea had been a friend to Russia since Japan’s defeat during World War II. Kim is calling for “strategic and tactical cooperation, support and solidarity” between the two nations, and Vladimir agrees that it would be in the best interest of both parties.

Putin is seeking to “expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts” with the hermit kingdom. North Korea needs Russia and China to survive. In 2011, Kim J0ng-Un’s father, Kim Jong-il, visited Russia and negotiated a contract to send North Korean workers to Russia. US sanctions were intended to reverse this proposal but it was largely ignored. Both Russia and North Korea have been banished from doing business with the West entirely, so all bets are off.

This arrangement is certainly more beneficial for North Korea as it is desperate for allies. The move will undoubtedly anger the West, but this is the result of failing to hold diplomatic talks with Russia and imposing endless sanctions.

North Korea Asks to Join the War

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Aug 10, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The proxy war with Russia has strengthened the West’s enemies. North Korea is offering to send 100,000 soldiers – all volunteers – to fight alongside Russia. Despite being a small nation, North Korea boasts the fourth largest military in the world, with over 1.3 million active troops and 600,000 reservists.

North Korea is attempting to align closely with Russia and has even offered to help repair the Donbas region after the war. A spokesperson for the hermit kingdom announced full support for Russia in April. “We are sending our full support and showing solidarity to the justified struggle of the Russian people to protect the autonomy and security of the country and to defend national interests,” they stated.

In May, Russia blocked attempts by the UN and US to pass further sanctions on North Korea. In July, North Korea stated that they officially recognized the People’s Republic of Donetsk and the People’s Republic of Luhansk as Russian territories. Russia has responded favorably to North Korea’s vocal support.

“Highly qualified, hardworking, and ready to work in the most difficult conditions, [North] Korean builders will be an asset in the serious task of restoring social, infrastructure and industrial facilities [in the Donbas] destroyed by the retreating Ukrainian forces,” Russia’s ambassador to North Korea, Alexander Matsegora, said.

North Korea is a nuclear power with a military state. The tyrannical government indoctrinates children from a young age to hate the West. Kim Jong-Un can send cheap laborers to Russia at a moment’s notice, and he is certainly desperate for allies. This may entice China to step up its efforts as they have a monopoly on trade with their neighboring country and are increasingly growing frustrated with America after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. As the cycle of war turns up, new players are joining the fight.

Pentagon Clarifies, No “Offensive” Biologic Weapons in Ukraine Bio-Labs Where U.S. Defense Dept Was Working

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 2, 2022 | sundance 

Every time the U.S. government attempts to clarify the biolabs in Ukraine, they end up making things less clear.

In the most recent example, Deborah Rosenbaum, the assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs, told the House subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations on Friday that “I can say to you unequivocally there are no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with.”

In a fact sheet produced March 11, 2022, the U.S. Defense Department admitted to working with biological weapons facilities in Ukraine [LINK]. “The United States … has invested approximately $200 million in Ukraine since 2005, supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.

As the current story is told the U.S. government was coordinating with the Ukraine government on biologic research facilities, many of which were left over from the former Soviet era.  In/around the time the Russian invasion was feared, they worked quickly to destroy the pathogens, because they were worried what might happen if the Russians took control of the facilities.

This begs the obvious first question, if the U.S. Defense Department was working with Ukraine since 2005, and they could destroy the deadly pathogens in a few days before the conflict, why didn’t the Pentagon destroy them in the preceding 16 years?

The second question targets the issues that are more opaque.  The DoD says the U.S. has not been involved in “offensive biological weapon” creation in Ukraine.  Technically, all of the weapons in the U.S. military are classified as “defensive” weapons, ergo the Department of Defense.  Every weapon is defensive until it is used; then, depending on the circumstances, the use of the weapon changes its classification to offensive.  Why would biological weapons be any different?

By the current standard of Defense Department definitions, all of the biological weapons they might be working with Ukraine to develop would technically be classified defensive weapons.  As a result, saying “there are no offensive biologic weapons” is a rather moot and irrelevant point.

Three points:

♦ Point One – Russia and the U.S. Pentagon both agree the U.S. government was working in Ukraine in biological weapons labs.

♦ Point Two – Both Russia and the U.S. admit these were/are deadly biological pathogens.

♦ Point Three – The biggest difference between the two positions is that Russia says these were offensive weapons, and the U.S/Ukraine saying these were defensive weapons.

The debate is not about whether the U.S. Defense Department was operating and funding biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine.  The U.S. government has now made that admission.  The debate is now about the purpose or intent of those weapons.

If Russia was investing in biological weapons labs in Mexico, and if the Russian military was working inside those labs along with Mexican government officials, I suspect the United States would conduct a special military operation in Mexico to remove that threat.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Dead

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 23, 2022 

Secretary Albright was a champion for the New World Order and worked as U.S. ambassador to the UN from 1993-1997 (President Bill Clinton).  She was then nominated and confirmed as the first female U.S. Secretary of State from 1997-2001.  She’s dead. Cancer.

(Albright – Details Here)