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Armstrong Economics Blog/Socrates Re-Posted Dec 2, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty, I have been following you now for a few years. You seem to be never wrong. You always say it is not your opinion. Is there some secret to how you do this? Nobody else seems to even compare. Or is it all just the computer?


ANSWER: We all are human and as such we make mistakes. I understand that the big picture with war and events seems to be never wrong. That is Socrates – not me. I have been wrong in regard to my interpretation at times, but the cycles are always correct like the ECM.

I was one of the first International Hedge Fund Managers. I had even warned Congress back in 1985 that they should merge the CFTC and SEC because complying with one meant you went to prison with the other. They forced funds management offshore. We are all connected. You cannot have gold rise to $10,000 and the dollar turns to dust and nothing else happens. The world economy is like a set of dominoes. If you get the first one right, all the rest will follow.

These people who try to forecast one market can NEVER be correct for the wildcard always comes externally. Right now, the Ukraine war is impacting the global economy and markets. You could not asses the impact by simply watching the Fed. If it were not for (1) the stupid lockdowns of COVID disrupting the supply chain, then (2) this proxy war against Russia and imposing the absurd sanctions on them when they are a key supplier around the world in many areas, then inflation would not have risen and the Fed would not be raising interest rates. Those in power simply only look in front of their nose. Every action has a ripple effect that impacts long-term events. We cannot escape that. I have designed Socrates to survive me. It is not my opinion and when I do express my opinion I state the difference. Even my interpretation of an array can be wrong, not the array.

Everything is connected. We cannot escape that. Without Socrates monitoring everything around the world and writing its own reports on over 1,000 instruments globally, there is nobody who can possibly compete with a personal opinion. The world is far too complex for an individual to see everything from a personal gut feeling.

Because I had focused on currencies from the collapse of Bretton Woods and was called into the first bank failure in 1973 because of a 7% move in currencies,  my company attracted clients from around the world. I had to see the world through everyone’s eyes – not just the dollar. In July 1985, I took the back cover of the Economist for 3 weeks announcing the end of deflation/peak in the dollar, and the reemergence of inflation, which led to the Japanese Bubble in 1989. Interest Rates peaked the very day at 1981.35. The end of that wave was 1985.65 the month of July. It was the beginning of a Private Wave which will end 2037.25.

We published charts back in Barron’s during the early 1980s showing gold in dollars compared to a basket of currencies. We ended up with the largest institutions in the world because our reports went out on telex and the communication costs per market were $225 per day. Only the biggest institutions could afford our services. Then came fax, and then email which has expanded our reach to everyone these days. But make no mistake about this. People may criticize me and others are desperate to try to prevent people from using us. It is either because they cannot compete and pretend this is my opinion rather than a computer, or they want to manipulate the markets and we just get in their way.

Another Appeals Court Rejects Biden Administration Student Loan Cancellation Program – Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case in February

Posted originally on the CTH on December 1, 2022 | Sundance

Federal education loan payments have been suspended ever since early 2020 when COVID was used as a justification to delay payments.  The current extension on the delay, a pre midterm bribe for young adults, runs through June 2023 and then people with the loans have to start paying again.

In the interim, Joe Biden had a plan to relieve up to $10,000 in federal student loans for low-to-middle-income borrowers and up to $20,000 for qualifying Pell Grant recipients.  However, that arbitrary Biden decree encountered multiple legal setbacks including rejection by a federal court in St. Louis and another in Texas.

Earlier today, the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals again rejected the Biden administration’s request to pause the Texas order vacating the $400 billion student debt relief program in a lawsuit pursued by a conservative advocacy group. {LINK}  The Texas ruling from U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman was one of two decisions that prevented the Department of Education from moving forward.

The St Louis case, also lost on appeal and based on a similar finding that Biden cannot subvert congress for this spending, has now travelled to the Supreme Court who have agreed to hear oral arguments in February but will not intervene to stop the lower court rulings.

Washington — The Supreme Court said Thursday it will take up a court fight between the Biden administration and a coalition of six Republican-led states challenging the legality of the president’s student loan forgiveness program.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar asked the Supreme Court last month to lift an injunction from a federal appeals court that blocked implementation of the plan, but told the court that if it denied relief, it should agree to consider the merits of the case instead.

The court said in a brief order that it will hear arguments in February but will keep the program on hold for now. Last week, President Biden extended his pause on federal student loan payments until June 30, 2023, to give the court time to consider the dispute.

“We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case on our student debt relief plan for middle- and working-class borrowers this February,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “This program is necessary to help over 40 million eligible Americans struggling under the burden of student loan debt recover from the pandemic and move forward with their lives. The program is also legal, supported by careful analysis from administration lawyers.” (more)

In response to the decision from the Texas court, the Biden administration announced it had stopped accepting applications for the debt relief program.

CDC Caught Manipulating Data

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption Re-Posted Nov 30, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were court-ordered to turn over data, proving the agency knew the vaccination was not safe from the start. Based on the v-safe active monitoring app that compiled the data of over 10 million users, around 8% reported requiring medical care after their vaccination. Nearly half (48%) went to urgent care, while others were sent to the emergency room (15%), and some were hospitalized (10%).

One in three overall reported adverse reactions. There were 10 million symptoms reported to the CDC from January to April 2021. The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has been fighting for nearly two years to receive five excel sheets with adverse side effect data from the CDC. It is clear why they hid the information. The CDC continually fails to be transparent with the public, and did not even place symptoms that could indicate myocarditis or pericarditis in their survey. Users could place these symptoms in an open text field under “other,” but the CDC will not release those entries.

“The CDC, in dozens of publications, relied on the data from v-safe to argue and support its recommendations regarding Covid-19 vaccination that upended the lives of tens of millions of Americans who refused to comply,” ICAN noted. The CDC has not been able to explain why it withheld the data. ICAN believes the CDC manipulated data that “may run contrary to the recommendations it pushed to deprive people of their jobs, their livelihoods, schooling, military careers.” It is time to crack down on these health agencies that deliberately harmed the public.

Project Veritas Exposes HHS Involvement in Human Trafficking of Immigrant Minors

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 29, 2022 | Sundance

Project Veritas has released a very disturbing undercover investigation outlining how the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) has facilitated the human trafficking of mostly Central American minors on behalf of elicit cartels.

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nov. 29, 2022] Project Veritas released a new video today featuring a whistleblower working within a federal government agency called the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency [CIGIE].

The whistleblower, Tara Lee Rodas, volunteered to assist the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] with the processing of unaccompanied migrant children and was deployed to the Emergency Intake Site in Pomona, California.

Rodas sat down with Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, and described how precarious she believes the current child sponsorship program is for these minors.

“The tax dollars of people who are listening are paying to put children in the hands of criminals,” Rodas told O’Keefe. (read more)

CTH has documented the “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) program and the trafficking for years. Despite most media reports to the contrary, a considerable number of those UAC’s were teen victims and young gang members from Central America, including MS-13 members. The aliens were originally granted entry by the Obama administration, supported by false assertions of refugee status and shipped to various regional locales.  FULL TIMELINE HERE

“IT’S ALL GONE!” – This corruption is worse than we thought | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted News Published originally on Rumble on November 28, 2022

The Biden administration can’t find over 20 billion dollars it sent to Ukraine. And yet Republicans are ready to send more money to Ukraine. What are they thinking? Protests erupt again in Peru. China protests rage across the country over Covid lockdown restrictions which have gotten worse.

Non-Binary Nuclear Waste Official Arrested for Stealing Womans Luggage and Clothes

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 28, 2022 | Sundance 

Hire weird and sketchy clowns and don’t be surprised when the office turns into a circus.  Dept of Energy Nuclear Waste official Sam Brinton made headlines months ago for being an odd duck hired into a senior DoE position.

His resume’ included teaching a “Kink 101” workshop at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and his qualifications included several degrees from MIT and a non-binary gender fluid identity.  However, stories are now surfacing of Mr/Ms Brinton stealing luggage containing women’s clothing from the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport.

(New York Post) – […] Brinton — who serves as the DOE’s deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition — allegedly took a Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 26 in Minnesota state court and obtained by Fox News Digital. Brinton had traveled from Washington, DC, to MSP that day.

After the suitcase’s owner alerted police, officers reviewed video surveillance of the carousel and identified Brinton taking the luggage before removing its tag identifying the owner, the court filings stated. Law enforcement observed Brinton using the luggage during at least two other trips to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 18 and Oct. 9. (read more)

A good accounting of the entire sequence of events is also AVAILABLE HERE.