Wild Crash at Macau Grand Prix F3 Race…

Seventeen-year-old German driver Sophia Floersch is conscious and has been transferred to hospital with spinal fractures after a horrific crash at the Macau Grand Prix F3 race – a season ending event of the best F3 drivers from around the world.  Watch:

The Dallara-Mercedes went airborne and vertical while traveling backwards as a result from a tagged-wheel crash further down the straight.  The Mercedes impacted the photographer’s stand in the vertical position at the Guia Circuit’s Lisboa bend on the fourth lap of Sunday’s Formula Three World Cup.  [No word on whether any photographer was active at the impact point]

The crash is horrific, but several millisecond events likely saved her life. Ms. Floersch was going backwards when she struck the TOM’s car of Sho Tsuboi after becoming airborne at the corner; making impact vertical -slightly reducing velocity- and displacing energy.

The Newtonian luck of millisecond events is exponential to the small group behind the impact barrier.  If Ms. Floersch Mercedes did not impact Sho Tsuboi’s car perfectly, at precisely the .00001 moment needed, those spectators would have been would have been in the direct line of travel….  Lot’s of angels at work there, with only four injuries.

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